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DartCraft Beta 0.2.16 Changelog

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Feb 26th, 2014
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  1. DartCraft Beta 0.2.16
  2. - Bugfix: Fixed a possible crash when loading TileMachines that have been improperly modified somehow.
  3. - Bugfix: Infusing an IForceConsumer with Liquid Force in the infuser should not longer take an amount of levels equal to the previous amount required. No experience was meant to be taken.
  4. - Bugfix: Fixed a glitch where Baconators would sometimes craft with a stackSize of 0, and therefore become invalid.
  5. - Bugfix: Shaped DartCrafting recipes should now properly show when usage for their ingredients is requested.
  6. - Bugfix: Wooden Force Slabs may again be properly crafted using Force Planks, instead of making Oak Wood Slabs.
  7. - Bugfix: Force Belts should now work with hotkeys when they are in the rightmost hotbar slot instead of simply refusing to work in that slot.
  8. - Updated to newer ThaumCraft support. Research Notes should now be correctly re-randomizable by Force Transmutations on both earlier and newer versions of ThaumCraft.
  9. - Magnet Gloves can now draw items from inside a Force Belt that is on a player's hotbar. Hitting that slot's hotkey will also toggle the Magnet Glove's mode.
  10. - Gold Dust is no longer required to make Force Potions and Chateau Notch.
  11. - Chu Chus and other DartCraft nasties can now spawn in ExtraBiomesXL biomes.
  12. - Added a config option to disable the ability to craft IC2 crystals out of rubies and redstone.
  13. - Added the "Time" upgrade. This upgrade is Tier 3 and only given by a Clock.
  14. - The Time upgrade can be added to a Force Sword, briefly slowing or stopping enemies it strikes.
  15. - Upgrading a Force Rod with the Time upgrade will allow the rod to briefly imbue an area of the world with accelerated, decelerated or stopped time for a brief period of playtime. Shift-clicking a Rod of Time will change the mode and right-clicking will activate it. By default this uses a chunk of magic, but the amount and use can be configured.
  16. - Stopping EntityItems will freeze them in place until the area is returned to normal. These frozen items can be claimed by left or right clicking them.
  17. - Arrows can also be stopped in mid flight, but they will continue flying (and harming) when time is returned to normal.
  18. - Blocks (in item form) and Arrows are physical while they are stopped, whereas Items are not.
  19. - While stopped, most hostile mobs will not require weakening before being captured in a Force Flask.
  20. - Players are not affected by Time magic in any way.
  21. - Accelerating Skeletons or Creepers is a good way to die.
  22. - The Fast and Hyper settings of the Rod of Time will allow blocks and TileEntities to update at increased rates. Crops, furnaces, Force Panels etc.
  23. - Specifically, when a Rod of Time is right-clicked a temporary EntityTime is created at the location, which serves to change the flow of time for entities and blocks in a 6 block radius for approximately 10 real time seconds. After this long the entity is destroyed and removed from the world. The effects of these entities can effectively stack, but they cannot affect each other.
  24. - A config section has been added for the Time upgrade, which allows the upgrade to be disabled for Swords or Rods altogether, or even to have the ability to affect Blocks or TileEntities limited or disabled.
  25. - If enabled in the config the Time upgrade will be valid for Force Torches. Time Torches will keep an area within modified time, specified by the torch's current setting. To change the torch's setting, simply right-click it in the world to toggle its mode. By default this is enabled.
  26. - Fast and Hyper Time affect the rate at which entities spawn from vanilla Mob Spawners. In addition to this, these settings will also allow these devices to work when no player is in range.
  27. - Soul is now a required upgrade.
  28. - Craft and Forge are no longer required upgrades.
  29. - Opening and Closing Storage units as well as shooting Force Arrows have been given new sounds.
  30. - Storage units will render as Sturdy when the config option "Super Storage" is enabled.
  31. - Healing Torches now properly damage Ghasts.
  32. - Added the cheat "/themoonlookstragicbettergivemesomemagic" which allows admins to give a player free magic for a specified time.
  33. - Added specific Time support for Forestry TileEntities such as Squeezers, Carpenters and Centrifuges which did not work by default.
  34. - Players in Creative Mode can now catch entities in Force Flasks without having to weaken them first.
  35. - Bottled Entities may now be shift-right-clicked to throw the flask, much like a snowball or other throwable item. The entity will be released where the flask lands, and the empty flask will also be dropped at that location for retrieval.
  36. - Force Flasks now have the potential to stack up to 64, instead of just one. They will, however, be unable to milk a cow in their stacked state.
  37. - Bottled Entities now have the potential to stack up to 64, instead of just one. When picked up or manually bottled DartCraft will now stack entities that are similar enough to warrant stacking.
  38. - Mob Chunks will now be manually stacked by DartCraft when they are picked up instead of stacking pseudo-randomly.
  39. - A Flask of Angry Bees can be crafted by surrounding an empty Force Flask with Drones from Forestry. Once released, these agitated apians will attack nearby entities such as players or cows until they are killed. Angry Bees have large amounts of health but don't hit for very much. They tend to drain magic when they attack as well, however they cannot harm a player wearing a full set of Apiarist's Armor. These entities also tend to disperse after about 20 or so seconds, so killing them is not always necessary if you can outrun them. Angry Bees will never spawn naturally.
  40. - Crafting Flasks of Angry bees can be disabled in the config.
  41. - Added a cheat command "/youjustwantedhoneybutnowyoullgetstungy" to spawn Angry Bees around a player with some negative effects.
  42. - Force Flasks may now be thrown by sneak-right clicking them. If they land on an entity they can capture they will do so, otherwise they will simply wait for someone to pick them back up.
  43. - A few bottled entities have been added to NEI and Creative Mode.
  44. - NEI usage and recipes for Bottled Entities such as Bottled Pigs and Flask of Angry Bees will now show only themselves and not every iteration of bottled entity.
  45. - Modified the recipe for Force Flasks to use a Force Nugget instead of a Force Ingot. The output has also been been buffed to 3.
  46. - Updated textures for the Power Drill and Power Saw to be more IC2-like.
  47. - The Power Drill and Power Saw can now also be created by Force Transmuting Mining Drills and Chainsaws respectively. In addition, Power Tools now store 50k instead of 30k.
  48. - Force Furnaces, Generators and other IC2 Force Machines now come in the white variety by default. They may still be recolored.
  49. - Force Furnaces are now crafted with two Iron Ingots and three Force Ingots instead of just 5 Force Ingots.
  50. - Force Torches now list their various upgrade iterations in NEI.
  51. - Larger variations of Storage Units have been added to NEI.
  52. - Ender Tots spawned with the "dontdismayjustlookaway" command will now despawn after 30 seconds.
  53. - Ender Tots not killed by players will no longer spawn parents.
  54. - Items with the Sturdy upgrade on them will now persist in a player's inventory through death. This includes Force Armor, Force Tools, Force Packs, Force Belts or anything else that happens to get the "Sturdy" upgrade in its tag data somehow. To be more specific, these items are stored in a buffer until a player respawns instead of being dropped. This buffer is saved to a file when the server is stopped, and read from this file when the server starts back up to ensure that players who log out or are kicked after dying are not penalized.
  55. - Force Tomes no longer require shift to be held in order to view their point value.
  56. - Sturdy's Armor coefficient will no longer apply when a player has run out of magic.
  57. - Clipboards can now accept the Sturdy upgrade, which will allow them to persist in a player's inventory through death.
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