[INCEST] Vinyl Scratch roofies Anon (short)

Jun 23rd, 2017
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  1. >You are Vinyl Scratch, local DJ and thrower of the hottest parties this side of Canterlot High.
  2. >Some might say that Pinkie Pie's get-togethers have you beat, but that chubby little pink bitch doesn't have a supply of booze and... er, "other things"... at her parties, like you do
  3. >You are also the older sister of some chump named "Anonymous"; or "Anon" to his friends.
  4. >You call him "Annie" because you know it pisses him off.
  5. >Right now, he's taking a shower; you know this because YOU want to take a shower, and when YOU want to use the bathroom it never fails to be occupied.
  6. >Your friend Octavia would probably call it "Murphy's Law", or something like that.
  7. >It's Saturday afternoon, and that means planning for next weekend's party.
  8. >Rarity's paying you some pretty nice money to get your gear together, and nothing gets you wetter than planning what songs to play and how to play them.
  9. >Speaking of getting wet, your sick-ass hair is getting kind of grimy and you're beginning to reek a bit.
  10. >You MIGHT have forgotten to take a shower today.
  11. >...and yesterday.
  12. >You blame the excitement of party-planning for the distraction.
  13. >Time to crash Anon's parade.
  14. >You're right about to knock on the bathroom door and yell at your brother to get out... but then you notice something.
  15. >The door isn't closed all the way; Anon just must have not been paying attention or something.
  16. >...
  17. >Fuck it.
  18. >If anybody's allowed to perv on your little brother, it's you.
  19. >You make sure that you have a firm grip on the door frame before you lean in close to the gap; no need to slip and fall into the bathroom like some kind of shitty comedy movie.
  20. >As luck would have it, you catch a glimpse of Anon in the shower right as he turns around to the side.
  21. >...
  22. >W-Welp.
  23. >That... just might be the juiciest, tastiest-looking cock you've ever seen.
  24. >And are those balls, or a pair of kiwi fruit dangling enticingly from the back of his dick?
  25. >A tingle shoots down your spine and heat blooms in your crotch, and you absent-mindedly rub your thighs together.
  26. >Yeah, you need that thing inside of you.
  27. >Like, RIGHT NOW.
  28. >With conscious effort, you pull away from the bathroom door and lean against the opposite wall.
  29. >It shouldn't be too hard to convince your little brother to fuck you, right?
  30. >You're pretty attractive, right?
  31. >You reach up with both hands and grab two handfuls of boobs.
  32. >Once in hand, you give them a bit of a shake to see if you've still got the best tits in homeroom.
  33. >The answer: yes.
  34. >You hear Anon turn off the shower and step out of the tub, and you prepare yourself to get some of that dick.
  35. >Seducing your brother is gonna be a cakewalk.
  36. >Anon pulls the bathroom door open and steps out, followed by a rush of steam.
  37. >His hair is damp, and he's clad only in a towel wrapped around his waist.
  38. >Judging by his surprised expression, he wasn't expecting to see you standing there.
  39. >Taking advantage of his momentary shock, you spring forward and run a finger down his bare chest.
  40. "Hey there, stud," you purr, putting on your best 'I'ma beat that dickie up' voice, "What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?"
  41. >You're already gloating internally at your flawless display of social grace.
  42. >Nobody can resis-
  43. >Anon slaps away your hand, and you reel back as though you were just... well, slapped.
  44. >"The fuck is wrong with you?" he asks, sounding (and looking) outraged and confused, "Fuck off, Vinyl."
  45. >Anon spins on his heel and walks down the wall towards his bedroom; presumably to change into something more comfortable than a moist towel.
  46. >...
  47. >Fuck.
  48. >You forgot the two of you were cunts to each other.
  49. >Dammit, you KNEW 2PM was too early to start drinking.
  50. >You just shrug and walk down the hallway to your own bedroom.
  51. >There's more than one way to fuck a brother, and you know how to contact the guy who keeps bringing roofies to your shin-digs.
  52. ---
  53. >You are Vinyl, and you are once-more congratulating yourself on an excellent execution.
  54. >You managed to convince Anon to sit down and watch a movie with you; he broke when you removed your shades and put on your best puppy-dog eyes.
  55. >All it took was a little tearful reminder that you and him used to always have movie nights when you were kids, and Anon was ready to forget the shower thing ever even happened.
  56. >So here you are; popcorn in one hand, and roofied drink in the other.
  57. >Anon is already sitting on the couch (that little bastard didn't wait for you before he started the film) and he greets you with a wave as you enter the room.
  58. >The room isn't exactly clean, and navigating towards the couch with both hands occupied is a slow and deliberate affair.
  59. >Especially because you only have enough roofie for one drink, and you won't be getting any incestuous cock tonight if you spill Anon's glass.
  60. >You place the bowl of popcorn on your lap and hand Anon his drink, which he takes with a grateful smile.
  61. >You can feel yourself grow moist with anticipation as your brother takes the first sip of his drink.
  62. >It's only a matter of time before the drugs kick in and Anon's cock-of-the-world is all yours.
  63. >What should you do with it first?
  64. >Grab Anon by the hips and give yourself a good face-fucking?
  65. >Do you want him to pump your stomach full of cum, or do you want to suckle on the fat head until he gives you a salty treat to taste?
  66. >Ohh...
  67. >What if you skipped all that bullshit and impaled your needy depths on him?
  68. >You can almost feel him stretching you out right now.
  69. >You'd roll your hips and maybe give his unconscious mouth a couple of smooches for good measure.
  70. >Fuck, maybe you can even convince him later to do this on a regular basis.
  71. >A few pics here and a little bit of blackma-er, "encouragement" there, and your little bro-bro will be pumping you full of his cum at least twice a day.
  72. >THREE times on Fridays and weekends.
  73. >Hmmm...
  74. >Maybe just a blowjob tonight; it's late and you don't want to wake up your mom.
  75. >You mean, you can't moan if your throat is full of cock, right?
  76. >You aren't paying attention to the movie at all as you continue to fantasize about your brother, and it takes remarkable willpower (willpower you never even knew you had) to resist reaching over right now and jerking him off.
  77. >You're brought out of your fantasies when Anon suddenly slumps over and nearly face-plants the bowl of popcorn in your lap.
  78. >Fuck yes.
  79. >A quick glance at the clock on the wall tells you that 15 minutes have passed.
  80. >You waste no time whatsoever.
  81. >You shove the popcorn and the drinks somewhere else; you don't fucking care where they go.
  82. >You can't find the remote to turn down the movie, but that isn't your concern; your concern is fishing out your little brother's cock and doing dirty things to it.
  83. >After you shove him so that he's leaning against the couch (and won't fall over), you scramble to get onto your knees in front of him.
  84. >The little idiot wore pyjamas to your movie night, which makes your life a lot easier; it's child's play to tug his loose bottoms and his underwear around his thighs.
  85. >You smell it before you see it; a rich, heady musk.
  86. >Anon took a shower a few hours ago so it's not repulsive, but it's there and you LOVE it.
  87. >The pyjamas around his thighs have squeezed them together, meaning that his package has been squeezed out from between his legs and up on top of his thighs.
  88. >This gives them a deliciously plump look... not that he needed it.
  89. >His balls are big and round, and you'd bet your entire DJ setup that they're full of tasty cum; just for you.
  90. >His cock is nice and thick, even when flaccid.
  91. >You take one more deep whiff of him, and then reach out to gra-
  92. >"Vinyl?"
  93. >You freeze.
  94. >"Sweetie, can you turn that movie down? I have to get up in the morn- Vinyl Allegro Scratch!"
  95. >OH FUCK
  96. >You whip your head around towards the voice, but otherwise remain frozen in place.
  97. >Your fingers are agonizingly close to your brother's dick; close enough to feel the moist heat coming off of it.
  98. >Standing in the doorway dressed in a beat-up housecoat is your mother.
  99. >And girl, she looks angrier than she's you've ever seen her in your whole entire life.
  100. >"Just WHAT do you think you're doing to your poor brother?!"
  101. >Mom marches over and grabs you by the arms, yanking you to your feet with strength you didn't know she had.
  102. >"Go to your room," she growls, spinning you around and shoving you out the door, "And don't come out until I come for you! We're having a long talk tonight, missie."
  103. >God-fucking-dammit, you were SO CLOSE.
  104. >"Wait for me; I'm going to take care of Anonymous and make sure he'll be alright."
  105. >You drag your feet as you march to your bedroom.
  106. >You almost feel like crying.
  107. >You were so close. You were going to choke yourself on Anon's dick and swallow all his cum.
  108. >Dammit, life isn't fair.
  109. ---
  110. >You're out of the room (and half-way to your bedroom), so you don't see what happens next.
  111. >You don't see your mom stare at her son's cock.
  112. >You don't see her expression turn from a concern to curiosity.
  113. >You don't see her glance at the door to make sure you aren't there.
  114. >You don't see her kneel down in front of Anon, and you don't see her lean in.
  115. >You don't see the way her face turns bright red, nor do you catch a glimpse of her pink tongue darting out to give your brother's cock a quick lick.
  116. >The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, and a girl's gotta get her incestuous perversions from SOMEWHERE, after all.
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