Wind Waker 100% w/ Dry storage & tuner

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  1. 100% Includes: All Hearts, -All Items, All Songs, All Equipment Upgrades, Hurricane Spin, Double Magic Meter, Treasure Charts and Completion of the Game
  3. HP charts:
  4. #2 Maggies father SN x20
  5. #4 Rock spiral beedle shop'
  6. #5 Wind temple chart (not in room with small key)
  7. #11 DRC, grapple hook over gap chest
  8. #15 Forbidden forest, throw down bomb from above
  9. #20 Earth Temple, kill all floormaster @ fog room
  10. #23 Win battleship minigame in Windfall
  11. #30 ToG scale room, behind bomb wall
  12. #31 Show picture of full moon to Kamo (guy on steps) in Windfall
  13. #33 Show picture of girl by potion shop in Windfall to herself
  14. #38 Win high priced chart @ auction
  16.     Start Game
  17.     Sidehop off Tower
  18.     Grandma's House
  19.     100 Rupees under Grandma's House
  20.     Savewarp
  21.     Aryll for Telescope
  22.     Zoom in on Postman
  23.     Sidehop off Tower
  24.     Orca's House
  25.     Sword Training
  26.         Phases 1-3: Bx3 then hold Down during 3rd slash
  27.         Phases 4-5: As normal (try quickparry (2 frame window just as the A flashes)
  28.     Exit Orca's House and get those 15 rupees on the stone
  29.     Enter FoF (Get 20 rupees by quickspinning log)
  30.     Save Tetra
  31.         Tap up to align & horizontal slashes (usually gets both moblins)
  32.     Shield from Grandma
  34.     Talk to Tetra
  36.     Down to Nico Rope Game
  37.         Free Cam in mid-air to align for next rope
  38.     Get Spoils Bag
  39.     Savewarp
  41.     Up ladder to Tetra
  43.     Cutscene -> Gossip stone text
  44.     Grab the two red rupees
  45.     Up stairs
  46.     Enter hallway past search lights and take door to the right
  47.     Drop down and step on Switch
  48.     Heart Piece #1
  49.     Get caught by Moblin (Savewarp optional)
  50.     Exit cell and through left door
  51.     Climb Ladder
  52.     Kill Bokoblin
  53.         Quickspin him off ledge with deku stick
  54.     Go through rest of FF
  55.         Outside moblin use barrel & alert moblin, wait for him to turn & continue
  56.     Sword
  57.         Bokoblin: 5 forward thrusts & quickspin
  58.     Cutscene
  59.     Windfall
  60.     Enter jail and get tingle tuner, pictobox
  61.     Exit through the mouse trap
  62.     Buy Sail (-80 Rupees)
  63.         Pause, Equip Sail, Pictobox
  64.     Get a picture of the guy sending his letter and anton together with the gir
  65.     Enter the bar and take a picture of guy when he's scared (throw a pot near him)
  66.     Exit bar
  67.     Enter Battleship minigame house and get 30 rupees behind the boat.. time to play the game
  68.     Play Squid Minigame (Heart Piece #2, Treasure Chart x2 #7 (200), #23 (HP))
  69.         To get the second chart you have to get under 20 and beat the record
  70.         For the Heart Piece and the first treasure chart just win normally, first win is always Heart Piece
  71.     Sail to DRI
  72.     Talk to Salvage corp by Pawprint island
  73.     Treasure chart #34 (200)
  74.     Wind Waker
  75.         Pause, Equip WW
  76.     Learn Wind's Requiem
  77.     Set wind South
  78.     Rock Skip and blow up rock
  79.     Enter DRI
  80.     Delivery Bag
  81.     Talk to Medli for Komali Letter
  82.         Pause, Equip Letter
  83.     Play Letter sorting game 3x (Aim for 25+ each time)
  84.     Exit through left door & re-enter
  85.     Play Letter sorting game again
  86.     Mama's Letter
  87.     Drop down to Komali's Room
  88.     Show him Letter
  89.     Exit room & go outside Left exit
  90.     Drop down, talk to Medli
  91.     Toss her to ledge (preferrably into a couple times IMO)
  92.     Bottle
  93.         Equip bottle
  94.     Bottle Water
  95.     Water Bomb Flower
  96.     Blow up rock
  97.     Enter DRC
  98.         Either Jumpslash or Bomb Boost across lava after 1st platform
  100. Dragon Roost Cavern
  102.     Call Tingle
  103.     Take damage from bokoblins to ~1 heart
  104.     Quickspin bokoblin for Deku Stick
  105.     Light Torches
  106.     Small Key
  107.     Use Key
  108.     Continue through main room and grab next upcoming small key
  109.     Back to main room
  110.     Zombie hover up to second floor
  111.     Light torch for treasure
  112.     Treasure chart #39 (200)
  113. ----Break rock for pot by boss door
  114.         Break Moblin Sphere for Skull necklace [SN:1]
  115.         Pause, Equip GH; Savewarp if BK skipping
  116. ----After grapple Equip grapple and savewarp, grab two Joy Pendants from the bokoblins (JP:2)
  117.     Exit door & go Left through small key door
  118.     Immediate right & grapple across lava
  119.     Break barrier, get Treasure Chart
  120.     Exit door & go back to 1st Room
  121.     Grapple Joy Pendants (JP:4)
  122.     Warp pot
  123.     Chest storage on KC chest (KC: 1)
  124.     Grab Joy pendant from right side pot (JP: 5)
  125.     Boss Key skip
  126.     Ghoma
  127.         Sidehop when entering room to save frames
  128.     Heart Container #1 [4 HEARTS]
  129.     Cutscene
  130.     Get storage and superswim to Bird's Peak Rock
  131.     Grapple glitch into island
  132.     Get treasure chart and then savewarp
  133.     Superswim to submarine SWish of bomb island
  134.         Grapple JP off bokoblin outside [JP:6]
  135.         Enter Submarine, Grapple JP off Bokoblins [JP:9]
  136.         Kill Bokoblins
  137.         Bottle #2
  138.     Savewarp
  139.     Sail to FH
  140.     Mail Letter (-10 Rupees)
  141.         Pause, Equip Wind Waker and Bottle
  142.     Enter Beedle's Ship
  143.         Buy Bait Bag, 1 Bait, 2 Hyoi Pears
  144.     Exit Beedle's Ship
  145.     Wind Waker dive into FH from beedle's ship
  146.     Kill Chuchus
  147.     Cutscene
  148.     Bottle Forest Firefly
  149.     Get Deku Leaf
  150.         Pause, Equip Leaf over Grapple
  151.     Get to the top, leaf over to the other side and walk outside
  152.     Leaf over to the small island and open the chest for Treasure chart #3 (200)
  153.     Change wind to NW
  154.     If your magic isn't full get some from the grass
  155.     Pause, equip grapple hook over WW [Sail, Grapple, Leaf]; Savewarp
  156.     Sail to Whirlwind and fly to FW ledge, try not to leaf attack the enemy so you can Grapple it
  157.     Grab GF x2 [GF:2]
  158.     Enter FW and Exit
  159.     Grapple 2 GF's [GF:4]
  160.     Enter & Re-exit
  161.     Grapple 2 more [GF:6]
  162.     Enter FW for good
  164. Forbidden Woods
  166.     First two rooms like normal
  167.     Grapple peathats for feathers [GF:8]
  168.     Get storage
  169.     Kill the boku baba and grab its stick
  170.     Throw stick at flower on door twice to break it
  171.     Fall of ledge and open chest in middle of big tree (chest storage)
  172.     Sidehop and leaf to the left part of the tree and walk up on it
  173.     Enter door
  174.     L-target and walk backwards, leaf nut out of vines
  175.     Enter door
  176.     Grapple over to the next platform from lower level
  177.     Walk up againts the tree on the wall and then sidehop and leaf over to big hanging flower in middle
  178.     Leaf open the warp pot
  179.     Leaf to above the door which needs a small key and then walk up on the right side
  180.     Enter door
  181.     Open chest for JP and to end chest storage [JP:10]  
  182.     Jump down to lower level and grapple 2x GF [GF:10]
  183.     Enter door
  184.     Make your way up and get 4x GF (kill peahats as you grappled them to make it easier) [GF: 14]
  185.     Enter door
  186.     Mothula
  187.         Wait close to the door and then leaf it, go on the other side of it and forward thrust it and then quickspin
  188.         Break orb & get Feather + goodies [GF:15]
  189.     Boomerang
  190.         Pause, Equip Boomerang [Leaf, Boomerang, Grapple], Savewarp
  191.     Warp pot
  192.     Cut down vines
  193.     Enter basement door
  194.     Grapple GF [GF:16]
  195.     Leaf over water
  196.     Enter Door
  197.     Cut down flower
  198.     Use bomb flower on Barrier
  199.     Enter door
  200.     Grapple 3 GFs and kill peathats to make it easier [GF:19]
  201.     Break flower on Chest by throwing the boomerang againts the door and then go behind the big tree (try to stand in the middle part (behind it) to make sure you hit it
  202.     Enter hole
  203.     Treasure Chart #15 (HP)
  204.     Savewarp
  205.     Enter first room
  206.     Use baba buds to get to highest level
  207.     Hit eye on chest
  208.     Enter the door you came from
  209.     Warp pot
  210.     Take door to your left
  211.     Get dry storage on ledge and then open chest for chest storage
  212.     Make your way up by jumpslashing up on the chest and then to the ledge, continue with a jump to your right and a jumpslash at the end of it to make it
  213.     Enter door you came from
  214.     Lower floor with door w/ 2x flowers on it
  215.     Break flowers on door
  216.     Enter door
  217.     4 Rolls and Quickspin Mothulas
  218.     Enter Door
  219.     Get magic and bottle Fairy
  220.     Enter Boss Door
  221.     Kalle Demos
  222.         Single Cycle with 4 Quickspins
  223.     Heart Container #2 [5 HEARTS]
  225.     Cutscene
  226.         Pause, Equip Sail, WW, Grapple; Savewarp
  228.     Get storage on beedle's ship and superswim to East triangle
  229.     Place Farore's Pearl
  230.     Get storage and superswim to Windfall
  231.     Enter pictobox mans house and get give him the photographs (mailbox, bar then couple)
  232.     Give him the forest Firefly to recieve deluxe pictobox
  233.     Exit house and take photo of full moon
  234.     Superswim to Norther Triangle isle and set pearl
  235.     Sail to GFI
  236.     Cutscene
  237.     Get double storage and superswim to windfall
  238.     Get storage, talk to boat and do door storage
  239.     Password skip
  240.     Bombs
  241.         Pause, Equip Bombs over leaf; savewarp
  242.     Get double storage and superswim to outset
  243.     Equip fairy over wW
  244.     Enter Grandma's House
  245.     Give her fairy
  246.     Grandma's super warm and ultra delicious soup (GRANDMA'S SOUP STRAT: Equip soup, press soup button + start immediately after, equip item over soup.)
  247.         Pause, Equip WW over bottle, savewarp
  248.     Aboard KoRL
  249.     Sail behind island and around the whirlpool so you can faster bomb the slab
  250.     Bomb down slab
  251.         Start from top-down or you'll waste all your bombs you fuckin scrub
  252.     Cutscene
  253.     Sail back to north side on outset and get storage
  254.     Superswim to Southern Triangle Isle
  255.     Set Nayru's Pearl
  256.     Cutscene
  257.     Enter ToG
  259. Tower of Gods
  261.     Pause, Equip Leaf; Keep WW
  262.     ToG Break (skip waterfall)
  263.     Enter Door
  264.     Armos on Buttons ( middle & right)
  265.     Roll right before pressing left button to roll onto elevator platform
  266.     Enter door
  267.     Go right
  268.     Enter door & through to Statue Room
  269.     Call statue & navigate under rainbow platform
  270.     Through door & into main room
  271.     Learn Command Melody
  272.     Left Door [Left pot next to door has tall magic]
  273.     Leaf across to other side of room
  274.     Enter door
  275.     Leaf to statue
  276.     Call statue
  277.     Cosmohop
  278.     Carry statue through door
  279.     Place statue on switch
  280.     Leaf to side door
  281.     Soup
  282.     Enter door
  283.     Fight Darknut
  284.         Quickspin twice, forward thrust x3 then quickspin
  285.     Break orb for Knight's Crest [KC:2]
  286.     Hero's Bow
  287.         Pause, Equip Bow and Bombs, keep Leaf
  288.     Exit door
  289.     Shoot eye on Wall
  290.     Leaf to statue
  291.     Carry across platforms
  292.     Back into Main room
  293.     Left through next door
  294.     Bomb left wall
  295.     Enter hidden Door
  296.     WW over bombs/
  297.     Treasure Chart #30 (HP)
  298.     Exit door
  299.     Swim across water
  300.     Enter door
  301.     Leaf to left elevator platform
  302.     Small Key
  303.     Sidehop into void
  304.     Exit door
  305.     Climb ladder
  306.     Toss 1 armos onto scale
  307.     Leaf onto far edge of the other scale and roll to jump and grab edge
  308.         Part 1 of this video
  309.     Enter door
  310.     Leaf onto Left pillar of Laser Beams
  311.     Leaf and grab onto back left pillar
  312.     Call Statue
  313.     Leaf past laser beams
  314.     Pick up statue & exit door
  315.     Toss statue on scale
  316.     Toss 3 armos on the opposite scale
  317.     Pick up statue & exit door
  318.     Enter beam of light
  319.     Leaf over and grab edge of pillar with laser beams
  320.     Boss Key
  321.         Pause, Equip Grapple and Bombs; Keep Bow
  322.     Kill Armos
  323.     Enter Door
  324.     Grapple GFs from Kargarocs [GF:20 ALL GOLD FEATHERS]
  325.     Jumpslash over Beamos beams
  326.     Enter Boss Door
  327.     Gohdan
  328.         Switch target between hands until dead, shoot each eye until shut, bomb mouth, repeat
  329.     Heart Container #3 [6 HEARTS]
  331.     Grapple from bottom of ladder
  333.     Cutscene
  334.     Enter Hyrule Castle
  335.     Get storage and store KoRL text
  336.     Triangle Block Puzzle
  337.     Enter Basement
  338.     Master Sword
  339.     Extreme battles inside the castle [KC:8, SN:13]
  340.     Restock on Arrows [corner pots on top floor have them]
  341.     Exit Hyrule
  342.         Pause, Equip Sail over Grapple
  343.     Enter ToG once again, shoot the wall to the left and swim there
  344.     Go to the door which is higher up
  345.     Enter door
  346.     Shoot eye with your bow and then open the chest that appears
  347.     Treasure chest #6 (200)
  348.     Equip WW over bombs; Savewarp
  349.     Exit ToG
  350.     Sail NW toward North Triangle Island quadrant
  351.     Fight Cyclos
  352.     Learn Ballad of Gales
  353.     Warp to Windfall
  354.     Get storage on Windfall and superswim to Northern fairy island
  355.     Get Rupee Upgrade [1000 rupees]
  356.     Equip Leaf over Bow
  357.     Sail NW toward the submarine and grapple JP x3 [JP: 14]
  358.     Enter submarine
  359.     Sidehop to the right once and leaf to third rope
  360.     Swing, jump and leaf to platform
  361.     Treasure chart #22 (200)
  362.     Get SN from moblins [SN: 17]
  363.     Savewarp as moblins loves to troll
  364.     Sail W to Forsaken Fortress
  365.     Get up on rock outside of FF
  366.     WW Dive into FF -
  368. Forsaken Fortress 2
  370.     Fight Phantom Ganon
  371.     Skull Hammer
  372.         Pause, Equip Skull hammer; Keep Leaf
  373.     Set wind S
  374.     Hammer switches
  375.     Climb up stairs
  376.     Get up on wall
  377.     Fly towards ladder and land on it
  378.     Enter door to the left
  379.     Grapple 2x SN here and then continue through the big door [SN:19]
  380.     Scale the outside
  381.     Hammer switches
  382.     Leaf across both gaps
  383.     Hammer time
  384.     Enter door -Cutscene
  385.     Ascend the tower
  386.     Hammer to the face
  387.         Hammer 4x, Single Cycle 2nd phase w/ quickspins
  388.         Alternate strat is get storage, jump down into tower during cutscene and fight him there
  389.         This strat is more dangerous because helmaroc might get stuck
  390.     Heart Container #4 [7 HEARTS]
  391.     Up slope
  392.     Enter big door
  394.     Cutscene
  396.     Enter Hyrule Castle
  397.     Down to Basement
  398.     Cutscene
  399.     Exit hyrule
  400.     Play BoG [warp] to Mother & Child Isles
  401.     Cutscene
  402.     Fire/Ice Arrows
  403.     Warp to DRI
  404.         Pause, Equip Grapple (if you still need GFs), Sail, Bow
  405.     Sail S to Fire Mountain
  406.     Shoot Ice Arrow into lava geiser
  407.     Climb Mountain
  408.     Grapple GF from Kargaroc now if you missed any earlier [GF: 20]
  409.     Enter Hole
  410.     Kill Magtails
  411.     Power Bracelets
  412.         Pause, Equip WW, Boomerang; Keep Sail, Savewarp
  413.     Enter KoRL
  414.     Warp to SFI
  415.     Sail S to Two-eye reef and kill octo
  416.     Double magic
  417.     Sail W to Headstone Island
  418.     Equip Hyoi Pear over Boomerang
  419.     Use Hyoi pear
  420.     Fly Gull into Heart Piece #4 [8 HEARTS (?)]
  421.     Lift Rock
  422.     Enter Headstone
  423.     Learn Earth God's Lyric
  424.     Exit Headstone
  425.     Warp to DRI
  426.         Pause, Equip Bow, Gold Feathers Keep Sail
  427.     Shoot down 200 Rupee Chest
  428.     Rock Skip (or just pull the block out)
  429.     Enter DRI
  430.     Give Hoskit Gold Feathers
  431.         Pause, Equip Grapple hook, WW, Keep Sail
  432.     Exit through door next to Letter Desk
  433.     Grapple across gap
  434.     Climb Ladder (or jumpslash to fence and jump for edge, risky though)
  435.     Talk to Medli
  436.     Play Earth God's Lyric
  437.     Cutscene
  438.     Warp to FH
  439.     Sail W to Ice Ring Isle
  440.         Pause, Equip Bow over Grapple
  441.     Shoot Ice Ring with Fire Arrow
  442.     Get onto Ice Ring
  443.     Fire Arrow on Chest
  444.     Open Chest
  445.         Treasure chart #36 (200)
  446.     Jumpslash to get on chest
  447.     Jump onto ice
  448.     Jump across platforms
  449.     Enter Hole
  450.     Roll across where wind is blowing
  451.     Iron Boots
  452.         Pause, Equip Grapple over Bow, Savewarp
  453.     Sail S to Angular Island
  454.         Open up map and open Treasure Charts and also get JP x3 on the way there [JP: 17]
  455.     (Open #11, 15, 30)
  456.     Fish out Heart Piece #5
  457.     Do Island block puzzle for Heart Piece #6
  458.     Enter KoRL
  459.     Warp to SFI
  460.     Enter SFI and get bomb upgrade [60 bombs]
  461.     Sail SW to Headstone Island
  462.     Stop by at the submarine NW of Headstone Island
  463.         Use boomerang to kill rats
  464.     Treasure chart #14 (200)
  465.     Enter Headstone
  466.     Play EGL
  467.     Enter Earth Temple
  468.         Pause, Equip Skull Hammer
  470. Earth Temple
  472.     Pick up medli
  473.     Enter door
  474.     Climb up left stairs
  475.     Fly across gap
  476.     Step on switch
  477.     Toss medli towards other switch
  478.     Play CM while she's in midair
  479.     Guide her to Switch
  480.     Drop down to door
  481.     Cancel
  482.     Jump Down
  483.     Take damage to ~1 heart and Grapple moblin for SN [SN:20 ALL SKULL NECKLACES]
  484.     Pick up Medli
  485.     Enter door
  486.     Set medli down in light
  487.     Circle around room to spawn chuchus, kill the red and green ones
  488.     Circle around Medli to freeze Black Chuchus
  489.     Kill Chuchus
  490.     Get storage and then open chest for chest storage
  491.     Pick up Medli
  492.     Enter door
  493.     Use medli to fly up the right foot of the statue in front of you
  494.     Leave Medli
  495.     Climb it by using some parkour skills and then leaf over to ledge
  496.     Call tingle and switch to blue ting
  497.     Use bombs to damage yourself down to 1/4 heart
  498.     Enter door
  499.     Perform the early mirror shield glitch and get to miniboss room
  500.     Stalfos Fight Skip (
  501.     Mirror Shield
  502.         Savewarp
  503.     Back to chu room
  504.     Get chest storage again and enter next room
  505.     Use the same trick again with medli on the right leg but now don't leave her
  506.     Put medli down behind the wall and then clip down yourself
  507.     Pick up Medli and continue through door
  508.     Play song
  509.     Pick Medli up and go through door
  510.     Press b to drop and then call medli, run to the light in the middle of the room and shine it on left and right statue
  511.     Enter right room with Medli
  512.     Put Medli by the ledge right infront of mist and hands
  513.     Open small key chest (ends chest storage)
  514.     Soup and kill all floormasters (thrust and then one quickspin)
  515.     Get storage by putting Medli on the ledge so Link falls of when he pulls the wind waker7
  516.     Get chest storage and navigate through dark world to door
  517.     Enter door and then go back to get medli, then back again
  518.     Through room to next door
  519.     Fly with Medli over the mist and then leave her
  520.     Clip through the ledge by the statue and fly over the grate
  521.     Continue straight forward and jump to the pillar and clip on its right side
  522.     Sidehop and leaf to get behind door behind stone
  523.     Carefully turn around and open door
  524.     Climb up song stone and leaf to coffin, clip and leaf to door
  525.     Carefully open door again
  526.     Open warp pot and leaf over to boss door
  527.     Roll up the side thingys and leaf into loading zone (backflip leaf for JP version)
  528.     Jalhalla (Make sure you have soup power)
  529.     Heart Container #5 [9 HEARTS]
  531.     Cutscene
  532.     Enter Earth Temple again and go back to chu room
  533.     Bomb open warp pot and go into it
  534.         Equip Boomerang, Bombs and Leaf
  535.     Enter door on lower level
  536.     Clip on the ledge to your left side when you enter room and leaf over to door
  537.     Shine light on coffins and kill Stalfos's
  538.     Treasure Chart #12 (200)
  539.         Savewarp
  540.     Exit Earth Temple
  542.     Set Wind NW
  543.     Warp to Windfall
  544.     Sail N to Gale Island
  545.         Pause, Equip Hammer over WW
  546.     Use Iron Boots & Sidehop through the gust of wind
  547.     Break statue with Hammer
  548.         Pause, Equip WW over Hammer, Grapple over Boots
  549.     Enter Gale Island
  550.     Learn Wind God's Aria
  551.     Cutscene
  552.     Exit Island
  553.     Aboard KoRL
  554.     Warp to FH
  555.     Grapple into Waterfall
  556.     Talk to Makar
  557.     Play WGA
  558.     Cutscene
  559.     Warp to Windfall
  560.     Sail N to Gale Island
  561.     Enter Island
  562.     Play WGA
  564. Enter Wind Temple
  565.         Pause, Equip Leaf, Iron Boots; Keep WW
  567.     Pick up Makar
  568.     Enter door
  569.     Toss Makar in front of spring and climb the spring
  570.     CM Makar and step on switch
  571.     Cancel
  572.     Leaf over from spring
  573.     Pick up Makar
  574.     Enter door
  575.     Leaf spinner, pick up Makar and run to the door
  576.     Throw Makar close to the door and CM
  577.     Plant Trees
  578.     Cancel
  579.     Pick up Makar
  580.     Enter door
  581.     Toss Makar towards ledge and CM
  582.     Plant very top tree
  583.     Enter door to the right
  584.     Equip Bow, Bombs and Iron Boots
  585.     Sidehop three times to the left and aim with your bow for the pot on the upper right ledge and shoot it with a fire arrow (just hit the pot with the fire arrow to succed)
  586.     Walk back to first room and bomb open the pot
  587.     Jump into it and Warp
  588.     Press Switch
  589.         Equip Leaf over Iron Boots; Keep bombs & bow
  590.     Jump down to the platform which is highest up to your right (the one below it also work)
  591.         Shoot or leaf enemies if they are close
  592.     Ledge clip, drop down and leaf to hookshot room
  593.         Equip Skullhammer over Leaf
  594.     Get damaged by Darknut till low health (about 2 hearts, hold b to make the darknut spin attack for more damage)
  595.         Freeze wizzrobes, shatter with hammer
  596.     Hookshot
  597.         Equip Hookshot over Bow
  598.     Hook up to switch
  599.     Mash Hammer button to hit switch immediately
  600.     Exit Room
  601.         Equip Iron Boots and Leaf; Keep Bombs
  602.     Enter door across the room
  603.     Break open all of the floors
  604.         Equip Iron boots and immediately after equip something else over Iron boots, sidehop of so you dont fall down (or use leaf to fly away
  605.         Bomb boost up later when the treasure chest appeared
  606.         If you fall down on last one get grabbed by floormaster and just go down to room again then bomb boost up
  607.     Small Key
  608.     Treasure Chart #35 (200)
  609.     Exit room
  610.     Hookshot up to the same platform you ledgeclipped from earlier (or the one below)
  611.     Ledge clip and drop down
  612.     Backflip, leaf to the basement level
  613.         Pause, equip Boomerang, Bow & Hammer
  614.     Use small key  
  615.         Pause, equip Boomerang, Bow & Hammer
  616.     Freeze Wizzrobe & hammer, bomb, stun with boomerang and hammer Stalfos
  617.         Equip Iron Boots, Hookshot and Grapple
  618.     Kill both of the bokoblins in room hiding, Grapple JP x2 [JP: 19]
  619.         One of the bokoblins is at the highest platform behind the stoneslab on the wall (press the swtich when you're there) and the other is on the lower platform to the right when you're at the top one (right when looking at wall)
  620.     Treasure Chart #5 (HP)
  621.     Enter door
  622.     Grapple 4x JP [JP: 23]
  623.     Equip Leaf over Grapple
  624.     Skip Tree
  625.         Fly through the wind tunnels and at the right moment drop to grab the ledge
  626.     Enter door
  627.     Equip boots
  628.     Go to right side
  629.     Sidehop through the wind tunnels
  630.         Damage yourself here to a half heart for BK skip
  631.     Unequip boots once inside room
  632.     Sidle on the wall to the right side of slab
  633.     Sidle into slab
  634.     Roll behind slab into room
  635.         Equip Bombs over Iron Boots, Tingle Tuner over Hookshot and bomb the pot (also take a hit from the bomb)
  636.     Position yourself and open Tingle Tuner
  637.     Make sure the red potion is marked on the GBA
  638.     Bomb yourself and start the Zombie Hover
  639.         Heal with tuner
  640.     Ledge clip and enter Boss Room
  641.         Equip Hookshot
  642.     Enter Boss Door
  643.     Molgera
  644.         During 2nd phase when he flies around, hookshot mouth while coming back down into the sand
  645.     Heart Container #6 [10 HEARTS] [ALL BOSS HEART CONTAINERS]
  647.     Cutscene
  649.     Warp to SFI
  650.         Pause, Equip Bow & bombs
  651.     Sail NW towards Stonewatcher
  652.     Climb Ladder
  653.     Bomb turrets from top
  654.     Heart Piece #7
  655.     Sail to Stonewatcher
  656.     Lift Head
  657.     Enter Hole
  658.         Kill Bokoblins
  659.         Arrows + Quickspin Armoses
  660.         Fire Arrow Wizzrobes
  661.         Kill Moblins
  662.         Kill Darknuts (Grab last KC [KC:10] ALL KNIGHT CRESTS
  663.     Enter North Room
  664.         Pause, Equip WW, Sail, Bombs
  665.     Triforce Chart
  666.     Aboard KoRL
  667.     Go N to cyclops reef
  668.     Kill all enemies (turrets, boats)
  669.     Leaf over to other end of reef (might have to leaf pump)
  670.     Leaf over to chest (jump left of the highest edge and it wont be that hard)
  671.     Set Wind NW again if changed
  673.     Warp to Outset
  674.     Sail to Island
  675.         Equip Leaf, bait and Knight crests
  676.     Go to Orca's House
  677.     Play Orca Sword Minigame
  678.         500 hits
  679.         L-Target and do normal tap slashes, shield when he threatens [DO NOT PARRY, it is slow and bad]
  680.     Heart Piece #8 [11 Heart Containers]
  681.     Give Orca Knights Crests
  682.     Hurricane Spin
  683.     Exit House
  684.     Pick up Black pig
  685.     Take to other side of island
  686.     Place bait on Dirt patch closest to mountain wall
  687.     Heart Piece #9
  688.     Roll up to broken bridge before FoF
  689.     Climb the left bridge thingy and leaf over (the wind is NW so be sure to jump abit to the left aswell)
  690.     Enter FoF
  691.     Lift up rock
  692.     Get Rupee Upgrade [5000 rupees]
  693.         Pause, Equip Hookshot and Savewarp
  694.     Hookshot tree up to Labyrinth ledge
  695.         Pause, Equip Boomerang, Grapple Hook, Hero's Bow
  696.     Lift Stone
  698.     Drop into hole
  700.     Savage Labyrinth
  701.     (Skip floors that have torches except the ones with Bokoblins (as you grapple JP and might aswell kill them))
  703.         REMEMBER TO GRAPPLE!!!!!!!
  705.         Drop into hole
  706.         Boomerang Keese
  707.         Kill Miniblins
  708.         Grapple 4 JP from Bokoblins [JP:27], Kill Bokoblins
  709.         Kill Chuchus
  710.         Kill Magtails
  711.         Rang Keese, Kill Miniblins
  712.         Rang Fire Keese, Kill Magtails
  713.         Grapple 4 JP, Kill Bokoblins, Rang Fire Keese [JP:31]
  714.         Kill Moblins
  715.         Rupees + Descend
  716.         Arrow peahats
  717.         Rang + kill Green Chus
  718.         Rang Boko Babas
  719.         Grapple 4 JP, kill bokoblins [JP:35]
  720.         Kill Mothulas
  721.         Rang Babas, Arrow Peahats
  722.         Grapple 4 JP, Rang + kill chuchus and bokoblins [JP:39]
  723.         Grapple a JP, Kill Bokoblins and Mothulas [JP:40] [ALL JOY PENDANTS NEEDED]
  724.         Fire Arrows on Winged Mothulas
  725.         Rupees + Descend
  726.            (Pause, Equip Iron boots, Hookshot)
  727.         Fire Arrow Wizzrobes (skip)
  728.         Arrows on Armos + quickspins (skip)
  729.         Bomb Armos Knights (skip)
  730.         Rang + kill yellow chuchus (skip)
  731.         Kill red bubbles
  732.         Kill bokoblins and Darknut (skip)
  733.         Fire Arrow on Wizzrobe, Arrows + quickspin on Armos (skip)
  734.         Arrows/Kill Bubbles, Bomb Armos Knights (skip)
  735.         Kill Darknuts (skip)
  736.             [Pause, Equip WW and Hammer; Keep Hookshot]
  737.         Triforce Chart + Rupees + Descend
  738.         Kill Redeads
  739.         Hookshot + Kill Bubbles
  740.         Shine light + Hammer time on Dark Chuchus
  741.             [Pause, Equip Bow and Bombs; Keep Hammer]
  742.         Get Posessed by Poes + Damage off bomb to kill or walk into fire/light
  743.         Fire Arrow on Winged Mothulas
  744.         Kill Redeads and Moblins
  745.         Light + hammer on Dark Chuchus, Fire arrow on Winged Mothula
  746.         Possesed by Poes, Damage off Moblins; Kill Moblins
  747.            Equip hookshot over Bow
  748.         Hookshot Bubbles, Kill; Bomb Stalfos, Hammertime on skull
  749.         Rupees + Descend
  750.            [Pause, Equip Iron Boots; Keep Hookshot]
  751.         Kill Miniblins (skip)
  752.         Rang + Kill Chuchus (skip)
  753.         Fire Arrow/Kill Wizzrobes (skip)
  754.         Kill bokoblins (try to skip)
  755.         Kill ReDeads, Bomb + Hammer Stalfos (skip)
  756.         Kill Moblins and Darknuts (skip)
  757.         Fire Arrow Wizzrobes, Kill Darknuts (skip)
  758.         Bomb + Hammer Stalfos (skip)
  759.         Kill Darknuts (skip)
  760.         Heart Piece #10
  762.     Exit Labyrinth
  764.     Aboard KoRL
  765.         Pause, Equip Sail, WW, Bombs (or rang)
  766.     Sail N to five-eye reef
  767.     Destroy the turrets
  768.     Change wind to E
  769.     Equip leaf over bombs and fly over to the chest
  770.     Treasure chart #41 (Great fairy chart)
  771.     Set wind N
  772.     Equip hookshot over leaf
  773.     Sail W to Diamond Steppe
  774.     Hookshot up to Secret Hole
  775.     Try for Kirkq special
  776.     Enter first Warp Pot
  777.     Get up on warp pot in front of you
  778.         Pause, Equip Bombs over Hookshot
  779.     Bomb the pot
  780.     Jump onto net/railing
  781.     Get up onto next ship
  782.     Blast open Left warp pot
  783.     Ghost Ship Chart
  784.         Savewarp
  785.     Warp to Windfall
  786.     Aboard Island
  787.         Roll up to School House (or get song of passing first to make it day)
  788.     Talk to Miss Marie
  789.     Start Hide and Seek
  790.     Startle kid behind Gravestone
  791.     Talk to Disco Funky Fresh Dancemaster
  792.     Learn Song of Passing
  793.     Capture Kid
  794.     Behind Bombshop
  795.     Startle kid
  796.     Catch Kid
  797.     Roll into Tree
  798.     Snag kid
  799.     Child behind bush
  800.     Touch the kid
  801.     Heart Piece #11
  802.     Talk to Zunari
  803.     Start Merchant's Oath
  804.     Obtain Town Flower
  805.     Buy 2 Flowers
  806.     Place 3 near the Bench
  807.     Buy 3 Flowers
  808.     Place 2 in front of shop
  809.     Buy 2 Flowers
  810.     Place Flower in front of Potion Shop
  811.     Place 2 on Wooden Balcony
  812.     Buy 3 more Flowers
  813.     Place 3 on arch
  814.     Buy 3 more Flowers
  815.     Place last 3 on Arch
  816.     Buy 1 Town Flower
  817.     Talk to guy on Bench
  818.     Heart Piece #12 [12 Heart Containers]
  819.     Go to Auction house, win HP #13 + Treasure chart x2 #17 (1) #38 (HP)
  820.          Always +21 Rupees for "stun" (60 Rupee chart & heart), 30(?) for 5 Rupee chart
  821.     Song of passing till next day if night
  822.     Take photo of the lady by the potion shop and show it to her
  823.     Treasure chart #33 (HP)
  824.     Show picture of full moon to guy on steps
  825.     Treasure chart #31 (HP)
  826.     Enter Schoolhouse
  827.     Talk to Miss Marie
  828.     Rupees
  829.     Exit School
  830.     Talk to the kiddies
  831.     Back to the lab
  832.     Show JP to Miss Marie
  833.     Rupees
  834.     Show Pendants to Miss Marie
  835.     Cabana deed -Show JP
  836.     Hero's Charm
  837.     Exit school
  838.         Pause, Equip Skull Necklaces, Leaf; Keep picto
  839.     Talk and take picture of Linda
  840.     Talk and show picture to Anton
  841.     Enter Upper Auction House
  842.     Give SN to Maggie's Suga Daddie
  843.     Treasure Chart
  844.     Talk to Maggie
  845.     Obtain Letter
  846.     Exit House
  847.     Fly over to the upper door at Lenzo's
  848.     Open treasure chest to left
  849.     Treasure chart #29 (200)
  850.     Continue through crawl space and find Lenzo
  851.     Remove any photo
  852.     Take picture of them
  853.     Show picture of Lenzo to gossip ladies by Zunari's shop
  854.     Treasure chart #24 (200)
  855.         Equip hookshot and hookshot up ladder
  856.     Climb Ladder behind Windmill
  857.     Step on Switch (Wind have to be directed N)
  858.         Pause, Equip Sail, WW, Town Flower; Savewarp
  859.     Change Wind to W
  860.     Sail W to Spectacle Island
  861.     Play Cannon game (-50 Rupees each time)
  862.     Heart Piece #14
  863.     Win again for treasure chart #17 (200)
  864.     Sail W to M&C Isles
  865.     Talk to Merchant
  866.     Show Town Flower
  867.     Obtain Sea Flower
  868.     Keep going west to Four-eye reef
  869.     Equip bombs, rang(?)
  870.     Defeat enemies for a treasure chest
  871.         Equip leaf and WW; Keep sail
  872.     Change wind to S
  873.     Leaf pump up to chest and grab it
  874.     Treasure chart #19 (Island hearts chart)
  875.     Change wind back to W
  876.     Warp to GFI
  877.         Equip Flower, Grapple
  878.     Sail to GFI
  879.     Talk to Merchant
  880.     Show Merchant Sea Flower
  881.     Obtain Exotic Flower
  882.         Open Treasure Charts
  883.     (#2, 5, 20, 31, 33, 38)
  884.     Sail W to 3-Eye Reef
  885.     Fish out Heart Piece #15
  886.         Equip bombs, boomerang; keep sail
  887.     Destroy boats + turrets for Chart
  888.         Equip Ww and leaf; keep sail
  889.         First change Wind to SE, then W again
  891.         Open Ghost Ship chart
  892.     Warp to FH
  893.         Pause, Equip Grapple
  894.     Fish out Heart Piece #16 at FH [13 Heart Containers]
  895.         Change Wind to N
  896.     Sail N to Bomb island
  897.     Fish out Heart Piece #17
  898.     Play Song of Passing
  899.         Equip leaf over grapple
  900.     Enter ghost ship (usually west of island) (if the ship would happen to be somewhere else go there after Private oasis instead)
  901.     Leaf pump to the Rupee pots and farm Rupees as long as you can, the time will turn to day eventually before 5000 Rupees
  902.         --Do not take chart--
  903.     Aboard Island
  904.         Equip Exotic Flower over leaf
  905.     Talk to Merchant
  906.     Show Merchant Exotic Flower
  907.     Obtain Sickle Moon Flag (40 Rupees)
  908.     Blow up Boulder
  909.     Enter Hole
  910.     Navigate through cave
  911.         Cross narrow path
  912.         Toss Magtails into holes
  913.     Heart Piece #18
  914.          Pause; Savewarp
  915.     Set wind W
  916.     Sail NW to Private Oasis
  917.     Aboard Island
  918.         Pause, Equip Hookshot, Cabana Deed, Grapple Hook
  919.     Hootshot up to chest
  920.     Treasure chart #27 (200)
  921.     Show deed to Door
  922.     Enter Cabana
  923.         Grapple hook the pots on the bookshelfs for some Rupees
  924.     Grapple Hook
  925.     Enter Fireplace hole
  926.     Pause, Equip Hammer, WW and sail
  927.     Skip Cabana Sewers
  928.         Basically you can hammer switches through walls.
  929.     Triforce Chart
  930.         Pause, Equip leaf over hammer; Savewarp
  931.     Warp to Outset
  932.     Sail West to Horseshoe Island
  933.     Be a golf pro
  934.     Equip bow and hookshoot; Keep Sail
  935.     Jump down hole
  936.     Shoot flying one with fire arrow and smash the others
  937.     Open chest, Treasure chart #8 (200)
  938.     Exit and then hookshoot over to the middle island
  939.     Open chest, Treasure chart #28 (200)
  940.     Equip WW, Bombs; Keep Sail
  941.     Aboard KoRL
  942.     Warp to ToG
  943.     Sail W to six-eye reef and defeat enemies
  944.     set wind N
  945.     Equip Leaf over bombs
  946.     Fly to chest
  947.     Treasure chart #26 (Big octo chart)
  948.     Set wind W
  949.     Savewarp
  950.     Go to the submarine SW:ish of the reef
  951.     Collect heart piece inside
  952.     Sickle moon flag over leaf
  953.     Warp to GFI
  954.     Show Merchant Sickle Moon Flag
  955.     Obtain Fountain Idol (-65 Rupees)
  956.         Break pots for bombs if you need
  957.     Aboard KoRL
  958.         Pause, Equip Bombs, Grapple
  959.     Sail N towards Rock Spire Island
  960.     Bomb warships (one of them drop heart piece, the one to the right)
  961.     Fish out Heart Piece #19
  962.     Fish out Heart Piece #20 by Rock spiral island [14 Heart Containers]
  963.     Enter island, bomb your way with boat first
  964.     Light all torches and defeat all keese for treasure
  965.     Treasure chart #37 (200)
  966.     Enter Beedle's Ship
  967.         Purchase Bottle #3, Treasure Chart, Heart Piece #21
  968.     Exit Shop
  969.         Pause, Equip Skullhammer
  970.     Sail W to West Fairy Island
  971.     Use Hammer on Switch
  972.     Enter hole
  973.     Get Arrow Upgrade [60 arrows]
  974.         Pause, Equip WW, Fountain idol; Keep Sail
  975.     Set Wind NE
  976.     Sail to M&C Isles
  977.     Show Merchant Fountain Idol
  978.     Obtain Big Sale Flag (-35 Rupees)
  979.     Warp to DRI
  980.     Storage and superswim to Thorned Fairy Island
  981.     Arrow upgrade [99 Arrows]
  982.     Board KoRL
  983.     Fish out Heart Piece #22
  984.         Pause, Equip WW, Maggie's Letter
  985.     Warp to Windfall
  986.     Mail Maggie's Letter (-5 Rupees)
  987.     Talk to Postbox for Heart Pieces #23, #24, #25, Rupees [15 HEARTS]
  988.         Do not pay postage fees
  989.     Song of passing for night if needed
  990.     Start Mila Bottle Stealing Sequence
  991.         Pause, Equip Hookshot, Leaf, Bow
  992.         Collect Rupees while waiting for her to go into Zunari's Shop
  993.     Approach Mila
  994.         Answer all default options
  995.     Bottle 4 [ALL BOTTLES]
  996.     Hookshot yourself up on the torches to top of squid minigame house
  997.     Open Treasure charts (#4, 23)
  998.     (Good treasure charts: #2, 4, 5, 11, 15, 20, 23, 30, 31, 33, 38)
  999.     Ride Windmill up to top
  1000.     Shoot Fire Arrow into center of light
  1001.     Jump Down
  1002.     Talk to Kreeb (guy on second floor of battleship minigame house)
  1003.     Heart Piece #26
  1004.     Leaf over to Upper Auction House door
  1005.     Enter
  1006.     Cutscene
  1007.         Pause, Equip Sail, Grapple; Keep Hookshot; Savewarp
  1008.     Get on KoRL
  1009.     Hookshot to Chest on baby island
  1010.     Heart Piece #27
  1011.     Sail E toward Pawprint Isle
  1012.     Fish out Heart Piece #28 [16 Heart Containers]
  1013.     Aboard Island
  1014.     Crawl into cubby hole
  1015.     Fall into hole
  1016.     Head right
  1017.     Heart Piece #29
  1018.         Pause, Equip leaf over hookshot; Savewarp
  1019.     Aboard KoRL
  1020.     Sail N to Crescent Moon Island
  1021.     Fish out Heart Piece #30
  1022.     Go on island and open the treasure chest
  1023.     Treasure chart #10 (200)
  1024.     Continue to the submarine
  1025.     Leaf pump inside submarine
  1026.     Open treasure chest, Treasure chart #9 (200)
  1027.         Equip Ww over Grapple & Hookshot over Leaf
  1028.     - Warp to DRI
  1029.     Superswim NE to Overlook Island
  1030.     Hookshot onto tree
  1031.     Up into Secret Hole
  1032.         Pause, Equip Bombs, Boomerang, Hammer
  1033.     Fight stuff
  1034.         Start at left door and kill Armos Knights
  1035.         Bombs, Stun with Boomerang and Hammer Stalfos
  1036.         Equip Bow over Boomerang and Fire arrow Wizzrobes
  1037.         Kill Bokoblins
  1038.         Kill Darknuts
  1039.     Enter North Room
  1040.         Pause, Equip Sail, WW, Empty Bottle
  1041.     Triforce Chart
  1042.         Pause, Savewarp
  1043.     Warp to FH
  1044.     WW dive into Haven
  1045.     Bottle Forest Water
  1046.         Pause, Equip Bow, Leaf; Savewarp
  1047.     Get on KoRL
  1048.     Sail E to Cliff Plateau Isles
  1049.     Enter Secret Hole
  1050.     Kill deku baba in middle of "vines"
  1051.     Get up on little tree
  1052.     Shoot fire arrow on barricade
  1053.     Leaf over
  1054.     Exit Hole on the other end
  1055.         Pause, Equip WW, Forest Water; Keep Sail
  1056.     Water Tree
  1057.     Set Wind W
  1058.     Open chest on the same island
  1059.     Treasure Chart #25 (200)
  1060.     Aboard KoRL
  1061.     Warp to SFI
  1062.         Pause, Equip Grapple over Water
  1063.     Fish out Heart Piece #31
  1064.     Sail W to Shark Island
  1065.         Pause, Equip Water over Grapple
  1066.     Water Tree
  1067.     Warp to GFI
  1068.     Sail to Spiral at GFI
  1069.     Water Tree
  1070.         Pause, Equip Leaf, Big Sale's Flag; Keep WW
  1071.     Leaf over to Heart Piece #32 [17 HEARTS]
  1072.         As the wind is W try to make your jump abit more to the right
  1073.     Drop down to Merchant
  1074.     Give Merchant Sales Flag and then Hero's Flag
  1075.     Obtain Postman's Statue (-175 Rupees)
  1076.     Set Wind SW
  1077.         Pause, Equip Sail, Bombs; Keep WW; Savewarp
  1078.     Board KoRL
  1079.     Sail S to Islet of Steel
  1080.     Bomb down ship
  1081.     Enter Islet
  1082.     Triforce Chart
  1083.     Exit Islet
  1084.     Sail W towards Needle Rock Isle
  1085.     Bomb down Gold Ship
  1086.         Pause, Equip Grapple, Hyoi Pear
  1087.     Fish out Triforce Chart
  1088.     Board Island
  1089.     Use Hyoi Pear
  1090.         Fly out over ocean til high enough
  1091.         Hit gull on switch
  1092.         Cancel
  1093.     Heart Piece #33
  1094.         Pause, Equip Water over blank spot
  1095.     Water Tree
  1096.     Board KoRL
  1097.     Sail S toward Diamond Steppe
  1098.     Fish out Heart Piece #34
  1099.         Pause, Equip WW over Grapple
  1100.     Warp to ToG
  1101.     Sail S to Private Oasis
  1102.     Water Tree
  1103.     Get storage
  1104.     Superswim to East Fairy Island
  1105.     Water Tree
  1106.     Throw away rock
  1107.     Enter Hole
  1108.     Bomb Upgrade [99 Bombs]
  1109.     Exit Hole or Savewarp to save timer
  1110.     Warp to Windfall
  1111.     Get storage and superswim to M&C Isle
  1112.     Water Tree
  1113.     Give Merchant Postman Statue
  1114.     Obtain Shop Guru Statue (-200 Rupees)
  1115.     Get storage and superswim north to Star Island
  1116.     Water tree
  1117.     Heart Piece #35
  1118.     Bomb Lower Left Rock
  1119.     Enter Secret Cave
  1120.     Kill Enemies
  1121.     Heart Piece #36 [18 HEARTS]
  1122.         Pause, Equip WW, Skullhammer
  1123.     Exit Hole
  1124.     ---Check where the ghost ship is and go there
  1125.     Farm till ~3.2k Rupees
  1126.     Triforce Chart
  1127.     Warp to Tingle Island
  1128.     Translate Charts
  1129.     Board KoRL
  1130.         Pause, Equip Bombs (or rang), Grapple
  1131.     Sail into Big Octo (NWish of tingle)
  1132.     Shoot Bombs til Dead Octo
  1133.     Fish out Heart Piece #37
  1134.         Pause, Equip WW
  1135.     Warp to Windfall
  1136.     Talk To Zunari
  1137.     Magic Armor [ALL INVENTORY SLOTS FILLED]
  1138.     Enter Bar
  1139.     Talk to Postman
  1140.     Obtain Letter
  1141.     Talk to Linda
  1142.     Heart Piece #38
  1143.         Pause, Equip Letter
  1144.     Exit Bar
  1145.     Go into Upper Auction House
  1146.     Give Letter to Maggie
  1147.     Heart Piece #39
  1148.         Pause, Equip Grapple; Savewarp
  1149.     Board KoRL
  1150.         Open Triforce Charts
  1151.     Sail N to Gale Island
  1152.     Fish out Triforce Piece
  1153.     Warp to DRI
  1154.         Pause, Equip Bombs over WW
  1155.     Sail N toward SevenStar Isles
  1156.     Sail into Big Octo (SWish of square
  1157.     Bomb til dead Octo
  1158.     Fish out Heart Piece #40 [19 HEARTS]
  1159.         Equip bow over bombs
  1160.     Go and defeat the enemies on the platform
  1161.     Shoot with fire arrows, third chest appearing
  1162.     Treasure chart #16 (200)
  1163.     Fish out Triforce Chart by the Isles
  1164.         Pause, Equip WW, Shop Guru Statue
  1165.     Warp to GFI
  1166.     Give Merchant Shop Guru Statue
  1167.     Heart Piece #41
  1168.         Pause, Equip Grapple Hook
  1169.     Fish out Triforce Piece
  1170.     Set wind SE
  1171.     Sail SE to Stonewatcher
  1172.     Fish out Triforce Piece
  1173.     Sail E to Southern Triangle Island
  1174.     Fish out Triforce Piece
  1175.     Warp to Outset Island
  1176.     Fish out Triforce Piece
  1177.     Warp to SFI
  1178.     Equip bombs & leaf
  1179.     Head south to towers and remove all turrets on the tower closest to SFI
  1180.     Leaf over to chest
  1181.     Treasure chart #40 (200)
  1182.     Aboard KoRL
  1183.     Sail S to 2-Eye Reef
  1184.     Defeat boats, turrets
  1185.     Equip WW and grapple hook; keep leaf
  1186.     Set wind W, climb up & leaf to chest
  1187.     Treasure chart #13 (Secret cave chart)
  1188.     Fish out Triforce Chart
  1189.         Pause, Equip Sail over leaf
  1190.     Warp to FH
  1191.     Set wind to SE
  1192.     Sail E to Cliff Plateau
  1193.     Fish out Triforce Piece [COMPLETED TRIFORCE]
  1194.     Sail S to 5 Star Isles
  1195.        Fish out Heart Piece #42
  1196.        Enter Submarine
  1197.        Equip leaf over grapple, leaf over and grab ledge [Heart Piece #43]
  1198.     Exit Submarine
  1199.     Warp to DRI
  1200.         Pause, Equip Leaf over Grapple
  1201.     Sail E to Flight Control Platform
  1202.     Set wind toward goal (NW)
  1203.     Leaf across to goal
  1204.         Use 2 cyclones to keep height
  1205.     Heart Piece [All Heart Pieces, 20 Hearts]
  1206.     Warp to ToG
  1207.     Sail into ToG Circle
  1208.     Cutscene
  1209.     Go where Zelda should be, Equip Bow, Bombs, and Leaf, Kill Darknuts, leave
  1210.     Roll down & out door, slash barrier, roll across to trials entrance
  1211.     Trials Skip
  1212.     Go up stairs through next, enter right door
  1213.     Jump down, go Down, Left, Up, Left, Right, Up
  1214.     Fight short phantom ganon battle, get Light arrows
  1215.     Go back in main room, shoot PG with light arrow, toss sword at wall, continue
  1216.     Roll up stairs, shoot enemies with light arrows, restock on Arrows, continue to Puppet Ganon
  1217.     First phase snipe his tail
  1218.     Second phase shoot bulb as he falls the first time, second and third time wait till he's on ground
  1219.     Third phase bomb him & then shoot or just go pro mode like a crazy bastard
  1220.     Equip Grapple, Hookshot and Soup
  1221.     Make way to Ganon, after first grapple go left and hookshot up to the door that leads to Ganon
  1222.     Soup and enter
  1223.     Cutscene
  1224. Ganon fight: Stand still in the start of the fight, wait till Zelda shoots Ganon and then do a combo on him. Continue with pressing A to talk to Zelda again and then hold both L, R and downleft on control stick to go into barrier (avoiding damage, keeping soup), while this happens Zelda will shoot Ganon one more time, triggering the mini cutscene. Wait for ganon to do his combo attack and then parry him, do a combo on him to wake Zelda up. Now talk to Zelda for a last time to make her shoot faster. Target Ganon and hold up your shield to reflect Zelda's light arrow.
  1225.     Ending
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