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  1. CONFIG:
  2. version: 2.0
  4. lockdown: false
  5. lockdown-reason: ""
  7. auto-dupeip: false
  9. history-expirey-minutes: 10080 #1 week.
  11. #Warnings config section
  12. warnings:
  13.     #How long should warnings take to 'expire'?
  14.     #Set to 0 for never (...Honestly, I believe you should forgive them after a month at most...)
  15.     expirey-in-minutes: 4320
  16.     # This section looks scary, but really isn't... If you're scared,
  17.     # Just read the actual stuff and skip the comments unless you want to do some tricky things.
  19.     #What actions should we take when a player receives a warning?
  20.     #Format is like:
  21.     #<number of warnings>: 'commands to execute;seperated by semicolons'
  22.     #Examples:
  23.     #actions:
  24.     #   1: 'msg {name} You have been warned!'
  25.     #   2: 'strike {name};msg {name} You have angered Zeus!'
  26.     #   3: 'tempban {name} 1 hour Reached Max Warnings. Reasons:\n{reasons}\nBy: {banner}'
  27.     #Variables allowed:
  28.     #{name} the name of the player
  29.     #{ip} the last known IP of the player
  30.     #{reason} the last reason the player was warned
  31.     #{reasons} all the reasons (seperated by new lines) for this punishment. Example:
  32.     #Reason1: "Griefing"
  33.     #Reason2: "Spamming"
  34.     #Reason3: "Begging for items"
  35.     #Now, if I did
  36.     #3: 'tempban {name} 1 hour Reached Max Warnings:\n{reasons}'
  37.     #it would disconnect the user with this message:
  38.     #-------------------------------------
  39.     #You have been Temporarily Banned for:
  40.     #'Reached Max Warnings:
  41.     #Griefing
  42.     #Spamming
  43.     #Begging for items'
  44.     #By Console. Expires in 1 hour
  45.     #-------------------------------------
  46.     #If the command starts with a /, then the banner will execute the command
  47.     #Otherwise, the command will be executed by CONSOLE.
  48.     #You might want to use -s in these commands (To stop them broadcasting messages to players)
  49.     actions:
  50.         2: '/kick {name} Final Warning: \n{reason}'
  51.         3: '/tempban {name} 1 hour Reached Max Warnings:\n{reasons}'
  52.     #After receiving this many warnings, they will be all deleted.
  53.     #If 'actions' has an action for a number higher than this, then the action will never be
  54.     #done... Because this resets it to 0
  55.     #If you set this to <= 0, then it will be ignored, and warnings will never reset.
  56.     max: 100
  58. #Should we check that we're running the latest version of MaxBans?
  59. #This does NOT update it for you, it just notifies you in the console when
  60. #the server boots up if there is a new version available.
  61. #Not working in v1.9 & v2.0.
  62. update-check: true
  64. #Accepts colorcodes. (v1.2)
  65. default-reason: "Misconduct"
  66. #Appeal-message accepts color codes, like &a and &4... Set it to "" to disable this. Accepts new line characters, just add \n where you want a new line.
  67. appeal-message: "No appeal website set :("
  69. #The two char colors used that STAFF will see.
  70. #Usually, primary = text, and secondary = variables (Like ban reason)
  71. #0-9,a-f are valid. Also any Bukkit ChatColor is valid (Eg RED, AQUA, DARK_GRAY)
  72. color:
  73.     primary: f
  74.     secondary: a
  76. #Maximum tempban time, in seconds. 604800 is a week.
  77. MaxTempbanTime: 9999999999
  80. #This applies to kick, ban, and anything else.
  81. kick-colors:
  82.     #0-9,a-f are valid. Also any Bukkit ChatColor is valid (Eg RED, AQUA, DARK_GRAY)
  83.     reason: f #"Misconduct"
  84.     regular: f #"By"
  85.     banner: f #"Netherfoam"
  86.     time: f #4 hours 59 minutes remaining.
  89. #Some plugins will register their commands before we do (Eg other ban/kick plugins).
  90. #This option allows users to try and force MaxBans to take those already-taken commands.    
  91. override-commands: true
  93. chat-commands:
  94.     - me
  95.     - say
  97. #Should we notify players with maxbans.notify whenever a banned player tries (fails) to join?
  98. notify: true
  99. #Should we verify names have the letters (A-Z,a-z,0-9 and _) only and are valid?
  100. filter-names: true
  102. #Should we use the DNS blacklist?
  103. dnsbl:
  104.     #Should we use this? Setting it to false disables DNSBL entirely.
  105.     use: true
  106.     #The DNSBL servers we should use to look up.  More servers = Slower results.
  107.     #Each server takes approx 4 seconds to respond.  Use to find
  108.     #More servers, if you like.
  109.     #DNSBL results are cached for 1 week, then expire (Are deleted).
  110.     #This is how MaxBans checks for proxied IPs
  111.     # 1.  Have we looked the IP up on DNSBL before, and has it not expired? If so go to 3
  112.     # 2.  Start IP lookup, this takes a few seconds...
  113.     # 3.  If the IP is not a proxy, stop checking, they're allowed, do not proceed to step 4.
  114.     # 4.  Take appropriate action (Kick, notify) if any.
  115.     servers:
  116.     -
  117.     -
  118.     #Should we notify players with maxbans.notify when a player is joining with a proxy IP?
  119.     notify: true
  120.     #Should we kick players who are discovered to have proxy IPs?
  121.     kick: false
  123. bungee: false
  124. # Sync is an advanced feature of MaxBans.
  125. # It only applies to server owners who want to BAN/etc Players using a WEBPAGE, such as PHP Script
  126. # Or owners who want two servers to have the SAME banlist!
  127. # This option is in BETA! I take no responsibility if it breaks, though I will endeaver to fix it.
  128. sync:
  129.     #Should we use Sync? Setting this to false disables it entirely :)
  130.     use: false
  131.     #Is this server the Sync server? Otherwise it's a client.
  132.     server: false
  133.     #The host of the Sync server, if this is a client.
  134.     host:
  135.     #The port of the Sync server.
  136.     port: 2711
  137.     #The password required to join.
  138.     pass: ChangeMeNow
  139.     debug: false
  141. database:
  142.     mysql: false
  143.     user: root
  144.     pass: passwd
  145.     host: localhost
  146.     port: 3306
  147.     name: maxbans
  148.     read-only: false
  153. ----------
  156. disconnection:
  157.     you-were-kicked: "&fKicked by &a{banner}&f - Reason: \n&a'{reason}'&f"
  158.     you-are-banned: "&cKicked whilst connecting to Lobby-1 &c&lYou are banned for Permanent\n &f{reason}\n&2Unfairly Banned? Appeal at &a"
  159.     you-are-ipbanned: "cKicked whilst connecting to Lobby-1 &c&lYou are IP-banned for Permanent\n &f{reason}\n&2Unfairly IP-Banned? Appeal at &a"
  160.     you-are-temp-banned: "&cKicked whilst connecting to Lobby-1 &c&lYou are banned for {time}\n &f{reason}\n&2Unfairly Banned? Appeal at &a"
  161.     you-are-temp-ipbanned: "&cKicked whilst connecting to Lobby-1 &c&lYou are IP-banned for {time}\n &f{reason}\n&2Unfairly IP-Banned? Appeal at &a"
  163.     you-are-rangebanned: "&cKicked whilst connecting to Lobby-1 &c&lYou are banned for Permanent\n &f{reason}\n&2Unfairly Banned? Appeal at &a"
  164.     you-are-temp-rangebanned: "&cKicked whilst connecting to Lobby-1 &c&lYou are banned for {time}\n &f{reason}\n&2Unfairly Banned? Appeal at &a"
  166.     you-are-proxied: "&cKicked whilst connecting to Lobby-1:\n &cYour IP ({ip}) is listed as a proxy."
  168.     lockdown-active: "&fServer is in lockdown mode. Try again shortly. Reason: \n{reason}"
  169.     invalid-letters: "&fKicked by MaxBans.\nYour name contains invalid characters:\n&c'{letters}'&f"
  170.     invalid-name: "&fKicked by MaxBans.\nYour name is invalid!"
  173. announcement:
  174.     player-was-kicked: "&a{name}&f was kicked by &a{banner}&f for &a'{reason}'&f."
  175.     player-was-banned: "&9Punish> &7{banner} banned {name} for Permanent\n&9Punish> &7&lReason: &7{reason}"
  176.     player-was-ip-banned: "&9Punish> &7{banner} ip-banned {name} for Permanent\n&9Punish> &7&lReason: &7{reason}"
  177.     player-was-tempbanned: "&9Punish> &7{banner} banned {name} for {time}\n&9Punish> &7&lReason: &7{reason}"
  178.     player-was-tempipbanned: "&9Punish> &7{banner} ip-banned {name} for {time}\n&9Punish> &7&lReason: &7{reason}"
  179.     player-was-unbanned: "&9Punish> &7{banner} unbanned {name}"
  180.     player-was-unmuted: "&9Punish> &7{banner} unmuted {name}"
  181.     player-was-warned: "&a{banner}&f warned &a{name}&f for &a'{reason}'&f"
  182.     ip-was-unbanned: "&9Punish> &7{banner} unipbanned {name}"
  183.     player-warnings-cleared: "&a{banner}&f cleared &a{name}&f's warnings."
  184.     unwarn-success: "&a{banner}&f pardoned one of &a{name}&f's warnings."
  186. error:
  187.     no-player-given: "&9Punish> &7No username given."
  188.     no-permission: "&9Permissions> &7You do not have permission to perform this command."
  189.     no-ip-known: "&9Punish> &7That player has no IP history found."
  190.     no-ipban-found: "&9Punish> &7Could not find a ban for {ip}."
  191.     no-ban-found: "&9Punish> &7Could not find a ban for {name}."
  192.     no-mute-found: "&9Punish> &7{name} is not muted."
  193.     no-dupeip-duplicates: "&fNo duplicates!"
  194.     no-history: "&9Punish> &7No history found."
  195.     no-warnings: "&a{name}&c has no warnings to their name."
  197.     unknown-player: "&9Punish> &7No player found: {name}"
  198.     player-already-banned: "&9Punish> &7That player is already banned."
  199.     ip-already-banned: "&9Punish> &7That IP is already banned."
  202.     tempban-shorter-than-last: "&cThat player has a tempban which will last longer than the one you supplied!"
  203.     tempipban-shorter-than-last: "&cThat IP has a tempban which will last longer than the one you supplied!"
  204.     tempmute-shorter-than-last: "&cThat player already has a mute which lasts longer than the one you tried to give."
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