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  1. TITLE: Not sure about it right now, was thinking of "Smashing Samus" but just "Samus X WFT" can do.
  3. Description: Thought of this since Metroid's 33rd anniversary. There's probably a lot of bimbo Samus focused stories, so if you prefer the buff, stronger type of Samus, you may enjoy this one.
  5. One day, Samus Aran and Wii FiT Trainer go to the gym to do some exercise. After a while, WFT decided to grab her water bottle and sit, just to take a brake. However, she could not stop noticing Samus running in a treadmill. WFT kept staring at Samus' strong, beautiful body.
  6. As WFT kept staring at her, her dick became more erect and she noticed it, so she decided to hide it by crossing her legs. Samus leaves the treadmill and decides to talk to WFT just to ask how she's doing. Once she stumbles upon WFT, she noticed that she was shaking and was embarrassed of something. Eventally the erection became too strong and the dick popped out of WFT's pants.
  7. WFT quickly hid her penis with her towel out of full embarrassment but Samus, however, decided to take away the towel and grab WFT through her shirt and take her to the shower room.
  9. In the gym showers, Samus rips of her own clothes and then rips off WTF's, to make both naked. She then turns on the water and lets it slide through her body, making her breasts, abs, ass and the rest of her muscular body wet. WFT gets really excited and Samus lets her do whatever she wants.
  11. WFT starts to lick Samus' abs and kiss them, while massaging them as well, before moving towards to sucking and fondling Samus' breasts, rubbing her head on Samus' thighs, licking her vagina and even putting her head between Aran's asscheeks while eating her ass. WFT does a lot to represent her love for Samus' body with her mouth and hands until her dick gets really hard.
  13. WFT gets up from kneeling and rubs her penis, while Samus kneels down to suck it. Samus starts sucking WFT's penis and licking the shaft for a while, until she puts it between her breasts, just to give WFT a quick boobjob. Samus stops rubbing WFT's cock between her breasts and decides to rub it on her abs. As Samus rubs WFT's dick on her abs, WFT suddenly cums on her in such a short span of time.
  15. WFT looks back at Samus, embarrassed and apologizes for cumming a bit early but Samus claims the fun isn't over, as she grabs WFT and takes her to the gym's exercise room, even when both were naked. Wii Fit Trainer lays on a bench press while Samus sits on WFT's lap, putting her penis inside her pussy, and decides to lift some weights. As Samus begins lifting weights, she begins to move her hips as well, making her get fucked while exercising. WFT starts to moan during this and she keeps moaning faster and louder as Samus begins to move at a faster rate. Eventually, WFT ejaculates inside Samus and ends up tired. Samus and WFT decide to take a break for a while.
  17. After said break ended, Samus and WFT went to a boxing ring in the gym and thought of doing wrestling moves while naked.
  19. == UNFINISHED ==
  21. Trying to recap what i've had so far.
  22. >Samus and Wii Fit Trainer go to a gym
  23. >WFT can't stop noticing Samus' strong, beautiful body
  24. >Gets a boner and tries to hide it poorly
  25. >WFT is indeed a dickgirl here.
  26. >Samus notices it
  27. >Grabs WFT and takes her to the shower room
  28. >They fuck
  29. >Samus is mostly dominant and/or on top
  30. >WFT is mostly worshipping Samus' body
  31. >May or may not fuck DURING exercise (Samus lifting weights while sitting on top of WFT's lap, getting dicked as an example)
  32. >Maybe some "romantic wrestling", where they do martial arts exercise for fun but with lewd shit going on
  33. >In the shower scene, there's implications of the water going through Samus' body
  34. >Samus headlocking WFT with her thighs
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