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  1. C3977
  2. "What you just said is just nonsense from that ignorant disciple, you actually believed it?"
  3. But, facing the questioning of a few leader s, not only did All Heavens Sect not panic, he had an angry look on his face, and actually questioned the other leader s.
  5. "Back then, when we obtained that stone box, we studied it together. We were simply unable to use the power of that stone box to break it."
  7. "I can only do it according to what the monolith inscriptions suggest."
  9. "And what was the hint of the monolith inscriptions? is to open the stone box and allow the Junior to enter, and use his power to snatch the treasure inside the stone box. "
  10. "You know about this as well."
  11. "Now, you actually suspect me?"
  12. All Heavens Sect was filled with righteousness, as if the one at fault was not him, but a few other leader.
  14. After hearing what the All Heavens Sect said, the other leader s also revealed awkward looks, and did not know how to refute.
  15. Because what the All Heavens Sect said was indeed consistent with the situation at that time.
  16. Back then, they had indeed examined the stone box seriously. They weren't able to utilize its power.
  18. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to relax and handed the stone box over to All Heavens Sect for safekeeping.
  19. After all, the treasures in that stone box were things that they all wanted.
  21. "We trust you, but your sect's disciple, Nangong Yifan, he … The method that is being used right now seems to have used the hidden power within the barrier. How should we explain this? "
  22. Wind Thunder Sword Sect asked.
  23. "And those who have great opportunities are blessed by the heavens."
  24. "Although he is a disciple of my sect, he has some methods that even my sect does not know about."
  25. "You're not even in there. How can you be certain that the methods you use must be related to the power of that stone box?"
  26. The All Heavens Sect asked.
  28. "That's because that disciple is just spouting nonsense. Even if he has great talent, he should still be punished."
  30. The Dragon and Phoenix Immortal Pavillion said.
  32. "How could a disciple have such guts? In my opinion, it must be instigated by someone behind your back, right?"
  34. When the Nine Stars Heaven Mountain said this, he glanced at the Wind Thunder Sword Sect.
  35. "How can you blame my disciple? Clearly, Nangong Yifan from the All Heavens Sect used a despicable method. "
  36. Wind Thunder Sword Sect naturally had to speak up for Chu Feng.
  37. "What do you mean by 'despicable people'?"
  39. And after hearing these words, the All Heavens Sect's expression also became displeased.
  41. Actually, he was very clear about what was going on.
  42. He was very clear that Nangong Yifan had used the power of the stone box.
  44. However, he couldn't let these people know about this matter. He had to pretend, and since he did, he had to act more like it.
  46. "Alright, let's end this here. We are allies, let's not start an internal conflict just because of the nonsense of a Junior."
  47. "Otherwise, wouldn't others see it as a joke?"
  48. At this time, the Miao Clan also spoke up.
  50. He did not participate in the argument, but instead tried to persuade her.
  51. After hearing these words, even though a few leader s had suspicions in their hearts, they could not say anything in the absence of absolute evidence.
  54. Thus, they all returned to their seats.
  56. "How could that be?"
  58. However, just as they sat down, they all stood up.
  59. They discovered to their astonishment that there was a change in the barrier world.
  60. Even after his cultivation had been upgraded, Nangong Yifan was still unable to struggle free from the hands of that disciple called Wang Chen.
  61. "Damn it, you … What exactly is on you? "
  63. "Why can you restrict me?"
  64. Nangong Yifan, who was previously full of confidence, was now panicking.
  66. Originally, he had wanted to ruthlessly teach this Wind Thunder Sword Sect in front of him a lesson after his cultivation had increased once again.
  67. However, before he could do anything, a domineering power was released from his opponent's hand and entered his body.
  68. At this moment, it was as if all of the power in his body had been subdued, and was actually not under his control.
  70. At this moment, he was like a venomous snake whose fangs had been pulled out. No matter how strong the venom in his body was, it was unable to harm him at all.
  71. Seeing Nangong Yifan's unreconciled face, Chu Feng smiled slightly.
  72. Boom — —
  73. In the next moment, Chu Feng's clothes fluttered, following that was. Chu Feng's aura swept through the heaven and earth like a tornado.
  74. Until now, not to mention Nangong Yifan and the disciple s, even the people outside could see that Chu Feng's cultivation had increased again.
  75. A Grade Eight Supreme Realm martial artist at this moment... Chu Feng's cultivation had already reached the level 8 Supreme Realm.
  76. "You, who exactly are you?"
  78. Nangong Yifan was in a bit of despair, because up until now, he had already unleashed all of the methods that he had at his disposal. Even so, he was still unable to contend against the person in front of him.
  79. Therefore, he fell into despair. The reason for that was because he had thought that the treasure in the world of barrier was none other than himself.
  80. But now, a person had appeared. Even if he were to display his full strength, he would be unable to defeat him.
  82. How could he not despair?
  84. "Like I said, you disappoint me."
  85. "Woosh ~ ~ ~"
  88. As his voice fell, Chu Feng waved his hand, and with a loud bang, the mountain rocks shattered, and thick smoke billowed out.
  90. It was Nangong Yifan.
  91. Nangong Yifan was thrown far away by Chu Feng, and fiercely smashed onto a distant mountain rock.
  92. The force was so great that even mountains were pierced through and collapsed.
  94. When Nangong Yifan landed on the ground, he was already covered with blood, his muscles and bones were all broken. Even though he was still conscious, he had lost his fighting strength.
  96. "Bastard, we are allies. Even though you possess exceptional ability, you still need to know your limits."
  98. "The spar shall come to an end. On what basis are you capable of heavily injuring senior Nangong?"
  100. Just then, a All Heavens Sect female disciple walked out.
  101. He might be Nangong Yifan's admirer, and was even quite sincere towards him, so after Nangong Yifan was heavily injured by Chu Feng, when the other male disciple s did not dare to speak, she actually stood out and spoke up for him.
  103. "Who's your ally?"
  104. "Little girl, watch your words. Otherwise, don't think that I can't do anything to you just because you're a girl."
  105. Chu Feng turned his head and looked at the lady angrily.
  106. The disciple had originally prepared to fight to the end with Chu Feng.
  107. However, when she saw Chu Feng's gaze, she immediately became terrified.
  108. Because in that instant, it was as if what she saw was not a person, but a devil that could do anything.
  109. After that, Chu Feng walked to the front of the Formation.
  110. With a swipe of his hand, he pierced through the Guardian Formation and took out the treasure inside.
  112. "You!"
  113. Seeing this scene, the disciple who was shouting at Chu Feng earlier, was completely dumbstruck.
  115. Not only her, the other disciple s were also dumbfounded.
  116. After all, they were still trying to decipher the Guardian Formation under the purple pillar of light.
  118. He was fully aware of how powerful the Formation was, but the guy in front of him had actually disregarded it, and had so easily taken out the treasure inside the Formation.
  120. This made them doubt themselves for a moment.
  121. He didn't know if the opponent was too formidable, or if their method of breaking through the formation was wrong.
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