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  2. Makalu: you owe ghost storm a hic
  3. Makalu: good fucking job
  4. TJ: IN Fairness
  5. TJ: we were told to jam it
  7. Jamus Gorrelius: Mike Right > wondering why makalu evacced 319
  8. Jamus Gorrelius: some in hirr sort him out and slap him
  9. Makalu: next time mike right drops his dread
  10. Makalu: i will dd him
  11. Makalu: just fyi
  13. Divine Storm: lol the new Endstati0n guys are getting mad that they're not allowed to engage CVA structures ^^ they just lost a cyno bait ship due to the cyno jammer in d-g
  14. Divine Storm: these rules do apply to En Garde as well, right? ^^
  15. TJ: yep
  16. Avicenna Sarfaraz: endestation
  17. Avicenna Sarfaraz: its full of defective product.
  18. Avicenna Sarfaraz: that one will be hard to order around.
  21. zumzat: sup with nulli? do they believe that reseting AAA will prevent them from losing space or stmh ?
  22. Christos: they already lost space
  23. Christos: and moved to high sec
  24. theng.hofses: Nulli, Nulli Tertitus, and S2N Citizens have been reset
  25. Kir Laeda: do we seek and destroy them?
  26. theng.hofses: Gooons are primary target
  27. theng.hofses: if you run over Nulli nobody will cry a tear
  28. Kir Laeda: punish traitors?
  29. Christos: not really traitors
  30. Christos: they stuck with us forever and ever
  31. Christos: but they burned out
  32. Kir Laeda: who cares
  33. Kir Laeda: can't swallow - don't bite
  34. zumzat: everu says they are geeting space from solar in geminate
  37. Avicenna Sarfaraz: I want more massacres
  38. Avicenna Sarfaraz: I can just see it
  39. Avicenna Sarfaraz: endless mountains of goon corpses
  40. Avicenna Sarfaraz: the golden penis shall descend upon them and smite them
  42. Markus Dixon: I love that they dont really spam local anymore
  43. Markus Dixon: My mission is not yet complete.
  44. Markus Dixon: And wont be till goons are ground into dust!
  45. Markus Dixon: Petition them all!
  49. transimeksa: can we sbu 49-?  It is somehow makes me sad to have this system not under us, it is historical location
  52. Fafer: although what we need is tech nerf
  53. Makalu: tech nerf might be worse for us than for them
  54. Makalu: cause they will disband
  55. Makalu: and start shooting each other
  56. Makalu: and instead of 300 man goon fleet we will eternaly camp the 100 man FA fleet
  57. Makalu: or the 100 man goon fleet
  58. Makalu: or the 100 man test fleet
  59. Makalu: by the time they realize that without each other they are shit
  60. Makalu: they'll have no sov
  63. Makalu: i highly doubt they will take catch
  64. Makalu: u can't rent out a region
  65. Makalu: directly across the map from where you live
  66. Makalu: ccp knows what the problems are
  67. Makalu: they just aren't fixing shit
  69. hirr-kazzell: I guess so, although they don't seem to be smacking in local that much.
  70. Shadeforce: awesomeness
  71. alchemy-x: Yes it was markus that made all the petitions
  72. Shadeforce: take away their fun in that direction too....
  73. Shadeforce: i was just thinking we hurt em a lot with that
  76. Jamus Gorrelius: Harass them in 49-
  77. Jamus Gorrelius: Sbu it up
  78. Jamus Gorrelius: Let them wate there time destroying them
  79. Jamus Gorrelius: Report them for local offensive smack
  80. Jamus Gorrelius: Make it do they have no fun
  81. Jamus Gorrelius: Let them get complacent
  82. Jamus Gorrelius: Let them come
  83. Jamus Gorrelius: This is sparta
  84. Jamus Gorrelius:
  85. Jamus Gorrelius: They're pets will get bored I've alrdy got good intel that they ate trickling back to the north
  89. Napocs vs Goon tengus!
  92. Makalu: i'll tell u what will work wonders against tengues
  93. Makalu: navy apocs
  94. Makalu: + void bombs
  95. Makalu: will rip them to shreds
  96. Christos: navy apocs
  97. Christos: we need more tech than goons
  98. Christos: to field a navy apoc cta
  99. perseus_kallistratos: they are cheap aren't they
  100. perseus_kallistratos: but
  101. perseus_kallistratos: if you start buying up market-prices will skyrocket
  102. Makalu: supply is the problem there
  103. Makalu: not the cost
  104. perseus_kallistratos: yup
  105. Christos: well if we have 40 guardians
  106. Christos: then we only need to get one fleet worth
  107. Christos: and then we're good!
  108. Makalu: the thing with armor fleet
  109. Makalu: is that u can use archons
  110. Christos: SHLOWCATS
  111. Makalu: which tank a whole lot better
  112. Makalu: than fucking thannies in a shield fleet
  113. Makalu: if u can void bomb tengues
  114. Makalu: apocs will just rape them
  115. Christos: how is hroft's bombinb going?
  116. Makalu: fine
  117. Makalu: but tengues need 40-50 people to bomb effectively
  118. Christos: slowcatS!!!!!
  119. Christos: target painters and slowcatts!!!
  120. perseus_kallistratos: get out
  121. Makalu: [Apocalypse Navy Issue, PulsePoc]
  122. 1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
  123. 1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
  124. Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
  125. Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
  126. Damage Control II
  127. Imperial Navy Heat Sink
  128. Imperial Navy Heat Sink
  129. Tracking Enhancer II
  131. Prototype 100MN MicroWarpdrive I
  132. Heavy Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 800
  133. Tracking Computer II, Optimal Range Script
  134. Tracking Computer II, Optimal Range Script
  136. Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
  137. Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
  138. Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
  139. Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
  140. Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
  141. Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
  142. Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
  143. Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
  145. Large Trimark Armor Pump I
  146. Large Trimark Armor Pump I
  147. Large Trimark Armor Pump I
  148. Makalu: this here
  149. Makalu: will own tengues
  150. Makalu: in the face
  151. Makalu: like it won't even be funny
  152. Christos: well tell anyone who can get one to do it
  153. Mr Ozz: we check with maka, there was 90+ on market in good prices
  154. Mr Ozz: in longterm u would need stady suppliers ;/
  155. kain.rehel: so are goons and test gonna continue to stage from1dh and f2o or?
  156. Markus Dixon: Hmmm...Why are Pangu arguing with TDT guys about ratting in C3- ?
  157. Mr Ozz: like now ?
  158. Markus Dixon: yes
  159. Mr Ozz: PG/PK ?
  160. Theng Hofses: TDT is still around?
  164. Kain Rehel [BUSA]: so goons are leaving, soonish? thats good news... even without nulli, we should be able to take one test... ya?
  165. amus Gorrelius: Test never was and never will be an issue
  166. Kain Rehel [BUSA]: so what are the chances we will restage in 319-? i have 24b on market there still...
  167. Fafer: would be according to our -a- doctrine to get back ..
  168. Fafer: but then again perhas we sleep on it one day
  169. Fafer: and think of something better
  170. Kain Rehel [BUSA]: that was helpfull lol
  171. Fafer: probably someone may look on map and see where cobalt is
  172. Fafer: may be factor in the decision
  173. Fafer: in any case ket them go away
  174. Fafer: if we move now, they will not loose energy on coming back again had they left
  175. Fafer: cause they might stay awhile
  176. Makalu: we don't need to move
  177. Makalu: ge is pretty close to querious
  178. Christos Hendez: its like a 5 min trip to 49-u
  179. avi: I just want to butcher all of them
  180. avi: whatever helps us kill as many nc as possible
  181. heng Hofses: Your speech certainly killed one or two
  183. Shadeforce: so goons are pulling out or that is just a speculation ?
  184. Shadeforce: if so we should push test back
  185. transimeksa: morning gents
  186. ransimeksa: sbu 49 again and see if goons are pulling out or not
  188. Shadeforce: also does it matter if goons go out or not
  189. Shadeforce: if we keep fighting
  190. Shadeforce: and making them fight here on a daily basis
  191. Shadeforce: they will wear out pretty fast
  192. Shadeforce: those are carebear alliances
  193. Shadeforce: they whine if they have to do a cta every day
  196. goon broadcast:
  197. You need to be out of F20Y and back to VFK ASAP. Cap Convoys are going out regularly, as are subcaps; pay attention to broadcasts and get out of the shantytown, it's time to fight some real opponents.
  199. ***  This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all-all, replies are not monitored ***
  200. Killah: lol
  201. Markus Dixon: lmfao. im laughing so hard right now.
  202. Shadeforce:
  203. Shadeforce: anyways they bring out 600 on usa tz
  204. Shadeforce: that is basically nothing
  205. Shadeforce: if we make em work on a daily basis
  206. Shadeforce: and roam them 23/7
  207. Shadeforce: those 600 will easy become 300
  210. PK: (7:15:52 PM) Renters of Against All Authorities cast off your shackles and rise up against your oppressors. Test Alliance has vast amounts of unused space that we will let you use for free. This is a call to all renters in the south, contact Montolio. We can help each other and you don't have to pay me for the privilege like you do with Against All Authorities.
  212. Members of TEST, open your homes and hearts to these poor souls. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."
  214. Propaganda team will get some fliers out for you to all share around and local spam with.
  216. #### SENT BY - Montolio to all @ Jul 23 2012 19:15:53 EVE Time ####
  217. (7:23:30 PM) For those of you who immediately go, "Renters? But aren't they all terrible pubbies? Why would we want them?" Why yes, yes they are pubbies and we don't want them as allies. However, this is the equivalent of going up to a tech moon and convincing it to stop shitting out tech.
  219. We are hoping to cut off -A-'s income at the knees.
  221. #### SENT BY - rob3r to all @ Jul 23 2012 19:23:35 EVE Time ####
  223. Jamus Gorrelius: lol
  224. Fafer: we must post this first
  225. Makalu: and how exactly is he going to cut off our income?
  226. PK: hes not very smart
  227. Makalu: most test roams get about 3 jumps into our space before they get disintegrated
  228. TJ: offer free space
  229. TJ: we charge high rates
  230. Fafer: he want to take our renters so they dont pay
  231. TJ: if they offer for free
  232. TJ: its actually smart
  233. Fafer: yes
  234. TJ: cuts our income
  235. TJ: even bots would go for that
  236. Fafer: so we neeed to post this to news so renters see how he thinks low of them
  237. Torin Zece  /TorinZece: how about a one time post in intel or the new channel?
  238. Makalu: make it clear to renters that Montolio can't be trusted
  239. Fafer: yes
  240. Fafer: guy was building titan, montolio blackmailed him
  241. Fafer: and guy lost his titan build
  242. Makalu: when was this?
  243. TJ: exactly
  244. TJ: burn his credability
  245. Fafer: i will search
  246. Makalu: was it in our space?
  247. TJ: no
  248. TJ: fountain
  249. Fafer: was in test space
  250. TJ: delve
  251. TJ: querious
  252. TJ: free space...
  253. TJ: so we need to make him look like a troll
  254. TJ: he doesnt care about the pilots
  256. Mr Ozz: [23. srpnja 2012. 20:38] TJ:
  258. <<< if they offer for free
  259. its actually smartguys, u still dont get it, 80% renters hate test/goons and they love to make busniess with AAA ^_^
  260. Fafer: nevertheless
  261. Fafer: we score if we post first
  262. TJ: ozzy
  263. TJ: if you were a renter
  264. TJ: or bot
  265. TJ: ^^"
  266. TJ: paying 8-12b per month
  267. TJ: someone offeres you the same space
  268. TJ: in another region
  269. TJ: for free
  270. TJ: would you really not even consider it?
  273. Mr Ozz: can u fkcing TRUST me in this and dont panic, we will not lose EVEN SINGLE RENTER ^_^
  274. Fafer: im not panicking
  275. Fafer: we are just talking about response
  276. TJ: Noone can be that dump coz that cant last long
  277. TJ: renters dont care about that
  278. TJ: lol
  279. TJ: can i have 5bil for every renter we loose?
  280. Fafer: "they want you to come to delve so they can shoot you"
  282. Killah: i doubt we will get a fight
  283. Killah: if we do
  284. Killah: ill run like a girl
  285. Killah: =)
  287. Jamus Gorrelius: fleets over
  288. leone: it wasnt a bad fight at all
  289. Lee Chanka: all in all fight was nice..and we should be without nervouse..and we should encurage our ppl fly them is like that you ar ein harem full with girls and you dont have penis.. ) so go go go logistics.. )
  290. Herc: no it was a good fight
  291. Herc: rage is cause we could have killed more
  292. leon: it was just the last 5mins that things went bad
  293. Herc: alot more.
  294. leon: yeah
  295. Herc: scimis died - we had to leave
  296. Herc: tengus lived
  297. leon: but orbiting a gate against that many wasnt the best idea ever
  298. Christos: You killed Shigsy
  299. Christos: all that matters
  303. Herc: maka u died?
  304. Makalu: of course
  305. Makalu: it's PL
  306. Makalu: what do u expect?
  308. Markus Dixon: Your making my fucking brain hurt
  309. Markus Dixon: wtf man
  310. Markus Dixon: (facepalm)
  311. Killah: who is this markus idiot?
  312. Markus Dixon: Thats stupid
  313. Killah: and someone make him stop talking to me please
  314. perseus_kallistratos: i can kick you from the channel?
  315. Shadeforce: kila stop talking here
  316. Shadeforce: and look in game
  317. Killah: sure kick me all you want
  321. Goon Director awoxing
  323. SoLo Miner > hey
  324. belzebub1 > I need a director
  325. SoLo Miner > something really fucking weird has happened this after noon
  326. belzebub1 > Goons can dock in C3
  327. SoLo Miner > i swear my director just tried to gank my nyx
  328. belzebub1 > And so can FA
  329. SoLo Miner > and when i jumped out as a goon devoter arrived at pos, local filled up with 150 reds
  330. belzebub1 > which director
  331. SoLo Miner > Mr W33ds
  332. SoLo Miner > he has alts all over the joint
  334. SoLo Miner > i need to explain to someone in A what has happened
  335. SoLo Miner > because this is so fucking weird
  336. Shadeforce: is there anydt director
  337. Shadeforce: that can strip wallet
  338. Shadeforce: and assets
  339. Shadeforce: so they don't get robbed
  340. Killah: thats prolly to late
  341. xorpius2k: they just burned a spy for basicly nothing
  342. Killah: im worried about tdt assets though
  343. dienekes_iv: a TDT director can just online it if anotehr director offlines it, so it'd need to be incapped
  344. Shadeforce: burning a spy for that is rather stupid
  345. Shadeforce: the good thig is
  346. Shadeforce: it is a director^
  350. Killah: will it be jammed?
  351. Makalu: no need right now
  352. Makalu: PL won't drop supers in catch
  353. Makalu: not in the numbers they have
  354. Makalu: it's a suicide mission
  355. Makalu: apparently PL jumpefd in dreads and carriers to shoot subcaps again
  356. kain.rehel: about 20 caps.
  357. Lee Chanka: maka
  358. Lee Chanka: you make tengu?
  359. Kain Rehel [BUSA]: we gonna lose alot here
  360. Makalu: WHAT THE FUCK
  361. Lee Chanka: they priamry me
  364. Makalu: YOU TOOLS
  365. Lee Chanka: i dont c it
  366. Makalu: who the fuck fights maels
  367. Makalu: in fucking geddons
  368. Lee Chanka: they just have maor logistic
  369. Kain Rehel [BUSA]: we would have been fine, but they had lots of logis
  370. Makalu: you are fucking retarded
  371. Mr Ozz: Maka, chill out, guys, disengage ?
  372. Makalu: no
  373. Makalu: they are now stuck in 49u
  374. Makalu: after losing half the fleet
  375. Makalu: fucking stupid
  376. Makalu: the amount of fucking stupid
  377. Makalu: that just happened
  378. Makalu: you fought having SEVEN LOGISTICS
  379. Makalu: SEVEN
  380. Makalu: SEVEN
  381. Makalu: SEVEN
  382. Lee Chanka: omfg i didnt lose 20 titans i lost 30 ppl and i have 13 logistic at start 100 in fleet
  383. Makalu: why the fuck did u fight long range gang in a close range gang?
  384. Makalu: why did u fight?
  385. Makalu: WHY?
  386. Lee Chanka: because theyw as close range
  387. Kain Rehel [BUSA]: they jumped into us...
  388. Kain Rehel [BUSA]: he didn't jump into them
  389. Kain Rehel [BUSA]: fyi...
  390. Makalu: does it matter?
  391. Makalu: u were supposed to go back to ge
  392. Makalu: and fucking get into tengues
  393. Makalu: and not be dumb fucks
  394. Kain Rehel [BUSA]: just saying.... if logi was a little more even, i would let s snipe bs fleet jump into me in cr bs...
  395. Makalu: you do not fight test
  396. Makalu: under anything other than OUR TERMS
  397. Makalu: you just fought on their terms
  398. Killah: lets lose less fights
  399. Killah: lee, learn, move on, youll get em next time
  400. Kain Rehel [BUSA]: not my fleet, just explaining what happened
  401. Killah: fuck test, -A- Rules
  402. Makalu: why is there a jammer going up in 4-07?
  403. Jamus Gorrelius: Why did Michael Jackson have to die
  406. Herc: for future
  407. Herc: TEST/PL can only do 2 doctrines right now
  408. Herc: drakes
  409. Herc: and alpha
  410. Herc: when they are in drakes do armor fleet. under no other circustances do armor since they will drop alpha
  411. Herc: also they WILL drop caps on rokhs
  412. Herc: its pretty simple what they can do and we have fleets to counter all of it
  413. Herc: especially once maka introduces new tengus with jammers
  417. Herc: we broke eve record in eve for the kills in 1 month
  418. Herc: BUT
  419. Herc: goons are still ahead
  420. Herc: we MUST beat them in total kill for this month as it will be a new record
  421. Fafer: well then no major op without bomber wing
  422. Herc: we are 140 kills behind goons right now
  423. Markus Dixon: lets go wipe privodence!
  424. Herc: i dont care how
  425. Herc: tell provi to come and die
  426. Herc: make them do massive CTA so we can kill them all
  427. Herc: dont care. BEAT GOONS
  428. Herc: 1  Goonswarm Federation  16831
  429. 2  Against ALL Authorities  16693
  430. Herc: new record will be around 18,000
  431. Herc: old one was 15.000
  433. avi: Well, we've let the scrub legion get more kills on us than they should be getting.
  434. avi: Fight smart. Not hard.
  436. Kain Rehel [BUSA]: With goons gone. What are our thoughts on using supers etc on test and co. Fags now?  We still keeping them parked?
  437. Theng Hofses: PL is still around
  438. Jamus Gorrelius: we have enough supers to counter PL
  439. Jamus Gorrelius: we need to start using them so they dont go inactive thats the pro
  443. perseus_kallistratos: people
  444. perseus_kallistratos: who keep whining about progress in this channel
  445. perseus_kallistratos: be patient please
  446. perseus_kallistratos: -a- is the best alliance for the long game for a reason
  447. perseus_kallistratos: and hasty rushed strategic moves are never good
  451. dienekes_iv: I think Oly26 has an alt in ENGRE.
  452. richard.diraven: whos that?
  453. dienekes_iv: will give to Theng
  454. dienekes_iv: toon is in Comply Or Die
  455. richard.diraven: toon name?
  456. transimeksa: Mr Ozz: hadeforce, before u start spaming alliance wide email pls ask IF maybe it wasnt fkcing approved
  457. transimeksa: somebody whom i trust asked to post it
  458. transimeksa: didn't re-check; sorry
  459. transimeksa: btw, ozzy before starting to be very fond of word "fcking" you must lick your balls a few times
  462. transimeksa: are here
  465. Makalu: can someone kindly explain to me
  467. PK: why your testicles are shrinking?
  468. PK: because we have a beacon in F4R2
  469. Makalu: not good enough
  470. Makalu: i wanna be able to jump my black ops to zxic
  471. Makalu: and not to f4r
  472. Makalu: and then wonder what's in zxic
  473. Makalu: also i just got another healthy doze of
  474. Makalu: "delve was our fail"
  475. Makalu: from nulli
  476. PK: blaming -a-?
  477. PK: or taking responsibility for being shit at sov
  478. Makalu: me specificlaly
  480. PK: they weren't patient enough thats for sure
  481. Makalu: well apparently i was running the campaign
  482. avi: meh they dont play the long game
  483. avi: in the short they'll bow down again
  484. avi: if they dont they'll become corpses like test.
  485. avi: we will turn all traitors and scum into corpses
  486. PK: i don't think i want them back
  487. PK: nor do I think they will become a corpse
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