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Trying out Crowd Cow

sonyaellenmann Jun 19th, 2017 80 Never
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  1. Here's another startup that I'm trying out!
  3. It's called Crowd Cow, and it's like an online version of that thing where you go to a ranch with friends or family and divvy up a cow (or half a cow). Alternately, like Kickstarter for butchering a cow and distributing its meat.
  5. However, you can't buy in quite the same level of bulk that you presumably can if you're going directly to a ranch, and the prices likely aren't quite as good. The prices aren't bad, though! Here's what I got per pound, give or take a couple of cents:
  7. 1) $6.50 on round steak
  8. 2) $10 on top round roast
  9. 3) $5.9 on "premium" ground beef
  11. Altogether I ordered 20.5 pounds of meat for $150.99 (including shipping, which was $12.99). This may very well strain our freezer capacity, but I think my parents will be interested in buying half from me.
  13. The prices are cheaper than some upscale grocery stores (note: in the Bay Area) and the meat is sourced more ethically, at least in theory. I hope that the cow "tips" (all the portions are sold) and I actually get the meat.
  15. Anyway, here's my referral link: https://www.crowdcow.com/l/uzzi1cwwd/20
  17. If you sign up, I get $15 and you get... nothing? I'm not sure. But hey, if you're interested, I would like $15 in free meat.
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  21. The above was originally a Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/sonyaellenmann/posts/1669371469742646
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