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  1. Status: Side girl
  2. Name: Stephie, Stella, Stacy or other basic girl names
  3. Traits: High confidence, not very intelligent, basic girl who loves social media and being the center of attention
  4. Information: She’s the basic white girl type that wants attention and values her looks and herself above all others. The main reason she will talk with you is because she expects free drinks/food/you to do her projects.
  5. Looks: For now it doesn’t matter, she’s basic so probably some basic blonde instagram model wannabe.
  6. Inner self: Her whole world is made of pretty female or buff male enemy sprites
  8. Status: Side girl
  9. Name: Mellissa
  10. Traits: Passive and quiet unless provoked, social outcast sitting on the back of class, listens to emo/metal music, into occult/satanic stuff
  11. Appearance: Wears all black everywhere, looks like an emo or metalhead. Most of the time wears headphones so she doesn’t speak to people.
  12. Personality: She finds people dull. Doesn’t seem to have any female friends as girls seem annoying to her. Feels like she’s special and original deep down. Into satanic rituals and creepypasta/spooky shit.
  13. Inner self: Full of skeletons, hardcore demons and other metal stuff.
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