#CASE WAS ALLREADY CLOSED - Michael Hemmingson

Sep 14th, 2012
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  1. FHW = Nimwit
  2. Inbox
  3. x
  4. LgnSec De Ene
  5. mike said, August 13, 2012 at 11:42 am Caroline K, would you please email me:...
  6. Sep 4 (10 days ago)
  7. mike l*
  9. Sep 7 (7 days ago)
  11. to me
  12. RA,
  14. Thank you for the correspondance. I am glad my Tumblr post has made it
  15. to someone who has found it useful. However, I was very disturbed to
  16. discover my handle, "justintimetravels" (and variations: justintime,
  17. etc.) being used on IRC and in your post. This IS NOT ME. I AM NOT THE
  18. "justintime" ON IRC. This is most definitely Hemmingson pretending to
  19. be me in order to discredit my claims/research. To clarify, I AM the
  20. "justintimetravels" on Tumblr, but I am NOT "justintime" on IRC OR ANY
  21. OTHER SITE ON THE INTERNET. My name is Mike L*, this is my primary
  22. email. I am not savvy when it comes to IRC, internet, etc., so if you
  23. ever see a variation on my "justintimetravels" handle in any IRC or
  24. other tech-associated arena, IT IS NOT ME. This includes the handle
  25. "Drake Bailey," which is no doubt a play on my Tumblr alias
  26. Justin_Bailey (taken from a password from Metroid on NES). Thank you
  27. for your hard work, and for looking into this further.
  29. RE:
  34. Doc_H aka BigBean4Action aka Dr_Hemm aka LoJacker aka Drake Bailey aka HeavyMasObject aka imperial aka michael-hemmingson
  35. go mad on 1 of his ip's Tijuana MEXICO his 3rdsplitsplicedlife other one ip .edu so no use for it.
  37. and thanx for the "laugh" my own Nimwithat post dedicated to me what an honor. and your late lulz. for a nimwit with self proclaimed IQ of 207 lulz
  39. case was allready closed. and world in action. - Observe - see non-attached. #RA
  41. but no attention you get #more
  43. karma is a bitch isnt it m.h
  44. you got a flood load incoming.
  45. take some more Vicodin's and slice some more imagination with intel allready out there.
  47. AN0NRA1 the one and only.
  49. #OPCannabis
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