(BWB2) 130 Copper Feel [F. Minotaur Samurai] MLPFEMTORPG

Aug 3rd, 2018
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  1. Name: Copper Feel
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Race: Minotaur
  4. Class: Samurai (Knight/Monk)
  5. Combat Talent: Explosive Rounds (Bomb Shot; passive: +2 Slam)
  6. Noncombat Talent: Barfly (Perpetual Intergalactic Bar Crawl; passive: If a planet or space station has been colonized for at least 10 years, and has at least one bar or tavern or establishment that serves alcohol, Copper Feel has been there (knowing it's name, location, and the locale that visit). This is talent is limited to one bar per location, but she may have visited additional bars (not covered in this talent). If for some reason it would be impossible to visit a qualifying bar (such as 20 year blockade preventing entry or being entirely underwater), then this talent does not apply to the planet.)
  7. Hit/Wounds: 7/5
  8. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  10. Skills:
  11. (Free Racial) Show Them You Rock: Automatic Instant, recharge 5; Force your point of view on someone else. This allows allows one verbal based skill or skill check to automatically succeed.(i.e. Bluff, Inspire) This does not work on characters with a resistant mind.(A GM can rule that player characters all have resistant minds.)
  12. (Racial) Iron Will: instant automatic, recharge 2; You are going to have your way, no matter the cost. You can take 4 hits to make a failed action Automatic. This ability cannot be used on critfails.
  13. (Free Multiclass) Revolving Blade: recharge 3, weapon; Autocrits. A critical hit by any other skill or attack refreshes this ability immediately.
  14. (Class) Slam: recharge 1, weapon (Unorthodox); damages the enemy via a crushing body slam. Crits on 9+
  15. (Class) Martial Defender: passive; You take +2 hits before going helpless (if you had 5, you now have 7, etc), and Slam crits on 8+
  16. (Cross-Class) Unorthodox: Switch the tag of one of your skills to Spell, Weapon, Ranged, or remove the tag entirely. (Applying Weapon to Slam)
  18. Inventory:
  19. Boilermaker (Firearm) [4/4] - Custom Fitted Four-Barreled Shotgun with Strap for holding over shoulder
  20. [180] Sovereigns, though likely less if you consider how many bar tabs she has open
  21. Black Tanktop, Forest Green Cargo Pants (pockets filled with assorted junk)
  22. Journal, of which many pages are stained with alcohol and bodily fluids
  23. Flask, for the rare case she isn't in a bar
  25. Traits:
  26. Copper Feel is a space-traveling female minotaur. Rust-covered fur coats the majority of her body, with a lighter muzzle and inner ear, white horns that have various imagery on them (tattoos and carvings obtained while drunk), and lemon lime eyes that are almost always full of energy. Copper even from a young age enjoyed going on bar crawls with friends, starting in the evening energetic and cheerful and by morning passed out on top of a stranger's couch or a stranger themselves. As her friends moved on to pursue careers as traders or interplanetary treasure-hunters, however, Copper decided her lot in life was to make sure there was always a party going on in the universe -somewhere-. Thus, she began her quest to visit every bar, tavern, or booze-supplying location in the known world. Her voyages were often long and arduous, encountering such perils as running out of cash, being sober for over two days, and waking up in the beds of aliens she swore she had no recollection of. To offset some of these challenges (particularly the first one), Copper likes to take odd jobs and mercenary gigs, trying to whatever money she can to make sure the bar crawl never ends. Her custom-fitted shotgun 'the Boilermaker' makes it nigh impossible to miss an enemy no matter what stupor she's in, given it's wide spray and explosive rounds will usually hit -something-.
  27. While she may always alcohol in her system, Copper usually prefers just to keep a buzz rather than fully drunk, and is a good friend no matter her inebriety. She is fiercely loyal to those she's known and have supported her, and will get in a brawl if she hears the slightest insult towards one of her companions. Fiery and high-proof, Copper Feel always has time to share a drink with a pal.
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