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  1. STATS
  2. Name: Kleevij
  3. Role: First Mate
  4. Class: Bardbarian
  5. Occupation: Mercenary
  7. Gender: Female
  8. Age: Appears 21+
  9. Species: Tiefling (Orc and Elven heritage)
  10. Height: 5'11"
  11. Weight: 145 lbs
  12. Hair: Black
  13. Eyes: Amber
  14. Build: Curvaceous
  15. Body Features: Red skin, Red horns, Pointed elongated ears, Forked tail, Tribal tear tattoos below eyes, Black talon like nails, Multiple piercings
  17. Orientation: Pansexual
  18. Limits: Scat, Vore
  20. Weapon: Electric-Axe (doubles as a guitar), comically large and packs a punch
  21. Powers: Superhuman condition, Fire Manipulation, Shadow Manipulation, Natural Armor, Berserker, Charmspeak, Music, Lesser magic
  23. Small Personality - Loud, Aggressive, Gluttonous, Hit-em-until-they're-pulp, Where-are-my-credits, Hold-my-beer, Loyal
  25. Small Background - An abomination on any side of the sheets you look at, but managed to scrape by due to her certain brand of 'ugliness' among her father's people. It was said that her looks made her more fearsome to the enemy, and were a small boon from her sex slave mother. Among the orcs she learned to let the blood rage take over to make her a formidable opponent in combat. Even as the curiousness of her mother's infernal elven line granted her other strange traits. Eventually desiring to make a name for herself, would say good-bye to the clan of pillagers for the glory that awaited in more civilized settings.
  27. What she found was dick and pussy for days, begging to be pumped dry of their juices for her own mounting vices. Oh and credits. A lot of credits for just splitting skulls open.
  31. Make a connection. A connection is something in the past your character has done with another player character to build a history, make them small so they don't force anyone into anything (Example Getting stuck in an elevator shaft with another.)
  33. You can have as many connections as you want.
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  36. This is your Template.
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