THE GROUP CHAT AF #2 - @crybabyjoon

Jun 13th, 2017
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  1. - HWIYOUNG -
  2. FULL NAME - Aoi Joan Hirabayashi
  4. " joanna "
  5. " hira hira~ "
  6. " shi shi "
  8. DISPLAY NAME - joan
  9. TWITTER USERNAME - @yahshi
  11. AGE - 21
  12. BIRTHDATE - July 28, 1995
  14. OCCUPATION - cafe owner and barista
  16. ETHNICITY - japanese-american
  18. WHERE YOU LIVE - kobe, japan
  20. SEXUALITY - gay
  21. PRONOUNS - he / him
  23. - CHANWOO -
  24. FACE CLAIM - yeo hwan woong, pd101
  25. BACKUP - kim yongjin, pd101
  27. - HYUNGGU -
  28. PERSONALITY ON SCREEN - online, aoi is one of those people that comment "tHAT'S MY BEST FRIEND FUCKING IT UP WITH HIS BOMB ASS VISUALS, MHM", and he makes sure that once people press into his account, they instantly think "he's gay". he's someone that posts pictures of himself or what he's doing on a daily, and he likes to comment on almost everything he sees. he's very well known, it either being because of his visuals or because he's someone you instantly click with. aoi is all sweet talk, extra friendly, and he makes sure to make everyone feel loved and appreciated. though, don't get him wrong, he LOVES drama. he likes getting into fanwars, giving his opinion very strongly and he makes sure his comments sound VERY rude and angsty, enough to get his point across. if aoi isn't tweeting about the cute guys that visit his cafe, he's retweeting tweets that his favorite singers / models / actors post up. in conclusion, aoi is some who everyone wants to be friends because he can be the realest you'll ever meet, yet he'll threatens to become a snake when he doesn't get what he wants or gets ticked off.
  30. PERSONALITY IRL - in real life, aoi isn't all that different from the way he is online. he's as equally loud, probably even louder, and he is everyone's personal hype man. though he doesn't favorite anyone online, or take sides and tends to make EVERYONE feel special, aoi likes to make specific people feel special from time to time. he plays favorites and makes sure to make that clear, he'll make that one specific person feel like a king because aoi gives all his attention towards that one person, compliments them almost 10000x a day, extra clingy to them and makes everyone feel as if they're not worth his precious time. aoi comes off as rude to people, it mainly being because he always has a sour / bored face, being the owner and barista at a cafe is difficult and tends to take his time, which only makes him as bitter as the coffee his elder customers order. he carries a bitter and bothered aura 50% of the time, which makes people not want to go up to him even if it's something important, yet once he's actually talked to, his boredom is gone and he's all smiles. he's someone that needs to be talking 24/7 or else he might as well just call the police and mentions he's missing since he hasn't been active. aoi is EXTRA, he likes making everything extravagant and loves being noticed, given all the attention from those he wants it from only. when aoi isn't playing favorites, when he isn't being sour or bitter about a topic, he's really child-like and ridiculously funny, which makes him 20x much more easier to be around. he giggles loudly like a school girl but claps his hands crazily like a seal, and he's extra touchy when he's in his chill state, slapping people's shoulders or chests. aoi knows he has a feminine personality, and that he himself is a very attractive boy, and his feminine first and middle name don't help out the situation at all. it's prertty ridiculous, but he uses his name as an excuse for his sexuality. "you know, i'm only this gay because my parents practically asked for it, they named me!"
  32. BACKGROUND - aoi was born and raised in japan his whole life, has been stuck there since birth, never visiting even his grandfather's home town which is chicago, illinois. of course, aoi has wished MANY times that he could go out of his birthtown, at least to make it a good topic and make it the gossip of his group of friends, though he doesn't have the time nor energy to travel. he grew with his grandfather and grandmother, who both were very supportive of every little thing aoi decided to do. aoi had both of his parents, father and mother being very healthy, but aoi had to be taken care by his grandparents since a young age because both of his parents were too busy with work when he was born. he loves his parents, and his unforgivable annoying siblings, though he chose to live with his grandparents. it mainly being because he liked how different his grandparents were from others, they weren't always nagging him or telling him that he should be like other boys. they were very supportive of his choices and the way aoi thought of things, he was also very much closer to his grandparents than he was to his parents. since aoi has a very close relationship with his grandparents, though nothing was wrong their health nor was the cafe failing in bringing in customers, they gifted the cafe as his own for one of his birthdays. he was very ecstatic, reason being that this cafe, YASHI CAFE, was like his second home. the cafe does take up most of his time, but he loves it with all of his heart just like his grandparents do, so he makes sure to work as hard as everyone that works under him and those that visit his cafe.
  34. TRIVIA -
  35. - though he owns a cafe, aoi isn't the biggest fan of caffeine
  36. - he owns a lot of colorful plushies, naming them all unique ass names
  37. - low key always dissing soomeone, no matter who they are
  38. - mutters a lot
  40. - a hoe for tall dudes
  41. - likes sleeping with a fan going full blast yet a blanket covering his body
  42. - likes teasing people by acting cute at times
  43. - low key listens to those serious, break up songs
  44. - has never dated anyone seriously tho?? ^^
  45. - really likes typing on his laptop
  46. - though he makes it seem like he doesn't like his name, he does because he sees it as bait to get cute guys to message him on social media
  47. - thinks babies are the cutest and most innocent things in the world
  48. - likes going to the playgrounds because all the little children actually pay attention to him
  49. - and because he really likes playing on the swings ^^
  50. - doesn't really drink coffee but loves making them and thanking people for visiting his cafe
  51. - most of is irl friends are people that found him interesting when they visited his cafe, happening to want coffee
  52. - really likes the pastries that's sold at the cafe
  53. - because his grandmother makes them with the help of workers ^^
  55. - he adores his little siblings, being the oldest makes him the best
  56. - would kill for his family yet acts like your local snake in front of them
  59. - can eat spicy anything without crying or sweating, or bitching
  60. - commenting on almost everything he sees on twitter
  61. - babysits either his siblings or other children when not working
  62. - can do a hand stand for 10+ minuets
  64. - DONGHYUN -
  65. WHAT DOES YOUR BIO SAY - " call me aoi or joan, or baby boy, whichever fit your likings. not depressed or stressed, just unimpressed. "
  70. " y'all i'm looking hella cute today, bet all those that didn't date me regret it;;; " (u can add an image if u want??)
  71. " push me to the edge, i ain't got friends "
  72. " should i have made my username littytitty or something bc mine too boring :') "
  73. " hmu i'll 'accidentally' suck your dick "
  75. " i just saw my neighbors dog running through my garden, shall i chase it or let it ruin my art is the question "
  76. " hAVE Y'ALL SEEN MY MISSING BOYFRIEND!!!!11! because i haven't either #singlelikeapringle "
  77. " ew i hate it when i see a rat, my sister should really stop visiting my cafe "
  78. " got some noice bootay in the cafe ;) "
  80. WHY YOU DECIDED TO BE IN GC - aoi saw the tweet and was somewhat curious, so he pushed the tweet to se who and who retweeted and liked the tweet, because he likes to know everything. though, once he saw that a really, really cute guy retweeted, he was suddenyly very interested and decided to do so himself.
  82. WHERE DO YOU G WHEN YOU FEEL SAD / UPSET - aoi either goes to his grandparents house, to talk to them and just gain his happiness back as he munches on one of grandma's amazing baking. or he just lays on his bed as he listens to music that is guaranteed to make him smile again.
  84. ANY DISORDERS? - nope.
  86. - SOJJUNG -
  88. - aoi is cahtting in the group about how his day went, when a character (that aoi finds attractive?? or tbh just any male character) comes into the chat and aoi is suddenly very interested into that character, so he asks him questions about his day and how it went.
  89. - the group chat having a debate on whether aoi is a hoe irl or not
  90. - aoi sending a soft threat, for example "yOU SNAKE IF YOU DON'T STOP SENDING ME PICS OF YOUR SAD DICK IM GONNA PUNCH YOU IN THE DAMN THROAT", to the group chat instead of whoever he was suppose to privately and the gc is asking questions about the dicc pics and debating if he should send them or not
  92. MESSAGE TO GC - i ain't a snake but man,, mess with me and i will b,, ily all tho
  94. MESSAGE TO AUTHOR - iLY STILL AND YOUR AF IS GETTING SO MANY FORMS, I KNEW IT WAS GONNA BE A HIT. never say never jus like justin sunbaenim said. :')
  96. PASSWORD - kino <3
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