HM:StH Any% Horse Race Notes

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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. Any% Horse Race Notes
  3. [Updated 12 Mar 2020]
  6. - Goddess questions: POSITIVE
  7. - On Spring 2, forage and head to Brownie Farm. Intro THEN gift Bob.
  8. - Gift/talk Bob everyday (except Thursday) until 11 interactions (including intro). Starting on the 4th gift day, do part-time work, talking/brushing all 5 horses. Reset if more than 2 rainy non-Thursdays before the 17th.
  9. - Forage as necessary in the mornings. On one non-foraging day, cut 3 squares of grass.
  10. - After at least 3 part-time work days, buy animal medicines.
  11. - On the 11th gift/8th part-time work, only talk to the first horse (the one you first interacted with on the first part-time work). Afterwards, sleep until Spring 21, upon which you will receive the horse.
  12. - Bring the horse outside then sleep until Summer 24.
  15. - Trigger the 1-heart cutscene on the 24th.
  16. - Trigger the 2-heart cutscene on the 25th. Bring the horse inside the barn and feed it.
  17. - Bob will challenge you to a race on the 26th. Defeat him and Gwen.
  18. - After the race, bring the horse back outside.
  19. - Sleep until Fall 3, coming outside for Bob's reminder. Sleep regardless of rain.
  20. - Sleep until Fall 10. If you got rain on Fall 1 or Fall 2, heal the horse with the animal medicine on Fall 8 or Fall 9 respectively. Come out for Bob to take your horse.
  21. - Sleep one more time then exit house to finish the ending.
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