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  1. 05:44           Started talking in on Thursday 12/29/2011 05:44:55 PM
  2.                 Room topic is: What.CD Invite Interview Room #3 || Questions must be answered quickly || Those getting interviewed please /part from the channel after the interview is finished.
  3. 05:45   detemps Hello tahu
  4.         tahu    Hi
  5.         detemps Shall we start?
  6.         tahu    Yes
  7. 05:46   tahu    please
  8. 05:47   detemps Hello tahu and welcome to the What.CD interview! My name is detemps and I'll be conducting your interview. I hope you'll pass the interview and join us on What.CD. The interview program is for people who can't find someone to invite them but who want to step through the magical doors of What.CD by proving thruogh the interview process that they will be good members.
  9.         detemps Main topics for this interview will be you and some background information on you, audio codecs, the various formats in which music is provided and their bit rates, transcodes, general torrenting. I may step outside these topics if I see a reason to do so.
  10.         detemps **********************************************************
  12.         detemps **********************************************************
  13.         detemps 1. This interview may take up to two hours, so if you don't have the time for it, let me know right now.
  14.         detemps 2. You can interview three times at most. If you fail all three of those interviews, you will not be allowed another go and you will lose your chance of getting into What.CD through the interview process.
  15.         detemps 3. Please make your answers to the point. Be detailed in the context of the question but try to avoid providing unneeded details.
  16.         detemps 4. Make sure that you have prepared for the interview before we start. Using Google, Wikipedia, HydrogenAudio Wiki, the What.CD Interview Prep Page or anything that relates to the content of this interview should be closed.
  17.         detemps  ***Please close any such content now***
  18.         detemps  If you are caught breaking this rule, you will lose your interviewing rights.
  19.         detemps 5. Making some mistakes is OK, trying to cover up your lack of knowledge by lying and cheating is NOT.
  20.         detemps 6. If you need to get my attention or ask a question at any time during the interview, just type my name (detemps).
  21.         detemps 7. Relax. As long as you stick to the above basic guidelines, you will have no problem passing this interview.
  22.         detemps **********************************************************
  23.         detemps Type my name when you are done reading this list of rules and the interview will begin.
  24.         detemps **********************************************************
  25. 05:48   tahu    detemps
  26. 05:49   detemps **********************************************************
  27.         detemps Section One: Background information
  28.         detemps **********************************************************
  29.         detemps --- Answer each question on a separate line---
  30.         detemps 1. Have you had an account at What.CD before?
  31.         detemps 2. What is your email address?
  32.         detemps 3. Are you on your home connection currently?
  33.         detemps 4. What type of internet connection do you have at home?
  34.         detemps 5. Where did you first hear about What.CD? Where did you find out about this channel? If online, please provide a link.
  35.         detemps 6. Have you been interviewed before? If so, who interviewed you and how long ago?
  36.         detemps 7. Have you used torrents before?
  37.         detemps 8. Which other private trackers are you a member of (Rutracker and Demonoid count as private too)?
  38.         detemps 9. Is English your first language? If not, what is? It's OK to use Google Translate, but please let me know now if that's the case.
  39.         detemps 10. Why are you interested in joining What.CD?
  40.         detemps 11. Have you ever sold, bought or traded invites? Remember the rules. Lying is not tolerated on What.CD. If you have ever taken part in such a thing, say so now, and you will be excused. Lie about it now, get found out later and you'll be permanently banned.
  41.         detemps 12. Type my name (detemps) when you are finished answering.
  42.         detemps **********************************************************
  43.         tahu    No
  44.         tahu
  45.         tahu    Yes
  46. 05:50   tahu    100 Mbps at night, 50 Mbps at day time, fiberoptics to blockhouse, ethernet cable to a flat
  47. 05:51   tahu    From a friend
  48.         tahu    No
  49.         tahu    Yes
  50.         tahu    Linkomanija
  51. 05:52   tahu    No, lithuanian. But I do not need to use Google Translate, I am good enough at english.
  52. 05:53   tahu    Want to have access to rare high quality music records that I cannot get anywhere else.
  53.         tahu    No
  54.         tahu    detemps
  55. 05:55   detemps **********************************************************
  56.         detemps Screenshots of profile pages on other trackers
  57.         detemps **********************************************************
  58.         detemps Please upload to (or a similar image hosting service except imageshack) screenshots of your profile page on each of the trackers you listed above, and be sure to include this chat in each screenshot. The screenshot must be of your full screen (not cropped) and you may not edit the screenshot except to blank out passwords/passkeys.
  59.         detemps **********************************************************************
  60.         tahu
  61. 05:57   tahu    sorry, wrong screenshot..
  62.         detemps         tahu, I need to see your profile page, not the homepage. I also need to see this chat window in the image
  64.         detemps Please do not crop the screenshot
  65.         tahu
  66. 05:58   detemps Please read what I have said above
  67. 05:59   detemps I need to see this chat window in that screenshot
  68.         tahu    the last screenshot ( )is a profile page
  69.         tahu    I am using Linux
  70. 06:00   tahu    with "awesome-wm" window manager
  71.         tahu    so it may appear cropped
  72. 06:01   tahu    ok, will reupload with this chat in screenshot
  73. 06:02   detemps I need to see both the profile and the chat window in the same image
  74. 06:03   tahu
  75.         tahu    ahh
  76.         tahu
  77.         tahu    sincere apologies. need sleep..
  78. 06:04   detemps That's ok  Let's go on
  79.         detemps **********************************************************
  80.         detemps Section Two: Audio Codes, Various Formats for Music
  81.         detemps **********************************************************
  82.         detemps --- Answer each question on a separate line---
  83.         detemps 1. Briefly describe lossless and lossy codecs. Explain what the difference between them is. Give two example file formats for each.
  84.         detemps 2. What is transcoding?
  85.         detemps 3. Briefly describe CBR and VBR. What's the difference between them?
  86.         detemps 4. Kindly order the following formats from HIGHEST quality to LOWEST quality:
  87.         detemps  a. FLAC
  88.         detemps  b. MP3 V4
  89.         detemps  c. MP3 192
  90.         detemps  d. MP3 V0
  91.         detemps  e. MP3 320
  92.         detemps 5. What are the target bitrates of these formats?
  93.         detemps  a. MP3 V0
  94.         detemps  b. AAC 256
  95.         detemps  c. MP3 V2
  96.         detemps  d. MP3 320
  97.         detemps 6. Type my name (detemps) when you are finished answering.
  98.         detemps **********************************************************************
  99. 06:08   tahu    Lossy codecs greatly reduce original raw PCM audio file size, but they also reduce the sound quality (for example high frequencies might not be heard), codec examples: mp3, aac. Lossless codecs reduces size only about twice, but they preserve the quality of original. Examples: flac, wavpack, ape (monkeys audio).
  100. 06:09   tahu    Transcoding is an operation that takes one audio file (or data stream), decodes it to raw pcm audio data, encodes with a desired codec and outputs it to a file or data stream.
  101. 06:12   tahu    CBR - constant bit rate - and VBR - variable bit rate - are options used by lossy codecs. The difference is that variable bit rate mode reduces the bit rate during less complex music intervals, while constant bit rate would still use the same bit rate, even though it may be two high for example for complete silent intervals. So the VBR mode produces higher quality per file size.
  102. 06:13   tahu    a e d c b
  103. 06:14   tahu    a - VBR, ~320 kbps; b - 256 kbps; c - VBR, ~192 kbps; d - 320 kbps
  104.         tahu    detemps
  105. 06:15   detemps Nice
  106.         detemps The target bitrate for V0 is 245 kbps though
  107.         detemps **********************************************************
  108.         detemps Section Three: Transcoding - What.CD has very strict rules about transcoding. Any form of transcoding sourced from a lossy file is prohibited. Only transcodes from lossless files are allowed. This is extremely important. Failing to follow this rule will result in a warning or worse.
  109.         detemps **********************************************************
  110.         detemps --- Answer each question on a separate line---
  111.         detemps Look at the following transcodes and answer whether each one is allowed or disallowed:
  112.         detemps 1 . Retail CD -> ALAC -> MP3 V0 -> MP3 128kbps CBR -> MP3 256kbps CBR
  113.         detemps 2 . Retail CD -> MP3 128kbps CBR -> MP3 V0 -> FLAC
  114.         detemps 3 . Retail CD -> ALAC -> FLAC -> APE -> WMA Lossless -> WAV (PCM) -> MP3 V0 -> MP3 V2
  115.         detemps 4 . Retail CD -> MP3 320kbps CBR -> MP3 256kbps CBR -> MP3 192kbps CBR -> FLAC
  116.         detemps 5 . Retail CD -> FLAC -> ALAC -> MP3 320kbps CBR
  117.         detemps 6 . Retail CD -> MP3 320kbps CBR -> MP3 192kbps CBR -> FLAC
  118.         detemps 7 . Retail CD -> ALAC -> MP3 128kbps CBR -> MP3 256kbps CBR
  119.         detemps 8 . Retail CD -> ALAC -> FLAC -> MP3 V2
  120.         detemps 9 . Retail CD -> WAV (PCM) -> FLAC
  121.         tahu   
  122.         detemps 10 . Retail CD -> ALAC -> FLAC -> MP3 320kbps CBR
  123.         detemps 11. Retail CD -> MP3 320kbps CBR -> MP3 V2
  124.         detemps **********************************************************
  125.         detemps Type my name (detemps) when you are finished answering.
  126.         detemps **********************************************************
  127. 06:17   tahu    1. No.
  128.         tahu    2. No.
  129.         tahu    3. Yes.
  130. 06:18   tahu    4. No.
  131.         tahu    5. Yes.
  132.         tahu    6. No.
  133.         tahu    7. No.
  134.         tahu    8. Yes.
  135. 06:19   tahu    9. Yes.
  136.         tahu    10. Yes.
  137.         tahu    11. Yes.
  138.         tahu    detemps
  139. 06:20   detemps How about the following transcodes?
  140.         detemps MP3 320 --> MP3 V4
  141.         detemps MP3 V4 --> MP3 320
  142.         detemps MP3 V0 --> MP3 V2
  143.         tahu    I would not do such
  144.         detemps MP3 V2 --> MP3 V0
  145.         detemps Why not?
  146.         tahu    but 320 to v4 might be ok, atass
  147.         tahu    hmm
  148.         tahu    because it is already lossy
  149.         tahu    and you may additionally garble the quality
  150. 06:21   detemps Can you give me a clear answer for each one for the last batch?
  151.         tahu    ok.
  152. 06:22   tahu    320 to v4: could be used because 320 quality is much better
  153.         tahu    v4 to 320: in no circumstances this transcoding could be used.
  154.         tahu    because v4 quality is much lower
  155. 06:23   tahu    v0 to v2: could be, but does not make sense
  156.         tahu    because the quality is similar
  157.         tahu    anyway, I would never transcode lossy to lossy
  158. 06:24   tahu    only for special occasions like fitting more files to an mp3 player
  159.         tahu    this is my answer.
  160.         tahu    ah
  161. 06:25   tahu    v2 to v0 - nope
  162.         tahu    never.
  163.         detemps So MP3 320 --> MP3 V4 would be allowed?
  164.         tahu    No
  165. 06:26   detemps         tahu, you're giving me a lot of contradictory answers
  167.         tahu    sorry, I was partly answering about personal operations..
  168.         tahu    for public, I would not transcode lossy at all
  169. 06:27   detemps Your first set of answers tell me otherwise
  170.         tahu    ignore them
  171.         tahu    the last set of answers are correct.
  172. 06:28   detemps Can you please do the first 11 questions again?
  173.         tahu    yes
  174.         tahu    1. No.
  175.         tahu    2. No.
  176.         tahu    3. No.
  177.         tahu    4. No.
  178. 06:29   tahu    5. Yes.
  179.         tahu    6. No.
  180.         tahu    7. No.
  181.         tahu    8. Yes.
  182.         tahu    9. Yes.
  183.         tahu    10. Yes.
  184.         tahu    11. No.
  185.         tahu    detemps
  186.         detemps Very nice
  187.         detemps **********************************************************
  188.         detemps Section Four: Spectral Analysis. As a natural follow up to the transcoding rules in place, What.CD requires that you check everything you intend to upload before putting it up on the site. This process is called Spectral analysis and if you intend to upload something that you got from somewhere else, you are required to check the spectrals. During this section there is an exception to the "no other
  189.         detemps  sources" rule and you may refer to (but only to) to help you answer the questions in this section.
  190.         detemps **********************************************************
  191.         detemps Look at this spectral analysis of a FLAC file and answer the following questions:
  192.         detemps **********************************************************
  193.         detemps --- Answer each question on a separate line---
  194.         detemps 1. Is this FLAC truly lossless? Why or why not?
  195.         detemps 2. What bitrate do you think it is?
  196.         detemps 3. What's a good program to check the spectrals of an audio file?
  197.         detemps 4. Type my name (detemps) when you are finished answering.
  198.         detemps **********************************************************
  199. 06:36   tahu    1. No. Because of sharp cut offs. Also, level line patterns are visible. From a truly lossless spectral image one would expect more "smoothness", no "cut off strips"
  200.         tahu    2. V4
  201. 06:39   tahu    3. Adobe Audition. I also know custom Java chart software components (MonarchCharts) from Singleton Labs, where there is a spectral chart.
  202.         tahu    detemps
  203.         detemps Very good
  204.         detemps It's actually a V2 though
  205.         detemps **********************************************************
  206.         detemps Section Five: Torrenting - This part is focused on your knowledge of the Bit Torrent protocol:
  207.         detemps **********************************************************
  208.         detemps --- Answer each question on a separate line---
  209.         detemps 1. Which torrent client do you use? Which port does it run on?
  210.         detemps 2. What is a seeder? What is a leecher?
  211.         detemps 3. What is DHT, and is it good to use on private trackers?
  212.         detemps 4. Have you created a torrent before?
  213.         detemps 5. What is a ratio? Why is the concept of ratio important on private trackers?
  214.         detemps 6. If you've downloaded 4GB and uploaded 800MB, what's your ratio? Would you consider this ratio good or bad? Please explain.
  215.         detemps 7. Is it a good idea to delete a .torrent file from the client once the download completes? Why / why not?
  216.         detemps 8. What is port forwarding and why is it important?
  217.         detemps 9. Type my name (detemps) when you are finished answering.
  218.         detemps **********************************************************
  219. 06:40   tahu    1. rtorrent, port 6881
  220. 06:43   tahu    2. a seeder is a peer that has finished downloading the torrent and lets other peers to leech. a leecher is a peer who is currently downloading a torrent and when it finishes he/she is not going to seed by removing torrent from his client, or by significantly reducing the upload speed limit
  221. 06:45   tahu    3. DHT - distributed hash table. It can enable peer-to-peer networking without a central tracking server. It is not good (and thus prohibited) on private trackers because it can enable peers - that do not belong to the original private tracker - to download the torrent
  222. 06:46   tahu    4. I have created a torrent just to try for myself, but I have not shared it with anyone.
  223. 06:49   tahu    5. A ratio is a number that is equal to downloaded traffic divided by uploaded traffic. This private tracker user statistic is important because it represents the quality of community, the higher the user ratio, the faster others can download. Also it indicates that users are more willing to seed and keep the files available longer.
  224. 06:50   tahu    correction: uploaded traffic divided by downloaded.
  225. 06:51   tahu    6. Ratio is 0.2. I would consider it a very poor ratio, because it indicates that user is not friendly and he could be called "leecher" because he tends not to seed the downloaded torrents.
  226. 06:53   tahu    7. No it is not, because user loses a way to check whether he has already downloaded that torrent.
  227. 06:55   tahu    8. Port forwarding is used to enable proper uploading for users behind NAT firewalls. It is important to setup on the router the torrent protocol port forwarding to your computer so that other peers can connect to you. Without it the only upload could happen to the peers that user's client has initiated connections to.
  228.         tahu    detemps
  229. 06:56   detemps **********************************************************
  230.         detemps Section Six: Torrenting, Part II - Mark the following statements as either True or false on *separate* lines.
  231.         detemps **********************************************************
  232.         detemps --- Answer each question on a separate line---
  233.         detemps 1. It would be a good idea to download a 30 GB torrent to boost your ratio if it is 2 months old and has 8 seeds and 32 leeches.
  234.         detemps 2. You can post content that you have downloaded from What.CD to other places.
  235.         detemps 3. You can add two trackers to the same torrent to seed on two sites at once.
  236.         detemps 4. You can share your What.CD username and password with your friend so they can download music too.
  237.         detemps 5. You can donate money to What.CD, but you won't get any upload credit for doing so.
  238.         detemps 6. You may upload an album that's less than 192kbps CBR as long as it's the only version available.
  239.         detemps 7. You are not allowed to share your What.CD .torrent files anywhere else.
  240.         detemps 8. Once you've downloaded a music torrent, it's a good idea to add the songs to iTunes or Windows Media Player.
  241.         detemps 9. It's harder to seed at What.CD than it is on a public tracker.
  242.         detemps 10. Answer each question on a separate line and type my name (detemps) when you are finished answering.
  243.         detemps **********************************************************************
  244.         tahu    1. Yes.
  245.         tahu    2. No.
  246. 06:57   tahu    3. No.
  247.         tahu    4. No.
  248.         tahu    5. Yes.
  249.         tahu    6. Yes.
  250. 06:58   tahu    7. Yes.
  251.         tahu    8. No.
  252.         tahu    9. Yes.
  253.         tahu    detemps
  254. 06:59   detemps #1 is false - these "leechers" are really most likely partial seeders. On private trackers people are much more careful with what and how much they download. If there's a large torrent on the site that has a lot of leechers showing on the torrent page, it's more than likely that these leechers are actually partial seeders who have opted not to download the whole torrent for one reason or another. They
  255.         detemps  have completed what they wanted to download and are not actively downloading anything. It is not a good idea to do this.
  256.         detemps #2 is true - you are allowed to share files that you download from What.CD with your friends, or even post them on other sites, but you are not allowed to share the .torrents anywhere else.
  257.         detemps #6 is false - What.CD has very strict quality standards. Even if you have something that is extremely rare, if it's worse than MP3 192 kbps, it has no place on What.CD.
  258.         detemps Please type my name when you have read and understood those
  259. 07:01   tahu    detemps
  260.         detemps **********************************************************
  261.         detemps Section Seven: General Information - This section will focus on you, your setup and your music collection **********************************************************
  262.         detemps --- Answer each question on a separate line---
  263.         detemps 1. Which operating system(s) do you use?
  264.         detemps 2. Do you rip CDs? If so, what program do you use?
  265.         detemps 3. What is a .log file? Are you allowed to edit it before you upload it?
  266.         detemps 4. What is a .cue and how can it be used?
  267.         detemps 5. What is your favorite genre and favorite artist?
  268.         detemps 6. Do you have a music collection on either physical media or as digital content? If digital, which formats/bitrates do you have?
  269.         detemps 7. Do you have CDs that you plan on ripping and uploading?
  270.         detemps 8. How old are you? Are you male or female? (Optional but appreciated if you provide an answer)
  271.         detemps 9. How often do you think you'll log in to the site if you are accepted?
  272.         detemps 10. What's the first thing you want to do on the site if you pass the interview?
  273.         detemps 11. Answer each question on a separate line and type my name (detemps) when you are finished answering.
  274.         detemps **********************************************************
  275. 07:03   tahu    1. Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze on server and desktop. Android on smartphone, Nokia S40 on phone. Have several virtual machines and sister's computer with Windows.
  276.         tahu    2. No.
  277.         tahu    3. Log file contains the verbose output from a ripping software. One must not edit it.
  278. 07:06   tahu    4. .cue sheet is a text file that contains metadata (artist, album, track, etc. names) of an audio file. It can be parsed by audio players so that the image shows up as a collection of tracks, instead of a single long track. It also can be used to split the image and it could also used to burn the image to CD.
  279. 07:09   tahu    5. My favorite genre probably is house. I have no favorite artists, but I like deadmau5, groove armada, and others I forgot. But I very gladly listen also to other types of techno music. I also like metal, jazz, classical
  280. 07:11   tahu    6. I have a music collection in digital content. Mostly .flac, but also .ape, .wv, .wav formats (I think I do not have to transcode to one lossless format). Have a lot of mp3 of various bitrates tracks, but I stopped collecting them.
  281. 07:13   tahu    7. Yes, I have my grandma's german folkmusic cds  Also my friend has some 20 lithuanian CDs we plan to rip.
  282.         tahu    8. 23, male
  283. 07:14   tahu    9. Daily/several times per week.
  284. 07:15   tahu    10. I will try to find all the lossless records of Late Night Tales series.
  285.         tahu    detemps
  286.         detemps Hmm there's a lot of those
  287. 07:16   detemps Please give me your mail address again
  288.         tahu
  289.         tahu    nice
  290.         detemps  **********************************************************
  291.         detemps YOU PASSED!
  292.         detemps **********************************************************
  293.         detemps
  294.         detemps Congratulations, you've passed the interview! Please type your email address again for verification and I will send you an invite.
  295.         detemps Stay in this channel until you have received the invite, registered, and then successfully logged into the site.
  296.         detemps Once you log in, let me know and then leave this channel.
  297.         detemps I know you are excited to have joined the site but please hold off on downloading a lot of files right away. The best thing you can do for your new account is the read the Rules and the Wiki. Most of the questions that trouble new users have already been answered there.
  298.         detemps If you find yourself in need of help, you should search the forums (especially the tutorials section). I'm also happy to assist you in any way that I can. You can contact me on the site through PMs or you could ask your questions on IRC ( Please keep in mind that searching the forums and the wiki before asking anything will save both your time and other people's time.
  299.         detemps You might want to hold off on uploading new content if you haven't done it before. Examine the uploads on the site in order to get a feeling for content uploading. I will be more than happy in assisting you with uploads as well.
  300.         detemps Please try to seed everything as long as you can - this will both keep your required ratio low and keep the content alive for everyone!
  301. 07:16   detemps
  302.         detemps One important thing before I release you to enjoy the awesomeness that is What.CD: Do NOT post any part of this interview anywhere. You may not discuss this with potential interviewees, and if you are discovered violating this rule you will be permanently banned.
  303.         detemps
  304.         detemps Happy Whatting!
  305.         detemps
  306.         detemps Do you have any questions?
  307.         detemps Please let me know when you have signed up and logged in, your invite has been sent
  308. 07:19   detemps I see you have signed up and logged in
  309. 07:20   tahu    I have successfully logged in! You guys are great!
  310.         tahu    I have no questions.
  311.         detemps If you have any questions you can always shoot me a PM on site
  312.         tahu    ok, will do
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