Blocky the Slavepone 4

Mar 16th, 2019
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  1. >It was a fresh Sunday morning, and you'd just given Blocky her usual weekend bath.
  2. >You finished showering a bit early, so you were actually able to meet Blocky in the laundry room while she washed her outfit.
  3. >"Hello, Master!~" she chirped, a cheery smile spread across her face.
  4. >Her hooves wiped away at the plate bra, the polish doing its work and making that thing sparkle like no other.
  6. >"Oh! There's my skirt!"
  7. >The little pony opened up the dryer, retrieving that fine, silk cloth you loved having around your feet.
  8. >She unraveled the skirt, hugging it a bit against her face as she enjoyed its warmth.
  9. >"That always feels so nice!"
  10. >After, Blocky attached the skirt back onto the panties and held it and the rest of the outfit up to you.
  11. >"Ready to suit back up!"
  12. >You gave it a look, pondering to yourself.
  13. >The shining metal bra invited you to grab it with its splendor.
  14. >But you felt a little different today.
  15. "Actually Blocky..." you trailed off. " about you just leave it on top of the washing machine?"
  16. >Blocky was flabbergasted.
  17. >"Really? I don't have to wear it today?"
  18. "Yeah...yeah, go ahead and keep it off for the rest of the day."
  19. >Blocky's face was a mixture of perplexed and eager.
  20. >"Sure! ...I guess!"
  21. >The pony trotted out of the laundry room, humming to herself as she did.
  22. >That left you alone with the outfit.
  23. >You gazed at it a bit more, trying to remember how long ago it was that you'd even gotten that thing.
  24. >If you remembered right, it was some kind of collector's memorabilia you'd gotten from some distant uncle you weren't familiar with.
  25. >Through some legal process you didn't understand and a complex inheritance bout you weren't even aware of, you got some of this uncle's collector stuff when he passed away.
  26. >You weren't really into the movies they were from (Space Balls or something?), so you'd kind of shelved them. At some point they'd probably be worth a good chunk of change anyways.
  27. >It was only the fourth or fifth day Blocky was here that you decided to make her wear it.
  28. >"W-where are you taking me, Master?"
  29. >You and her made your ways to your bedroom.
  30. >It was just today that you'd remembered that outfit you'd gotten.
  31. >As you were still green in terms of this slave-owner deal, you figured to better get yourself into the mindset, you should constantly remind yourself that she was your slave.
  32. >What better way to do that than to dress her up as one?
  33. "Just keep following me, Blocky."
  34. >Once you arrived, you directed her to the closet, and she went over and opened it without hesitation.
  35. >"What am I looking for?"
  36. "There's a box in there with 'collector stuff' written on it. I'd like you to bring that out."
  37. >At least your commanding tone was getting better.
  38. >Her hooves fiddled about in the closet, the rustling of cardboard and clothes being the only noise heard in the room.
  39. >Eventually, she pulled out a big box with a grunt, the exact words you said written on its side.
  40. "Good girl."
  41. >Slather it on, Anon.
  42. >Blocky looked up at you, expecting another command.
  43. >Seemed she only really thought she'd be retrieving the box, but not opening it.
  44. >Well, that was fair. Only you knew what you wanted out of it anyways.
  45. >Wordlessly, you sat on the bed and flipped open the top of the box, several pieces of collector's items greeting your eyes.
  46. >There was just one that you wanted, though, and it was fairly visible.
  47. >You couldn't miss that shiny gleam, after all.
  48. >Grabbing it from the bottom of the skirt, you pulled out the whole pile: bra, panties, collar, and braid.
  49. >You grabbed the bra and panty combo and presented them to Blocky.
  50. "I want you to wear this."
  51. >You audibly heard her gulp as she stared at the outfit, wide-eyed.
  52. >"Th-that looks like..."
  53. "Something a slave girl would wear? Yeah, I know."
  54. >You didn't really need to be familiar with the series this thing was from to get the idea.
  55. >Blocky instantly knew, so it seemed even Equestrians had some understanding of the extent slavery could reach.
  56. >Checking the straps on both the bra and panties, you were relieved to learn that they were adjustable.
  57. >She seemed a little bigger than a kid, so hopefully this thing could go down to that kind of size.
  58. "On your hinds."
  59. >Blocky did as she was told, her reddened face turned away from yours.
  60. >You started by fastening the panties together on her pelvis, the skirt hitting the ground as it unfolded.
  61. >Nice fit!
  62. >A bit too nice...
  63. >You had made sure the skirt didn't go over her tail, and odd as it was to try that, it managed to work out.
  64. >The back of the panties sat comfortably just below her tail dock, covering her nethers while still fitting around her just fine.
  65. >Next came the bra.
  66. >The straps went on her back, and you tightened them until the bra fit snugly on Blocky's chest.
  67. >"Wh-what is this used for, Master?"
  68. >It was a fair question, considering ponies didn't have tits.
  69. >Well, at least on their chest.
  70. "It's for covering up some parts of human girls. You don't have those parts, but I'm still going to put it on you, Blocky."
  71. >"O-okay."
  72. >The braid would be an interesting experience.
  73. >You Googled some slave girl hairstyle on a whim and found girls dressed just like Blocky.
  74. >Weird, but you'd roll with it.
  75. >Your hands moved to Blocky's mane, and you started by bunching up the back of it.
  76. >Fumbling a bit with the braid in your other hand, you managed to clump it on her mane.
  77. >Checking the reference and then Blocky, the bunched up hair she had was...good enough.
  78. >You'd probably get better at this the more she had it done.
  79. >Finally, the collar was clamped onto her tender little neck, with a small knob mechanism built in to keep it locked.
  80. >The chain attached seemed to be more cosmetic than practical based on its miniscule size, but hey, maybe it'd find some use.
  81. >Facing Blocky, your eyes scanned her now-costumed form.
  82. >"H-how do I look, M-Master?"
  83. >She was quivering a bit as she spoke, and while her face was forward now, her eyes still averted yours.
  84. >There was one part of her your eyes stopped on.
  85. >This wasn't something you said often, but you MAY have had a thing for tummies.
  86. >And this outfit?
  87. >It made sure it was the only thing not covered on her torso.
  88. >That bra actually had some use after all.
  89. >F-fuck, she had a cute little belly, too.
  90. >A nice, lean figure with a small, pudgy roundness at the bottom.
  91. >Was it right to sexualize a pony?
  92. >You never really got those dudes who were into them, but right now your dick did not care at all.
  93. >"M-master?"
  94. >She crossed her front hooves together bashfully, covering up that nice tummy of hers.
  95. >It was enough to bring you back to the real world.
  96. >Holy Hell, that was a powerful asset she had.
  97. "You look look great, Blocky," you stammered out.
  98. >"O-oh, thank you, Master."
  99. >She took the compliment as an indication to get back on all-fours.
  100. >One thing was for sure after today: This slave outfit thing was probably the best decision you've made since owning Blocky.
  101. >And it really was.
  102. >As you looked down at this outfit in the present day, it was weird how this one collectible item turned out to be a real game-changer for your slave-owning experience.
  103. >Would Blocky ever catch on that you just REALLY liked her belly?
  104. >Granted, that wasn't the only part of why she was still ordered to wear this thing, but still.
  105. >Even if she did learn, would she care?
  106. >The belly rubs, once she stopped getting tickled, seemed to relax her, so she wouldn't have any real reason to complain, right?
  107. >It was a little weird, but it'd probably be even weirder if she learned.
  108. >It may be best to just not say, and that's that.
  109. >You left the outfit in the laundry room, but she'd come back and wear it tomorrow.
  110. >For some reason, you felt like she enjoyed it.
  111. >Wouldn't it be funny if she did?
  112. >You chuckled to yourself as you went on with your day.
  113. >Blocky, outfit or otherwise, remained at your beck and call.
  114. >What a good girl.
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