TP My bad any% bomb drops

Devil6Lair Jul 14th, 2014 173 Never
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  1. I mainly used my bomb drops from a pastebin rodner made but he seems to have taken it down, I want to make one just because I feel it is very helpful to know how to drop bombs going up SPR. THIS IS MORE OR LESS EXACTLY LIKE RODNER'S BECAUSE I USED IT OKAY OKAY
  3. I will say how to drop more than 30 because there are so many places that are easy to drop at, just remember to need to have 2 for stalfos fight in arbiter's and then have then empty
  5. After rocket Link equip twice, once is clawshot (for rocket link) other is bombs
  6. 2 in zora's domain
  7. transform down steps or whenever
  9. --keese cave-- 3 total (could be 4)
  10. drop 1 for each clawshot to vines by pulling out a bomb and C-up to clawshot which drops them
  11. If the keese troll you on the last clawshot drop another one when you try again
  13. 1 before entering shadow messenger fight
  14. 1 just before talking to yeto
  15. 1 before rolling into tree
  16. 1 during sidehop from tree to snowboard (you can do it all in the air and loses no time what so ever)
  18. --just before SPR-- 3 total
  19. Mash bomb during backflip off snowboard (sometimes you pull 2)
  20. drop 1/2 on the way to entering SPR (depends if you got 2 or 1 after snowboard)
  22. 2 in lobby (1 at start, 1 before door)
  23. equip boomerang over bombs
  25. Do LJAs and shit and then floor clip
  27. equip Ooccoo and Bombs
  28. 1 after block push
  29. 1 before door to courtyard
  31. 1 before entering dark hammer trigger
  32. 2 as soon as fight starts (perfect timing to roll past him)
  33. 1 before picking up B&C
  34. 1 before door to 100R
  36. equip B&C over bombs
  37. 100R
  38. Ooccoo out
  40. --lakebed-- 2 (might be more if you fail vine clip like I do sometimes)
  41. equip clawshot and bombs
  42. 1 before clawshot over to vines from bridge
  43. 1 for vine clip
  47. --arbiter's-- make sure you look at your bomb count as you want at least 2 for stalfos fight before spinner, you can have 4 max there and drop them all without losing time I feel
  49. Normal up to second chandelier skip 2
  50. after stalfos guy fight with B&C [equip bombs + lantern]
  51. 1 before door to lantern room
  52. 1 before you starting rolling to torches
  53. 1 before you light first torch
  54. mash bomb after you light the second torch and you can get a pull (transform wold to drop it)
  56. FINAL BOMB DROPS HERE (or should be)
  57. 2 on the stalfos before spinner
  58. 1-2 if you still have some while waiting for the gate to open
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