(3/8/15) Super Crinkle Pony: Spoopy edition info

Aug 10th, 2014
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  1. (12/25) XMAS EDITION IS OUT:
  3. Offline versions:
  4. Windows:
  5. Linux:
  7. Old versions:
  8. Halloween:
  9. Movement test link:
  11. *****
  13. 3/8 I've upgraded the spoopy to Unity 5. As expected, the old character movement code used in the XMAS and Halloween version didn't survive, however I'm pleased to see all the scene and dialogue work wasn't hindered. RIP old movement, I never liked you much anyways.
  15. Once again, you should be following now, and I am still going to keep this pastebin and the "spoopy" around for experimental stuff and weird holiday builds.
  17. 3/1/15 I'm just about ready to go into beta since I've just about got all the code for all the features I want. Since these notes aren't related to the spoopy side project, I've created a new pastebin for all new notes regarding the WIP beta: I will still update this pastebin with any news regarding this experimental side project.
  19. 2/17/15 I need to apologize, I've been getting really lazy about informing our fans what we have been doing with the game. I'm going to aim for updating this pastebin every other week.
  21. I've been working hard on improving the game's platforming. (yet again) I actually originally planned to release the final version of the spoopy edition on either the Friday the 13th in February or March, however a lot of people helping on the game felt that the controls felt off and buggy so I decided to prioritize more on improving the controls and players ability (And the main point of doing those spoopy/holiday builds was to have a nice test to see what needs to be improved on).
  23. Not only does the player characters control more like a good platformer now, but you can now take multiple hits before you get a Game Over and you can have ability to fight back against most of the baddies. There is also the ability to either fly or parachute (think Dixie Kong) depending on your selected character's ability set. The characters can also swim, sink into quick-sand like objects or interact with strong winds if I allow them too. And, not only all of that, we are also improving the animation to the two existing playable characters and I can have an ally follow the current playable character kinda like how Tails follows Sonic in Sonic 2/3.
  25. I currently have an early test up with the changes and me and the team feels that with the changes the game's playable characters handle a lot better, however there is still some bugs/odd behaviors and some sprite work that needs to be done before we are comfortable with showing off the changes and the newly playable pony.
  27. Aside from the platforming changes, I've also made some changes to the interface so its a bit cleaner and the dialogue boxes aren't difficult to read. And as per usual, new art has been created and I've added the ability to disable or enable more questionable content. Making a semi-decent game is always an extremely tedious and challenging process, (especially if you are doing it on the side) but I'm happy with the progress we have been making.
  29. 1/21/15 Making slow progress on the next version. Life, school and work takes priority over this game project. We have a good bit of new art and fun stuff planned for the next version, such as more vore pictures to go along with vore being enabled and a new Age Regression option with a pictures for it. It's still a bit too early to estimate a ball-park on completion, hopefully I can give more details on the next public version at a later date.
  31. 12/25 Xmas version is released. Lots of new pictures and stuff you can do in camp.
  33. 12/13/14 I'm going to work towards getting the next version out on the 24th or 25th. This version will be called the The Nightmare Before Christmas update and will have a lot more content to find.
  35. 12/12/12/12/12/12 Making great progress for the next update. Lots of new writing, art and gameplay content for it. It will be done when it's done.
  37. 11/11/11/11/11/11 Another really boring update, we made progress on dialogue, Enemy AI and art. Had a new artist join and a talented programmer join. Said programmer already helped with the AI improved I mentioned. To my annoyance one of the kicked off writers that I mentioned on 11/5 is still trying to cause trouble, all team members have been informed how he goes about trying to annoy the current team members. Because this writer has been causing headaches to members that the public knows, I decided not to reveal the new people just yet so they don't have to deal with him.
  39. 11/5 A day ago, I talked to the team and decided it was best we let two of our writers go. Said writers were kicked off the project before and were given a second chance to make things work out. As expected they didn't take it too well. The good news is that we have new pictures in the work, got some planning and writing done, and were lucky enough to have a new writer and artist join the team as well as learn that there are a few talented people that are interested in joining but are currently busy.
  41. 11/2 Currently planning out the next update and reading feedback. Save games are NOT supported this update and will cause issues if you save at the wrong moments. I will fix that annoying NMM bug and add support for save games in the next update but they will still be prone to cause issues. I will also be making the game a bit brighter and I will provide a way to reset Twilight's and Pinkie's portrait.
  43. 10/30 Final hurdle on the Halloween update. Game will be uploaded the 31st.
  45. 10/18 Internal Halloween test was released. Too many changes on the top of my head. Update will be out this Halloween.
  47. 10/11 Just updated the movement. Copy and paste the top link for it. Me and the crew will probably work on it and the new art shown on it this weekend some more. You can jump up and down the brown brick platforms now. You jump down by holding down while jumping on them. Also be on a look out for a funny visual glitch with that WIP kangaroo enemy.
  49. 10/7 Worked on code for movement powerups (You will need to find a power up so you can double jump and another one so you can dash. There is also going to be one to jump higher and turn into a rabbit form.) and code to stop Twilight from moving during some cutscenes. More scene art done by the artists and a bunch of art was done for Inventory objects and the UI. Probably going to release that second public movement test very "soon" (tm).
  51. 10/1 Last movement test almost finished. Made a lot of progress on how I want to handle AI in the game. (don't expect intelligent enemies but expect better then them moving simply up and down and left and right nonstop) Another lose scene complete and a lot of progress on a multiple page panels and animation type thing for the game's next update has also been made.
  53. 9/27 No new movement test yet, instead a lot of new art work were created, portraits ( and I worked on some stage design. Have some WIP picture:
  57. (Pictures won't represent final game blahblahblah)
  59. 9/17 Clean, wet and messy for Twilight character sheet complete. New sprite are for Trixie and Twilight's friends complete. Some of the old dialogue has been getting redone or at least heavily edited still have some progress to make on that. Background art has been redone so it looks betters and old map designs have been redone work better with the new movement few new. Check back later for another test movement build (ETA: End of September)
  61. 8/17 2 test stages have been added to the test. All animation frames for Twilight have been updated. Messy version of the sprites are now complete. You can now crotch and do a slide if you dash or crotch while running.
  63. Alpha 2 link:
  65. Both links requires latest version of unity web player. Adblockers and noscript have been reported to cause issues with input and the game from loading.
  67. Alpha 3 progress:
  68. Aside from the new scene, character and stage art, there are 4 new NPC characters, a few new baddies, a WIP second hub area and a level connected to it. Twilight now has a messy state with a unique sprite sheet and reduced stats. (moves slower, jumps not as far etc)
  70. *August 13 update* -Messed around with script for jumping through and down platforms however it turned out to be more trouble then its worth so its temporarily disabled. Added new moving balloon platform in test movement game and added another walk/run frame for twilight.
  72. Credits (as of September27):
  74. Just about everything:
  75. hodgepodge
  77. Lead Artist:
  78. Pidgopidgey
  80. Lead Writer:
  81. Dandy
  83. Artists:
  84. Fillyscoots
  85. FallingFerret
  86. UnicornLord
  87. Lilly
  88. Rogeychan
  89. RyanRabbat
  91. Writers and editors:
  92. Mewzy148
  94. Previous help:
  95. Lphooves
  96. Detrail
  97. Lunanon
  98. Skitter
  99. Stargrazer
  101. Still here? Have two tutorial projects I completed:
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