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  2. XP 51,200
  3. half-orc skald (red tongue, fated champion) 13 variant multiclass wizard
  4. CE Large humanoid (human, half-orc)
  5. Init +34
  6. Senses Perception +22; blindsight 40 ft, darkvision 60 ft; see invisibility, detect magic, enchantment sight, aura sight,
  7. Defense
  8. AC 30 touch 14 flat-footed 30 (+9 armor, +4 Dex, +7 natural, +2 deflection, -1 rage, -1 size)
  9. Hp 192 (13d8+130)
  10. Fort +30 Ref +20 Will +26
  11. Defensive Abilities DR 2/--; uncanny dodge, improved uncanny dodge, spell turning, freedom of movement, nondetection, deceptive redundancy, light fortification, contingency
  12. Immune critical hits, precision damage, fear, poison, disease, raging effects
  13. Space 10 ft Reach 15 ft (25 ft with Lance of Deimos)
  14. Offense
  15. Speed 30 ft; fly 40 ft
  16. Melee +7 Lance of Deimos +32/32/27 (2d6+40/x4 plus bane and 1d6 sonic) or +4 armor spikes +29/29/24 (1d10+26/20/x2 )
  17. Ranged +4 adaptive composite longbow +16/16/11 (2d6+26/x3)
  18. Special Attacks raging song (19 rounds remaining; inspired rage +6 Str/Con, +6 Will; song of marching; song of strength +10) ,rage powers (Savage Intuition, Unexpected Strike, Deathless Frenzy, Strength Surge), spell kenning 2/day, bardic masterpieces [Music Beyond the Spheres, Dance of 23 Steps +/-4, Legato Piece on the Infernal Bargain, Night Queen’s Fury, Pageant of the Peacock, Arrowsong’s Lament 3rd, Blazing Rondo +4], prescience 7/day
  19. Skald Spells Known (CL 13th, concentration +26)
  20. 5th (1/day)- bard’s escape, greater command (DC 24)
  21. 4th(3/day)- denounce (DC 23), echolocation, greater invisibility, dance of a hundred cuts, heroic finale
  22. 3rd(4/day)- charm monster (DC 22), arcane concordance, infuse self, bit of luck, dispel magic, slow (DC 22)
  23. 2nd(5/day)- castigate (DC 21), gallant inspiration, raiment of command, shared training, heroism, blistering invective (DC 20), bladed dash
  24. 1st(5/day)- doom (DC 20), vanish, deja vu, moment of greatness, deivon’s parry, saving finale, heightened awareness, long-arm
  25. 0(at-will) - message, light, mending, spark, oath of anonymity, detect magic
  26. Tactics
  27. Before Combat Every morning, Brand casts raiment of command and uses Music Beyond the Spheres to cast magic vestment, greater magic weapon on his lance, bow and armor spikes, orchid’s drop, greater age resistance, nondetection and hunter’s blessing (targeting humans and the demiplane Tir-na Nog’th) extending them with a casting of arcane concordance. When Brand is informed of the PCs’ presence in TIr-na Nog’th through whatever means, he takes another dose of mumia as well as a dose of silvertongue, applies his shaman’s paint and additionally casts heightened awareness, echolocation, heroism, infuse self as a ganzi (expending his Defensive Transmutation boon and applying the size bonus to Dexterity) and bit of luck under his own power, and freedom of movement, deceptive redundancy, grand destiny, untold wonder, rags to riches (on his lance, armor and masterwork tool of Use Magic Device), tactical adaption (gaining precise strike), barkskin and invoke deity (chaos), spell turning and spell immunity (choosing spells the PCs make use of often and especially spells that would be unaffected by spell turning) using Music Beyond the Spheres, before restoring his drained wisdom and constitution with it as well. He then casts shared training to give precise strike as a bonus feat to himself, his kalavakus demons and his hezrou demon allies. Finally, he casts long-arm when the PCs reach room A12. All of these spells and their expenditures are factored into Brand’s stat block, as well as his inspired rage.
  28. During Combat Brand is a complex character, with many possible courses of action. Which will be performed in combat differs per encounter; see the encounters in C8 of Occupied Castle Amber and A14 of Tir-na Nog’th for more details.
  29. Morale Brand is a coward, and will take the first opportunity to flee when possible. However, when he is cornered in area A14, he will fight to the death and beyond, activating Night Queen’s Fury as an immediate action to curse those who oppose him, then casting heal on himself while he perseveres with Deathless Frenzy. He will only choose to die if he is completely drained of resources or allies, or if he cannot bring himself back from the brink.
  30. Statistics
  31. Str 42 Dex 18 Con 30 Int 18 Wis 16 Cha 29 (+1d2)
  32. Base Atk +9 CMB +28 CMD 40 (+4 vs trip and bull rush)
  33. Feats Extra PerformanceB, Amplified Rage, Combat ReflexesB, Power AttackB, Deadly AimB, Combat ExpertiseB, Noble Scion(War), Discordant Voice, Weapon Focus (Polearms)B, Precise StrikeB
  34. Skills Use Magic Device +33, Perception +22, Oratory/Dance maxed
  35. Languages Common, Orc, Abyssal, Infernal, Aklo, Ignan, Terran, tongues
  36. SQ rogue talents (combat trick [combat reflexes], weapon training (polearms), watcher of the weave (+6), forewarned (+6, act in surprise round), far seer, shield of foresight, duplicitous rhetoric, rile, seed of discord, lore master 2/day, versatile performance (Oratory)
  37. Combat Gear scroll of time stop (sorcerer) (4050 gp), alchemical items: mumia drug (500g), blood-boiling pill(75g), artistic ale (300g), silvertongue drug (75g)
  38. Other Gear three reasons to live (9000gp), onyx ring of fell resilience (6666 gp*, +3 profane all saves, -2 Con), Lance of Deimos [furious fortuitous voidglass hooked lance] (10000 gp), adaptive composite longbow (1100 gp), hero’s hauberk (15600 gp), circlet of persuasion (4500 gp), spellbook containing 500 gp of wizard and bard spells, tome of the transmuter with preparation ritual (2635 gp), bane baldric (10000 gp), stagger-proof boots (2000gp), jewel of judgement, cracked dusty rose prism ioun stone (500 gp), ~2500 gold pieces
  40. Infinite Progression (Ex) Thanks to numerous wish spells cast on him recently, Brand Baxter has the following inherent bonuses: +3 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +1 Constitution, +1 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, +3 Charisma.
  41. Automatic Progression (Ex) Brand’s methods of progress have lead him more toward the immaterial. He gains a +2 enhancement bonus to natural armor; a +2 deflection bonus to AC; +4 enhancement bonuses to Strength and Charisma; +2 enhancement bonuses to Intelligence and Dexterity; and a weapon and armor attunement of +2 each. He has only half the wealth of a PC of his level; the value of his Lance of Deimos has been calculated using the difference between a +2 weapon and its current enchantments, though his treasure has not (see below).
  42. Exceptional Stats (Ex) Brand has always been above humanity. His stats were generated with a 26 point buy, instead of the normal 15 for NPCs or 20 for heroic PCs.
  43. This increases his CR by 1.
  44. Profane Gift of Domination (Su) Brand bears a mark from the hell-maiden Dara, a sign of her influence over him that is leading him to attempt to destroy Order as everyone knows it. He gains a +2 profane bonus to Constitution from it, and may gain a further +2 profane bonus to another stat by allowing her to use her dominate person spell-like ability - treating Brand as the source of this ability - through the telepathic link.
  45. Lance of Deimos (Su) While Brand Baxter wields this item, it functions as a +1 fortuitous furious voidglass heavy lance and is further augmented by his other abilities. In the hands of any creature with normal progression, it only functions as a normal +1 voidglass heavy lance.
  46. Elephant In The Room (Ex) Brand Baxter gains several combat feats as bonus feats, including but not limited to Power Attack, Deadly Aim and Combat Expertise.
  47. Permanent Spells (Sp) Brand has made the following spells permanent on himself: enlarge person, arcane sight, aura sight, darkvision, detect magic, enchantment sight, read magic, see invisibility and tongues.
  48. Music Beyond The Spheres (Sp) This foul masterpiece that forms the crux of Brand’s rise to power after finding the Fount, as well as his madness, allows him to duplicate a limited wish with just one round of raging song, a full round action and ability drain to either Constitution or Wisdom.
  49. Unaging (Sp) Demonic and devilish power courses through Brand’s veins. He gains the benefits to mental ability scores of his venerable age without the penalties to physical ability scores.
  50. Jewel of Judgement While Brand is currently in possession of this artefact, and its recovery should be one of the secondary goals of the PCs, he is not in any particular position to use its abilities in heated combat. (AN: more like I didn’t want to define any of it’s abilities; although it would be easy to do so)
  51. Contingency (Sp) When Brand is attacked and doesn’t have a displacement spell up, he is affected by displacement.
  53. Namelss CR —
  54. Rhamphorychus familiar (valet)
  55. hp 96
  58. Forge-Giant (2)
  59. XP 9600 x2
  60. Variant forgefiend
  61. CE Large outsider (demon, extraplanar)
  62. Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition pg. 408
  64. Hezrou
  65. XP 12,800
  66. CE
  67. Bestiary pg. 62
  68. Hp 145
  69. Kalavakus (2)
  70. XP 9,600
  71. Bestiary 2 Pg. 78
  72. Glabrezu CR 13
  73. XP 25,800
  74. Doctor Lucius Frost CR 13
  75. Human alchemist (grenadier) 13
  76. CN Small humanoid (human)
  77. See page 55
  80. As the PCs walk through the seemingly bland hallway at C8, they may not be aware that they are being watched from some faraway point in shadow (DC 38 Perception or Spellcraft check; this is a scrying effect). One turn later, the glabrezu in C9 receives a sending and begins to move toward the PCs and attempt to intercept them. One further turn after that, Brand himself (see page 161) appears for a moment, and performs a full attack with his bow against the PC with the most Enmity Points accumulated; the specifics of this attack are +19/19/19/14 (2d6+16/x3 plus 2d6 bane), with +4 more to-hit against humans and the first hit is a guaranteed critical that adds 13 damage due to named bullet. These bane and named bullet effects are made against humans; if the PCs have managed to hide their race for this long, he gains no specific benefit against them. Brand flees as a swift action with getaway after performing this act; if the PC targeted survives, they gain an additional 5 Enmity Points. The turn after, 2 shadow demons, a vrock and a succubus greater teleport in to try and take advantage of the weakened PC; they fight to the death, and will attempt to dominate or possess characters weak of mind to achieve victory.
  84. — fluff here —
  85. Tactics - Brand
  86. Before Combat see page 161
  87. General tactics: Brand uses Gallant Inspiration on attack rolls of around 30 that still do not hit. He uses his move actions to approach the PCs to try and force them to remain in his threatened area; especially at the range of 20 feet. Every turn, he uses Dance of the 23 Steps to gain a dodge bonus to AC. On attacks of opportunity, he’ll usually try to trip, disarm or sunder on his first attack unless none of them will be useful. He uses Prescience every turn he is in direct combat with the PCs, saving high rolls for saving throws and 20s for critical hits with his lance.
  88. Turn 0: Brand begins using Inspired Rage via Savage Intuition.
  89. Turn 1: When Brand gets his turn in the initiative order, he immediately begins performing Blazing Rondo with his swift action and reads his scroll of time stop (there is no chance of his Use Magic Device roll failing with the preparatory spells he cast). In the following rounds he uses spell kenning to cast shadowbard to have it maintain his inspired rage, wall of stone (with Music Beyond the Spheres) shaped in a way that it will try and split the party, then with the rest of the time stop turns he will try and cast other battlefield-controlling or self-enhancing spells such as divine power, greater angelic aspect, greater invisibility and hungry pit.
  90. Turn 2: If any of the PCs are vulnerable to mind-affecting effects, Brand will use Music Beyond the Spheres to emulate geas, compelling that PC to defend him zealously until the Primal Pattern is utterly destroyed. Otherwise, he uses another disabling spell, such as archon’s trumpet, with the same method. He activates his bane baldric, usually going for human-bane unless the PCs are particularly exotic races.
  91. If he has dance of a hundred cuts active, he uses his stagger-proof boots to keep it that way once his turn is over.
  92. Turn 3: Brand casts bard’s escape on as many of his allies as possible to manoeuvre them into optimal positions. 
Turn 4 and later: Brand full-attacks with the Lance of Deimos as long as a PC is in his optimal reach, otherwise he casts debilitating spells until he can walk up to them and kill them. He uses both Combat Expertise and Power Attack in tandem when fighting in melee. He prefers to use divine spells from Music Beyond the Spheres since he considers himself a god, but will cease using that ability unless it is necessary if he drops below 5 Wisdom.
  94. Tactics - Dara
  95. Before Combat Dara has made sure to be very, very far away from this event, no matter how it goes down.
  96. During Combat Dara can sense when Brand begins fighting through his profane gift. She rolls initiative like a normal combatant, but can only attempt to use her dominate person and suggestion spell-like abilities on the PCs through the link. She uses dominate person on any PC in range on turn 1, granting Brand a +2 profane bonus to Strength and then suggests that the PCs “lay down their weapons”, “prostrate themselves before the new god”, “turn around and run”, et cetera.
  98. Tactics - Hezrou
  99. During Combat The hezrou charges at the least armored PC and attempts to grab them with its bite - using Brand’s Strength Surge to add a +14 bonus to its CMB roll if possible - and then it waits until that PC is nauseated by its ability to release the grapple and begin full attacking them.
  100. Morale The hezrou fights to the death.
  102. Tactics - Glabrezu
  103. Before Combat The glabrezu has already expended its monthly wish to try and destroy the PC with the most Enmity Points - that has been resolved earlier in this chapter.
  104. During Combat The glabrezu immediately tries to use power word stun on the frailest looking PC. After that, it uses confusion if it can hit 2 or more PCs with it and dispel magic otherwise. It never accepts Brand’s inspired rage, and flies as far away from the PCs as possible.
  105. Morale The glabrezu flees with greater teleport if reduced below 180 hit points.
  107. Tactics - Forge-Giants
  108. During Combat These demons immediately rise from the ground they hide in after the PCs enter the room and go after the back-line of the party. They accept the raging song and use their searing spew ability whenever possible. They use Strength Surge if they get the chance to rend a PC’s armor.
  109. Morale The forge-giants fight to the death.
  111. Tactics - Kalavakus
  112. During Combat The kalavakus focus on harrying the more martial-bent members amongst the PCs’ ranks. They use their enslave soul ability on PCs that seem most skilled with weapons to slow them down at worst or weaken their ability to resist their spell-like abilities at best. If they succeed, the kavalakus that enslaved that PC’s soul stops accepting raging song and attempts to use dominate person against it if possible. They move in to disarm the PCs they attempt to use enslave soul on in the same turn, using Brand’s Strength Surge if possible, to leave them helpless against their full-attacks later on.
  113. Morale The kalavakus flee with greater teleport when reduced under 100 hp unless they cannot abandon the melee for some reason or have a reason to attempt to dominate a PC.
  115. Tactics - Dr. Lucius Frost
  116. Before Combat Dr. Lucius Frost prepares a Dexterity-enhancing mutagen and several extracts.
  117. During Combat Dr. Lucius Frost shoots at the closest PC to him with his composite longbow, using his Rapid Shot feat to shoot a third time at a -2 penalty. If a PC is right next to him, he tries to take 5-foot steps backward to get a clear line of fire for a smoke bomb.
  118. Morale Lucius is compelled by a geas to fight to the death. If the PCs somehow remove the effect, he will flee immediately.
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