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  1. APA Wifi Week 6
  2. vs aDrive
  3. He has - I have -
  4. VictiniLatias
  5. Rotom WashTangrowth (Y)
  6. GalvantulaCobalion
  7. DonphanSwampert
  8. ScraftyDrapion
  9. GarbodorFerroseed (X)
  10. Mega PidgeotMega Diancie (Y)
  11. KartanaExploud
  12. MimikyuAraquanid
  13. AudinoZapdos (Y)
  14. TyrantrumMoltres (X)
  16. This game is like every other game - just because he’s a big name doesn’t mean anything. He has so many threats - his team is looking like a JOHN JUNIOR team if I’ve ever seen one.
  18. Zapdos has a really really solid matchup - there isn’t a ton that absolutely frightens Zapdos, and Static could prove to be insanely useful. Can be a great answer to M Pidgeot. Zapdos has SO much defensive pressure this game. We could rock out with Toxic, Roost. We can outspeed Jolly Tyrantrum. We just went max defense since we will really be walling Phys Def mons. We changed to not outspeed max speed Tyrantrum since we have checks to that, and we have enough defense to live one Banded V-Create. We dumped the rest into SpDef.
  20. Mega Diancie can be a monster in this game - it has so few switchins and could definitely prove to be a good wincon. Should we go max speed to outspeed Kart just in case? CM looks like it might be able to win this game…keep that in mind. Dual stabs DESTROY. We can OHKO a Victini with 44 attack investment. We can live a raw HP Steel from Timid Scarf Galv.
  22. Outside of Mega Pidgeot, Galvantula,  and Victini, Tangrowth has a KILLER matchup. It can be a great wall to the Kartana as well. We can live two Banded Smart Strikes. We can also live two X-Scissors from non banded. Tickle could be a really interesting move. Amnesia Leech Seed/Synth could also be wicked cool. Reflect/Light Screen could be cool. Leech Seed is pretty free this game. We can live two Adamant Head Smashes from the Tyrantrum. We put the rest into special attack with 4 in SpDef.
  24. Swampert has a really great matchup this game - we just have to be careful of statuses. We probably need Rindo to help deal with Galv with Eball, Victini with Eball. EQ plus Ice Beam does really really good this game. Rocks can be really annoying for him to deal with. We actually can’t OHKO a Victini with EQ, so why bring Rindo? We can live one Victini Energy Ball. We can guarantee two shot the Pidgeot. We can live two Hurricanes after Leftovers. The only problem with this set is that we get walled by the Rotom - I really like Toxic on this set, instead of Protect I guess? Maybe change to Rindo since can build to put Tini in range of rocks. We had 76 leftovers, so we put the rest into Defense. We can live two EQs from max attack Ada Donphan.
  26. Cobalion can live a Mega Pidgeot Heat Wave after two switch ins on rocks
  28. Latias - ???
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