First Date With A Gothic Cat (WIP)

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  1. >Usually when you were in class, you were never a very cheerful guy. However for the past couple days, you just couldn’t help yourself from smiling. Ever since you and catti started to inch closer and closer past the “Best Friends” threshold. Of course by that you mean the two of you have began to talk without the use of phones at all for once. It was a big milestone for you two, oh wow, the two of you are kinda pathetic now that you think about it.
  2. >Your inner workings are interrupted as the bell for lunch rings. Your smile widens slightly as you walk out of class, past your teacher who has been face down on their desk for the entire period. With everything weird in this school you chalk it up to being “Not My Problem”. As you enter the lunch room you notice Catti is already seated, the chubby feline also sporting a small smile.
  3. >Taking your seat next to her, you awkwardly shuffle in your seat. Catti gives you an inquisitive look as you seem unusually bashful today. Come on ask her.....why is this so hard! “You okay? Is something bothering you?” Catty asked growing concerned at her friend sudden glowing crimson. Unable to keep maintain eye contact you begin to mumble you question. “So uh, do you wanna GO somewhere, sometime....together?” Damn it! Stop acting like a wuss!
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