Instant Kill Chapter 1

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  1. After his sixth birthday, queer inscriptions began to appear within Guo Twelve’s mind and voices began to sound in his ears. Every night, the queer voices would echo within his mind, and he would be unable to sleep.
  3. Oddly enough, these did not affect his physical or mental health in any way. As time passed, Guo Twelve allowed the inscriptions and voices to take their courses, and later began to chant along with the voices in his head.
  5. And so he chanted for two years. The voices in his head eventually waned, but Guo Twelve had already grown accustomed to the voices and inscriptions. He chanted throughout the nights and he would be full of energy and vigour the next morning. If he neglected his chanting, a sense of disquiet would attack him. Like he was addicted (to a drug), he would subconsciously chant even during the day when he had time.
  7. When the voices and inscriptions in his head had completely vanished, Guo Twelve had just turned 8. This night, he was lying on his bed, chanting the customary inscriptions. The inscriptions were 167 characters, with 167 pronunciations. He chanted them one by one, when abruptly, his mind seemed to explode.
  9. Memories began to come to him in large amounts. Guo Twelve felt his head grow dizzy, and he immediately lost consciousness.
  11. It was like he had experienced a bizzare dream. An inconceivable dream.
  13. Guo Twelve came to in the early morning. Yawning, he stretched on the bed and took a good look at his surroundings.
  15. Guo Twelve was no longer the former Guo Twelve, but as far as appearances went, they still looked the same. At this moment, he clearly understood that he had not reincarnated, but had successfully transmigrated.
  17. The passage of souls required a strong soul to bear it, and the inscriptions and voices were scriptures to temper the soul.
  19. Guo Twelve was ecstatic. This was his second time successfully transmigrating, and his soul had not dissipated in the gulf between the heavens and earth. Since his first successful transmigration, he had obtained a huge treasure, and began his unique and long-lived path. This path was considerably challenging, and Guo Twelve felt like a pawn crossing the river—if he did not succeed, then everything would have been for naught.
  21. The Guo Twelve then was 8 years old, and did not understand much about the outside world. He could only remember his parents and siblings, surnamed 'Guo', whom he ranked twelfth among. His father had a total of 6 wives, and 17 children. His world was a small courtyard and the house that his parents resided in. Apart from this, he had never went out; hence, Guo Twelve had virtually no understanding towards the world.
  23. Examining the interior of his house, Guo Twelve noticed that the furnishing was very simple. Wooden floor, a low bed and a rough comforter. Other than the bed in the room, there was a small table, approximately a foot tall and two feet in length and width. A copper pot, a pottery bowl and an oil lamp rested above it. There was nothing else.
  25. After combining his former memories, Guo Twelve was inwardly startled. This did not seem to be the same world he was previously from, but the language here was still Chinese. The coarse cloth drabs that he wore did seem like ancient clothing, upon closer examination. Could his soul return to ancient times with soul transmigration? However, what dynasty was this?
  27. Having transmigrated twice, Guo Twelve quickly calmed down. He had the patience and the confidence to safely live in this world. He did not care about where he would be transmigrating; what he cared about was whether he would be able to transmigrate, whether his soul would awaken. Since he had succeeded in his transmigration, he would be able to confront everything else.
  29. "Twelve! Twelve! Quickly get up!"
  31. Guo Twelve opened his room's door, only to see a young man outside his room. Guo Twelve said, "Sixth Brother, I know. I woke up long ago."
  33. "After finishing your breakfast, Father will send people to bring you to the Sect's Shrine for a test."
  35. Guo Twelve curiously asked, "Test? Test what?"
  37. Guo Six grinned. “
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