haha the retard likely did it on purpose KEK

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  1. So uh.
  3. I fucked up.
  5. I'll explain the situation. So what happened is that i went on dynmap, i saw "world" was still there (earth map is on world_earth), and i deleted it, hoping to get rid of the default map.
  7. And since it was no longer being used, i thought it would be fine. And it would have been, if not for one small detail. And i forgot that detail.
  9. Theres about 500 player files stored in world_earth. These are the people that joined before the boom, and after. During the boom, however, when the server finally got uploaded, people, for an unknown reason, joined in world.
  11. And its this one miniscule detail that caused it all, because it meant that these players' user files were stored inside world, not world_earth.
  13. Hence, when I came to this morning to delete world, I unknowingly deleted hundreds of files, which is why many inventories disappeared.
  15. I apologise for my grave mistake, that could have easily been avoidable, and we will be trying to compensate you in the best of our ability. You can do /kit sorry once the server is back up to receive a full set of diamond armor, iron gear, explosive pickaxe, lumber axe and half a stack of bread. I understand nothing will ever be compensation for your time, and i'm sorry for that. If you happen to have a screenshot of your inventory, I will give your items back.
  17. Thank you for your understanding and I'm sorry for all the inconvenience, it wont happen again.
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