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  2. i am halbob, i'm a sexy single ladyfarmer in kentucky, and the chinese farmers
  3.  next door are trying to sabotage my goat farm".
  4. "Well you should be thanking them for that, because they've been helping me out
  5.  with some of my farming work
  6. > "I don't trust them"
  8.  well I think it's time we started trusting each other. We could even make an
  9.  alliance, you know like how we do on the farm".
  10. "Ohh, yeah, that sounds good. But what about your husband? You said he was a
  11.  farmer too right
  12. > "Not anymore he hurt himself in the war"
  14.  Well I guess he can stay at home now, but I want him to help me with this new
  15.  job. He'll still get to keep his house though, so he won't mind at all".
  16. "Hah! That's sweet of you Suzy, but no
  17. > "Your husband is a coward that got hurt running away"
  19.  Well maybe if he had just stayed at home and not run off like that, things might
  20.  have been different, but he ran anyway. So he gets to stay at home, but I'm
  21.  going to be moving into your old house
  22. > "Stay out of my old house"
  25. "Well okay then, but only because I'm tired of cleaning up after you!"
  26. "Fine, but I'm taking over as head of security".
  28. > "Someone has to protect this farm from the chinese"
  31. "Yeah, but who's gonna do it?"
  32. "Me! And I'm not talking about just guarding the gate or something, I mean actually
  33.  doing shit around here".
  35. > "Those chinese dogs won't know what hit them"
  37. "Yeah, but who's gonna do it?"
  38. "Me! And I'm not talking about just guarding the gate or something, I mean actually
  39.  doing shit around here".
  41. > "Tonight i am doing to burn their wheat fields down
  43. ".
  44. She says "Okay, but I don't think its a good idea for you to go on a rampage
  45.  tonight, you should really relax first before you go out there
  46. > "Don't tell me what to do"
  49. You say "It's not MY choice to make, I'm just saying you need to rest yourself
  50.  before you go out there".
  51. She says "Alright fine, but I'm not letting you take charge of anything tonight,
  52.  you're going to have to call the shots myself"
  53. > "are you retarded?"
  56. She says "No, I'm just saying you should take some time off and relax before
  57.  you go out there, I'm sure you understand"
  58. You sigh
  59. > I wait until night and sneak into the chinese wheat fields
  61. You decide to wait until night and sneak into the chinese wheat fields. You see
  62.  a lot of people walking around and chatting to each other, but nothing that
  63.  would give any indication that someone is planning something. The only thing
  64.  that stands out is that they are burning wheat fields and not growing crops
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