Don't Go Valentine! 2019 Valentine Login Special

Oct 30th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Iroha’s voice: Here, this is from me to everyone
  2. Yachiyo’s voice: Thank you, Iroha
  3. Tsuruno’s voice: Wooooah! These are really delicious Iroha-chan!
  4. Felicia’s voice: Great! It melted in my mouth!?
  5. Sana’s voice: It’s normal for it to melt…
  6. Felicia’s voice: Oh?
  7. Felicia’s voice: Aah, I meant, it went really fast!
  8. Tsuruno’s voice: Actually…!!
  9. Iroha’s voice: Wha-, what’s wrong Tsuruno-chan…?
  10. Tsuruno’s voice: This is also from me!
  11. Tsuruno’s voice: BABA---M!
  12. Iroha’s voice: Wha, what is…that red chocolate…
  13. Yachiyo’s voice: Tsuruno, that’s not red peppers is it…?
  14. Tsuruno’s voice: Ohh, well I did dump some in at the last second
  15. Tsuruno’s voice: At the very least, these will convey my spirit…!!
  16. Sana’s voice: Um, in that case….
  17. Iroha’s voice: Sana-chan…?
  18. Sana’s voice: I’ll…accept some…!!
  19. Tsuruno’s voice: Woah, Sana!
  20. Sana’s voice: … … …
  21. Sana’s voice: Hnnnnnnnng! (SPIIIICY!)
  22. Sana’s voice: The sp-spiciness...takes a little to kick in, guh…
  23. Yachiyo’s voice: Oh, for goodness's sake. Wait just a moment while I go bring my chocolates…
  24. Yachiyo’s voice: I think maybe it’ll help alleviate the pain if you just eat some plain chocolate
  25. Tsuruno’s voice: In that case, I’ll go get some water!
  26. Yachiyo’s voice: That’ll just make the spiciness worse
  27. Iroha’s voice: Um, there’s still my chocolate. I’ll bring some more!
  28. Yachiyo’s voice: Yes, please do
  29. Felicia’s voice: Woohoo! Today’s the chocolate party!
  30. Little Kyubey: …………
  31. Little Kyubey: …………
  32. Iroha’s voice: Little Kyubey!
  33. Little Kyubey: Mokyu!
  34. Iroha: Here, this chocolate is from me
  35. Tsuruno: You can have my pepper chocolate too! I still have more
  36. Yachiyo: Aside from that, I wonder if letting you eat it will be okay… ?
  37. Yachiyo: You don’t have to force yourself to eat it. I’ll leave it here for now.
  38. Iroha: Heh heh, thank you once more for being with me
  39. Iroha: I think there are still many difficult things let to do,
  40. Iroha: but I’ll continue to do my best so please continue to support me
  41. Tsuruno: Then altogether
  42. Tsuruno & Iroha & Yachiyo: Happy Valentine’s!
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