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HL2RP(gmod) admin commands

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  1. /plykick <name of character> - This allows you to kick a player, enter a reason after the name.
  2. /plyban <Name/SteamID/IP> - Bans the player for a certain amount of time. and a time after the <> and a reason. (0 = permanent ban).
  3. /plyunban <Name/SteamID/IP> - Unbans a player.
  4. /CharPermaKill <Character Name> - Permanently kills a player (is currently broken in OA; instead "ban" the character.
  5. /CharBan <Character Name> - Bans the character, more effective than a Permanent kill for the time being; this will take effect when the player re-enters the server or dies.
  6. /plyslay <Character Name> - Makes a character "suicide"; full respawn time.
  7. /observer- Allows you to noclip, type this again to leave noclip and return to the last place you were at.
  8. Misc Admin commands
  9. /CharGiveFlags <Name> <Flags>- Gives the player certain flags; Super admins only. (PETVCG.. etc)- See the "directory" for more info in-game.
  10. /CharTakeFlags <Name> <Flags>- Take the selected flag away.
  11. /doorlock- Locks a door.
  12. /doorunlock- Unlocks a door.
  13. /plysetgroup- <Name> <Operator/Superadmin/Admin>- Owner/Manager use ONLY.
  14. /plySetModel <Name> <Model>- Changes the model of the character, do not use; only use when requested with a valid reason.
  15. /plySetVoiceMail- Used to block pesky PMers.
  16. Roleplay related commands
  17. /event- Used for events.
  18. /plywhitelist <Metropolice Force/Overwatch Transhuman Arm/Administrator>- Adds a player to a group, they can then make a character in the said group.
  19. /plyunwhitelist <Metropolice Force/Overwatch Transhuman Arm/Administraor>- Takes a player out of a whitelist.
  20. /plyAddServerWhitelist- Not used, don't worry about it.
  21. /CharSetCustomClass <Character Name>- Set the custom class of a character; will appear on the scoreboard.
  22. /CharTakeCustomClass <Character Name>- Revokes the custom class of the character.
  23. Non-admin(ish) commands
  24. /ContSetName <Text>- The name of the container, for organization purposes I suppose.
  25. /ContSetPassword <Text>- Allows other people not to look at your stuff.
  26. /ContSetMessage <Text>- What shows up when a character looks at a container.
  27. /broadcast <Text>- CA's only; RP purposes with the CA.
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