Another Failure of Israel

Jan 6th, 2012
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  1. It's another failure of Israeli security agencies like Mossad, Interpol and Shin Bet, look at this page:
  5. I really feel sorry for you Israeli authorities. That's all you can find? You are really so weak so! That's all?
  7. You are really weak. I suggest you to remove innocent person details that appeared on that page. You are really dumb.
  9. From here, I challenge the world to find me, let's the game begin. You have 2 weeks. If I come back and post another message after 2 weeks, simply you failed and I won the game.
  11. Game just started (you lost already, let give you another lesson that you are easily defeatable)
  14. P.S. I don't have third file and I don't publish viruses, people who want to have database
  15. Just search torrent sites like torrentfunk and download it directly from torrent, Israeli authorities want to afraid you from downloading files, feel free just download it
  17. Haha!
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