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  1. Yeah yeah yeah yo this the type of shit you could really feel man
  2. Get up out yo seat man wave around yo heat man
  3. Back from the 90's like it never left
  4. Make it better yet on a better set
  5. People to the left blast it till you're deaf
  6. People to the right make this shit your best night
  7. I see girls all around me party's getting rowdy
  8. Smoke from which a toke is getting cloudy
  9. And all these g's will fuck with me but don't know a damn thing bout me
  10. Ok look I got the crooks locked in books
  11. But the snitches gone by the time I hit this shit, look
  12. We only got one chance to make it right
  13. Gotta take this chance and homie Imma take it right
  14. Dancing Dancing till my feet give out
  15. Blasting beats up out the speaker till the shit gives out
  16. See this is how I'm living now, killin like a villain now
  17. Yeah, bitches see me on the prowl
  18. Laying low I'm slaying though maybe trynna bust a nut
  19. Looking for a baddie with a bust ta fuck
  20. But y'all don't really hear me though
  21. Not a single hoe is near me yo
  22. But there's some on top of me
  23. Feeling like I won the lottery
  24. Building up my game withing my brain this shit's like pottery
  25. Sick of monotony I'm stacking chips like a monopoly
  26. And betting all odds in my favor homie do ya taste the flavor
  27. Balling like a laker but I've never been a player
  28. Suicidal on arrival but I made the bitch a rival
  29. Soon as I gave them a reason to live they opened up their lip
  30. Talking all that slick shit, they keep more drama than chick flicks
  31. While I'm just chillin feeling this feeling the feeling's so right when I'm next to thick chicks
  32. The type that's lick lips and have slick hips I keep by me like hip sticks
  33. Wooden strap with a boomin clap
  34. You know how we do this rap
  35. Fuck all the spiritual lyrical miracles who spit habitual ridicule
  36. Homie this is real shit not some fake like biblical rituals´╗┐
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