12/11 Impromptu Execution

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  1. Terra Brightwood says, "Good day, Lord Pelleaux."
  2. Claude vey Pelleaux says, "Evening, evening."
  3. Terra Brightwood says, "Evening Commader."
  4. Task says, "Excellent, everyone is here. Now I feel less bad."
  5. Ravan Karnstein says, "Evenin', Task."
  6. Task says, "Good evening Miss Brightwood."
  7. Task says, "Good evening Tomatolad."
  8. Ravan Karnstein says, "-I don't know why I expected anythin' else."
  9. Task says, "Now, down to brass tacks."
  10. Claude vey Pelleaux says, "What can I say, I enjoy desk work form time to time."
  12. Task would take a comfortable seat down at the nearby wooden table as he yawned lightly, rubbing at his tired eyes with an idle rubbing of his temples before nodding lightly to Terra with a missing toothed smile. The day's events had proven not one, but two members of the watch as traitors to the crown and the cause of law and order, and it was obvious that the information did not sit well with Task.
  14. "Two orders of business. First, with Captain Stein revealed to be syndicate scum, I am missing a captain Lord Pelleaux. From this day forth, you are the watch captain of the noble district, and can now properly assemble a task force to deal with all such noble crimes such as missing cheeses, too long soncks, and that sort of business."
  16. The bald commander would nod lightly as he tossed the remote for the collar over to Lord Pelleaux, offering Terra a tired nod as he smiled once more.
  18. "Your first task will be acquiring all the written statements andevidence on the syndicate that Miss Brightwood can muster. From this moment forth, she is on parole with expectation of good behavior, and you are her parole officer. It helps, arguably, that you are also a lord to the house she is sworn to. I expect grand things of you Captain Pelleaux, do not disappoint."
  19. (Task)
  20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. Terra nodded to the news from the Commander. "Stein sounds familiar. Not sure how though." She crossed her legs, smiling. "I did tell you they were under your nose, did I not?" She chuckles lightly. A look at Lord Pelleaux, the new captain of the watch, and her Lord she retained to. "I have no doubt Lord Pelleaux is capable of the task given to him. After we get done with your investigation into me, perhaps I can assist in your new role."
  23. She waved a finger. "Though I almost forgot, I have a errand to run for Sofia still."
  24. (Terra Brightwood)
  25. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. The Nobleman seemed to be in a good mood. Perhaps it had been a good day for him. He'd raise a brow at Task as he explained the betrayal of Captain Stein. A look of surprise was real upon his was evident. He couldn't help but be surprised the constable had always been so cordial to him.
  28. "Captain Stein, that is a surprise. He must have been seduced by the sedition of the traitors. Well, If you desire my skills to be put into keeping Aarandale safe and free of crime I shall do so. Though, I must admit it is perhaps the least likely district to need direct Watch intervention. The Knight per-block ratio is quite high."
  30. As he spoke he'd bring a hand up to gently cusp his chin. Amber hues shifting from Task towards the Syndicate member? He'd been drunk and couldn't rightly recall who they where. Yet, when the remote was tossed the magi caught it with ease. Smoothly shifting into the role of parole officer.
  32. "Well, sometimes the nature of law and duty go hand in hand. Of course the rabble that was smoked out of our ranks is a good thing, now Ms. Brightwood. If I am to be taking over your paroleship expect a strict rehabilitation. I look forward to helping in that endeavor."
  33. (Claude vey Pelleaux)
  34. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. Claude vey Pelleaux whispers: Remind me Commander Task, who is she and what did she do?
  36. Task whispers: She is a former member of the syndicate, though a non-combatant. Also a retainer of your house now.
  38.  Terra frowned. Is this what the Syndicate meant when they said the prisoners were being sold as slaves? This wasn't quite that though. There as a certain amount of fairness to the situation, that was true, but she couldn't help feel lied to. She thought by now she would be able to continue her studies. Maybe leave the country. That's an idea.
  40. "As nice as all of that sounds, I don't have plans to stay in this nation much longer. This whole endeavor left me in a position more precarious, yet more powerful that I've been before, yet I have no use of exploiting that power gained at all, especially not in a foreign land." She sighed. "If you gave me forty-eight hours, I promise I'll never step in Essharian territory as long as I live, even if those syndicate fucks manage to take it."
  42. It was this or rehabilitate here, but for what? Just to leave after? To get revenge on the Syndicate? Was it even worthit? She needed to get back on track to finding out more about her family. The Pelltini's.
  44. "I know it's not ideal for you guys, but I honestly, once everything is considered, would like to part to deal with other goals in my life. I have a favor due to Sofia, otherwise I would leave as soon as I'm released."
  45. (Terra Brightwood)
  46. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  47.  Task would nod lightly as he mulled over the day's events with care, shaking his head in genuine disappointment. Iris he had expected, she amused the bald watchman with their basically open sedition on a day to day basis. But Stein hit close to home, that one hurt. They'd been a constable as long as Task himself had been, and were the first of the captains the commander had promoted. Practically family, and now a terrorist in need of being brought to justice.
  49. It weighed on the commander greatly.
  51. "Captain Pelleaux will be handling the parameters of your parole from this point on, his experience in nobility means I'm certain he's fully capable of gauging when you have successfully fulfilled your civic debt. You made the right decision Miss Brightwater."
  53. The bald commander would offer the woman an apologetic, but dutiful smile with a nod of his head.
  55. "When you have fulfilled that, you are free to leave legally."
  56. (Task)
  57. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58. The Lord Constable Captain tapped his chin with a soft hum as he looked at Terra. Amber hues regarding them thoughtfully, then with a soft sigh he'd shake his head. Answering in a calm tone.
  60. "No, you've a debt to pay to our society. I will give you a year of community service, monthly you will meet with me to discuss your current status as a member of the community. Once this trial period is complete and you have been deemed to have paid your debts. As the commander said you will be allowed departure from Esshar."
  62. As he spoke he'd bring a hand down onto the table, trailing along the grainels of that fashioned OAK or other such wood.
  64. "You favor to Sofia aside, you should have considered your situation before interacting with seditious terrorists."
  65. (Claude vey Pelleaux)
  66. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  67. "I suppose a small indentured debt to Pelleaux isn't terrible. Yet, I remember being told I wouldn't be given to servitude to another group." She shook her head. "I'll take my liberty with me to my grave." A smile of someone truly dedicated to principles and determined to live to them, partially broken, showed, her eyes dull to any sort of emotional fear of death. She did fear it, but crying in face to it was immature, especially in her situation "I refuse to be of servitude forcibly to any house or organization. I am a free person. I will never not be."
  69. Her words spat hot accusations of moral. "I don't know if you would do the same, but I for one have the dignity to choose my moral over my life."
  70. (Terra Brightwood)
  71. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  72.  "It isn't terrible at all considering you committed what is commonly a capital offense in the city. Yet, instead of execution, you are receiving community service during which you'll have liberty to largely do whatever you want within the city outside of those duties. Stay where you want, irrelevant details. This is a cake walk in comparison to years behind bars."
  74. Task would remain firm in his stance as he crossed his sinewed arms over the purple plate of his cuirass and the navy wool of his cloak, sighing lightly as he puffed away at his corncob pipe with an idle shake of his head.
  76. "Civic service is not servitude, it's an effort to give something back to the community the syndicate seems to think is oppressed. They do need help, and doing things to help that effort is a moral good beyond simply a state assigned task."
  78. The commander would shake his head once more, blowing a cloud of minty smoke over his shoulder with a flash of an apologetic, but dutiful smile to Terra.
  80. "You've got a full life of pride personal statements and complaints about the cruelty of the Osronan law system in your essays and novels to come once you've fulfilled your sentence. This is a breeze."
  81. (Task)
  82. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  83.  Elijah Soleis says, "The two fresh faces are accomplices of the Syndicate."
  84.  Elijah Soleis says, "The boy in particular requires medical attention."
  85.  Task says, "Thank you for informing me Ser Exarch, the sooner those criminal scum are dealt with."
  86.  Task says, "The better."
  87.  Elijah gave a small nod of agreement to that, though his features are dry aside from a lingering, slight smile - having enjoyed his interactions with the man in the cell. All people were fascinating in their own way.
  88. (Elijah Soleis)
  89. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  90.  Elijah Soleis says, "Thank you."
  91.  Task says, "Interesting man."
  92.  Cameo Octavius says, "Can sign him up whenever. Juuuuuust brought him here because he said he wanted to join, and you weren't at the park."
  93.  Task says, "Oh, sure sure. I'll do the whole interview thing back at the park."
  94.  Task says, "Just finishing up here."
  95.  Cameo Octavius says, "Alright."
  96.  Kelly Kirk says, "...Damn it."
  97.  Kelly Kirk asks, "Did I miss a meeting?"
  98.  Cameo Octavius says, "Wasn't sure if she's supposed to sleep in a cell so she's got a bed next to the cabinet."
  99.  Task says, "No meeting, worry not."
  100.  Task says, "Just a parole hearing."
  101.  Kelly Kirk says, "Oh, alright..."
  102.  Ravan Karnstein says, "...I'm not doing much here right now, so I think I'm going to head home. Take care, everyone."
  103.  Kelly walks off, going to check by each of the cells. Notably, his body language and face both indicate that he's a bit down... Just what was it that is weighing on his mind so heavily?
  104. (Kelly Kirk)
  105. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  106.  "Regardless, I was lied to. I'm disappointed to say the least. Especially given how much information I've provided. You act as if me putting my life at risk to provide you information in the first place, isn't worth a certain amount of compensation in itself. No resistance, no damage to the state, and lastly, now an asset to your investigation." She laughed, amused at the audacity of the Commander to have lead her along this long. "I could've filled that room with water when I saw you, but I didn't." She paused. "Hell, even after, when you started the accusations, I didn't take the opportunity to attack you then either, which I was capable of with a flick of a wrist."
  108. "It's honestly admirable of you, being able to act justified with a reduced sentence, cause your baseline is already shrewd." Her nails dug into the table. "I did everything I did, including cooperating with you, for a reason. Idon't believe in the moral of the sentence, and I believe it would be wrong to do so to anyone else in my position. I served the House Pelleaux of my own accord, not because of the threat of death. So, now I stand here and pick death, and you tell me I do not know my own will."
  110. She spat at the Commander.
  112. "You disrespect me first as a magi, to take my magic when I assist you, you then disrespect my trust for your word, making me work for another despite promising otherwise, and now, you disrespect my intellect, morals, and courage. I stand not for it. Kill me as a martyr, perhaps my head will find the journal of historian in the future as the head that turned the masses."
  114. Her pose and attitude was completely different, the magi far beyond reason, having be crossed one too many times. "Now if you are you be killing me, I'd prefer it to be within the day. The cabinet didn't make a good bed."
  115. (Terra Brightwood)
  116. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  117. Claude tapped his lip for a moment.
  118. (Claude vey Pelleaux)
  119. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  120.  Claude vey Pelleaux asks, "You know, you could just serve a year in jail and then leave?"
  121.  Claude vey Pelleaux says, "The whole community service is a gift so you can move around the city."
  123. Kelly suddenly stops whispering to Ty, both out of the distress of the second article, and the realization that he left himself uncovered. Rocks start to slowly creep across his legs, covering them. He looks away from her, trying to make sure that his true feelings aren't on display.
  124. (Kelly Kirk)
  125. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  126.  The armor starts to creep up his body, covering up the lower half of his torso, and then, it suddenly stops as he takes Ty's hand. "I guess so." He then whispers additional words to her.
  127. (Kelly Kirk)
  128. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  130. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  131.  Task would roll his eyes at dramatics of the woman, shaking his head as he took a long, thoughtful drag from his corncob pipe as he blew a cloud of minty smoke up towards the rafters of the prison with a yawn.
  133. "Besides the fact that Lord Captain Pelleaux is right, and a year in jail for an otherwise, and I stress this term highly because you seem to miss that fact, capital offense. This is me taking it easy on you. A year in jail for "sedition". They've killed for less. You're a damned fool if you think otherwise."
  135. The bald commander would lean back in his chair, dark brown eyes squinting at the woman with clear annoyance at the overreaction she's brought forth.
  137. "Service to the state, jail time with a frankly minimal sentence for an offense otherwise stated solely because you did provide information. These are the options on the table. The syndicate are terrorists, this is as light as it gets."
  139. Task would stare the woman down without fear, brown eyes tired and yet dutifully focused.
  141. "If you want to be executed though, that's on you. I don't intend to disrespect you as you've abhorrently claimed.""
  142. (Task)
  143. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  145. [03:23] "You refuse to acknowledge my will. Treat me as if I'm a child, take my magic, and more and more. I can't believe the gull. The people in the Syndicate are good people, a lot of them are. If you treat them like this they'll never turn of heart. You'll tear the whole damn kingdom apart trying to protect the Order. It's so amusing. I'm sure historians will write of this Watches endeavors with humor." She laughed. "I would request death in combat, but it's not much my taste. As much as I'd like to get one last thrill in before I hit my grave. Unum Pelltini awaits now, as well as the rest of those dense fucks, so take me to them so I can get the pleasantries over with sooner."
  146. (Terra Brightwood)
  147. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  148.  "The people of the syndicate are criminal scum. That is all they will ever be with attitudes like yours. The moment innocent civilians got hurt is the moment it stopped being about making a change for the better. Law and order is what preserves the workings of this city, the safety of all those within. Justice is blind, and though its scales weighed in favor of mercy for you, it seems you choose not to accept it."
  150. Task would rise from his chair as he stared down Terra with the harsh, unyielding eyes of an aspirant of justice. Though the bald commander was well known for being friends and amiable, his most recognizable trait had been his loud, overbearing at times sense of justice. If the criminal desired execution for their crimes, that was that.
  152. There would be no half measures.
  154. "Miss Terra Brightwood, known ratling of the syndicate under the alias of the Lost Pelleaux, or Pell, I do hereby sentence you to death for the crimes of sedition, criminalism, and terrorism. Your life is now forfeit, you will pay with your blood."
  156. The bald commander would cross his sinewed arms over the purple plate of his cuirass and the navy wool of his cloak, turning his harsh brown eyes to Constable Cameo with a firm nod of his head as his features became marble, stony and unfeeling.
  158. "Constable Cameo, execute her. Make your peace with your gods Miss Brightwood."
  159. (Task)
  160. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  161. "Gods are for the dim." She smiled, enjoying the fire of the Commander. This is more like it! She hated being doubted. "I hope you're successful Commander. Be careful of the Jester most of all. I think he's the scariest despite the focus on others."
  163. She paused, taking a deep breath. Taking in the moment with an air of dignity.
  164. (Terra Brightwood)
  165. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  166.  Claude's attention had shifted between the two for a time. Listening to the arguments, offering his own opinions on the choice of community service. Yet, when the sentence of death by execution was declared the Nobleman stood. The chair under him scrapping the floor as he did so.
  168. His hands came to clasp behind his back, a remote to the collar of Terra in his hand. As he took a few steps back and away from the soon to be bout of violence. Amber hues settled upon the Lost Pelleaux. He'd been interested in them after hearing of the name, but now? The show of intelligence was hardly worthy of comparison to his family.
  170. "I'd suggest an execution outside the room where standing in. Perhaps a last meal for the criminal, otherwise."
  172. He tilted his head to Terra. "May your foolhardy adherence to old virtues be washed away in the stars." With that the Pelleaux simply opted to observe the next happenings.
  173. (Claude vey Pelleaux)
  174. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  175.  The rabbit had only been paying half attention to the talk. The pair of hazel eyes focused on Tera, hands in his pockets. He didn't really pick up on the intricates of the conversation, only that Tera seemed to be refusing to work for the Watch, instead demanding to be put to death.
  177. He didn't question the law. He never tried to understand it more then he needed to. But, there was the sudden calling of his name, and the order that came after. Slowly the hands removed themselves from his pockets, taking the gas mask out of his mouth so the somewhat fearsome smile of the constable rabbit could be seen.
  179. "Reaaaaally? I'm glad it gets to be me. I said it before, aaaaand I'll say it again. She annoys me. I don't like her." The rabbit would stride around the table, moving away from Alexander towards the woman, already blood starting to lightly coat the white parts of his jacket. Plants began to grow from wounds on his body, feasting on his blood.
  181. "Laaaaaaast words? And you really don't want to struggle?"
  183. "AAAAAAAAaand I'm keeping the tongue. I need a second for my necklace."
  184. (Cameo Octavius)
  185. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  187.  Task says, "Mildly haunting."
  188.  Erika blinked. She had a smear of blood on her cheek, probably from one of the many times she had wiped her face with the side of her glove from her previous surgery. As Elijah requested paper, the noble turned to peer at Eustace expectantly.
  189. (Erika cos Salis)
  190. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  192.  Erika cos Salis says, "Ah, I could have...... Nevermind."
  193.  Elijah Soleis asks, "Why is your cheek smeared red, Lady Erika?"
  195. Elijah Soleis says, "There are many water sources around the city. The look doesn't quite suit nobility."
  197. Her eyes widen a little bit, and a square of cloth was produced, before Erika scrubbed furiously. Oh no no no no no. There was a mild look of panic on her features before she chuckled nervously,
  199. "It's nothing! Absolutely nothing, do not worry!" She said, her voice attaining a higher pitch than usual. If one was to step past weakness, it wouldn't do her any good to run home now, so she just kept scrubbing as she spoke, "W-... Ah... What seems to be happening?" She asked.
  200. (Erika cos Salis)
  201. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  202.  Tyrith turns back towards the boy in the cell. She's yet to write anything.
  203. (Tyrith Airgetlám)
  204. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  205.  Tyrith Airgetlám asks, "You will release him, yes?"
  206.  Commander Task would calmly stand and watch the proceedings, rising from the table with an idle puff of his corncob pipe as his hard, brown eyes glanced over Miss Brightwood for a final time before turning back to Cameo.
  208. "Remember Constable Cameo, this is what separates you from what Miss Brightwood became. A terrorist, a criminal, a wanton dissident of the law that sought to bring Osrona to its heels. In maintaining a strong sense of justice, you walk away from her path and seize your own as an avatar of justice. While harsh, justice is blind."
  210. The bald commander would nod firmly, the go ahead for the execution given as Miss Brightwood refused mercy for her offense.
  212. "May the stars give you a better path than the one you walked Miss Brightwood."
  213. (Task)
  214. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  215.  Elijah Soleis says, "Eventually. Though it's not entirely my decision."
  216.  Tyrith Airgetlám says, "Nn..."
  217.  Elijah nodded at Erika, though there's a hint of concern in his frown.
  218. (Elijah Soleis)
  219. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  221. Tyrith Airgetlám asks, "Can I have you name, m'lord?"
  222. Erika cos Salis asks, "H-Hm....?"
  223. Elijah Soleis says, "Not Lord. Elijah."
  224. "Last words? That'll take far too long, you'll all get bored. Instead, my manifesto was sent to the news and there's a copy in my bag and with the syndicate. Read it, publish it if you want.~ It was a fun write." The multipage binder stuck out of the shelf next to her other things. "Give any gold or belongings I have to orphans in Sudbury. Give Sender Wolt, Sofia Pelleaux, Ty, and Zeitan my regards. They were good friends." She got up from her chair, slowly walking to exit the room. The glares on her feeling only part of the painting that was the final moments of an academic prodigy who could've lived to great heights.
  226. "It's not old virtues I stand true to Lord Claude vey Pelleaux. It's one's untainted by the dogma of your countries history."
  227. (Terra Brightwood)
  228. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  229.  Elijah Soleis says, "Knight-Exarch."
  230.  Tyrith turns back around. Some Essharan customs, like looking at people when you talk to them, still eluded her. She still seems very concerned.
  232. "I've heard of you," she murmurs.
  233. (Tyrith Airgetlám)
  234. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  235. Elijah's attention drifted to the pending execution in the distance, his eyes widening some when he realizes what they've all stumbled in on.
  237. Out of respect, the blonde switches to his... quiet, inside voice.
  238. (Elijah Soleis)
  239. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  241.  Erika cos Salis asks, ".... Elijah....?"
  242.  Elijah Soleis asks, "...?"
  243.  Tyrith Airgetlám asks, "...Blood?"
  244.  She straightened up some and after a minor hesitation, the hand that had been scrubbing furiously at her cheek dropped to her side. The blood was gone, thankfully, but there was just a little red blotch of redden skin in it's wake instead.
  246. "What... Is going on?" She asked, seeming a bit more persistent in her endeavor it seemed. The chaos of what was going on behind her was missed on her, for the time being at the very least.
  247. (Erika cos Salis)
  248. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  249.  The moments that follow have him turn around and his tall, broad-shouldered frmae purposely stood between the execution to be in the distance and the small woman. He frowned down at her with a mix of awkwardness and concern.
  250. (Elijah Soleis)
  251. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  253. Tyrith shifts in the direction of Cameo, but finds her view blocked by the knight.
  254. (Tyrith Airgetlám)
  255. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  256. "Right. What separates me from her," The rabbit would look over to the woman as she spoke her final words, giving her that mercy. In that time, the thorny vines would begin to come from his wounds. Blood was used to feed the vines, giving them a blue tint as thorns grew along their edges. The vines, held like whips and weapons, became sharper.
  258. "Gold and belongings to Sudbury, reguards to Sender, Sofia, Ty, and Zetian. Not in your virtues."
  260. Sharper, and sharper. The vines would slowly sharpen themselves. He'd allow Terra to stand up from the chair, to slowly walk towards the exit, turning to look towards Task as he did.
  262. "Whaaaaaaat separates us from the terrorists,"
  264. It would be sudden as Tera moved. The end of the vine would suddenly be jabbed forwards, both of his arms driving them like daggers to strike a target. The first, would puncture into the head and brain of Tera, the second striking from the back towards where her heart was.
  266. Plants would begin to feed on her blood and mana in an instant, seeking to drain her life force, and take what they could as she lived. Quickly, the vine that was in her head moved to her mouth, cutting out the tongue as he would pull, leaving two holes in Terra's abdomen and her head.
  268. "Iiiiiiis that the law says its ok for us to do this. And not them."
  269. (Cameo Octavius)
  270. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  271.  Task would turn with a respectful bow of his head to the exarch and knight, crossing his right sinewed arm over the purple plate of his cuirass with a stony, dutiful visage. Taking a thoughtful drag from his corncob pipe, he would nod lightly as his head rose.
  273. "The woman who is being executed, aliases of the Lost Pelleaux, Pell, and Terra Brightwood, was a member of the syndicate I've been interrogating for some time. From her, we learned of the organization's structure of underbosses, enforcers, and ratlings such as herself."
  275. The commander would nod firmly, blowing a cloud of minty smoke up towards the rafters of the jail.
  277. "Despite the capital offenses of sedition and terrorism, her offering of the knowledge of a syndicate cave to the west of Sudsbury and offer of further information was going to lessen her sentence."
  279. As Terra would unceremoniously be vined to unlife behind him, Task would turn briefly to ensure he saw everymoment of it, as was just of any commanding officer who ordered an execution. This was the way of things.
  281. "However, she has refused to accept community service or more jail time, and has stated a desire to be executed. It is being granted. Justice is blind."
  282. (Task)
  283. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  284. Erika turned a little at the sudden commotion, staring as that execution took place. The color drained from her face, and as the sharp vines punctured through Terra, Erika's gray eyes widened like saucer plates. She didn't have much energy left in her after a multi-hour surgery and another one prior as well as patrolling, and the raid?
  286. Well, the noble had little energy left, and she just went out like a little light, crumpling on the ground at the sight of a death. Another weakness to overcome, yes, but one which would be much harder than simply 'getting over germs'.
  287. (Erika cos Salis)
  288. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  290. The Nobleman looked at them for a few moments more after the execution had taken place. Shaking his head the Nobleman turned his focus towards the far exit. Starting to leave, having no desire to stick around and deal with the filth of clean up.
  291. (Claude vey Pelleaux)
  292. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  293. A gruesome sight, and surely one he can't shield from the citizen's eyes should she dare to peak over his shoulder or look around him. He doesn't bother to look, though -- he's seen enough blood and death these past few years to last a lifetime. But with such experiences he knows when life has been snuffed out, a sensation in the air that lingers long after the person has left the world, and he closes his eyes with a solemn expression in that moment.
  295. Elijah frowned, deeply. A warm sigh to follow as he listens in on Task's explanation with something of half-interest, his emerald-cut eyes watching the bald-headed law enforcer. "... We do already have the location of their headquarters, so the information will not be amass. I trust in your judgement."
  296. (Elijah Soleis)
  297. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  300.  Task would nod steadily as he offered another respectful nod and two fingered salute to the exarch, glancing back at the body that had been fatally vined before over to the fainted woman with a light puff of his pipe.
  302. "Indeed, I'd heard of the grand exploits of the day that revealed to me the depths of traitorous scourge and tyranny within my own ranks. You of the order of my deepest thanks for revealing that Captain Stein and Constable Iris were criminal vandals. The latter I admittedly suspected, but I'd hoped at least that a man such as Stein, a constable as long as I'd been, wouldn't be corruptible. It seemed I was sadly wrong."
  304. The bald commander would nod firmly, gesturing for Cameo to lift up the body for delivery to the church for burial.
  306. "The young woman's information was mildly useful for cross reference, but it seemed she desired a capital punishment. She claimed a desire to be a martyr, but all I see beforeme is a sad, nameless corpse. It is a terrible thing when death is necessary."
  307. (Task)
  308. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  309. Claude... Was going to just leave cause he really didn't care about the execution. If someone couldn't see the good sense to live and wanted to die a martyr for an organization on it's last leg? That was their choices.
  311. Yet, his attention noticed the collapsing Erika, he blinked once as he noticed their descend towards the rather hard jail floor. A little flash was all that signified an exertion from the noble. In that next instance he'd rematerialized out of a gentle flash of light.
  313. Catching the collapsing noblewoman with steady hands. Shifting himself a little to help redirect the weight from going straight down to arcing back up. Hefting the woman as he did so. He grunted in that moment, this was why he wanted the criminal to be executed in private.
  315. "Well, I suppose I'll check on Dame Salis and see if she can't be roused. Whoever that was she came with just point them outside to the bench."
  317. He looked at them and then around the room. With a sigh he simply turned about and continued his walk outside. However, he now had a fainted Erika with him. He figured some fresh air would do a bit better. Probably rightfully so that if they woke back up and wasn't in the same room as a quickly stiffening corpse. They wouldn't faint again either.
  318. (Claude vey Pelleaux)
  319. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  321. Elijah Soleis says, "... Necessary. I suppose so."
  322.  Tyrith shudders at the sound of a person being gored to death by plants. Any comfort she had around the dead vanished immediately. For a couple moments, the color had drained from her face.
  324. They were killing someone? Here? In secret? Where the Watch drank tea and discussed politics?
  326. Once she looks around him, the trepidation in her face changes first to confusion, then to rage. Her guild-mate was now a corpse.
  328. This was the justice of Esshar? It was totally foreign to her, and completely seperate from the customs of Magnolia. The same fate could have befallen Shrike without her even knowing, had he failed to ask for her.
  330. She'd have to navigate Essharan justice on Essharan terms. Her voice is full of malice.
  332. "I am represented by the lawyer Furio cos Kalogera," she instructs Elijah. "A member of the Peerage."
  334. Not that she knew what they were, or what they did.
  336. "Should I call him here, or will you release my tenant?"
  337. (Tyrith Airgetlám)
  338. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  340.  Elijah Soleis asks, "Why would I release a member of the Syndicate simply because you ask?"
  341.  Elijah Soleis says, "As I've told you, he's in custody."
  342.  Elijah Soleis says, "Or, former member, should I say."
  343.  Zachary Retinea asks, "Little Wolf?"
  344.  Step, step.
  346. Cameo was briefly out of it after having killed Tera. The hazel eyes stared at the body as slowly it would collapse to the ground. The blue vines within it started to move, in an awful way, feeing on what was left of the blood and mana, before he stepped closer to the commander.
  348. "She refused jail time and community service soooo nothing to be done."
  350. The blue vines would start to reach down towards the body. The items that were once Tera's began to be picked up as he cast his gaze towards Task.
  352. "Where do we put everything? Sheeeeee wanted her stuff to Sudbury. Aaaaand I don't really have space to carry it all."
  354. Motioned towards, Cameo would glance towards the body of Tera. He started towards it, only to be beat by the flash of light that was Claude. The noble caught him, but Cameo just walked closer. The rabbit would approach, sticking his hand into the mouth of the corpse. True to his word, his bloody hand would be taken out moments later, holding the tongue that belonged to the Syndicate member for his own collection.
  356. "I think that Claaaaaude's got the body."
  358. "Aaaaaand someone fainted, should we do something about that?"
  359. (Cameo Octavius)
  360. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  362.  Tyrith Airgetlám says, "If you keep him here, he'll be - he'll end up -"
  363.  Cameo Octavius whispers: They died.
  365.  Task would nod respectfully one last time to the exarch before turning his glance back to Cameo, nodding lightly as he prepared to depart while allowing the constable to handle the finalities of the business.
  367. "Lord Captain Pelleaux can handle Dame Erika, you just worry about ensuring that terrorist's body reaches a modest grave. Regardless of what she was in life, respect for the dead is important. Justice was done this day."
  369. The bald commander would nod lightly, preparing to follow at Claude's trail.
  371. "As for how we'll store all her things....I can pick up most of it. I'll try my best to get what she desired where she desired it."
  372. (Task)
  373. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  374.  As quickly as he replied to the woman, he makes a submissive gesture with his hand and tuts, turning then to make way for the door in a sudden flare of anger that put some heat in his eyes, "No, he won't be," Elijah made clear, looking towards the Watchman Task as he did so, saying it to him as much as Tyrith.
  376. Admittedly, he wasn't a fan of an impromptu execution. It seemed wrong -- it annoyed him. Everything annoyed him lately.
  378. With a heavy huff and a squeeze of his fists, he disappeared through the door.
  379. (Elijah Soleis)
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