Michael Smith Disability Evidence

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  1. Michael Jacob Smith
  2. 9301 Avondale RD NE N2076
  3. Redmond, WA 98952
  5. Social Security  #533-11-0887
  6. Previous phone #425-365-3140
  7. Current phone   #425-389-5965
  9. I am using a three pronged corticostroid approach, two high strengths, one a cream the other a spray, and one medium strength cream. I have done two, i think eight or so month courses of biologics, enbrel once and humera once, and they work very well, up until around that length of time is up, and then it stops working full stop, in both cases at least. I can bounce back and forth from moderate care to fairly fully clear with steroids, depending on how careful and attentive I am, I think this method helps me side step some of the known side effects for this treatment.
  11. I believe this video and my previous submitted evidence of a doctors note with a minimal verbal description, of basically what I shop in the footage I took today proves that beyond a reasonable doubt, my debilitating condition has lasted longer than three months as per the bluebook guidelines.
  13. Qualifying evidence for section 8.05 of the disability bluebook  ​
  15. Here is a sendable link to my video evidence
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