May 10th, 2014
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  1. Human corrected machine translation of an excerpt of a profile on Hans Jansen (candidate MEP for the so called Party for Freedom PVV) and his close ties to the Dutch secret service AIVD. The entire article (in Dutch of course) can be bought here: The article costs 10 cents and you will receive €2.50 in credit when registering. (This is not a paid paste, this to ensure you can check my sources.) TL;DR a vote for the "Party for Freedom" is a vote for the police state. O and if you are not Dutch and ever heard about Rena Netjes it is probably because she had to flee from Egypt because Sisi's junta suspects her of sympathizing with the Muslim Brotherhood.
  3. "At the table with the AIVD
  5. In the years after the murder of Van Gogh, the tone of Jansen hardens he goes on to say that islam is anti-democratic and has nothing to do with the Western lifestyle. That islam sees unbelievers like monkeys.
  7. He regularly sits at the table of the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD). According to an insider, he organized workshops for that service. The AIVD take Jansen very seriously, notices anthropologist Martijn de Koning as he attends a lecture around 2005 where many former employees are AIVD. "To my surprise they said : Yes, but Hans Jansen says this and that about jihad. It was obvious that they saw him as authoritative."
  9. A year earlier journalist Rena Netjes met Jansen. She wanted a PhD at the University of Utrecht, where Jansen then resided. During their conversation about this he makes another suggestion : "Why do not you work at the AIVD? " Netjes thinks she's actually not the type for that, but agrees with another talk. Eventually she declines. "I thought it was a strange experience," she says. " What the ties were exactly I do not know, but I definitely got the impression that he was in touch with the AIVD . Closely."
  11. The AIVD reports that the service for is dependent on others for their intelligence. "Of course we are asking all sorts of people to share their expertise," said a spokesman. "But we do not comment on individuals.""
  13. Don't think this is extremism? The same article states that Jansen wants death squads from the secret service to kill "dangerous muslims".
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