Stare master (RapeyFSxAnon, femdom, mind control,) p1?

Aug 25th, 2017
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  1. >"Come here little puppy, give mommy a kiss!"
  2. >She says that as she lifts her skirt, revealing her lack of underwear, as well as her perfect slit and bare mound
  3. >You instantly look away and close your eyes, cursing through your breath
  4. >Fuck, you didn't think she'd still be here!
  5. >"Aww, is my little nonny acting all shy again?"
  6. >The sound of her footsteps getting closer makes your heart skip a beat
  7. >Shit, shit shit, you need a way out!
  8. >You turn around, making sure not to have her in your field of view, and finally open your eyes, instantly locking them on the door to the boys bathroom
  9. >S-she couldn't follow you there, right?
  10. >She wouldn't!
  11. >But you gasp when you feel her arms wrapping themselves around your chest
  12. >She was closer than expected
  13. "L-let me go!"
  14. >"Shhh~,"
  15. >You try to squirm free as she shushes you and nuzzles your neck, her warm breath sending a shiver down your back
  16. >"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you--"
  17. "You always say that! And you always end up raping me!"
  18. >She tightens the hug, squeezing her huge breasts against your back
  19. >You can feel her hard nipples through the fabric of your shirt and her tank top
  20. >She's not wearing a bra either
  21. >Fuck
  22. >She giggles and gives the back of your neck a kiss
  23. >"Rape you? I'd never do that,"
  24. "You're doing it right now--ngh!"
  25. >Your voice dies in your throat and a moan escapes your lips as one of her hands drop to give your pride a tender, loving squeeze
  26. >You didn't even realize you were already at half mast
  27. >"It can't be rape if you want it just as much as I do, silly,"
  28. "I don't--"
  29. >She kills your retort as soon as your mouth opens up by groping you and kissing your neck again
  30. >"Of course you do,"
  31. "N-no,"
  32. >You're happy that your mind is the one in control of your voice, because your entire body is betraying you right now
  33. >Dick hardening under her touch, heart thumping in your chest, knees getting weak and back leaning backwards as to feel her even closer, even more
  35. >"How about this, if you can tell me that you don't want this while looking me in the eyes,"
  36. >She strokes your length through your clothes to emphasize her point
  37. >"Then I'll leave you alone,"
  38. >It's a trap
  39. >You know it's a trap
  40. >The second you'll look into those big cyan pools, you'll lose it all
  41. >You know the power they have on you
  42. >But that's the only way out
  43. >If you don't she'll still have her way with you
  44. >And she'll still find a way for you to look into her eyes
  45. >Maybe you could get her by surprise by--
  46. >You moan once more when you feel her slender fingers wrapping themselves around the head of your cock, the feeling of her skin directly touching yours being incomparable to her earlier ministrations
  47. >You didn't even notice her hand getting past your clothes
  48. >And a content, satisfied hum escapes her throat as she peppers your jawline with light kisses
  49. >Okay, you gotta do this fast
  50. >You're sure that she needs a few seconds to take control, she can't do it in the blink of an eye
  51. >To your surprise, she instantly lets go of you as you try to turn around to face her
  52. >As if she knew you'd accept
  53. >But there's no time pondering on this
  54. >You take a deep inhale to steel yourself and open your eyes to instantly find hers, ignoring her mischievous smirk
  55. "I don't want--Mph!"
  56. >You try to recoil as her lips crash against yours, only to be stopped by her arms holding you close
  57. >Your eyes stay wide open in surprise, still stuck on hers
  58. >Fuck!
  59. >You do your best to break free, but it's already too late
  60. >You're already hers
  61. >Fuck
  62. >You lips part the second you feel her tongue probing for entrance
  63. >And your heart skips another beat when she giggles inside of your mouth, her lips forming a happy smile against yours
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