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Deathmatch Revival Review

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Jun 19th, 2013
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  1. Review made by Sean "Wincarthym/RDMonkey" Moore on June 19th, 2013. This is a review of "Deathmatch Revival". I saw a lot of good potential, unfortunately, most of the maps brought it down to me. What good maps there are do not balance out the bad ones I'm afraid. And for some reason, I noticed a lot of mappers tried to focus more on detailing the map and making it look pretty rather than hammering out a good layout and seeing if it's fun first. If I hade to rate the wad, I'd say a 3/5, allow me to elaborate. Keep in mind, I played this by myself with 5 bots (vex mostly, I hate the talking ones) on Zandronum 1.0.
  3. Map01 - DMR01 (how creative)
  4. Aside from the rather silly music, it's a good map. I like the flow, the items are well placed and the map structure is solid. 5/5
  6. Map02 - Training Center v0.2
  7. I don't like it. It's one of those maps that focused way too much on detail instead of focusing on the gameplay. It's bland and flat. It has only one other source of height elevation, which is some useless perch. A tight space with a lava pit and a mega armor ensure that area to be a danger zone. Two (supposedly) unobtainable BFGs sit there at the rim of the map. But hey, at least it looks pretty. 2/5
  9. Map03 - oT_war
  10. I love the music, it fits well. The Map is well made and reminiscent of GreenWar (A very good dm wad) and it flows well. Plenty of cover and escape routes from plasma-wielders. The iron bars holding the green pillar-like areas together look pretty silly, I mean, you can try better than that to add some detail, honestly. 5/5
  12. Map04 - Entrymake
  13. It's alright, but I only have a couple of nitpicks. For one, I don't like the armory that just sits in one spot of the map while the rest of the weapons are spread out. It reminds me of grocery store, just walk in, look for the gun you want, get it, and go. Another is that it's probably from my own stupidity that I was unable to get the blue armor. Not like I cared, because looking for a way to get in such a cramped and fast-paced map is just asking for bullet-holes. The music is nice. 4/5
  15. Map05 - A. Map (I see what you did there)
  16. Again, it's alright, just a couple of nitpicks. Like How there isn't all that much height variation, and the plasma gun down in that water area is pretty tough to get away from. Music fits alright. Hey, look at those dead trees growing out of the bricks on that perch up there. 4/5
  18. Map06 - Roots Bloody Roots
  19. Okay look. I know you think you're being clever or making a reference, but spelling "DWANGO" and making a map around it does not mean it's going to be a good map and it does not mean it comes anywhere close to Dwango mapping. In fact it's an annoying map. It isn't that bad, but it's a little annoying how the map structure just to spell something and it gets in the way of my movement. Bad flow, okay music. 3/5
  21. Map07 - Generic UAC base
  22. Two height levels again. You also have the problem with what I like to call "SHOOT areas". A SHOOT area is a flat open area with a weapon in the center like the map is saying "Here's a weapon, kill each other in this open area." The center has a rocket launcher with cover in the way. It sort of defeats the purpose of putting it there. If anything a plasma rifle or super shotgun makes better sense in the middle of the map. There's also a lot of useless and weird looking "detail" around the map. The music does not really fit in my opinion. 3/5
  24. Map08 - Weapon Research Facility
  25. This one I have slightly mixed opinion about. It look good and for the most part plays decently, but some of the map structure and detail gets in the way. I also don't like how the outside area is just one massive open area like the aforementioned shoot areas. Can't figure out how to get the bfg. The music is okay. 3.5? 4? 3.75. That's better.
  27. Map09 - Outpost 17
  28. This isn't good honestly. Too much cover, tight hallways, and pointless outdoor open spaces. Another one of those maps that focused too much on detail than a good layout. 2/5
  30. Map10 - Power Plant
  31. Okay, new rule. You cannot just slap a generic name onto a doom map and call it a day. If something is called "Power Plant" I expect to see generators, computers, more electronics, the works. What ever this is, does not resemble a power plant. Anyways, as old school as this map is trying to be, or maybe the mapper isn't skilled, it's not really that good. Every room is a wide open area with barely anything in it. It's very bland and generic, and the music is too fast paced for something like this. 1.5/5
  33. Map11 - Horta Bellatorem
  34. Grab the plasma rifle and hold primary attack, you win. Two height levels and a courtyard full of plasma death. All tan and bland. At least the music is nice. 2/5
  36. Map12 - Skull Crusher (I see what you did here too)
  37. Meh. I don't enjoy it. I also never liked crushers in death match maps. It's standard and generic, but it's a little too big and open honestly. I've lost a few targets looking for them. The music is also meh. 3/5
  39. Map13 - No Fun Zone
  40. Well at least it loves up to its name. This map is a mash of several smaller maps and I can not get my head around it. Too many themes and colors clashing. The music is annoying as well. A problem I have is that the center appears to be a point of emphasis, but all the weapons and items are in the outer area of the map, and there's what, a chaingun in the center? It's annoying and uninteresting. I think the point the mapper was going for was get a weapon then fight in the center, but it basically turned into hallway combat from there. 2/5
  42. Map14 - The Crematorium
  43. I don't like this map at all. As a duel map, maybe, but as death match, it's bad. Too many tight spaces, clashes of color, and annoying music. Using deep water in ONE spot just to get a radiation suit thats like a few map pixels away from another radiation suit. Why a radiation suit? To walk over that mandatory lava pit? Well gee thanks. And I guess to get the soulsphere. The music is a little annoying too but that's mostly a nitpick. 2/5
  45. Map15 - R. Dungeon
  46. Heavily reminds me of Uroborous. I like the music, and it's a pretty cool map. The bfg is a little easy to get in my opinion, but again, a minor nitpick, and there's plenty of cover from it anyways. It flows well and I like the theme of it. 4.5/5
  48. Map16 - Deathmatch Prison
  49. I don't like how confined it is. It must be an allegory to literally being confined in a prison because for a deathmatch map this map is rather tight and hallway-ish. I was expecting an open platform but I just got one or two height levels and some partially walled off fighting areas. The music doesn't really fit and it's a little repetitive. A bland map. 2/5
  51. Map17 - JP DM
  52. A pretty good map. I love the flow and the architecture. It's retro and newschool at the same time and I like it. The music is okay and it fits well with map's pacing. Item placement is pretty good and detail is nice. 5/5
  54. Map18 - Entrymake 2
  55. Okay, the dwango idea has kinda over-stayed its welcome. Don't get me wrong, it's a good map, but it's starting to get repetitive. I mean really? Why another one? Just pick the best one and go with it. I like the map and it flows well. It's an interesting blend of e1m1 and map01, and the music alright, not fitting entirely, but it's okay. 4/5
  57. Map19 - Donut
  58. The name basically explains what i'm going to say. It's bland and generic, and it has yet again, two height levels. A bfg that easy to get and easy to get kills with since there isn't a lot of cover. Rockets would be a risky idea on this map, recommend just using ssg or bfg9000. The music doesn't really fit in my opinion. 2/5
  60. Map20 - Soul Recycler
  61. It's bad. It's a generic overly detailed map, and it's MASSIVE. This map could hold 64 players because that's obviously what it was designed for. For a 6 player match, this map is just too big and boring. The game play is boring because the detail gets in the way sometimes. The music is incredibly annoying, and I had to change it to stop it from melting my ears. Glad you achieved that linedef count. 1/5
  63. Map21 - Spaceport
  64. This map is just like map20 but worse. It's massive, and cramped. It's boring, there is NOTHING fun about the map. One room is even full of barrels, which is absolutely annoying. I lost all of my targets in this map. The music is decent and the map has the linedef count yet again, but it still isn't fun. Look, big, does not equal good, neither does pretty. 1/5
  66. Map22 - Block Fort
  67. This is just silly. I can see the mapper was going for a whacky kind of arena map, but it fails pretty badly. For one thing, it's essentially shoot with a bunch of blocks in the way. There's bfgs in this map, which is obviously a bad idea, and with partial invisibility? Why? Oh yeah, the music is pretty annoying too, it "fits" the map, but the map is just as annoying as the music. No effort was put into this map. 1/5
  69. Map23 - JP DM 2
  70. It's alright, but it's bland. It's very open in most parts, and some don't have items in them. This makes them bland open arenas and it's really just a boring map. Not bad, but boring. 3/5
  72. Map24 - Splatter House
  73. Another bad. It's too big, confined in some spots, ugly in most places, and the music doesn't fit. Why is there an icon of sin setup there? I don't know. There's clashing colors all over though it's mostly Hell themed. The aforementioned IoS is really just a big bland over detailed area with a plasma rifle. That's it. 1/5
  75. Map25 - Judgement
  76. You know, I was going to rate this map higher. But then I found death pits. Never put death pits in competitive maps. Ever. It's frustrating and it's an uncreative and harsh way to punish a player. In coop/survival, MAYBE, but it has to at least be telegraphed. So I know what is and what isn't a death pit. aside from that, it's an annoying map but it plays well, disregarding the death pits. 2/5
  78. Map26 - Hell Halls
  79. It plays alright and it's pretty generic. It looks ugly though. The detail takes it the wrong way and it looks absolutely awful. It's just red red brown and more red. I see the hell theme they went for but it just doesn't look that good to me. 3/5
  81. Map27 - You're Damned (That's nice)
  82. An alright map. It plays well and I like the architecture for the most part. The flow is kind of slow in some parts. It does play well and it makes up for any nitpicks i have. Except for that massive outside area that's literally useless. Again, glad to see you got that linedef count. 4/5
  84. Map28 - The Grand Void
  85. Awful. This map is just bad. Massive death pit, hard to maneuver, no flow at all, and just bland and ugly. This map is just boring and not fun to play at all. Zero effort was put in this map. Probably the worst in the pack. 0/5
  87. Map30 - The Credits Map
  88. It's actually a good map. Good flow, decent texturing and item placement, nice music, it's alright. 4.5/5
  90. Total Score: 77.75 out of 150 (would be 160, but there's only 30 maps, and I know theres more, but i only played the main maps).
  92. Conclusion: Most of the maps suck. But there are some good ones that I don't mind playing those ones, but please do something about those other ones. Especially map28. To be unprofessional, that map is a shit stain. I might recommend it if these issues get fixed.
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