SoGE Git Instructions

Mar 26th, 2014
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  1. Sign up for an account on Atlassian's Bitbucket website:
  3. PM me with the username (preferred) or email address you signed up with and I'll add you to the repo.
  4. (It goes without saying that one does not have to use their real names for a Bitbucket account; could use a fake name, as I have.)
  5. Also include a link to your Steam profile so I can add you to the SoGE playtesters Steam group; unless this is done you will not be given access to the beta.
  7. Download Git for Windows from here:
  8. When installing this, just keep hitting next; other than the installation directory, the default settings are all you need.
  10. Next, download TortiseGit:
  11. It's TortiseSVN for Git
  13. Next, you'll log in to Bitbucket (after you've been added)
  14. You should be able to go to the repository "sjennison/sins-of-a-galactic-empire". Link here:
  16. You should see a button that says "https"
  17. Next to it will be a link, similar to " "
  18. That is the link you'll use to "clone" the repository.
  20. If you don't want to have to put your password in every time, you can set the URL as "" instead of "". That will auto-set your password.
  22. If you have the old SVN version of the mod, you must either delete the folders or rename them, or else everything may break.
  23. Once TortiseGit is installed, you'll go to the Sins mod location.
  24. Right click on your mods folder (ex. ...Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.82) and choose "git clone"
  25. Put the link (" ") in the "URL" field.
  26. Further, check the box that says "depth" and put "1" in the box next to it. NOTE: If you are a SoGE dev, do not do this as you will not be able to commit changes to the repo.
  28. This will check out all the folders of the mod in it's own nested folder. You must go into this folder, named "sins-of-a-galactic-empire", and move all 3 folders to your mods folder. However, one of these folders is an invisible folder named ".git", and you must have invisible folders visible in order to move it; if this folder is not moved, you will not be able to update the mod.
  30. Once you do all this you've got the latest edition of the mod via Git.
  32. How do you update, you may ask?
  33. It's as simple as right clicking your mods folder, scrolling to "TortoiseGit" and clicking "git pull".
  35. To report bugs and give other feedback, go to the Bitbucket page and click on the tab called "Issues", and post it there:
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