Doumi - 46

Jul 7th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Doumi ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name (Nickname) Situation / Job Relationship
Jae Wook (MC) Office Worker Single
Jeong Seol-Hee (FMC) Mascot & Doumi Single
Seo Joo-Heon (Seo) Chief of MC's section Single
Cho Kwang-ki (Joe) Team Leader Single
Yoo-Won Parlor Massage Single

Chapter - 46

(TN: Well last week I said that the killer worked with an accomplice / helper but helper is a word commonly used for karaoke hostess / bar girl.. My bad..)

Well one of the two girls talks about the strange reaction from their Boss the other explain her that he has is own circumstances with the 1:1 because, years ago there was a serial killer who only targeted "Hostess" / "Karaoke Girl" and one day he killed one of Boss's girl. He was secretly in love with the girl who was murdered, Scene jumps to Boss / Pimp smoking sighing because he showed a weird reaction in front of the girl and thinks that FMC will be safe cause he thinks too much..

TITLE DROP - Episode 46


Lee Pil Sung 'Serial killer' major event record
Date Victim / Situation Case
March 200X Ms.Jeon - Karaoke Hostess Murder
Jully 200X Ms.Kim - Karaoke Hostess Murder
January 200X Ms.Choi - University Student Murder
March 200X Ms.Yumo - Housewife Murder
January 201X Ms.Lee - Karaoke Hostess Murder
June 201X Ms.Han - Karaoke Hostess Murder

Blond girl is shocked by how many women this psycho murdered and asks to her colleague why did he targeted so many Karaoke Hostess. The other one says that the killer first victim was a karaoke girl because he surprised his girlfriend (who was a karaoke girl at this time) cheated on him with a customer so he killed her later and he kept going like that afterward.

Blond is pissed and says that his previous GF was a bitch but the other girls were innocents, Brown tells her that he was a pretty boy with good manner, he always came alone and asked for 1:1 so all the hostess wanted to go after him because he was pretty rich and was always nice toward the karaoke girl.
She keeps going telling that Boss favorite was the prettier here and one day she went alone for a private show / date (1:1), she died this day.

FB - Years ago

A journalist reports that the field investigation from the last victim of Lee Pil Sung ended..

The killer is shown next to a mannequin reconstructing the murdering scene in front of some policemen, Boss is crying and shouting at the killer, warning him that it'll be preferable for him to be executed or to die in jail because he goes out, he'll make sure to make him suffer before killing him. Lee Pil Sung turns his head and looks at Boss, the officer warns him to don't look away and to keep working. The killer stands up, looks at Boss and gives him his middle finger upsetting everyone. Boss screams "You Dog!".
They try to keep boss under control and tells to Lee Pil Sung to continue what he's doing because he stops now it'll not help him during his trial to have a reduced sentence.

Outside - In front of the Karaoke

Boss throw out his cigarette a bit depressed because what happening to FMC reminds him something he wanted to forget. He thinks that he promised himself to not have anymore feeling for a hostess because of what happened years ago.. He doesn't know why he cares so much about FMC, he says that she entered in his life without him knowing how it happened and she's important to him now. He thinks it's really annoying..

Korean BBQ

(Chief [Head] of a section => 과장 + 님 => Gwajang-nim)

MC is cutting some meat and roasts them for his Chief and tells her to try the roasted meat with the spice, she tells him she likes it when it's "spicy" and tries it, she founds it delicious, MC is happy about that. She tells him that the food is good but the one cooking it is better (more appealing), he thanks her.

She proposes him a drink, he accepts, they clink there glass and drinks it, MC turns away while drinking (Sign of courtesy when you're with your superior). Chief looks at him and asks why he's doing that despite him being one year older than her, he tells her that she's his Chief so he needs to show her some respect. She looks at him seriously and tells him if he thinks like that , they will not have too much fun tonight.

He is surprised by what she just said and tells her that he'll try is best to take it more easy / act more naturally with her. She looks at him thinking that his earlier expression was so cute and wants to see more of this side of him..
MC asks himself if his Chief really wants to just drink all night long or want to have "fun" tonight.. He looks at the meats he's roasting thinking that his Chief was a beautiful woman and what does she means by having "fun" and if she's trying to seduce him. He looks at her remembering the clothes she's wearing today and understands what she means by having "fun".

MC's workplace

Chief greets her team, she's wearing a gorgeous dress, making her really appealing. MC looks at her like all his colleagues and asks himself if she really intends to meet him tonight dressed like that.

Korean BBQ

He looks at her while roasting the meat, he thinks that what she's wearing this morning was too pretty and he almost forgets it because of the apron she's wearing right now. He proposes her more meat, she accepts.
She suddenly calls him name surprising him, he asks her what she wants. She asks him if someone at the company is aware that they're meeting tonight, he tells her that she knows him and he always keeps his mouth shut so no one in the company should know.

She gives him a serious look and asks him if tonight, no matter what will happen between them nobody will know, MC looks at her dumbfounded.


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