Henric and Alex XI (v1.4)

Mar 14th, 2014
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  1. Tags: Villainous male knight / virtuous female squire, reverse trap, rape
  4. Henric admired the sleeping girl in his arms. She was brave enough to stand up to him and resilient enough to tolerate the worst tortures he could throw her way.
  6. Yes, in his dreams when he was king he had determined that this girl would be his queen. It made his cock hard, looking at her peacefully sleeping pale face, her short brown hair, her enormous eyes that were currently closed.
  8. He imagined her in a dress with long hair, several years older. She would wear blue the color of her eyes. She wouldn’t tie down her breasts and he would be able to see their full, round shapes as they truly were whenever he looked at her. The dress he imagined left her shoulders bare for him to admire her slender neck and the handprint scar that, by that time, would be a lovely pink.
  10. The knight’s fantasies carried him far, his erection pressing against Alex’ inner thigh. She was asleep and didn’t notice even when it throbbed against her warm skin in the dark depths under the blankets.
  12. He thought of his last conversation with Kerran, the once-dead-now-again-living necromancer to whom Henric owed much. They’d discussed plans, the future. Kerran had asked, “Do you plan to tell your squire?”
  14. Henric had replied that no, he didn’t. He’d explained which things he would share and which would be secrets, and with a shrug admitted that Alex would probably not even want to know about anything he had talked about, or that she would dismiss what he said as lunacy.
  16. Kerran had asked when he would get to meet Alex. Henric said he wanted to take Alex to him, so Kerran would meet her as soon as possible.
  18. In a way he wanted to flaunt her as the possession he saw her as, but on the other hand he wanted to truly seek the wizard’s approval. Kerran was one to speak often and fondly of souls that he found, of their rarity. Henric believed that Alex was a rare soul, but even he had to admit to himself that he didn’t know very much about souls. He blamed his father for that.
  20. Before he sank too deeply into thoughts of family he mindfully turned attentions back to Alex and sat up with her in his lap slowly. She woke and looked crestfallen at her position.
  22. “Good morning,” Henric said softly, holding the back of her head so he could kiss her forehead. His fingers wove into her short hair adoringly.
  24. Alex didn’t say anything. Henric understood that she was sleepy and still not well. Her young body was warm in his hands and he ran them over every place without a bandage to feel her skin. He felt her tense up, and then gradually relax with time.
  26. He pressed his lips into her ear to whisper, “You’re okay. As long as you remember where you belong, I can’t imagine there will be any misunderstandings between us.”
  28. The knight was surprised when Alex nodded to him. His erection rose higher between her legs. She submitted to him! It had taken a lot but he dared to hope that this would mean she would be easier to manage not just now, but for the future. For forever.
  30. He remembered a few moments later that she was nobility. Born rich. Betrothed to a princess.
  32. His smile faded and he sat perfectly still. Alex fell back to sleep with her head on his shoulder, until a knock sounded from the door. She nearly jumped out of her skin, but Henric held her against him.
  34. “Yes?” Henric called out calmly. The door was barred in addition to the locks and there could be no accidental walk-ins. One of his squire’s hands grabbed his shoulder tightly out of what he assumed was embarrassment and fear that they would be heard somehow, her mouth silenced against his neck.
  36. It was Ellis’ voice that came through the door. “Sir Henric? Sir Isaac sent me to get you.”
  38. “Is it important?” He asked. His bored voice reached Ellis plainly. Henric couldn’t imagine what Isaac would want to talk to him about, and he pinched the bridge of his nose.
  40. “I... uh... He didn’t say, sir.”
  42. “Very well. Tell him I’ll be there soon.” Henric sighed. That was a lie. He’d be there when he was good and ready. But he was more than sick of that boy hanging around just as he was more than sick of everyone here except Alex and perhaps a guard or two he’d never bothered to speak to. The dozen or so of them blended into the background.
  44. “What do you think it is?” Alex asked in a groggy morning whisper. Her eyes were open now, looking towards the door.
  46. “It doesn’t matter,” Henric said, redirecting her face so she would look at him. “It’ll be a while before I leave.”
  48. More sadness consumed Alex. She knew what was coming, but she thought of Ellis again.
  50. Henric stroked Alex’ face. One of the few weaknesses in her masculine disguise, he thought to himself, was her smooth and beardless jaw. A boy of sixteen should have at the least a mustache. He said, “You don’t seem interested in telling me off this time.”
  52. Alex opened her mouth and leaned back from him to free her face from his hand. There was the added benefit of looking at her breasts. “I… I don’t want to get hurt like that again. Never. You tortured me. I felt like I was dying. I could have died if you kept going.” She was clearly resentful.
  54. The knight returned to showing Alex affection in his way. He kissed her forehead, stroked her hair, put his left hand on the small of her back and spread his fingers open. “Then you must behave yourself, Alex.”
  56. “That’s… no,” she said, and Henric saw again all of the signs of independence and rebellion that had been in her before, flashing in her eyes and tone. The fight and strength of the girl was there, and he throbbed again before she managed to control herself and speak more calmly. “Behaving myself would be being quiet at night, doing my chores and being respectful of elders. Letting you fuck me isn’t the same as behaving.”
  58. “You really must drop this combative attitude,” he warned her, flexing his control.
  60. Alex glared through him, and Henric decided that this was the time. He didn’t want to wait, and pulled the crotch of her underwear to the side so that he could fit his erection into her where she sat on his lap and hug her tightly. After a thrust up he pulled her down his length until his cock was all the way inside of the young woman, balls deep.
  62. She moaned unhappily and leaned on Henric. He heard her take deep breaths to relax, saw one of her hands ball into a tight and quivering fist.
  64. “Did you have sweet dreams last night Alex?” he asked, holding still and appreciating the sensation of simply being inside of her, being squeezed by her on every side. “You’re suspiciously wet this morning.”
  66. Her cheeks bloomed red and radiated heat.
  68. “It’s perfectly acceptable in my book that you’re having dreams about me, young one,” he teased, touching her face.
  70. “It wasn’t about you,” she snapped angrily. To punish her for speaking in that tone, Henric was quick to grab her hips and pull himself out of her a few inches before ramming her back down as hard as he could. Shivers went up his spine while Alex reeled and he saw a look of misery on her face that nourished him.
  72. “There’s no need to use that tone,” Henric warned her. In a way, it was cute to see her like this, cute to him that she had such a difficult time not fighting him at every turn but that she still knew he was in charge. “Were you dreaming about Ellis?”
  74. She shook her head. “I don’t even remember, Henric. You just woke me up.”
  76. “Sir Henric,” he corrected her with another brutal thrust to make her wince again. “Try again.”
  78. She wouldn’t look at him. “I don’t remember… sir.”
  80. “Much better,” he praised her, running a calloused hand up and down the uninjured parts of her back again. She looked sick. “Now, Alex. Look at me.”
  82. He was given reluctant eye contact, but her head was still angled down and away from him.
  84. “I can tell that while I was away yesterday you did some thinking. And you wised up and decided to do the smart thing for a change of respecting my right to do whatever I please. I’m proud of you.”
  86. She didn’t move or say anything. Henric bucked his hips slightly and got a reaction: she arched her back and inhaled sharply, her jaw clenching as Henric’s cock rubbed everywhere inside of her. The knight was continually delighted by the girl’s sensitivity. He looked down between them to where their bodies met below--him with short dark hair and Alex with virtually none compared to him. Her body had more pink while his had a touch more tan, but really it could have just been that she was flush with arousal, or that she was feverish from one of her injuries.
  88. “You are gorgeous,” he purred with his hands running up her thighs to grab the sides of her waist. He began to move them both, not expecting her to be ready to really participate yet. But he was confident that he could teach her to like it. He’d taught her to submit, hadn’t he? He was immensely proud that he'd come so far on the way to breaking her.
  90. Alex started to pant. She lifted her hands up on his strong shoulders so she would have something to hold onto. His wicked smile made her dizzy as he bounced her in his lap, so she leaned in and wrapped her arms around his neck, hiding her face against him. His smell--musky, heavy, the scent of dirt and metal with spice of sweat, dominated her senses. Alex was used to this smell by now, though she associated it with unhappiness.
  92. Henric nearly came when she held him so, clinging to him. It felt like she needed him. The thought made him sink his nails into her thighs and the whimper that she gave to him was a precious reward. The man shut his eyes and leaned back to lay on his back again, arching his back and thrusting up to penetrate his squire more deeply, more harshly, again and again.
  94. She didn’t try to stay sitting upright, her forehead resting on the pillow just above his shoulder while her hot breath and tears made his neck almost as wet as she was between her legs. He was grinding inside of her, holding her hips to move them as he pleased to stimulate himself. He didn’t care about her pleasure this morning. He thought that perhaps he would give her the gift of his fingers later tonight if she was good.
  96. Though he held out as long as he could, that wasn’t as long as he would have liked. It was only a few more minutes of bucking, grunting, and groping her ass until he came from the tight girl. As he pumped his cum inside of her as deeply as he could reach, he grinned and thought to himself: mine is the only cock she’s ever had. This rich lord’s daughter was born to take it.
  98. After, he lay mostly still, panting. He didn’t stop Alex when she sat up and got off of him and out of the bed. He swooned when he noticed a line of translucent fluid, a mix of hers and his own, slipping down the inside of her right thigh and he set his head down again.
  100. The knight listened to her climb down the ladder, listened to her do her best to clean herself up. Then she called up to him, “Henric?”
  102. “Are you forgetting something?”
  104. A sigh from the girl. “Sir?”
  106. “Yes, dear squire?”
  108. “Sir Isaac needed you before.”
  110. “No,” Henric sighed angrily as Alex reminded him of responsibility. “Isaac wanted me. There is a difference. Just because Isaac sees a potential threat around every corner does not mean that we need to have meetings to discuss them all.”
  112. They performed an adjusted morning ritual. Henric washed his face and pulled on his pants and tabard then buckled his belt. Alex sat off to the side with a bucket of water, a rag, and a jar of salve for wounds at the ready, and she was tenderly unraveling the bandages. The knight imagined that she expected him to help her again in tying new bandages when he returned. So be it. He wanted to check on them anyway to see what his sword had wrought.
  114. He didn't enjoy the sight of her injuries, not sexually at least. But he enjoyed knowing that there would be permanent marks on her because of him, even if he had to be diligent in making sure they healed properly. He thought about the handprint on her shoulder--no other man's hand would ever fit it, just like no other man's cock would ever experience the pleasure that was Alex' vagina--as he left his room.
  116. There were no guards about, and the usual sounds of idiot squires and idealistic knights laughing were also absent. Henric’s footsteps fell heavily to punish the stone building for not revealing everyone’s locations to him immediately, but eventually he found a gathering of soldiers and knights in the meeting room that he’d forgotten existed on the ground floor. This boded poorly, and when he walked into the room, a possibility flashed in his mind.
  118. Alex had told someone. They were here to attack him, here to catch him. She had let him do what he wanted to her because she knew it would be the last time that he could. He was going to be arrested. His heart hammered in his chest and his hand went unconsciously to the hilt of the enormous sword he had adopted. “What’s happening here?” he asked, grateful that he was able to hide his fear.
  120. “I was waiting for you,” Sir Isaac said.
  122. “You took a while to get ready,” Sir Cyrus added as though he were scolding. Henric did not appreciate that attitude. Cyrus might have been twice his age, but they were both knights.
  124. “Well then stop wasting time and tell me what’s happening,” he demanded. He needed to know if this was the end for him. His peaceful, knightly demeanor flickered with his words, but the only one to notice that he wasn’t a man of virtue was Ellis, who felt sick at the sight of Henric and melted back into a wall.
  126. Isaac sighed but turned his attention away from Henric and towards all of the men in the room. He broke the new silence that had congealed by saying, “There was a mass grave robbery in Fogton two days ago.”
  128. Brows wrinkled and men made uncomfortable rumbling sounds. Mass grave robbery was a sign of a necromancer. Henric knew of this particular problem, having just returned from Fogton and his dear friend Kerran, but he murmured unhappily with all of the others. He had known that attention would be drawn to Kerran’s projects, but had hoped there was more time for the wizard to work his magic. There might not be at this point.
  130. Someone asked what was being done about the situation.
  132. Isaac said that he, Sir Cuthbert, and their squires would be going to investigate. They’d take a few of the soldiers and everyone else would stay behind. This told Henric that Isaac wasn’t as concerned as he should have been--the opposite of the norm. But no one would really have anticipate that THE Kerran Myar to come back from his own grave.
  134. After the short meeting there was the opportunity to ask questions. Henric left, but no one had questions anyway. He felt his time had been wasted with this, and was angry at himself that he had allowed his emotions to drive him wild enough to believe that the knights planned to arrest him. They were incompetent fools and he was a better swordsman than any of them--he just wasn’t a better swordsman than all of them if they worked together.
  136. He returned to Alex, who was sitting on her furs with her injuries exposed to the air and slathered with new salve. It seemed almost miraculous to Henric how well she tolerated the pain, but he never became suspicious, never suspected that she had drugs to help her with that. And never would he ever have suspected that she would have received them from his minions Yorick and Ssazra.
  138. The squire was reading a book. “What did he need you for?” asked the girl softly.
  140. “They caught Kerran’s scent apparently,” Henric said. He went to the cupboards and got bandages. He'd kept many, many strips of fabric rolled up and had been buying them in large quantities since getting Alex. “Faster than expected but it won’t be much trouble.”
  142. He didn’t hear a response there and knew that it meant Alex was unhappy but unwilling to fight over it. She needed him to take care of her and that meant she wouldn’t argue. The thoughts ran through Henric’s mind feverishly--she will submit because she needs me, she is helpless without me--and his stomach flipped. Such a wonderful thing to think about, and he was appropriately smug as he went to her.
  144. The handprint he had left on her shoulder was delightfully clean around the edges. He could tell at a glance, looking down at her where she sat, that it was a hand. When it scarred over, it would hold the shape. And she would carry that gift from him forever. He hoped that someday the girl would learn to appreciate it. It wasn’t something he would have done for just any slut he fucked. Alex was special to him--she was his.
  146. The other injuries, he didn’t care much about those. Droplets and dribbles and splashes where acid had landed on her. Most of them were very small compared to the one on her shoulder, but still disastrous by the standards of the layman. If Alex hadn’t lived her life hiding her body, she would have been much more devastated than she was by the future scars, but instead she took comfort from knowing that no one would ever see them. Well. Maybe her betrothed, someday. Alex didn’t like to think about her impending marriage. She loved the princess, her distant cousin whom she had known from childhood, but didn’t believe she would ever be able to fall in love with a woman--and she knew that the princess herself had eyes only for the young man who was her bodyguard.
  148. “You’re blushing,” Henric commented while he tied a wrap on her arm. “What are you thinking about?”
  150. She shook her head, but answered him softly. “I was thinking about Roanna.”
  152. The name sounded familiar but Henric couldn’t place it. If it had been a man's name he would have been jealous, but it was a woman's name. “Who?”
  154. “My… my future wife.” The red on the squire’s cheeks deepened and darkened. She didn’t want to talk to Henric about this, and sure enough when she spoke he looked rather upset, almost as upset as he had been when he’d first put the pieces together back in the spring.
  156. “A little slut like you does not deserve to marry a princess,” he snarled.
  158. “What do I deserve then? You?” The squire countered immediately. Her tongue and wit had moved so fast she felt she had whiplash, and wasn’t even aware of the words until she heard them and thought about them.
  160. Henric was quiet for a beat, then backhanded her and made the room spin riotously.
  162. “You will never deserve me,” he explained. “But I do deserve to have you. A rich little slut all to myself. I’ve earned it, I’d say.”
  164. The squire held her head in her hands and shut her eyes, but still she felt seasick in her own body. What she said next was deliberate: “Well it’s true that I will never deserve you.”
  166. He cuffed her again. It was worth it to dig under his skin and cause him trouble time to time, but… she didn’t feel the need to do it again today. If she pushed him, it was only a matter of time before he upgraded the level of his violence, and Alex wanted to be as done with that as possible, no matter how disgusting she felt inside. Henric looked at her, challenging her to keep speaking, but she didn’t take him up on it and he returned to bandaging her.
  168. She changed the topic. “I’ve been reading about knights.”
  170. “Children’s tales?” the knight sneered.
  172. “No,” she said, sounding confused. “History. For education. Like all the other squires.”
  174. “You can’t only read the history of knights,” Henric told her. “That’s idiotic. There are ten soldiers to every knight in The King’s Army. The knights are the ones giving the orders on the field, aye, but everything comes down from the king, through the highest knights, and down to scum like us. The history of knights is meaningless, Alex. You are training to be barely better than a footsoldier in rank. But the pay is much better. Not that you need it.”
  176. She let that sink in. “Well the book is mostly about the knights who were higher up. A lot of them come up with the orders, it’s not as though the king sits somewhere and orchestrates everything. He’s got people who he trusts.”
  178. “Those knights who are higher up are as worthless as those of us on the field,” Henric said, and tightened the binding over Alex’ shoulder. “They sit in castles and safe places and see nothing.”
  180. “That’s not true,” the girl protested, but it was clear that Henric was set in his beliefs about this. “Why did you even become a knight if you hate everything about it?”
  182. This was not a question that Sir Henric appeared to be used to answering. His eyes narrowed as he thought, and he stood up and walked away from Alex, back to a shelf to put away unused bandages. “I tell the fools that I did it for the sheer joy of being a knight, but that’s utter bullshit that only idiots like you adhere to. I became a squire when I had the chance because my father was a drunkard addicted to gambling, my mother was a smothering and clingy bitch who used me as a tool, and I knew that once I was a knight I would be able to get away with anything I wanted.”
  184. Alex didn’t know what to say. She didn’t have many options that weren’t outright lies or guaranteed to escalate his anger. She said, “Oh. Okay.”
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