Tulip & Velour 1

Apr 2nd, 2017
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  1. “W-what!?”
  2. >You stare at the piece of paper in disbelief while Peachy pats your back
  3. >”It’s ok Tulip, it’s just a piece of paper...”
  4. >You look at the paper that says popularity poll, listing all the fillies in the class from most popular to least popular
  5. >And you’re the second last one on it, and the last place belongs to the classroom hamster!
  6. >It’s technically a girl
  7. >As you stare at it, your brain trying to figure out just how this could happen, a familiar voice speaks up from behind you
  8. >”Oh my, if it isn’t miss ugly messy mane”
  9. >You turn your head and find number 2 on the list, Scratchy Velour, gloating behind you with a smug grin on her silvery freckled face
  10. “Ugh, Scrappy Velour...”
  11. >Her eye twitches as she tries to keep her composure, brushing some of her long silvery mane away
  12. >”It’s not Scrappy its Scratchy!”
  13. >You eye the dark blue coated filly, her coat like velvety velour and her face as dumb as always
  14. “Yeah and my mane is not messy or ugly, it’s got natural beauty”
  15. >You run your hoof through your mane and give it a flick
  16. >”Psssh, just like a scarecrow is handsome*
  17. >The two random bat fillies next to her giggle as she takes her leave
  18. >”Let’s go, you should too Peach Screech before her unpopularity rubs off on you”
  19. >Peachy does not join them, of course she would not, and looks at you with worry while you scrunch your snout
  20. >Peach Screech herself came in second, which is no surprise, but shouldn’t you, the one who shaped her cuteness out of her shell be ways above her?
  21. >And Scratchy Velour came in first, her two friends, or lackeys, third and fourth,
  22. >You fume by yourself with peachy trying to calm you down when two of the young colts of your class approach the two of you
  23. >Two that you know very well, the other one of them being the colt that liked to slap Midnight Delight’s butt a lot for fun in the orphanage, and the other one who got a major boner for Daylily after she kissed his booboo when he took a fall
  24. >You’ve gotten to calling them Pervy and Blushy
  25. >Pervy one is the first to start talking
  26. >”What’s gotten you two in a catfight again? I can prepare a kiddie full of mud for the two of you if you want to fight it out”
  27. >Peachy seems confused
  28. >”Why would the fight in a kiddie pool full of mud?”
  29. >Pervy smirks while Blushy rolls his eyes
  30. >”How else would they do naked mud wrestling?”
  31. >Peachy is even further confused
  32. >”I don’t get it...”
  33. >Pervy shakes hi head
  34. >”It’s a guy thing, but I’m sure your friend knows why that would be great”
  35. >You shrug and sigh, and as you do so Blushy takes notice of the piece of paper
  36. >”Hey that’s the list!”
  37. >Pervy’s face turns serious
  38. >”Wait how did you get your hooves on our secret list?”
  39. >You roll your eyes
  40. ”Every filly’s seen it already, all it took was a little eyelid fluttering and sweet talking to get it”
  41. >Pervy tilts his head in confusion
  42. >”But how is that any different what you usually do?”
  43. >You grumble
  44. “It was Scrappy who did it”
  45. >Pervy seems no longer to be confused
  46. >”So that’s why, I wouldn’t mind having been the one she’d been milking for information”
  47. >You scrunch even further, so it’s not great at all if you do it?
  48. >Of course you completely forget that you only do it at times when it is profitable for yourself and most of the colts have gotten used to it and disregard you acting sweat and cutesy because of it, mostly due to trying to sweet-talk them out of their snack a bunch of times
  49. “What’s so good about her anyway? She’s a total brat and a bitch”
  50. >Suddenly you hear a gasp, seems like Velour came back and you did not notice
  51. >”How dare you, you nympho lesbian!”
  52. >She butts her forehead against yours and the two of you start trying to push each other back
  53. “Shut up you just act innocent, I bet you’re an even bigger perv!”
  54. >Velour looks offended and blushes very hard
  55. >”No I am not, why would somepony of my standing have anything to do with stuff like that?
  56. >Blushy sighs and Pervy shakes his head before talking
  57. >”If only a few fillies in our class would keep their traps shut a little bit more...”
  58. >Blushy nods in agreement
  59. >”Not like all of us even voted, and there were about three different versions of that list depending who you asked...”
  60. >But neither of you hears any of this because you are both too caught up in having an argument, which has now gone past verbal assaults to angrily eeeeee-ing at each other while butting your heads together
  61. >Peachy is trying to get between the two of you, awkwardly, to break it up
  62. >”T-tulip come on, Velour please stop, d-don’t fight you two...”
  63. >After a while the fight ends in a draw, Velour leaving huffily to be somewhere else, and you doing the same, both of your little groups ending up in opposite sides of the classroom
  64. >”You know...”
  65. >You turn your head in the direction of Pervy
  66. >”If you want to lift yourself up, how about doing...pole dancing?”
  67. >You freeze, that’s the very adult like dancing you know a little of...yes, it could work...
  68. >You’re so deep in thought that you don’t notice Blushy asking Pervy why he suggested that, to which he answers that he just wants to see some pole dancing, not really caring who’s the one doing it
  69. >Yes, you’ve been trying to impress these little kiddies with your adult knowledge, but maybe you have not been adult enough! If lewd does not work go lewder!
  70. “Great idea!”
  71. >Pervy grins while Blushy facehoofs and Peachy’s wings pomf open
  72. >”Tulip...maybe you should not”
  73. >You grab your friend and pull her closer to you as she lets out a meep, whispering to her so that nopony can hear you
  74. ”We are going to show that huffy filly and lift my ranks up all in one stroke Peachy, you’re going to help me right?”
  75. >Peachy seems unsure
  76. >”Tulip, don’t you think that it’s a silly idea?”
  77. >You give her the best pleading face you can muster
  78. “P-pretty please?”
  79. >Peachy scrunches and agrees to help you, making you give her a big hug that makes her blush and scrunch harder, and unnoticed to you Velour crunch as well as she notices you hugging Peachy
  80. >But then Midnight Delight returns, signaling the end of the lunch break and the class slowly gets back to their seats
  81. >Sitting right next to Scratchy Velvet
  82. >Most of the class goes by without any trouble, but then stuff happens, Velvet blows a raspberry at you for getting a question right that you got wrong, you throwing a small piece of rubber at her, her throwing a bigger one, the two of you starting to swat your hooves at one another while silently hissing as Midnight Delight has her back turned
  83. >And of course Pervy dropping his pencil a few times and Midnight lifting it up for him, mooning in his general direction every time while Blushy is trying to get him to stop before he gets caught
  84. >As the two of you ate trying to grab each others mane to pull on you loose balance on your chair and fall towards Scratchy Velour and the two of you tumble down
  85. >As the dust clears you find out just why it felt like your mouth was smushed against something
  86. >You and Velour find each other in the middle of exchanging a kiss of sorts, your mouths pressed together
  87. >Peachy covers her eyes with an embarrassed squee, Velour’s two friends let out a shriek of horror, a few random colts do cat calls and whistles, Pervy included, Blushy is just blushing and Midnight Delight gasps
  88. >”Tulip, Scratchy Velour, what is this?”
  89. >You climb up and off of the filly as she trembles, face beet red and her body trembling
  90. >And then she quickly spits and starts to wipe her mouth
  91. >”EWWW! Tulip kissed me!”
  92. “I did not! I wouldn’t kiss you in a million years!”
  93. >”Of course you would not, such a scrappy looking filly would never get to kiss lips as luxurious as mine!”
  94. “Did not feel like anything special to me”
  95. >”W-what how dare you! You, you...perverted brat who knows what special lips feel like!”
  96. >There’s suddenly the sound of a pointer stick snapping in half, that makes the two of you stop and slowly turn to look in the direction of Midnight Delight, holding her pointer now in two pieces, smiling ominously
  97. >”I don’t need to tell you two how much detention the two of you are in, right?”
  98. >Both you and Velour shake their heads quickly, scrunching
  99. >The rest of the day was rather uneventful, and soon enough it was the time for detention, where the two of you are now sitting in, both refusing to look in the direction of the other
  100. >”...You’re always doing things like this”
  101. >You turn your head to look in the direction of the filly who you were pretty sure would not talk to you at all during this detention
  102. >”Always screwing around, making me look bad, even back when most of us were orphans”
  103. >You slouch over your desk
  104. “Yeah well you started it, besides why should I worry about how you look”
  105. >Scratchy Velour rolls her eyes
  106. >”Ponies know or will find out that we came from the same place, and I don’t want to be thought that I too am like...that”
  107. >She points at you when she says “that”
  108. “Oh yeah, well I am rather liked”
  109. >”Only because you do indecent things, I’m liked because of how good and proper I am, and not some rascal”
  110. >You puff up your cheeks in annoyance
  111. “I know you’re pervy too, what about that time when I found you in the orphanage bathroom playing with your-“
  112. >Velour covers your mouth with her hooves, hissing at you
  113. >”Don’t mention anything about that! Besides it’s your fault!”
  114. >You pry her hooves off of your mouth and tilt your head to the side
  115. “My fault? How can it be my fault you decided to-”
  116. >Scratchy Velour blushes crimson and her voice grows unusually faint
  117. >”I saw you doing it and you were looking like you enjoyed it so much...of course that would make me want to try to do it!”
  118. >She covers her face into her hooves
  119. >”It was so embarrassing when I got caught by Midnight Delight and got that talk! I never want to be embarrassed like that again!”
  120. “Not my fault you didn’t lock the door when doing that”
  121. >”How was I even supposed to know that it was such a shameful act that I was doing!? Hmph, no wonder you’re so unpopular little miss indecent, I bet you just sweet-talked to all those colts so that they’d vote you higher, you...you slut!”
  122. “I was just trying to get their desserts!”
  123. >”Like I believe you”
  124. “Buttface”
  125. >”Classy.”
  126. >And after blowing a raspberry at each other the silence returns, until you break it
  127. “Well I am going to do something amazing and then I’ll be the most popular filly in the whole class!”
  128. >Scratchy Velour runs her hoof through her mane
  129. >”Like I have to worry about somepony like you”
  130. >With a hmph both of you once again return to not looking in each others direction until Midnight Delight came back and let you out of detention
  131. >After it was just the two of us you asked her if your other mommy came back home already, to which she told you no, but that Daylily was seen in the company of those three stallions, after which Midnight muttered how she’ll give Daylily a piece of her mind if she’s gotten herself mixed up in something silly again
  132. >But she did not go to sleep when she usually would and stayed up pretty late as you could hear sounds of stuff happening in the house even when you drifted off to sleep as the sun rose up
  135. >You spin around, your thighs hugging the pole that is for some weird reason located in the classroom before leaning back by arching your back, and blowing a kiss at the so called audience, which is just Pervy colt and Peachy
  136. >the three of you sneaked in after school this night, easy thanks to mommy being the teacher
  137. “How was it?”
  138. >You can already guess that you did well judging by how Peachy is having a hard time looking directly at you, blushing behind her hooves with a scrunch on your face, and with Pervy smiling very widely
  139. >You slide down the pole to get down before using your wings to somersault off of it
  140. >”That was great, absolutely amazing Tulip, they don’t call you the classroom lewdie for nothing”
  141. >You pause
  142. “They call me what?”
  143. >You are a bit proud, yet a bit worried
  144. >”Don’t you think that is a bit...too indecent?”
  145. >Pervy turns to face Peachy
  146. >”It’s properly indecent, she could even do that outside of the school and get the whole town to root for her I reckon”
  147. >You gasp
  148. “That’s a great idea!”
  149. >Peachy looks really worried now
  150. >”You probably shouldn’t do that...”
  151. “But Peachy, if I don’t all this practice goes to waste...and you saw that I could pull it off well, it was good right”
  152. >Pervy nods
  153. >”It was good for me all right”
  154. >Peachy starts to fidget around on her chair
  155. >”B-but...”
  156. >Pervy glances at her for a brief moment before sighing
  157. >”You know, maybe toning it down is the safer bet”
  158. >You tilt your head to the side
  159. “How so?”
  160. >”Some adults might end up thinking you’re a really gross filly if they see you trying to woo them in such an adult way, so you could use the fact that you are a filly and fillies are really, really cute to adults to your advantage and make the dance more cutesy and less erotic”
  161. >Peachy seems thankful of Pervy as you ponder this new option for a brief second and nod with a toothy grin on your face
  162. “That sounds good, and if we make the dancing not that lewd Peachy can dance with me, and all we need to do is wear erotic outfits! Then we won’t even get into so much trouble because we’re just wearing costumes!”
  163. >Pervy nods and Peachy gasps, looking a bit horrified
  164. >”I’m g-going to dance with you? In front of other ponies?”
  165. >You make your way over to Peachy and give her a hug
  166. “Come on, I know you can do it, and I’ll be there with you”
  167. >Pervy keeps watching while smiling happily at the two fillies hugging, you probably know why
  168. >She scrunches again
  169. “Pretty please? For me?”
  170. >Scrunch deepens
  171. “...ok...”
  172. >You eeee happily and nuzzle your friend, making her let out an embarrassed yelp
  173. >”I’ll figure out the dance, you two can focus on the outfits”
  174. >You nod
  175. “Thanks Pervy, why are you being so nice anyway?”
  176. >Pervy raises an eyebrow at his nickname
  177. >”Hey now you do know I have a proper name right? Well I just figured it’d be fun to watch, who knows, maybe it’ll be so much fun all the other fillies in the class join in on the dancing”
  178. >You and Peachy both chuckle
  179. “That would be kinda cool”
  180. >”Sounds silly”
  181. >And just as the two of you said that, a single filly enters the classroom
  182. >Except it’s Scratchy Velour
  183. >”Are you REALLY thinking of dancing with HER?”
  184. >She points at you, directing the question to Peachy who seems surprised as Velour continues
  185. >”You know, you don‘t have to say yes to everything she tells you to do, and I could talk to the other fillies if you’re worried you already have a bad reputation when hanging around with her”
  186. >She points at you once again and you glare at her while Peachy fidgets in her seat, troubled as she answers her
  187. >”I don’t mind, really...and I want to help my friend”
  188. >Velour does not look too pleased and you hug Peachy while blowing a raspberry at Velour
  189. >She scrunches and turns her head away from the two of you with a “hmph”
  190. >”Fine, then be that little lesbian’s cuddle toy”
  191. “Hey she’s much more than just that”
  192. >”T-tulip!”
  193. >Peachy blushes and Velour makes a gagging face
  194. >”That’s gross”
  195. >Pervy is looking like he’s having a very wild time inside of his head, fantasizing about various cuddling activities between two fillies
  196. “You’re just jealous because nopony cuddles you”
  197. >Velour seems offended by this
  198. >”I could get anypony to cuddle me”
  199. “Not me”
  200. >”Who’d want to be cuddled by you?”
  201. “Peachy”
  202. >She fumes and takes her leave as you make a face at her
  203. >Pervy gets up and takes his leave as well, saying something about having his fill, and with that you are left alone with Peachy
  204. >You are still thinking about some possible dance moves when Peachy approaches you
  205. >”Is your mom still missing?”
  206. >You sigh and nod
  207. “Yeah...I’m not worried, she’s super strong, I mean my cutie mark is a nutcracker but a crotch kick from me is like a gentle love tap compared to her ball stomp of devastation”
  208. >”Midnight Delight was a bit out of it today...”
  209. “She’s been that way at home too”
  210. >”I hope your mom is ok”
  211. >You give Peachy a big smile
  212. “I’m sure she is, come on let’s try this dance move”
  213. >But even if you do say that you manage to screw up the simple move twice before succeeding
  214. >Peachy is still pretty uncomfortable with all of it, but she still does not want to stop trying...you are unsure if it’s because she wants to be nice to you because your mom’s gone MIA or if it is just because she wants to help you, but you end up glomping onto her and giving her a big hug and a nuzzle
  215. >”Excuse me”
  216. >You look up from the floor where you’re currently hugging your embarrassed and very red friend and find one of those fillies that always hangs around with Velour peeking into the classroom
  217. >”Did you say dancing?”
  218. >You get off of Peachy and she gets up, dusting herself off with her wings
  219. “Yeah, we’re thinking about doing some dancing”
  220. >Suddenly it seems like Peachy noticed or remembered something, her wings quickly flying open
  221. >”You’re that filly who likes dancing”
  222. >The filly looks away, seemingly troubled
  223. >”No I...just forget it”
  224. >And with that she’s gone, leaving you staring at the door in confusion
  225. “What was that all about?”
  226. >Peachy leans her muzzle closer to your ear
  227. >”I think she might have wanted to dance too”
  228. >You look at Peachy in confusion
  229. “But she’s Velour’s friend, why would she want to do that?”
  230. >Peachy looks like she’s pondering about something for a brief moment before answering you
  231. >”Maybe that is why she did not ask about it any more”
  232. >You start to feel annoyed and act rather prissy, doing something very Velour-y as you hmph audibly
  233. “She should just have joined in if she wanted to”
  234. >Peachy just laughs nervously
  235. >”Why is Scratchy Velour so angry at you Tulip?”
  236. >You are about to say something minus the details, but then you remember how annoyed at her you are so you decide to spill the beans
  237. “I caught her clopping in the bathroom back at the orphanage”
  238. >Peachy’s eyes go wide and she blushes
  239. >”S-she was doing that, there?”
  240. >You nod
  241. “Yeah, weren’t you? I did it too, everypony did it right?”
  242. >Peachy scrunches and covers her eyes while blushing
  243. >”N-no I don’t think that’s normal Tulip!”
  244. >You make a confused face
  245. “Isn’t it less normal to not have done it?”
  246. >Peachy’s scrunch just deepens
  247. >”I d-don’t think it really is...but are you sure that’s all?”
  248. “What do you mean?”
  249. >”It just feels like there’s something else in there...I’m not really sure...”
  250. >You think about it deeply for a moment before shrugging your shoulders and wings
  251. “You’re just imagining it, she’s just a mean buttface”
  252. >Tulip looks unsure as the two of you exit the classroom
  253. >”If you say so...”
  254. >Suddenly you two almost collide with Blushy who seems to be just outside the classroom, spooking him in the process
  255. >You help Peachy up who fell down as she jumped back, and Blushy lands back down
  256. >”Oh geez, you two scared me!”
  257. >You look at the young colt
  258. “What were you doing out here?”
  259. >He suddenly blushes, big surprise, and looks extremely awkward
  260. >”N-nothing, oh look at the time, got to go!”
  261. >And flies off at a rapid speed
  262. >You and Peachy both look confused
  263. “What was that all about?”
  264. >”I don’t know...”
  265. >The two of you decide to leave and go to your homes for now, completely oblivious to the hiding Velour who’s scrunching really hard with an upset look on her face
  268. >”Tulip...I’m not so sure about these clothes...”
  269. >You look at your blushing friend Peachy who is now wearing a rather interesting outfit of black leather socks, corset and a biker cap
  270. >You wave it off with your hoof
  271. “Peachy they’re fine, stop worrying”
  272. >You pull up another one of your socks as you sit on the pavement, before attaching your garter belt to it
  273. >And you also find Peachy looking at you getting dressed as you put on your lacy choker
  274. “Do you like what you see?”
  275. >You wink at Peachy, making her wings pomf open
  276. >”T-tulip!”
  277. >You chuckle as your friend scrunches her mouth and mumbles something embarrassedly
  278. “All done except for the final cherry on top, Peachy help me with this”
  279. >You hand her a lacy bow and turn around before lifting your tail upwards in an arch, exposing your dock
  280. >Peachy squeaks out something while looking like she might faint at any moment
  281. “Tie that bow around my tail dock please”
  282. >She does so, rather shakily, and with that you’re good to go
  283. “Coem on Peachy let’s go!”
  284. >Peachy stops you by grabbing onto your coat
  285. >”Tulip...a-are you sure? Dancing out here, in public, with these costumes...”
  286. >You nod
  287. “We’ve come this far, might as well go through with it, isn’t that right?”
  288. >You look at the other filly, one of the ones who hangs around Scrachy Velour, who wanted to join you two in dancing, and at Pervy and Blushy
  289. >She’s wearing a simple pair of white lace panties and something that looks like a wedding veil on her head
  290. >”I’m just trying this one time...it’s not like I have any interest in stuff like this...even if this veil is so pretty...”
  291. >Blushy fidgets about, blushing
  292. >”Tulip have you heard any news of your mom? I’m really worried about her...”
  293. >Your ears lay flat for a brief moment
  294. “No...but I’m sure she’s fine, she’s strong...I’ll worry about it after this dance”
  295. >Truth is that you are actually pretty worried and miss her, and Midnight’s being a mess about it...so this little stunt is also a distraction from all of that, to give you something else to think about
  296. >Pervy nods, still grinning in that same grin he’s had on his face ever since you pulled up your box of clothing and accessories and started to put them on
  297. >”Let’s do it, I’ve got the boom box ready, we’re at the place and dressed up, it’s go time!”
  298. >He pushes a button on the boom box and music, high pitched and fast paced starts to play as you jump out of the bush and onto the streets with Peachy and Velour’s friend in tow
  299. >Bat ponies carrying on with their day stop and turn their heads towards the commotion as the three of you start to move
  300. >And then the three of you dance normally like fillies would, innocently and giggling
  301. >It’s all a part of the strategy Pervy came up with, if adults see little fillies being indecent they’re going to make them stop
  302. >That’s why you start off innocently, just a random filly who got into her mommies special wardrobe and not really knowing how indecent they are, and crank up the lewdness step by step slowly until you can really bust your moves and then they’ll all see who’s only as popular as some dumb hamster!
  303. >And there is another part to this master plan, to gather up more numbers
  304. >The more join, the harder it’ll be to stop it right away, since you’re pretty sure it’s going to be stopped by somepony at some point anyway
  305. >The adults and some younger ponies keep looking on as you and the other two dance about in the middle of the streets, illuminated by a gothic antique-looking lamp post
  306. >Some of them just carry on, some stay to watch but most of them are smiling and pointing at the three of you, commenting how adorable it is that three little fillies are doing a little dance show
  307. >And already it pays off as two fillies walking together approach the three of you and ask what is going on
  308. >Velour’s friend tells them that they can join in and if they want costumes there’s some in the box
  309. >They go to the box and find themselves socks to wear, matching each others manes, the one with the pink mane wearing light blue striped socks, and the one with the same color of a mane as the socks on the pink one wears matching pink striped socks on her hooves
  310. >The two join in, happily dancing around, it’s a very simple dance after all, in the hopes of getting more and more to join
  311. >You crank it up and signal the other two to do the same, and Peachy scrunches but joins, and Velour’s friend refuses to and keeps dancing normally with the other two fillies
  312. >Which does not bother you at all since you should be in the spotlight, it’s your ratings that you are trying to lift up
  313. >Still, even if it does not show on your face you do feel just a teeny tiny hint nervous doing this in front of a crown
  314. >Another filly joins, one wearing a skirt or a dress and carrying a flower pot around for some reason, maybe she likes flowers?
  315. >Nopony is the wiser as you dance a bit more lewdly now as another on looking filly takes a few steps forward, a wingless one
  316. >You point at the box and after thinking about it a little she too rushes to it and soon joins the dancing with a simple studded collar around her neck, but instead matching you and Peachy in movement, which is cool
  317. >Another filly goes to the box, seemingly after exchanging a few words with what appears to be her coltfriend, and puts on panties that match her light blue coat very well as she dances on, using a routine completely of her own and what you suspect is mostly for making that colt that was around her feel embarrassed
  318. >Pervy and Blushy keep the music going as this little group of fillies keeps dancing, now some of the ponies in the crowd raising an eyebrow and a few blushing just a hint
  319. >”Well well well”
  320. >You pause your dance at a familiar voice, Scratchy Velour has made her way to you
  321. >”I’m surprised you even managed to get dressed with a messy mane and tail like that.”
  322. >She notices one of her friends dancing and scrunches at her, her friend blushing and squeaking
  323. “See, even your friend realized how fun this is!”
  324. >She scoffs at you
  325. >”Fun? This mediocre little show in these horrible outfits, you look like a common slut”
  326. >You huff at her while resuming your dancing
  327. “Better show that you could ever put on”
  328. >She’s about to say something, but then looks around
  329. >All the fillies and a few more who joined in hare now all pretty much dancing in whatever way they see fit, Peachy having stopped mimicking you and dancing a bit more reservedly as well, one filly even dancing straight out more lewdly than you had at any point
  330. >They’re all giggling happily and having fun, Velour’s friend having abandoned her naughty costume now and simply doing some ballet here and there
  331. >”We’ll see about that!”
  332. >You actually stop dancing and stare with wide eyes as Velour goes to the box, Velour out of all fillies!
  333. >She digs up what you are wearing, the same exact costume, minus the garter belt, choker and down bow and quickly puts it on before coming up right next to you and dancing the dance you were supposed to dance!
  334. >”I saw your rehearsal, what a simple dance”
  335. >You scrunch and start to dance the same dance too, the two of you soon enough dancing against one another in some kind of a dirty dance competition making Peachy blush...wait that’s not an achievement at all...making most of the stallions in the crowd blush and the mares beginning to chat with one another, wondering if you two should be stopped
  336. >Pervy and Blushy have also crawled out of the hiding place and watch, the boom box no longer needing any operating as it is nearing the last few songs
  337. >Pervy approaches the two of you, coming closer for a better look perhaps
  338. >This for some reason makes Velour more motivated, and she was not supposed to be indecent at all...you’re going to tease her about this a lot!
  339. >no wait...it’s not Velour Blushy is looking at but you!
  340. >You smirk and move onto to the final stage, now explicitly dancing lewdly
  341. >Velour does it too but Blushy just keeps looking at you, ha you won! You’re more appealing than her!
  342. >Velour seems to get upset and stops dancing before grumpily making her way to the box and discarding her costume in it before flying off
  343. >The crowd is in commotion as other fillies start to follow your example, some of the fillies deciding this is a good time to leave and disappearing into the crowd after removing whatever accessories they had borrowed
  344. >The filly who was in the company of her coltfriend seems to have disappeared somewhere with said pony
  345. >Why does Blushy look like that instead of watching he wants to ask you something? Probably something about your mom again...he asks a lot about her, how weird...
  346. >You suddenly notice that Scratchy Velour has come back, with a few guards, pointing at all of the fillies dancing
  347. >That tattle-tale! But thankfully the crowd is so dense they are having a hard time pushing through it
  348. >The final song comes on and deciding to go out with a bang you grab Peachy and get over to the lamp post and start to use it to dance in a rather indecent manner
  349. >Still as far as pole dancing goes it’s not that explicit in general, even if you might think that way, and the two of you are not even kissing so you don’t really understand what the fuss is all about
  350. >Suddenly you lock eyes with a pony in the crowd and all the color drains from your face as you freeze
  351. >It’s Daylily, and she does not look too happy!
  352. >Suddenly the guards manage to break free and all the little fillies and young colts start to run away in random direction, screeee-ing and eee-ing left and right
  353. >Daylily suddenly lands before you and peachy, and looks at you like you’re going to get a butt whooping, before grabbing you and Peachy and diving off to an old trap door to one of the dead end tunnels of the Thieve’s Guild
  354. >Soon enough she plants you and Peachy to the grounds, both of you letting out a squeak as your butts hit the cold stone floor, and looks at the two of you with her brows furrowed
  355. >”What is all this?”
  356. >Her voice sounds rather icy so you give her the best smile you can manage
  357. “Hi mom, where were you, I missed you!”
  360. >Ugghhh...detention is so boring!
  361. >You are Tulip the cute little filly, and you are stuck in detention out of all places! Turns out that after the initial happiness of Daylily coming back home Midnight Delight was rather grumpy about your little stun
  362. >You can’t understand how you are the one who got stuck in detention after all and not all the little fillies and colts in your class! What does she even mean with ringleader?
  363. >”This is all your fault”
  364. >You look to your left where you find the only other filly in detention with you, Scratchy Velour
  365. >Her parents insisted
  366. “Nopony told you to go all the way like I did”
  367. >Scratchy Velours huffs and puffs her cheeks
  368. >”I had to because he was so enticed by...”
  369. >Her voice trials off
  370. “Huh?”
  371. >”Nothing!”
  372. >Not before long Midnight came and let you two out of detention and as the two of you were walking out of the door, pushing each other because it became a little competition who was the first one out, the two of you found a surprising pony in wait outside the school, Blushy the blushing colt
  373. >”Oh, you got out!”
  374. >Velour seems surprised
  375. >”Y-you waited for m-“
  376. >Blushy rushes to you, making Velour stop mid sentence and stare at the two of you with a burning rage in her eyes
  377. >”Tulip I wanted to talk with you so much!”
  378. >You’re just confused
  379. “Me? Why would-“
  380. >Suddenly Velour grabs Blushy by the tail and pulls him to herself
  381. >”Why is it always her!?”
  382. >Blushy seems more than a bit intimidated by her, judging by how his ears folded back
  383. >”H-her? What do you-“
  384. >Velour continues her outburst, her tail swishing about and wings open
  385. >”Every night it’s just her her her and her, Tulip this Tulip that always Tulip! What about me!?”
  386. >Bushy is utterly confused and even more frightened now, shielding his body with his wings
  387. >”H-huh?”
  388. >but you on the other hoof, you’re looking like something is dawning upon you, your eyes growing wider and wider by the second
  389. >Could Velour...
  390. >But before you can finish that train of thought Velour confirms your suspicion
  391. >”I like you for Pete’s sake! How hard is it for you to notice it and notice me, not her!”
  392. >Velour points at you, but then suddenly goes wide eyed as her face turns crimson
  393. >You’re holding your hooves in front of your mouth, stuck in a silent gasp
  394. >Scratchy Velour likes Blushy! Wait is that why she’s such a butt to you because that’s really dumb...
  395. >Blushy suddenly seems less frightened
  396. >”Oh...I don’t like her, you know, like that”
  397. >He turns to face you now
  398. >”She’s a good friend and I like her a lot as one but I don’t like her like that”
  399. >Velour looks like she’s about ready to just dig herself a hole and hide in it
  400. >”T-then why are you always paying so much attention to her?”
  401. >Blushy blushes as he faces towards Velour again
  402. >”Because I like her mom”
  403. >Your head whips to stare at him as Velour’s right eye twitches a few times
  404. >”What?”
  405. >Blushy continues, the look on his face growing more and more coy, and at the same time kind of gross
  406. >”Yeah her mom Daylily, she’s like the nicest and prettiest mare ever, and she even kissed my knee once when I scraped it, and she’s so awesome and every time I see her I feel all tingly in my tummy, and I really needed to know she’s ok because I heard she came back and...”
  407. >Blushy keeps talking as Velour and you stare at him, Velour’s expression shocked and your s the same, but not as extreme
  408. >Suddenly Velour just slowly walks past Blushy who’s still too busy talking to notice, her eye twitching and her mouth hanging open as she slowly trots towards her home
  409. >You watch her go while not really paying any attention to the stuff Blushy is saying until he suddenly gasps
  410. >”Wait Scratchy Velour likes me!?”
  411. >You go over to the now shocked colt and pat his shoulder
  412. “I think it might be too late for that”
  413. >Blushy just mumbles something as he rushes home while looking as red as a little fire truck, if fire trucks had hooves instead of wheels
  414. >With nothing to do anymore you simply go home, and pretend that did not happen
  415. >...which turned out ok except until the first recess the next night, when Blushy called out Velour
  416. >Who had been rather unenergetic during the first lesson
  417. >”So after a lot of thought I really would like to be your coltfriend!”
  418. >Velour just looks at Blushy with a deadpan expression on her face
  419. >”No.”
  420. >Blushy almost falls over
  421. >”W-what? Why? last night you-“
  422. >Velour sighs and slowly walks past Blushy while speaking
  423. >”After hearing you talk last night I just stopped liking you, I don’t even know why I liked you in the first place”
  424. >Blushy seems devastated as Velour just walks past him, completely indifferent to him
  425. >Pervy and a few other little ponies comment on how much that must have figuratively twisted Blushy’s imaginary nutsack
  426. “Oh wow...”
  427. >Peachy tugs at your wing
  428. >”A-are you sure she liked him? It does not look that way...”
  429. >You had told Peachy of what you saw and she was very surprised, probably even thought you were making it up!
  430. >Velour seems to have heard the two of you as she has stopped and is staring towards you and Peachy
  431. >Peachy lets out a silent “eep” and hides behind you, making Scratchy Velour sigh and roll her eyes
  432. >”What?”
  433. >You look at her with a raised eyebrow and one of your ears folded to the side
  434. “Are you sure, I mean you did sound very desperate last ni-“
  435. >Velour interrupts you with an angry blush on her face
  436. >”I was not desperate!”
  437. >You give her the really nigga?-face and Velour just mumbles grumpily under her breath
  438. >”Just come with me!”
  439. >You’re completely taken by surprise as Velour grabs your hoof and drags you off to somewhere, which turns out to be one of the cleaning/utility closets, big enough to be a very small room
  440. “Uhh...why are we here?”
  441. >Velour points at a small stool
  442. >”Sit.”
  443. >You do as you’re told, completely overwhelmed by how Velour is acting
  444. >She pulls out a brush and grabs some of your mane into her hooves
  445. >”This mess is always bothering me, I’m going to do something about it”
  446. >You just sit there as Scratchy Velour begins to straighten and brush your mane, yoru mind processing this while questioning if it is really happening
  447. >”You did not tell everypony did you?”
  448. “Huh?”
  449. >”About my...you know... liking him and stuff...”
  450. “Nah, just Peachy”
  451. >Velour nods
  452. >”Good, don’t you dare say anything to anypony...my first love turning out to be such a...a...motherlover! And your mom none the less!”
  453. >Velour scrunches her mouth
  454. >”At least it’s not you like I thought it was...how can you even live with a mane like this, and this tail?”
  455. >Velour takes your tail into her hoof and examines it
  456. “If you’re going to be doing some touching, so am I”
  457. >You place your hoof against her coat and start to brush it up and down, making Velour first stare at your hoof, then at you, confusion on her face
  458. “I always wanted to know what this shiny coat would feel like...you might not be a pretty filly but it looks really nice”
  459. >Velour just rolls her eyes
  460. >”I’m not going to compliment your mane or tail in return, there’s nothing special about them”
  461. >Now you look grumpy and scrunch at Velour
  462. >”I still don’t like you...and stop touching me up you dyke”
  463. >Velour swats your hooves away
  464. “Hey you started it, you’re the dyke here!”
  465. >You both snarl and hiss at each other for a short moment, before you relax tilt your head to the side in confusion while Velour grabs your tail again for brushing, struggling to undo the mess it naturally is in
  466. “Why? It wasn’t that thing with Blushy that made you dislike me?”
  467. >Velour pauses her brushing before resuming it
  468. >”...Peachy?”
  469. >You raise an eyebrow
  470. “What about Peachy?”
  471. >”You ruined her”
  472. “...Wha?”
  473. >She stops brushing and looks at you
  474. >”I was going to befriend her and fix her up into another friend, but then you latched your hooves on her and made her gross”
  475. “What do you mean gross?”
  476. >”I’ve seen how the two of you are together, all...touchy and giggly and I bet you two do so much indecencies together, it’s disgusting!”
  477. >You glare at Velour
  478. “It’s not disgusting!”
  479. >She just scoffs at you
  480. >”I thought she’d be such a good friend and you just snatched her up and corrupted her with your vile dyke tendencies”
  481. >The two of you begin to hiss at one another and you once again place your hooves on her coat to irk her
  482. >She yanks your tail and you almost fall off of the chair, so you grab her coat with your hooves
  483. >And just then the door opens and somepony shouts out something
  484. >”I found them Miss Midnight, they’re in the closet touching each other!”
  485. >The two of you let go of one another and start to get red faced simultaneously as the random young pony rushes away and Midnight Delight peeks in, her eyes rather cold
  486. >”You two care to explain what you were doing?”
  487. >Suddenly a few other ponies peek in, Pervy grinning like a madstallion, Peachy blushing and looking at the two of you with a scrunch on her mouth, Blushy has fainted in the background and Velour’s two friends are shocked and appalled
  488. >”We weren’t-“
  489. “I did not-“
  490. >Midnight Delight cuts you both off
  491. >”You two sound very guilty right now, and even if I would not normally suspect Scratchy Velour, after joining you in on that stunt...”
  492. >You mutter out a “What about me and my innocence” which Midnight Delight ignores as she keeps talking
  493. >”I don’t mind you two getting along, finally, but please don’t use the cleaning closet for such activities”
  494. >A few young colts do a few catcalls at the two of you as you step out with Velour in the lead and you following, and most fillies are glancing towards the two of you, whispering to one another and giggling as Midnight retreats back into the classroom to prepare for the next lesson
  495. >Velour turns around and looks at you, eyes glaring, mouth in a scrunch and her face red with an angry blush as she hisses at you
  496. >”This is your fault!”
  497. >And she flies away quickly
  498. >You go over to Peachy who’s still scrunching
  499. “We weren’t doing anything...”
  500. >”I’m not judging...”
  501. “Peachy!”
  502. >She lets out a little eep and starts to chatter on about how it’s good that the two of you are getting along, and how doing stuff like that is not bad and something about love and hate and just making the misunderstanding worse as Pervy pats your back and congratulates you on melting the ice queen’s heart
  503. >You just stand there, mouth scrunching hard and letting out a muffled screeeeeee silently
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