House Kaliaxix Session 4

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  1. Apr 30 18:17:25 <SqueeGM>       When we left off, the group had gone down to the stranger's inn to stay the night. Would you prefer to assume that they managed to get a room successfully, and skip to the next day, or roleplay it out?
  2. Apr 30 18:17:54 <Lehkurehn>     the former
  3. Apr 30 18:18:00 <Kerosis>       next morning's fine, yes
  4. Apr 30 18:22:05 <SqueeGM>       Ok, four tiny rooms were secured at the inn for an Asixhredn penny. Each party member awakens in their own room. Would you like to roll to see who gets up first and has to wake the others?
  5. Apr 30 18:22:09 <Bribri>        That's fine, presumably we're going to hang around the big old mansion at some point, after we perform the night impossible task of getting a different outfit <3~
  6. Apr 30 18:22:24 *       Bribri is now known as Lahodin
  7. Apr 30 18:22:26 <SqueeGM>       Also, I'm going to deduct the money from Lehkurehn since he's sort of the leader.
  8. Apr 30 18:22:48 <Kerosis>       that that was covered for us?
  9. Apr 30 18:22:49 <Lehkurehn>     k
  10. Apr 30 18:22:51 <Kerosis>       thought even
  11. Apr 30 18:23:35 <SqueeGM>       Oh, right, that's true, you bummed the money off Valehrisis.
  12. Apr 30 18:24:03 <SqueeGM>       So that was 3 Kahliaxix pennies.
  13. Apr 30 18:24:32 <Lehkurehn>     yes
  14. Apr 30 18:24:39 <Lehkurehn>     that is what she gave us
  15. Apr 30 18:24:48 <SqueeGM>       Yes, and that is what you paid with.
  16. Apr 30 18:25:19 <Lehkurehn>     so, waking up?
  17. Apr 30 18:25:37 <SqueeGM>       I asked if you'd like to roll to see who woke up first or just proceed.
  18. Apr 30 18:25:47 <Kerosis>       your call
  19. Apr 30 18:26:35 <Lahodin>       1d20
  20. Apr 30 18:26:37 <Lahodin>       ,roll 1d20
  21. Apr 30 18:26:44 <SqueeGM>       Ordinarily I'd have you roll but we're running short on time here, so let's just assume that everybody manages to get up and get dressed.
  22. Apr 30 18:26:45 <Lehkurehn>     let's roll. we neede to wake dicey anyways
  23. Apr 30 18:26:50 <Lahodin>       (heh <3~)
  24. Apr 30 18:26:51 <Lehkurehn>     k
  25. Apr 30 18:27:17 <SqueeGM>       Unfortunately, there's no baths in the rooms themselves, so you're all a bit scruffy. There is a bath available on the ground floor that you have to pay for and use one at a time.
  26. Apr 30 18:27:44 <Lehkurehn>     "Eh. It's always hot or wet anyways."
  27. Apr 30 18:28:00 <SqueeGM>       But nonetheless, you've gotten your things and gathered in the hallway.
  28. Apr 30 18:28:01 <Lehkurehn>     "Sometimes both"
  29. Apr 30 18:28:04 <Kerosis>       covered in the cost already or no?
  30. Apr 30 18:28:20 <SqueeGM>       Nope.
  31. Apr 30 18:28:32 <Lahodin>       Lahodin naturally looks far more hedgy then usual now, due to HORRIBLE BED HAIR AHHHH. I'm sure she has fun combing that down, not that she seems to care, half asleep and drowsy, giving big yawns, and not seemingly overly concerned as she scratches one ear.
  32. Apr 30 18:29:11 *       Lahodin stretches, for real this time~
  33. Apr 30 18:29:17 <Kerosis>       and extra bathing cost would be?
  34. Apr 30 18:29:17 <Lehkurehn>     "So today's the big day."
  35. Apr 30 18:29:31 <SqueeGM>       You'd have to go down and negotiate it.
  36. Apr 30 18:30:19 *       Ucro is now known as Ucro|Hotehkhehn
  37. Apr 30 18:31:29 <Lahodin>       she'll usher the rest of the group to follow her outside so they can actually -discuss- things without a hundred swivling ears, though still she looks like she's half asleep and talking about the weather, hand a raising and all. ".. Nrph.. Big day is it? Didn't know that. Don't you still need proper garments? Maybe spend some time actually watching over the a place before paying it a visit?"
  38. Apr 30 18:31:59 *       Lahodin gives a dry chuckle "Could always just go over there and ask for it nicely."
  39. Apr 30 18:32:16 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn is there, the canine adjusting his robes after having shrgged them back along with his gear, he'd get a proper bath and other non-essentials back home when the deed was done, the man looking to the others "Yes, let's just get this over with hm?" the man looking to Lahodin "Shall we go and take a look at the manor proper? Get an idea of how difficult this will be?"
  40. Apr 30 18:32:52 <Kerosis>       "I suppose that would be the best way to proceed."
  41. Apr 30 18:32:55 <Lehkurehn>     "About that." lehkurehn says scratching behind his ears. "We need someone to actually go scout the place. Figure the outside layout."
  42. Apr 30 18:33:00 *       Lehkurehn yawns
  43. Apr 30 18:33:28 <Lahodin>       "Might if I wasn't dressed in our pretty colors. Rather call myself a town dog."
  44. Apr 30 18:34:08 <Lehkurehn>     "aye, that'd help but I don't think they'd pay no heed if just one of us passed by their gates."
  45. Apr 30 18:35:15 <Lehkurehn>     "Any volunteers?"
  46. Apr 30 18:35:17 <Lahodin>       "Maybe it's because I'm half asleep." she gives a yawn "But now i'm wondering how much of a good idea that might even be. Just walking on in and asking for it. Maybe they'd be for making peace about it. How much are the houses at their throats anyway~ Friends got to be better then enemies."
  47. Apr 30 18:36:47 *       Lahodin half gances at Lehkurehn and chuckles "Right, and by volunteers you mean 'Everybody stand in silence until the Maid says she'll do it'. Darling if it's just giving it a look and not going inside I don't see the harm it'll do to me."
  48. Apr 30 18:36:54 <Lehkurehn>     "No idea. All the Asix asshats back home give me the evil eye but that may just because they have to deal with our control of the lanes."
  49. Apr 30 18:36:58 <Kerosis>       "Wouldn't that run the risk of them increasing their security?"
  50. Apr 30 18:37:32 <Lehkurehn>     "I'd be find with the maid doing it." Lehkurehn snipes.
  51. Apr 30 18:37:33 <Lahodin>       "It would if they said no." she stretches her arms a bit.
  52. Apr 30 18:38:30 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn looks to Lahodin "So long as we don't draw attention to ourselves casing the outside of the building won't be hard" the man shaking his head "What -will- be hard is getting inside wearing bright green, something we still need to see to is the fact they're not just going to let one of our house live long if we are caught within"
  53. Apr 30 18:38:42 <Lehkurehn>     "Lah's idea is not wrong. In fact it'd be the best plan if we had something to offer them in exchange."
  54. Apr 30 18:39:12 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "A shame we have nothing"
  55. Apr 30 18:39:53 <Lehkurehn>     "Hotehkhen is right. We should give the place a glance before finally commiting to a plan."
  56. Apr 30 18:40:11 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "If it were that easy for our house to negotiate the return the -blackmail- material, do you not think the house would have done this themselves?"
  57. Apr 30 18:40:18 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       of the*
  58. Apr 30 18:40:38 <Kerosis>       "Well... no harm in heading off that way then I suppose. Um... did anyone want me to try visiting the cafe again? Follow up on possibly gaining a disguise?"
  59. Apr 30 18:40:48 *       Lahodin gives her hand a dismisive hand wave "Not something -I'd- try despite bringing it up. My tongues for muffins not silver. A real swindler might be able to get it for air, but yeah, not much of that here."
  60. Apr 30 18:41:06 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn nods to Kerosis "Ideally we'd need two, but if you can get one disguise that will have to do"
  61. Apr 30 18:41:58 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn DOES look over to Lahodin though "How confident would you be in swiping a bottle of dye anyway Lah?"
  62. Apr 30 18:42:01 <Lahodin>       "Going to break that poor things heart." she gives a wink to Kerosis.
  63. Apr 30 18:42:03 <Lehkurehn>     "If push comes to shove we can pilfer a town dogs clothes off the line."
  64. Apr 30 18:43:12 *       Lahodin quirks a brow at Hotehkhehn "Not very~ unless they had a very good reason to look the other way."
  65. Apr 30 18:43:23 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "That could be arranged"
  66. Apr 30 18:43:28 *       Kerosis nods and heads back to that cafe then I suppose!
  67. Apr 30 18:43:57 <Lehkurehn>     (so who's heading where now?)
  68. Apr 30 18:44:35 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn looks over to Lehkurehn "Do you think you and I could create a suitable distraction for Lahodin to acquire some dye in the house colours? My attempts at buying some were a bust, but we can always try a less... Moral approach"
  69. Apr 30 18:45:28 <Lehkurehn>     "Easily."
  70. Apr 30 18:47:07 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "i'm sure house Kaliaxix will replace our robes for us if we complete the job, dyeing them shouldn't hurt"
  71. Apr 30 18:47:37 <Lahodin>       "Hehe and then we'll make a horrible mess of Vals floors mixing it all~ She won't be too fussy on that at all." Lah says nice and amused like. She raises her hands defensivly though "But don't you be thinking you can ask me to pluck things like this regularly. I'm an honest girl. THis is for the house hm?"
  72. Apr 30 18:48:17 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn nods to Lah "I dont have any intention of making this a habit, the sooner I get back to babysitting my drunk of a master, the better~"
  73. Apr 30 18:49:20 <Lehkurehn>     "True. It still may just be easier to steal from someones washbin while we distract the washer. Don't you think? We'll have new clothes and not ruin our old ones"
  74. Apr 30 18:49:21 <SqueeGM>       Meanwhile, Kerosis has presumably wandered off on her own to the coffeehouse she remembers from before. She cautiously opens the door, and sees the place empty, except for a towndog behind the counter setting things up, who gives a wave at her. "Find a seat and we'll be with you in a minute!" he calls to her.
  75. Apr 30 18:49:58 <Lehkurehn>     "What do you two think?"
  76. Apr 30 18:50:07 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn looks to Lehkurehn "If we are caught in the manor is town dogs clothes we'll be stopped, we need proper house dog clothes, and sice getting them legitimately has been a bust, we need to improvise"
  77. Apr 30 18:50:17 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       in town dogs*
  78. Apr 30 18:50:30 *       Kerosis takes a seat and says "Don't mind me really. I was just hoping I'd run into someone again."
  79. Apr 30 18:51:14 <SqueeGM>       The bartender nods at her, setting glasses out.
  80. Apr 30 18:51:25 <Lehkurehn>     "Hmm." Lehkurehn ponders. "That is true. Let's head to the tailor and see what we can do. What'd you plan for the distraction?"
  81. Apr 30 18:54:31 <Lahodin>       "Heh, could just -talk- to him darling, doesn't need to be complex. Though it depends on how many eyes are there to watch~" what are this houses colors anyway? would it be a simple task to dye clothes the right color, or would it need a more complex pattern? "
  82. Apr 30 18:55:19 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       (what were the colours again? I know we know them XD but I have forgotten)
  83. Apr 30 18:55:30 <Lehkurehn>     "Dark blue and light blue I believe, Lah"
  84. Apr 30 18:56:09 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "A talk, and argument, or just causing a scene, we just need something that will get the store owner looking at us, and only us"
  85. Apr 30 18:56:13 <Lahodin>       (She didnt actually say that~)
  86. Apr 30 18:56:16 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       an argument*
  87. Apr 30 18:57:12 <Lehkurehn>     "Sounds like a plan. Let's go."
  88. Apr 30 18:57:35 *       Dicey ( has joined #tombdogs
  89. Apr 30 18:59:12 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn, Hotehkhehn, and Lahodin walk down to the tailor that they visited last time, since it's the only clothier they know of. Meanwhile, people have started to file into the coffeehouse Kerosis is in, but she hasn't seen anyone she recognizes.
  90. Apr 30 18:59:58 <Kerosis>       What time was it last time we were in here again?
  91. Apr 30 19:00:25 <SqueeGM>       Evening.
  92. Apr 30 19:01:46 <Lehkurehn>     before we go in is there a bask door, other entrances?
  93. Apr 30 19:01:54 <Lehkurehn>     back
  94. Apr 30 19:02:31 <Kerosis>       Obvious flaw in this plan then, but it still seems like a good enough place to hang out listening for any interesting hearsay in the meantime.
  95. Apr 30 19:04:31 <SqueeGM>       There's no obvious back door, but there's a wall on the side that looks like it could be a courtyard. Maybe there's one in there.
  96. Apr 30 19:04:47 <Lahodin>       Place seem very busy ;p?
  97. Apr 30 19:05:00 *       Lehkurehn points out the courtyard
  98. Apr 30 19:05:31 <SqueeGM>       There doesn't seem to be any chatter inside, though the door is open.
  99. Apr 30 19:06:44 <Kerosis>       (for those not recalling last week's info-dump- looking into getting to the roof from adjacent buildings is also worth checking on)
  100. Apr 30 19:07:23 <Lehkurehn>     (there's a garden up there.)
  101. Apr 30 19:08:00 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn will nod to the others "So, shall we head in? You going to try sneaking in through the courtyard Lah? Or just slip by while we distract the clerk?" hotehn inquires
  102. Apr 30 19:09:51 *       Lahodin chuckles "Or I could just walk through the front door and wander a bit once you two have him in a proper chatter. You've been here before no? Dyes somewhere to be sold, are they all in the back?"
  103. Apr 30 19:09:51 <Lehkurehn>     "Hold up a sec Hoteh."
  104. Apr 30 19:10:33 <Lehkurehn>     Do I Remember the tailor's layout?
  105. Apr 30 19:11:27 <SqueeGM>       Only the front room. It's a simple room bisected by a counter that the clothier stands at. There's a door behind him.
  106. Apr 30 19:11:37 <Lehkurehn>     figured
  107. Apr 30 19:12:08 <Lehkurehn>     "There's a back room. that's where the dyes will be. we gotta keep him up front."
  108. Apr 30 19:13:34 <Lehkurehn>     "Hotehkhen, could you come with me for a sec?"
  109. Apr 30 19:14:08 *       Lahodin groans a bit "Liking this plan less now. Slipping something off a shelf is one thing, but sneaking out back and searching around for it?"
  110. Apr 30 19:15:14 <Lehkurehn>     "It'll be fine dear. If you snese danger get out. no harm done."
  111. Apr 30 19:15:31 <Lehkurehn>     Sense. sneeze :V
  112. Apr 30 19:15:36 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn nods to Lahodin "You'll have to improvise a bit, but we'll keep the clerk busy" the man looking to Lehkurehn and nodding.
  113. Apr 30 19:19:03 *       Lahodin groans again rubbing her forhead "How can it be so difficult to just get a change of garments?" she gives a laugh. Not at all happy, but what can you do? "Well you best keep him distracted -well- I wouldn't even know where he keeps them after all."
  114. Apr 30 19:19:25 *       Lehkurehn takes hoteh to the side. Pulling out my knife I put a slit down his skirt. "There! Now we have something to distract him with and argue about. He'll have to take measures which will buy us time and you'll get a new skirt, My treat of course."
  115. Apr 30 19:19:40 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis, meanwhile, is keeping her ears open while people file in. It's still not very crowded this early in the day, but the pungent smell of coffee is already starting to fill the air.
  116. Apr 30 19:20:49 <Kerosis>       May as well look at a menu and see if a Xerehn Penny is enough to actually afford anything.
  117. Apr 30 19:21:05 <Lehkurehn>     "We ready?"
  118. Apr 30 19:21:23 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn s9imply gives Lehkurehn a very annoyed look "And you couldn't do this to your own clothes because?"
  119. Apr 30 19:21:47 <Lehkurehn>     "Striped clothes take longer to make"
  120. Apr 30 19:21:56 <SqueeGM>       The waitress stops by Kerosis's table when she sees her looking around for a menu. "Hello, dear. Can I get you anything?"
  121. Apr 30 19:22:23 <Lehkurehn>     "Arguing with you as a subordinate is more convincing"
  122. Apr 30 19:22:37 <SqueeGM>       (Only Hotehkhehn's mantle is striped.)
  123. Apr 30 19:23:23 <Kerosis>       "A menu would be nice, I suppose?"
  124. Apr 30 19:23:29 <Lehkurehn>     "NOw you're legitimately pissed at me." he smirks
  125. Apr 30 19:23:35 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "You know a good distraction could be me mercilessly beating you in front of his store" Hotehn notes with an intentional gri, before sighing "Ask permission next time, or that -will- be the next distraction"
  126. Apr 30 19:23:39 <Lehkurehn>     "Need I go on?"
  127. Apr 30 19:25:11 <Lehkurehn>     "Ha! So when lahodins is in position we walk in arguing?"
  128. Apr 30 19:25:12 *       Lahodin will tag along of course for now~ Nothing wrong with taking a look from the inside, not like he'll freak out if he spots her in the room, she can always step out after all. All the while snickering at the too. "Don't get my hopes up now~"
  129. Apr 30 19:26:15 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn nods "Fine"
  130. Apr 30 19:26:53 <Lehkurehn>     "I'd say keep Lah out of sight, he won't expect her that way."
  131. Apr 30 19:27:34 <Lehkurehn>     "Over the wall when we walk in and all that."
  132. Apr 30 19:29:25 <SqueeGM>       The waitress nods at Kerosis and points at the menu-board over the bartender's head. "I can get you a smaller one too if you can't read it from here."
  133. Apr 30 19:29:34 <Lehkurehn>     "I'm putting my trust in you, Lah."
  134. Apr 30 19:30:47 <Lahodin>       "Nice thought, but you're over-thinking it. Not much reason for him to expect me either way~" she gives a light shrug "But if you insist~ I dare hope there isn't anyone -in- the backrooms or he doesnt drag you back there to sew that thing up."
  135. Apr 30 19:31:22 *       Kerosis looks for anything she can actually afford
  136. Apr 30 19:31:49 <SqueeGM>       With her Xerehn penny, Kerosis could probably afford a reasonably fancy coffee.
  137. Apr 30 19:32:04 <Lehkurehn>     "Let's do this."
  138. Apr 30 19:32:15 *       Kerosis orders such then. No more change to worry about that way.
  139. Apr 30 19:34:12 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn nods, kicking open the door to the tailors in a faux huff "Let's just get this done you fool, honestly I can't trust you with anything" the man says before stepping inside the tailors, waiting for Lehkurehn to follow in tow.
  140. Apr 30 19:35:14 <Lehkurehn>     "It's your fault for trusting with it. I'm no warrior! Why'd you think it's turn out well?"
  141. Apr 30 19:35:58 <SqueeGM>       The clothier looks up from writing something down on a piece of paper. "Greetings offered, of-Kahliaxix. Can I help you?"
  142. Apr 30 19:36:24 <SqueeGM>       After a few minutes, the waitress brings a cup of coffee back to Kerosis, setting it down on a saucer on the table. It smells pretty good!
  143. Apr 30 19:36:42 <Lehkurehn>     "Aye, this fool ruined his skirt. we need a new one."
  144. Apr 30 19:37:31 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "Do not blame me for -your- ignorance!" Hotehn spits back, before looking to the tailor "I need this repaired as a result of the idiot behind me"
  145. Apr 30 19:37:57 *       Kerosis drinks up, still listening for rumors and keeping an eye out for any fancy house dog types
  146. Apr 30 19:38:00 <SqueeGM>       "Okay. Can I see the damage?"
  147. Apr 30 19:38:05 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "Or new, even better, you can afford to pay for your stupidity"
  148. Apr 30 19:39:02 <Lehkurehn>     "Pay for mine? pay for yours! Why should I Pay for your clothing? I'm not your mother!"
  149. Apr 30 19:39:19 *       Lahodin has quit ()
  150. Apr 30 19:39:48 <Lehkurehn>     (Poor bri)
  151. Apr 30 19:40:42 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "My mother wouldn't be foolish enough to fuck up handling a knife for a few seconds!"
  152. Apr 30 19:40:55 <SqueeGM>       (How unfortunate.)
  153. Apr 30 19:41:16 <SqueeGM>       The clothier holds his hands up. "Please, how can I help you? What has happened?"
  154. Apr 30 19:42:51 *       Lehkurehn glares at hoteh. "My 'friend' here has a tear in his skirt. We'd like a new one made and maybe a repair in the meantime."
  155. Apr 30 19:43:55 <SqueeGM>       "Alright, alright, no problem." He picks up a spool of thread and a needle on the counter and comes around to their side. "Let me see the tear."
  156. Apr 30 19:44:46 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       (should we wait for Bri to get back? Lah is kind of the important part here XD )
  157. Apr 30 19:44:57 <Lehkurehn>     (Probably)
  158. Apr 30 19:45:15 <SqueeGM>       (Indeed.)
  159. Apr 30 19:47:56 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis, could you roll for Listen?
  160. Apr 30 19:48:01 <Kerosis>       (although it would be kind of impressive to see how long you can drag a distraction out)
  161. Apr 30 19:48:19 <Kerosis>       3d6
  162. Apr 30 19:48:19 <Dicey> Kerosis, 3d6: 8 [3d6=1,4,3]
  163. Apr 30 19:48:34 <Kerosis>       (apparently not!)
  164. Apr 30 19:49:55 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis perks her ears up and swivels them around as she sips delicately at the hot coffee, but doesn't catch much besides petty disputes and gossip.
  166. May 05 16:07:46 <SqueeGM>       When we left off, Hotehkhen and Lehkurehn had gotten into an argument over a tear in Hotehkhehn's clothing, distracting the clothier to give Lahodin time to go intro the back. Since Bribri disconnected and there were several minutes of arguing afterward, I think it's fair to let Lahodin do a few things to catch up to the present time.
  167. May 05 16:08:02 <Bluejay>       (Either way. For the time being the spotlight is all bribri)
  168. May 05 16:08:35 *       Bluejay is now known as Lehkuhrehn
  169. May 05 16:08:37 <Lahodin>       (Yes I know due to this absolutly terrible plan for the sake of our epic quest to get a chance of clothing <3~)
  170. May 05 16:08:42 <Lahodin>       change*
  171. May 05 16:09:53 <Lahodin>       Alright, might as well do -something- the other two apparently have the man distracted, What is Lahodin looking at here from the outside? Windows? Backdoors? Quaint little guardens?
  172. May 05 16:10:17 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin has circled around the back and is looking at a solid wall between two buildings.
  173. May 05 16:11:28 *       Lahodin is starting to wonder why is she plans to put her life on the line with these people again <3~ So no backdoor, lovely, windows on either side? Open or other wise?
  174. May 05 16:13:03 *       Kimik is now known as Kerosis
  175. May 05 16:13:34 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin can peek through an open window in the side of the building, but she can only see Lehkuhrehn and Hotehkhehn arguing, and part of the clothier as well. They're too wrapped up in their own thing to notice her peeking in. The walls are made of smooth adobe, but the one into the courtyard is short enough that Lahodin could probably get her hands on top of it with a running leap.
  176. May 05 16:15:18 <Lahodin>       Courtyard? So there's like a tiny backyard in the middle of the house? Odd for just a one man shop... or is this place bigger then I thought? Either way Lahodin is starting to like this plan less, or less, they of course had to make it sound like it would be a quick and easy shoplift up until the very -moment- they got there didn't they <3~?
  177. May 05 16:15:53 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin has no idea what kind of courtyard it is, since she can't see over the wall. That's just what it would make sense for it to be.
  178. May 05 16:17:03 <Lahodin>       naturally that open window is quite useless, she needs to sneak into the -backrooms- not where those twits are. She might as well walk through the front door in that case. The girl grumbles internally some more. Running leaps are hardly quiet. She glances around, what sort of people are out and about? How easily seen is this wall from the open street where people are going around?
  179. May 05 16:19:13 *       Dicey ( has joined #tombdogs
  180. May 05 16:19:13 <SqueeGM>       The wall is in a sort of alleyway between the clothier and the building next to it, so not exactly in plain sight, but anyone walking past who happened to glance in might see it. So far the street seems fairly quiet, but who knows how long that will last.
  181. May 05 16:20:05 *       Lehkuhrehn is now known as Lehkurehn
  182. May 05 16:27:36 <SqueeGM>       ...Where did Bribri go?
  183. May 05 16:27:39 <Lahodin>       Lets be honest here. Lahodin is completely out of shape, she has no physical skills. There is no 'Getting in quick and quitely' if it means climbing up over a damn wall. More likely then not she'd fall on her ass either on the way in or out. If this was for something more -valuable- maybe, that was worth the risk, but well...there's got to be better ways to get a -change of clothing-
  184. May 05 16:29:35 <Lahodin>       Instead she'll be planning to conk them on the head for not thinking this through <3~
  185. May 05 16:32:33 <SqueeGM>       So, not even going to try?
  186. May 05 16:34:23 <Ucro>  sorry
  187. May 05 16:34:43 <SqueeGM>       wb Ucro
  188. May 05 16:34:52 <Ucro>  I was asleep
  189. May 05 16:35:27 <Ucro>  sorry
  190. May 05 16:35:34 *       Ucro has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 19.0.2/20130307023931])
  191. May 05 16:36:21 <Lahodin>       Risk isn't worth the reward, simple as that, Way Lahodin looks at it she has a 50/50 shot getting over that wall. Not a huge problem on the way in, but on the way -out- a fall like that means she's -cuaght- she's not making a bet like that on a cointoss.
  192. May 05 16:36:52 <Lehkurehn>     (when no one can see you?)
  193. May 05 16:37:17 *       Ucro ( has joined #tombdogs
  194. May 05 16:37:18 <Lahodin>       I dont care how loud your arguing, someone falling like that you hear it, or have a very high chance of. I can't magicly stealth a fall.
  195. May 05 16:37:53 <Lahodin>       Lahodin can't climb well, she isn't that sort of thief yet <3~
  196. May 05 16:39:11 <Ucro>  Given I can get over a fairly high stone wall and I'm overweight and not a good climber without making a racket I think you may be overselling her lack of skill XD
  197. May 05 16:41:14 <Ucro>  We really do need a policy of "If a fat nerd can do it, pretty sure our characters can"
  198. May 05 16:41:32 <Lehkurehn>     (lol)
  199. May 05 16:42:01 <SqueeGM>       It's not a particularly high wall. Like I said, you could get your hands on the top with a leap.
  200. May 05 16:43:00 <Lahodin>       A running leap. I understood that probably meant an 8-10 feet climb, but fine ;p
  201. May 05 16:43:07 <Lahodin>       What was the dicebot command?
  202. May 05 16:44:43 <SqueeGM>       1d20
  203. May 05 16:44:44 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d20: 9 [1d20=9]
  204. May 05 16:44:49 <Kerosis>       (running leap to vault it apparently, and just, xdy)
  205. May 05 16:44:54 <Lahodin>       3d6
  206. May 05 16:44:54 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6: 11 [3d6=1,4,6]
  207. May 05 16:46:04 <Lahodin>       Time to pull myself up <3~ At the very least that should be enough for the way OVER, lets hope it's the same on the other end. Lahodin deciding to climb overi n the end, more so because of the complaining they'll do if she doesn't <3~ not being completely senseless she gives a quick peek over the side before actually climbing over. Never know, guy might have other folks working there knowing
  208. May 05 16:46:05 <Lahodin>       her luck.
  209. May 05 16:46:06 *       Ucro is now known as Ucro|Hotehkhehn
  210. May 05 16:46:57 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin takes a few steps back to put some distance between herself and the wall, and starts sprinting towards it, jumping when she gets close to it. She gets both arms over the top, scrabbling on the other side, and hooks a leg over it. Using that as leverage, she hauls herself on top and looks around to make sure nobody saw her before jumping off and landing on the other side.
  211. May 05 16:47:39 <SqueeGM>       There is, indeed, a courtyard behind the wall, that seems to connects the backs of all four nearby buildings in a square. There's nobody out here right now, but there is a forge here.
  212. May 05 16:48:53 *       Lahodin internaly says some nasty things shaking her arms. She's a Maid, she's not used to freaking pullups <3~ Either way, she's in the courtyard now. She is -not- happy with what she sees though:Yay, anyone might just decide to walk on in from one of the other shops! Time to hurry up @_@;. She moves -quietly- and -quickly- towards the tailors, I assume the door here wouldn't lead -directly-
  213. May 05 16:48:54 *       Lahodin into the room where the rest of those dorks are yes? At least from her rough estimation of the size of things?
  214. May 05 16:49:21 <Lahodin>       3d6+2 Stealthing
  215. May 05 16:49:21 <Dicey> Lahodin, Stealthing: 13 [3d6=4,5,2]
  216. May 05 16:50:02 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Hotehn and Lek are both being loud and causing scene mind
  217. May 05 16:50:29 <SqueeGM>       Anyway, that should be enough to catch up to the present. Back into the scene Hotehkhehn, Lehkurehn, and Kerosis.
  218. May 05 16:51:34 *       Kerosis is still just kinda rumor hunting
  219. May 05 16:51:56 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis is sitting in the coffeehouse nursing her fancy coffee, keeping her ears open for interesting conversations.
  220. May 05 16:55:41 <SqueeGM>       The clothier is attempting to get between Lehkurehn and Hotehkhehn to examine the tear in Hotehkhehn's skirt.
  221. May 05 16:57:00 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn is intentionally making it difficult, stalling for time, yelling at Lek and moving about a fair bit
  222. May 05 16:57:21 <Lehkurehn>     "Well? Show him your mess!"
  223. May 05 16:57:37 <Lahodin>       Right~ So outback what does Lahodin have to deal with? Windows? Doors? Where does the courtyard entrance lead to?
  224. May 05 16:57:41 *       Lehkurehn continues to be in his face
  225. May 05 16:58:30 <Lahodin>       She tries her best to take the occasional glance behind ehr, for any sign of one of the other shopkeepers appearing to cause her trouble. I don't suppose the forge looks recently used at all? Lit and all that?
  226. May 05 16:59:47 <SqueeGM>       Like I said, the courtyard connects all four of the buildings. There is a backdoor to each one there, and there is a window on the side of the clothier's building, but it's on the second floor, and thus out of reach. She might be able to get into it if she climbed the wall again. The forge looks like it hasn't been used in a while.
  227. May 05 17:01:10 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       (sorry if I'm sloppy today, had a terrible day)
  228. May 05 17:01:54 <Lahodin>       That's a blessing at least. Lah gives a sigh, lets put her ear to teh door for the sound of someone directly behind it, though it's hard to tell with all the yelling I suspect <3~ Assuming she hears nothing out of the ordinary she'll be opening it a crack, taking a peak, and slipping on inside, closing it quietly behind it~
  229. May 05 17:02:06 <Lehkurehn>     (hope things get better :V)
  230. May 05 17:02:07 <Lahodin>       3d6+1 Listen just for the sake
  231. May 05 17:02:07 <Dicey> Lahodin, Listen just for the sake: 14 [3d6=6,1,6]
  232. May 05 17:03:03 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin puts her ear to the door, but all seems silent on the other side. She pushes on it a bit and jiggles the doorknob, and realizes it's locked.
  233. May 05 17:04:58 *       Lahodin once again~ Is not that sort of thief~ She knows nothing about lockpicking, and gives a sigh. Is the window high above appear to be open at least? Even a tiny bit?
  234. May 05 17:06:59 <Lahodin>       Of course if it is closed she can at least test it to see if it -is- unlocked, or peak inside for a potential retry later <3~ Though she groans internialy 'I swear if I land on my backside tonight I'll be kicking theirs' she thinks to herself~ I suspect another climb check is required? Anything quick and easy I can use on this side I can use to boost myself a bit, or are we doing htis the
  235. May 05 17:06:59 <Lahodin>       hard way <3~?
  236. May 05 17:09:18 <SqueeGM>       That'd be two Climb checks, DC 7 and 9.
  237. May 05 17:09:53 <SqueeGM>       The clothier forcibly separates Lehkurehn and Hotehkhehn. "Gentlemen! Please! If you don't stop arguing I shall have to kick you out of my shop. Now, where is the tear you speak of?"
  238. May 05 17:10:10 <Lahodin>       Is the window -open-?
  239. May 05 17:10:20 <SqueeGM>       Yes, you can climb through it.
  240. May 05 17:10:22 *       Lehkurehn relents
  241. May 05 17:10:24 <Lahodin>       3d6
  242. May 05 17:10:24 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6: 12 [3d6=5,3,4]
  243. May 05 17:10:27 <Lahodin>       3d6
  244. May 05 17:10:27 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6: 6 [3d6=2,2,2]
  245. May 05 17:10:59 <Lahodin>       well getting up to the -wall- is easy, but the -window- not so much. Does failure indicade I all on my butt, or that I simply make no progress ;p?
  246. May 05 17:12:18 <Lahodin>       Lahodins internal thoughts go like 'Going to kick both o them, twice, and yank their ears... Ugh my arms, I ain't made for this, work, why am I even doing this? I should be stealing these from some old nans clothes line?' She gets up onto the wall before looking up and reaching~ And I suspect her internal thoughts will be going to cursing soon <3~
  247. May 05 17:12:20 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin takes another running jump onto the wall without too much trouble, and balances herself on top to try and get through the window. She sits up as much as she dares and fumbles with it, trying to get a good enough grip to haul herself inside the open window. She stifles a yelp as her balance shifts and her brain warns her that she's about to fall, clinging to the side of the wall to stay upright.
  248. May 05 17:13:13 <Lahodin>       Yeah cursing indeed <3~ Her hair is sticking up far more then usual as she hugs the wall -tighty-, she makes a few glances up breathing heavily, she looks around, any sign of onlookers yet <3~?
  249. May 05 17:14:11 <SqueeGM>       She catches her breath and takes a look around. Nobody seems to have noticed her yet.
  250. May 05 17:14:28 <Lahodin>       well may as well keep trying to Climb then, though I suspect if she almost slips -this- time she's going home <3~
  251. May 05 17:14:35 <Lahodin>       3d6
  252. May 05 17:14:35 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6: 9 [3d6=1,6,2]
  253. May 05 17:14:39 <Lahodin>       Just made it <3~
  254. May 05 17:14:52 <SqueeGM>       (Actually, you have to roll above.)
  255. May 05 17:14:53 <Lahodin>       A quick peek inside once again to make sure she has no guests she has to deal with
  256. May 05 17:16:31 <Lahodin>       Oh, well, fooie ;p
  257. May 05 17:16:38 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin grips the ledge tightly and pulls herself up, peeking in, and sees that the floor is empty, with nobody in sight. She shifts her footing on the wall, trying to work up the nerve to haul herself in.
  258. May 05 17:17:21 <Lahodin>       What's she see inside~? I assume more time is wasted regardless. She takes a few more calm breaths, the voice in the back of her head telling her to climb down, but she's gone -this- far she -might as well.
  259. May 05 17:17:41 <Lahodin>       3d6
  260. May 05 17:17:41 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6: 6 [3d6=3,2,1]
  261. May 05 17:18:34 <Lahodin>       (heavens the dicebot doesnt like me ;p)
  262. May 05 17:18:54 <Lahodin>       Feel free to emote some stuff going on in the main room, assuming I haven't fallen on my butt after so many half-failures
  263. May 05 17:19:10 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin lets out a little whine as she tries to position her arms on the windowsill, bracing against it. She freezes as she sees someone walking by the alley, hoping they don't look over and see her.
  264. May 05 17:19:57 <SqueeGM>       Meanwhile, in the shop, the clothier has crouched down and examined the cut on Hotehkhehn's skirt. "This isn't too bad. I could fix it here, and you said you wanted a new one too? How much will you pay?"
  265. May 05 17:20:57 <Lahodin>       fuck fuck fuck fuck <3~ would sum up her taughts nicely. She's going ot be caught. THis was very very freaking stupid and she needs to get inside -now- and -duck- so she can't be seen through the window. And -soon-.
  266. May 05 17:20:59 <Lahodin>       3d6
  267. May 05 17:20:59 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6: 6 [3d6=4,1,1]
  268. May 05 17:21:03 <Lahodin>       (oh heavens XD
  269. May 05 17:21:28 <SqueeGM>       (Roll a Stealth check too.)
  270. May 05 17:21:40 <Lahodin>       3d6+2 stealth
  271. May 05 17:21:40 <Dicey> Lahodin, stealth: 11 [3d6=4,3,2]
  272. May 05 17:23:02 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin clings to the wall and watches the pedestrian carefully, holding her breath, and is relieved when they pass by without glancing at her. In her worry, though, she forgets to try and climb in.
  273. May 05 17:23:27 <Lahodin>       Lahodin blames the cupcakes
  274. May 05 17:23:31 <Lahodin>       3d6
  275. May 05 17:23:31 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6: 17 [3d6=6,6,5]
  276. May 05 17:24:02 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis leans on her hand a little, a little bored as she surveys the room yet again. It's a little more populated than it was before, tombdogs coming in for some refreshing morning coffee.
  277. May 05 17:25:19 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin grits her teeth and hauls herself up with a burst of speed, tired of hanging out on top of the wall where anyone could see her at any moment, and flops over the windowsill, scraping her stomach on it a bit as she pulls the rest of herself in, placing her hands on the floor and crawling in until she's on all fours, then standing up and brushing herself off. Not the most graceful entry, but it was quiet enough.
  278. May 05 17:25:22 <Kerosis>       is it still morning?
  279. May 05 17:25:35 <SqueeGM>       It is late morning, yes.
  280. May 05 17:26:30 <SqueeGM>       About 10:30.
  281. May 05 17:26:30 <Lahodin>       She rubs her thighs. Less cupcakes. Most certainly less cupcakes. also less freaking the fuck out. She's inside, what does she see? A hallway? A room?
  282. May 05 17:27:06 <SqueeGM>       She seems to have crawled into the second floor hallway. There's two doors on her left, a door on her right, and a staircase at the end of the hall. Presumably this is where the clothierdog comes up to sleep and eat.
  283. May 05 17:29:19 <Lahodin>       Question is does he do most of his work downstairs or up? Not much time to really consider. As before she'll give the rooms a quick listen before actually -checking- them. a Quick peek and that's it. She doesnt have time to search each one. She's looking for something that clearly looks like a work or store room, somewhere he'd -keep- the damn dyes.
  284. May 05 17:30:28 <Lehkurehn>     "Two Asixhredn pennies is acceptable, I presume?"
  285. May 05 17:31:32 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin, can I get DC 5 stealth checks for all the doors you open?
  286. May 05 17:31:53 <Lahodin>       3d6+2
  287. May 05 17:31:53 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6+2: 12 [3d6=4,3,3]
  288. May 05 17:31:55 <Lahodin>       3d6+2
  289. May 05 17:31:55 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6+2: 12 [3d6=2,2,6]
  290. May 05 17:31:57 <Lahodin>       3d6+2
  291. May 05 17:31:57 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6+2: 13 [3d6=6,1,4]
  292. May 05 17:32:04 <Lahodin>       Well all the ones upstairs are checked~
  293. May 05 17:33:27 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin peeks into the rooms, and finds a bathroom, a kitchen with a small table for eating at, and a bedroom. In the bedroom there are a bunch of garments strung up, presumably things the clothier is working on. Lo and behold, there are two sets of clothing in House Asixhredn colors right there!
  294. May 05 17:33:42 <SqueeGM>       "That is acceptable," the clothierdog tells Lehkurehn, and holds his hand out.
  295. May 05 17:35:12 *       Lehkurehn fumbles around for a bit with his coin purse before handing him an Asix coin.
  296. May 05 17:35:15 <Lahodin>       Perfect <3~ She'll be sneaking on in then and yoinking them, stuffing them into her satchel quickly after giving them a look over. Hopefuly one of these are going to fit HER. Hopefully he'll just think he misplaced them. Who sneaks into a house to steal just two outfits and leaves everything else untouched <3~ I mean it's not like there's any cash or valuables in plain sight ;p
  297. May 05 17:36:49 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin picks up the clothes and examines them, trying to see why they're here. On one of them there seems to be a rip in the hem of the skirt, possibly when it got caught on something. On the other... oh. The bloodstain might explain it. She'll probably have to clean that off. She stuffs them into her satchel.
  298. May 05 17:37:04 <SqueeGM>       The clothier examines the Asix penny. "This is only one."
  299. May 05 17:37:12 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin COULD look around for something more valuable...
  300. May 05 17:37:53 <Lahodin>       She'll give nothing more then a quick glance around the room. A few seconds at -most- she isn't going to risk it, or start emptying cubbords. She needs to get in and out after all
  301. May 05 17:38:01 <Lahodin>       3d6 Quick peekings check~ then running away
  302. May 05 17:38:01 <Dicey> Lahodin, Quick peekings check~ then running away: 7 [3d6=3,3,1]
  303. May 05 17:38:49 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin sweeps her glance around the room, and spots a necklace lying on the bed. It looks modestly valuable. Should she take it, and is she going to go downstairs to look for dye?
  304. May 05 17:40:36 <Lehkurehn>     "Oh right... umm... here." he hands him another.
  305. May 05 17:41:07 <SqueeGM>       The clothier nods and puts them on the table, before kneeling down and taking his needle and thread to Hotehkhehn's skirt. "Hold still!" he commands, as he quickly starts to sew up the tear.
  306. May 05 17:42:06 <Lahodin>       Tch, why not. Stuffed away~ it's just -one- necklace, he'll just think he misplaced it. As for going downstairs for dyes, neh, I think she has enough time to go down the stairs and glance. If it doesn't lead -directly- to where the dye might be she's taking off. She doesnt have time to search more rooms outside of that.
  307. May 05 17:42:24 <SqueeGM>       Stealth check for the stairs? DC 6.
  308. May 05 17:42:29 <Lahodin>       3d6+2
  309. May 05 17:42:29 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6+2: 12 [3d6=6,3,1]
  310. May 05 17:45:02 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin creeps down the stairs with surprising stealth. She silently looks out over the second room, and sees the clothier's workshop, filled with boxes and threads. She spots, on the other side of the room, a shelf with some colored bottles on it. Perhaps those are dyes?
  311. May 05 17:46:22 <Lahodin>       I assume I'll need another stealth check across ;p?
  312. May 05 17:46:37 <SqueeGM>       Yep.
  313. May 05 17:46:50 <SqueeGM>       DC 9 this time.
  314. May 05 17:48:56 <Lahodin>       Going to need one on the way back as well?
  315. May 05 17:49:25 <SqueeGM>       Indeed.
  316. May 05 17:51:15 <Lahodin>       Ehn, Lahodin, realizing their conversations can't last much longer bites her lip... and decides against it. Unnessary risk is unnessary, they -have- outfits for the house now. They just need a little tending to <3~ She'll be going back upstairs, and heading for teh window to climb out, I assume a few more Stealth and climb checks are required?
  317. May 05 17:53:29 <SqueeGM>       One DC 6 Stealth check, and a DC 5 and DC 6 Climb check.
  318. May 05 17:53:46 <Lahodin>       3d6+2
  319. May 05 17:53:46 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6+2: 14 [3d6=6,3,3]
  320. May 05 17:53:50 <Lahodin>       and climbs~
  321. May 05 17:53:52 <Lahodin>       3d6
  322. May 05 17:53:52 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6: 17 [3d6=6,5,6]
  323. May 05 17:53:53 <Lahodin>       3d6
  324. May 05 17:53:53 <Dicey> Lahodin, 3d6: 12 [3d6=5,4,3]
  325. May 05 17:55:06 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin creeps across the upper floor to the window, and slides out of it onto the wall, before hopping down into the alley with a rising feeling of excitement. She feels the giddy adrenaline of a job executed successfully, knowing that nobody saw or heard her do the deed.
  326. May 05 17:55:54 <SqueeGM>       Inside, the clothierdog finishes sewing up Hotehkhehn's skirt and stands up, putting his things away and grabbing the pennies again. "Alright, then, of-Kaliahxix. Stop back in in a few days and I'll have your new skirt."
  327. May 05 17:55:57 *       Lahodin knew she could do it all along <3~ Except not. At all. But lets let her keep telling herself that. Either way she doesn't want to be seen around the tailors with a stuffed satchel so lets find herself somewhere else. She can meet up with the boys later.
  328. May 05 17:58:15 *       Lehkurehn thanks him and prepares to leave. "Hoteh? You all good?"
  329. May 05 17:58:59 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn nods
  330. May 05 17:59:53 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn and Hotehkhehn run into Lahodin as they exit the shop. Hotehkhehn examines his newly fixed skirt. The thread is white, but it's sown well enough that it's not immediately noticeable.
  331. May 05 18:02:09 *       Lahodin will probably head back to their contacts house. Though if memory serves, this town as a gate and a guard, I can't just pop out of town quickly to stuff that necklace somewhere under a rock or a tree huh ;p?
  332. May 05 18:02:37 *       Lahodin would rather not keep it on her, she sure as heck isn't selling it in town~
  333. May 05 18:02:51 <SqueeGM>       You could try, if you're not afraid of drawing attention.
  334. May 05 18:03:45 <Lahodin>       Drawing attention -bad-, I'll pass then until she has another reason to head out. HIding it in town is possible but riskier ;p
  335. May 05 18:04:57 <SqueeGM>       Presumably the group minus Kerosis is all heading back to Valehrisis?
  336. May 05 18:06:17 <Lehkurehn>     yes
  337. May 05 18:08:08 <SqueeGM>       They quickly head back to her house and knock on the door. She opens it, and beams at them when she sees them standing there. "Welcome back! Did you sleep well?"
  338. May 05 18:10:07 <Lahodin>       "Like a rock on the bottom of a river Val~ just let us squeeze on in here would you?" the girl moving on in "Will explain to you boys how it went when we're inside, be happy I'm not yanking yer ears off."
  339. May 05 18:10:11 <Lehkurehn>     "Aye"
  340. May 05 18:11:01 <SqueeGM>       Valehrisis moves to the back of the house like usual, heading up the steep stairs.
  341. May 05 18:13:15 <Lahodin>       "Long story short:Ten foot tall smooth stone wall, and the only way in was a second story window. My rear is -not- happy." she wiggles a finger as she fiddles with her pack "That took half the time you boys gave me, there was no way I could search the whole place not knowing the layout so:No Dyes. Got to work with what we got, and I'm afraid it's these." She pulls out the garments from before,
  342. May 05 18:13:16 <Lahodin>       and no she ain't bringing out that necklace "A little cleaning, a little sewing~ Not like we need more then an amature job, the stiches only need to last half a day. Still less work then dyeing all of our own."
  343. May 05 18:14:32 <Lahodin>       "Also means we've got some proper garments to -leave- with rather then ruining our own. Downside is he's probably going to notice these missing, now he'll think 'misplace' long before he thinks 'thief' unless he's right paranoid, but seeing we'll be gone by tonight or tomorrow that's a fine risk hm? Certainly more time then we would have had if we conked some poor thing on the head and borrowed
  344. May 05 18:14:32 <Lahodin>       his."
  345. May 05 18:16:42 <Lehkurehn>     "Hmm. Fantastic! This is certainly better than dying our clothes too."
  346. May 05 18:16:54 <Lehkurehn>     "May I examine them?"
  347. May 05 18:17:19 <Lahodin>       "Of course, that fine mess will be your job." she drops the garments on them. "I've done enough cleaning of a smelly house dogs-suits at home."
  348. May 05 18:17:31 <Lahodin>       And yes, yes he can~
  349. May 05 18:20:27 *       Lehkurehn examines the clothing
  350. May 05 18:21:43 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn sees the tear on the skirt, and the stab hole and bloodstain on the shirt.
  351. May 05 18:22:50 <Lehkurehn>     Hey Hoteh, look at this. Look's like someone got stabbed."
  352. May 05 18:23:07 *       Lahodin gives a shrug "Ain't perfect. But it's what you're getting hun.... now me i'm going for a stroll to get a good look around town hmm?" she chuckles "Well least that means he isn't going to need it back in a hurry~"
  353. May 05 18:23:38 <Lehkurehn>     "maybe things aren't looking so hot over at Asixhredn Manor?"
  354. May 05 18:23:51 <Lehkurehn>     "Thank you, Lah. You're the best."
  355. May 05 18:24:37 <Lahodin>       "Daw~ going to make me blush now." She is not blushing <3~ "Next time you want me to snoop about:Make sure to look around the building needing it first rather then rushing on in hm?"
  356. May 05 18:24:44 <Lahodin>       Lehkurehns nose is flicked
  357. May 05 18:25:40 *       Lehkurehn covers his nose. "Sure thing."
  358. May 05 18:28:49 <Lahodin>       Anyway, Lahodin might as well see about getting shit done:She wants to be out of town -tonight- if possible. It's time to go outside for a bit and wander around town. She wants to get a good idea of the layout of the towns walls for one, and of course our lovely mannor. The walls she doesnt ened to worry about sneaking much, she's just wondering about other possible exits, easy climbing spots,
  359. May 05 18:28:49 <Lahodin>       other gates. The mannor she DOES, naturally, probably not even getting near at first, she might as well keep a look out for easy hiding spots for her trinkets too. Never know when you might spot an old abandoned home.
  360. May 05 18:30:06 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn will be totally coating the fuck out of his spear tip in hemlock by the way
  361. May 05 18:30:43 <Lahodin>       The knock out level of hemlock not the toxic die level of hemlock I hope
  362. May 05 18:31:35 *       Kerosis continues to fail to pick up useful information just sitting around a cafe?
  363. May 05 18:32:30 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       He doesn't have enough for a lethal dose, though no, if he had enough for lethal it would be lethal, he's already stated he basically could care less about asirexdn as a house and now that they have means of concealing the house they are from he could honestly care less
  364. May 05 18:33:19 <SqueeGM>       It would probably help if you were looking for anything specific, Kerosis.
  365. May 05 18:33:42 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       They have a job, it needs to be done by any means, so it'll be done, he's not a warrior and doesn't intend to take on trained guards without an unfair advantage.
  366. May 05 18:34:56 <Lehkurehn>     Leh is gonna go about washing and fixing up the clothing. Maybe val or xisehdn have some sewing skills
  367. May 05 18:34:58 <Kerosis>       Eh, mainly just hoping for a random housedog to blab about security issues or any upcoming events that may have people distracted.
  368. May 05 18:38:15 <SqueeGM>       Unfortunately, the day seems entirely devoid of those thus far.
  369. May 05 18:38:48 <SqueeGM>       And she's finished her coffee.
  370. May 05 18:39:23 <SqueeGM>       Valehrisis offers to sew up the clothes for Lehkurehn, although she looks concerned when she sees the bloodstain and inquires as to how he obtained the clothing.
  371. May 05 18:40:07 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Or Lek could just say no and do it himself
  372. May 05 18:40:36 <Lahodin>       Well if she HAS sewing skills I see no reason why not, but dont worry we didnt kill anyone <3~
  373. May 05 18:40:58 *       Lehkurehn shrugs. "Well I don't think the poor girl has it in her to stab some fool so I'd assume someone stabbed him before hand."
  374. May 05 18:41:56 <Kerosis>       Well then.
  375. May 05 18:42:18 <Kerosis>       I suppose I'll just have to head back and see how things have been going for everyone else.
  376. May 05 18:42:19 <SqueeGM>       "Oh... must have been the poor fellow who got mugged the other day. I fix up my own clothes, so I can do it for you, dear."
  377. May 05 18:42:41 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis sighs and gathers her things, nodding at the coffeehouse staff before departing for Valehrisis's home again.
  378. May 05 18:48:15 <Lehkurehn>     "Yes. thank you."
  379. May 05 18:48:52 <SqueeGM>       Valehrisis nods and shuffles away with the clothing, glancing at Lehkurehn worriedly.
  380. May 05 18:49:35 *       Lehkurehn gives a shrug
  381. May 05 18:53:33 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn ( has left #tombdogs
  382. May 05 18:57:25 <SqueeGM>       So, Lahodin is scouting the manor?
  383. May 05 18:58:06 <Lahodin>       the walls first assuming that wont take -ages-. They're going to need to leave the city after words and if things go -poorly- chosing the best exit would be wise.
  384. May 05 18:58:09 <Lahodin>       After that yes the manor ;p
  385. May 05 19:05:43 <Lehkurehn>     With Val fixing the clothes, Leh will go out and look for a meal.
  387. May 12 16:06:47 <SqueeGM>       When we left off, Lahodin had ventured out of the house to scout the layout of the town walls, looking for easy climbing spots for a quick getaway later on, before checking out the manor. Lehkurehn has left the house to find something to eat, having not eaten anything all day, and it being nearly midday. Hotehkhehn and Kerosis have stayed behind with Valehrisis, who is setting to work cleaning and sewing up the clothes that Lahod
  388. May 12 16:06:47 <SqueeGM>       in had stolen.
  389. May 12 16:07:07 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin, could I get some Visual Acuity checks from you?
  390. May 12 16:07:39 <SqueeGM>       Or wait, my dicebot is having troubles.
  391. May 12 16:07:48 *       Blue_Jay is now known as Lehkurehn
  392. May 12 16:08:02 *       Ucro is now known as Ucro|HotehKhen
  393. May 12 16:08:29 <Lahodin>       Well if one is potentially needed anyway, she plans to give the manor a quick glance as well, though obviously in her normal house colors she won't be getting TOO near.
  394. May 12 16:08:35 <Lahodin>       3d6
  395. May 12 16:08:38 *       Ucro|HotehKhen is now known as Ucro|Hotehkhehn
  396. May 12 16:08:50 *       Kenzie (~Kenzie@D926F385.5B1DEA75.417C8B21.IP) has joined #tombdogs
  397. May 12 16:08:54 *       [Kenzie] (~Kenzie@D926F385.5B1DEA75.417C8B21.IP): Kenzie
  398. May 12 16:08:54 *       [Kenzie] #tombdogs
  399. May 12 16:08:54 *       [Kenzie] * :Where are you?
  400. May 12 16:08:54 *       [Kenzie] End of WHOIS list.
  401. May 12 16:08:56 <Lahodin>       ,roll 3d6
  402. May 12 16:08:57 <Kenzie>        Lahodin: 11
  403. May 12 16:09:05 <SqueeGM>       I guess we're using Bribri's for this game.
  404. May 12 16:11:01 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin spends her time walking along the walls, looking them up and down for parts that are in disrepair, crumbling or mismatched masonry, rough patches, anywhere that might let her get over a little more easily. Unfortunately, the walls are at least twice as high as her, so it doesn't look like it'll be an easy climb either way.
  405. May 12 16:11:36 *       Kimik is now known as Kerosis
  406. May 12 16:12:30 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn finds a quaint little pancake shop built into a side of a building. Through the window-counters, he can see the kitchen inside, where the dog who owns it is busy cooking.
  407. May 12 16:12:51 <Lehkurehn>     Ooh! Pancakes!
  408. May 12 16:13:14 <SqueeGM>       What are Hotekhehn and Kerosis doing while waiting with Valehrisis?
  409. May 12 16:15:51 <Lehkurehn>     I'll go in and check out the restaurant
  410. May 12 16:16:26 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Hotehkhehn is currently just waiting I suppose, he hasn't really got much to do, he'll save applying the hemlock to his spear until just before the heist, he might aswell do the same as Lek, just go and get something to eat and drink, possibly a kebab or the like. If there's a marketplace he'll head there
  411. May 12 16:16:38 <Kerosis>       I'll offer to generally help out with mundane chores and such to make up for having to deal with a bunch of clueless PCs.
  412. May 12 16:17:05 <Kerosis>       And barring that, probably go hunt more medicinal ingredients for a bit.
  413. May 12 16:17:44 *       Lahodin ain't really fond of what she sees, no short-cuts it seems, they're probably going to have to use one of the gates, which might be a pain~
  414. May 12 16:18:21 <Kerosis>       (not a fan of leaping from rooftop to rooftop?)
  415. May 12 16:18:50 <Lahodin>       (After too many stolen cakes probably not <3~)
  416. May 12 16:19:20 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin does find a few spots with loose bricks, after extensive searching. She judges that there are two places, on either side of the town, where they might be able to get over with the least trouble. She also finds a place where, while the wall is smooth, there is a house built too close to it, where they might be able to leap on top and get over.
  417. May 12 16:19:21 <Lehkurehn>     (40 to be exact. and that's terrible.)
  418. May 12 16:20:18 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn steps up to the counter and knocks on it, and the tombdog inside glances back at him, takes a pan off the grill, and steps up to it to negotiate with him. "Greetings offered, of-Kahliaxix. What can I get for you?"
  419. May 12 16:21:12 <Lehkurehn>     "Whatcha got?
  420. May 12 16:22:17 <SqueeGM>       "Large, medium, small pancakes, local or exotic syrup."
  421. May 12 16:23:01 <Lehkurehn>     "I'll take the local."
  422. May 12 16:23:11 <SqueeGM>       "What size?"
  423. May 12 16:23:22 <Lehkurehn>     "Medium."
  424. May 12 16:23:29 <SqueeGM>       "How many?"
  425. May 12 16:24:06 <SqueeGM>       Hotehkhehn decides to follow Lehkurehn out of the house, leaving Kerosis alone with Valehrisis, who hums as she does her sewing. He wanders towards the center of town, and comes across a cart selling fish-kabobs.
  426. May 12 16:24:13 *       Lahodin makes note of them, not perfect, but they'll do. How far is either exit from the mansion? Or our locals house for that matter. If all goes well they could just use the gates but we'll see~
  427. May 12 16:24:18 <Lehkurehn>     "Just one."
  428. May 12 16:25:53 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin notes the potential exits down on her mental map. The rooftop one is nearest to the manor, and the quickest path to the nearest climbing exit takes them through a lot of public streets, but it's possible to use the twisting alleyways to get most of the way to the other one, save for a few parts where they would have to cross a public street.
  429. May 12 16:26:02 <Lehkurehn>     "Nice place you got here, how's business?"
  430. May 12 16:26:31 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis, meanwhile, helps Valehrisis by washing dishes while she sews in the other room. Not exactly the most glamorous job, but Valehrisis seems appreciative of the help.
  431. May 12 16:26:51 *       Kerosis is humble as all get-out up in here.
  432. May 12 16:27:05 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Hotehn takes a good look at the stock if any of it is visible, if only to make sure it looks and smells fresh enough, if so, he'll get in line and wait for his turn at the stand if there is a group, if not, it will simply be a matter of flagging down the vendor.
  433. May 12 16:27:12 <SqueeGM>       The tombdog nods at Lehkurehn and moves back to the other side of the kitchen, starting to mix the ingredients. "Doing well. It helps that I'm on a street corner."
  434. May 12 16:29:17 <SqueeGM>       Hotehkhehn expects some of the kebabs, which are mounted on a pole above a fire to keep them warm. The vendor cooks the fish pieces on a metal grill set into the cart, gathering them up and stabbing a wooden rod through them whenever the kebabs run low. He joins the small queue in front of the cart.
  435. May 12 16:31:06 <Lehkurehn>     "I'd imagine. It seems a busy intersection."
  436. May 12 16:31:54 <SqueeGM>       ,roll 3d6+4
  437. May 12 16:31:55 <Kenzie>        SqueeGM: 10:6+4
  438. May 12 16:32:39 <Lahodin>       I suspect the house is occupied though, she gives a tch, it's a possibility, but hopefully they wont -need- it. Which is nearer to Valehrisis house? She'll -probably- start heading in the general direction of the manor now, but as mentioned she'll be careful not to get too close just yet. They probably wouldn't like someone of her colors snooping around <3~
  439. May 12 16:35:34 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin takes a roundabout path towards the manor, noting that it is rather close to the walls itself, whereas Valehrisis's home is closer to the center.
  440. May 12 16:37:22 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn watches as the tombdog flips the pancake over in his pan, ensuring both sides are evenly cooked, and then dumps it into a plate, pouring a strange clearish-gray syrup on it and putting it on the counter. "That'll be two of your House's pennies."
  441. May 12 16:37:49 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn waits patiently in the queue, using this time to scan around themarkets for any places of interest he can visit while he eats, something useful within his price range would always be nice, some rope or other equipment for example.
  442. May 12 16:38:02 <Lahodin>       Well, best make the sneaky sneak around. Just near enough that she can make things out but no closer. She's just here for a general look around after all~
  443. May 12 16:38:40 <SqueeGM>       Hotehkhehn reaches the front of the vendor and puts his hands on the side of the cart. "Half-penny," the vendor tells him.
  444. May 12 16:39:04 <Lahodin>       ,roll 3d6+2
  445. May 12 16:39:04 <Kenzie>        Lahodin: 9:7+2
  446. May 12 16:39:15 <Lahodin>       (Well that isn't -terrible- ;p)
  447. May 12 16:39:54 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis puts another washed plate on the counter, sighing as she works the faucet for a little more water and starts scrubbing at another one. "Doing a good job, dear!" Valehrisis calls from the other room.
  448. May 12 16:39:57 <Lehkurehn>     I pay him
  449. May 12 16:40:16 <SqueeGM>       You don't actually have any Kaliaxix pennies.
  450. May 12 16:40:31 <SqueeGM>       You have four Asixhredn ones.
  451. May 12 16:40:49 <Lehkurehn>     I'll use an asix one then
  452. May 12 16:41:16 <Kerosis>       "Well, it settles the nerves some I suppose. I'm still rather worried about all this sneaking around business."
  453. May 12 16:41:21 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Unless a Xerehn penny counts as a hay-penny in Asixredn currency, Hotehn will hand over one of his pennies to be broken with a smile.
  454. May 12 16:41:58 <SqueeGM>       Another visual acuity check, Lahodin?
  455. May 12 16:42:37 <Lahodin>       ,roll 3d6 derp derp
  456. May 12 16:42:37 <Kenzie>        Lahodin, derp derp: 15
  457. May 12 16:43:28 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       and by smile I mean tongue lolling
  458. May 12 16:44:16 <Lehkurehn>     While the restaurant owner makes change I'll ask: "So any gossip around town?"
  459. May 12 16:47:51 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin wanders as close to the manor as she dares, doing her best to look like she is just admiring the architecture. She can see the aforementioned balcony from the front, jutting out from the left side of the manor close to the edge of the roof of the building next door. It would be a bit of a jump to get onto it, but it looks like it might actually be manageable. The front door is guarded on either side by two serious-faced g
  460. May 12 16:47:51 <SqueeGM>       uards, and she can see in the lefthand alleyway another guard standing alone at what must be the servant entrance. Worryingly, he might see or hear people jumping from the roof to the balcony, which is just above him, though he seems to keep his eyes on the alley. She also notes places on the manor walls that have vines creeping down them, including in the right alley, which is unguarded, and when she circles around to the back a
  461. May 12 16:47:51 <SqueeGM>       lley, though they would have to jump to reach them. She also sees a window into a large bedroom that is at present unoccupied, that swivels to open, as well as a glass-pane one on the second story above that that they could reach by the neighboring rooftop.
  462. May 12 16:48:21 <SqueeGM>       ,roll 3d6+1
  463. May 12 16:48:21 <Kenzie>        SqueeGM: 12:11+1
  464. May 12 16:48:37 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn hands the pancakedog an Asixhredn penny, and he takes it, examines it, and keeps his hand held out, curling his fingers to signal for more.
  465. May 12 16:50:40 <SqueeGM>       Hotehkhehn tries handing over the Xerehn penny, and the vendor takes it and hands him a kebab without comment, so he must have done something right.
  466. May 12 16:51:24 <SqueeGM>       "They're not taking you with them, are they, dear?" Valehrisis calls to Kerosis. "It wouldn't be right. You're not made for sneaking, you're made for fixing people up. Right?"
  467. May 12 16:52:30 <Lehkurehn>     Has the currency of asixhredn fell recently? I thought I had 4 coin?
  468. May 12 16:52:49 <Kerosis>       "I'm not entirely sure what I'm expected to do here, honestly."
  469. May 12 16:53:02 *       Lahodin sees what she needs to see before wandering off, no mad rush either. There's always the chance someone spotted her, best have her exit look casual as well. Might as well share what she spotted with the others later~
  470. May 12 16:53:05 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Hotehn tongue lols cheerfully and makes his way down the streets, happily devouring his fish kebab as he looks among the market stalls, hoping to find someone selling decent equipment or the like, possibly some lengths of rope, or gazing around for a vendor selling second hand clothing, anything would do really
  471. May 12 16:53:36 <SqueeGM>       You do, Lehkurehn. He is asking for the equivalent of three Kaliaxix pennies.
  472. May 12 16:54:14 <Lehkurehn>     ah. I give him that then
  473. May 12 16:54:41 <Lehkurehn>     the equivalent, that is
  474. May 12 16:54:44 <SqueeGM>       Uh, Mercantilism?
  475. May 12 16:55:04 <Lehkurehn>     ,roll 3d6+1
  476. May 12 16:55:04 <Kenzie>        Lehkurehn: 9:8+1
  477. May 12 16:57:45 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn hazards a guess from his knowledge of tombdog monetary systems that, in this town, two Asixhredn pennies are worth three Kaliaxix pennies, due to some influence shenanigans. He gives them to the pancake dog, who pushes the plate towards him.
  478. May 12 16:58:35 *       Lehkurehn finds a place to noms
  479. May 12 17:00:56 <SqueeGM>       Hotehkhehn stumbles upon a tombdog who seems to be selling all manners of useful exploring equipment. He's leaned a couple of ten-foot-poles up against the wall, and is offering backpacks, flasks, blankets, flint and stones, candles, rope, bandages, and more.
  480. May 12 17:02:30 <SqueeGM>       Valehrisis chuckles from across the gap between her and Kerosis. "I suppose you're getting a taste of what it's like to be in House Kaliaxix! Just put them back together if they get in trouble, dear."
  481. May 12 17:03:31 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn walks on up after finishing his kebab, stepping over to the stall and perusing the wares, the rope catching his eyes along with the backpack and bandages "Excuse me" e inquires to the vendor cheerfully "How much would each of these items be respectively? I am on a budget for a small expedition and am looking fora few things"
  482. May 12 17:04:52 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin casually wanders off, presumably towards Valehrisis's home, satisfied with her search and hoping nobody has spotted her.
  483. May 12 17:07:14 <SqueeGM>       Hotehkhehn wipes cooked fish juice off his muzzle and steps over to the salesdog, crouching down a little as the dog is sitting on the floor. "Depends on what you're looking for!" he replies cheerfully. "But if you've got the money, I've got whatever you need to furnish your 'expedition'." The tombdog winks at Hotehkhehn, lolling his tongue out.
  484. May 12 17:09:07 <Lahodin>       So who's presently at home <3~ just Lahodin?
  485. May 12 17:09:15 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin, Kerosis, and Valehrisis.
  486. May 12 17:10:07 <Kerosis>       "So... did you find anything useful?"
  487. May 12 17:12:04 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Hotethn tongue lols in return "Well then.... hmmm, How about a good length of rope, enough for say, three stories worth of height? Handy for getting up rock faces" the man looking at the other wares "Or the backpack? one of those? And bandages!, if you could tell be the price of each I should be able to budget out what i'm after"
  488. May 12 17:14:17 *       Lahodin moves on inside with her usual nonchalant manner of course, taking a seat not too far form Kerosis "Oh this and that, this and that. Spotted a -few- places on the walls we could use if we needed a quick way out of town. Mannors got a few ways in, shame almost all of them have guards gawking at them save a window or two on the back.... bedroom one of them looked like, not, might be
  489. May 12 17:14:17 *       Lahodin occupied come night-fall though" She gives a stretch "Took my look from afar, can't be completely sure one of them didn't catch a glimps, though if he did he wasn't interested in making it known."
  490. May 12 17:16:33 *       Kerosis nods. "Well, I'm sure everything will work out somehow."
  491. May 12 17:17:09 *       Lahodin gives a smile though "So how was your day hun~ Go on another date hm?" Because Lahodin is a pinch terrible.
  492. May 12 17:18:35 <SqueeGM>       "In your pennies?" The dog points to the various wares. "That rope is three pennies for twelve feet. A backpack's two pennies.The bandages are three pennies a pound."
  493. May 12 17:19:14 <Kerosis>       "What? No, not at all! I was just out on the town hoping to overhear something useful, then helping out around here in thanks for all the help Valehrisis has been giving us."
  494. May 12 17:19:23 <SqueeGM>       Judging by the position of the sun, it's about two in the afternoon.
  495. May 12 17:21:30 *       Lahodin gives a little laugh. "Relax, relax~ Going to make me think you're hiding it now." she gives a shrug "Oh Val's been lovely no doubting." She gives a yawn. "Admitly still not sure what's the best way for us in there, unless the boys have come up with one clever distraction that one give us away."
  496. May 12 17:22:01 <Lehkurehn>     Having ate, Lehkurehn brushes off his mantle and returns the plate. He heads back to the meet up.
  497. May 12 17:22:12 <SqueeGM>       Valehrisis smiles warmly at Lahodin from her seat in the living room. "I've made good progress on the clothes," she tells her. "Should be done in a short bit."
  498. May 12 17:22:35 <SqueeGM>       The vendor gives Lehkurehn a Lefixix penny for bringing the plate back.
  499. May 12 17:22:48 <Lehkurehn>     sweet
  500. May 12 17:23:28 <Kerosis>       "Well that's something at least."
  501. May 12 17:24:11 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "I see.... how much is that in Asixhredn pennies? i assume you said my pennies because of my house colours yes?"
  502. May 12 17:24:11 <Lahodin>       "Here's hoping neither of them fits me" she says with a dimissive wave. Excuse not to go then <3~
  503. May 12 17:24:38 <SqueeGM>       Xisehdn appears as Lehkurehn approaches Valehrisis's home. "Hi!" she chirps. "Tehdnehr wants to know how things are going."
  504. May 12 17:24:45 <Kerosis>       "Oh, you only managed two?"
  505. May 12 17:25:23 <SqueeGM>       "Oh, I can refit them for you, dear," Valehrisis says cheerfully. "Wouldn't be too much trouble."
  506. May 12 17:26:14 <Lahodin>       "I take back everything I just said." Lahodin says in a faux unimpressed tone~
  507. May 12 17:26:31 <SqueeGM>       The tombdog nods at Hotehkhehn. "In Asixhredn? Let's see... Two and a half pennies per ten feet of rope, backpack's a penny and a half, and the bandages are two pennies a pound."
  508. May 12 17:29:35 <Lehkurehn>     "I think we move tonight Valehrisis. If all goes well. Don't quote me on that."
  509. May 12 17:30:08 <SqueeGM>       Xisehdn nods and pauses. "Wait. But I have to."
  510. May 12 17:31:52 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "In that case I would like to purchase the backpack, and ten feet of the rope" Hotehn says cheerfully, passing over his four pennies onto the counter.
  511. May 12 17:35:23 <Lehkurehn>     "Bluh! Well then, just say it's probably tonight."
  512. May 12 17:35:48 <SqueeGM>       Xisehdn nods, lolling her tongue out and goes away again.
  513. May 12 17:36:14 <SqueeGM>       Hotehkhehn hands over the pennies to the dog, who hands him the items in exchange, curling the edges of his mouth up slyly. "Good luck on your expedition," he tells him.
  514. May 12 17:36:26 *       Lehkurehn hurries his pace
  515. May 12 17:37:37 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn shoulders his backpack and places in the rope along with his travel rations
  516. May 12 17:37:55 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       How muc weight gain is that? Ir is there a weight loss thing for the backpack?
  517. May 12 17:41:23 <SqueeGM>       You're at 16.5/20 now.
  518. May 12 17:42:42 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn will now be making hsiw ay back to the house to meet the others.
  519. May 12 17:43:38 <SqueeGM>       Hotehkhehn arrives at the house shortly after Lehkurehn, when Kerosis has finished washing dishes.
  520. May 12 17:43:53 <SqueeGM>       Both Lahodin and Kerosis are feeling a little hungry. Everybody is thirsty.
  521. May 12 17:45:15 <Kerosis>       "So... is there a proper plan now?"
  522. May 12 17:47:21 <Lehkurehn>     "Dunno? What's the word Lah?"
  523. May 12 17:48:41 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "Could I be a pest and trouble you for some water?" Hotehn inquires as he takes a seat in the house "I've managed to purchase some rope, nothing much byut better than trying to climb or bind someone with nothing"
  524. May 12 17:49:46 <SqueeGM>       Valehrisis nods and points to the dishes Kerosis has just washed.
  525. May 12 17:50:35 *       Kerosis serves drinks, apparently!
  526. May 12 17:50:36 <Lahodin>       Well presumably there is a place to get a DRINk in here, so Lah has probably taken care of that while they were waiting for the others. A bit peckish, but she hardly is going to complain -too- much. Well yet anyway. "Plan? Oh dear no, just the pieces to make one." She gives ad imissive wave "Well. I took a look; If we dont want to do alot of jumping and rolling about there's a servant entrance
  527. May 12 17:50:36 <Lahodin>       out back, and the main doors. Might not surprise you they've got guards on -all- of them heh. I imagin they'll be a we bit more open eared and eyed then a tailor hm?" she gives a shrug "We've got some windows out of sight out back though that we might be able to get to with some vine climbing or roof hoping, but it's near enough the servant entrance that the boy they've got out there might
  528. May 12 17:50:36 <Lahodin>       have his ears twitching a bit if we tried it. Imagin he wasn't given the job if he wasn't good at keeping an eye out."
  529. May 12 17:52:38 <Lahodin>       "Saw Kerosis's charming friends balcony as well. Could get there the same way, though we'd best hope no ones behind it when we decide to pay a visit. The roof hoping also has the problem of getting -up- on those rooves in the first place. Houses will be less guarded sure, but not vacant unless lucks being all friendly with us."
  530. May 12 17:53:54 *       Lahodin gives a shrug "Might have spoted me while I was snooping. Tried to keep out of sight, but casual, if they -did- see me they didn't seem to show it. Did give the walls a look incase things go so bad that going the front way wasn't an option anymore. A few spots where climbing would be easier, and another where a roof would make it all the easier, but I dont need to explain the potential
  531. May 12 17:53:54 *       Lahodin drawbacks of that do I hm?
  532. May 12 17:55:00 <Lahodin>       "Though~ If we're out to get out present out of the city, it might be easier to toss it to someone who's already on the other side from one of those spots, and just all leave in the main gate if we manage to pull this off without attracting too much love."
  533. May 12 17:56:50 <Lahodin>       get our*
  534. May 12 17:59:36 <Lehkurehn>     "The rooftop is preferable if we can get up top. Otherwise just hopping the wall and hoping to blend in would suffice. The servant entrance might be the least guarded. Let's set rooftop as our number one. we can have a person on point to gather the package if we need to throw it."
  535. May 12 17:59:57 <Lehkurehn>     "Who wants to volunteer?"
  536. May 12 18:00:27 *       Lehkurehn looks around expectantly. (He really is that dumb)
  537. May 12 18:01:27 <Kerosis>       "I'd prefer to wait outside somewhere, in case someone gets hurt trying to get in."
  538. May 12 18:02:17 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "We have two sets of clothing yes? we may be able to just have two of us walk in quite casually, so long as we do not draw attention to ourselves"
  539. May 12 18:02:29 <Lehkurehn>     "Kerosis can be lookout then."
  540. May 12 18:02:36 <SqueeGM>       Valehrisis lays the clothes out on the table in the room she's in. "All done!"
  541. May 12 18:03:54 <Lahodin>       "Well I was speaking of the wall to the -city- dear in that second bit. WE do need to get -out- of here remeber?"
  542. May 12 18:05:52 <Lehkurehn>     "I'm sure she has no problems running," Lehkurehn smirks. "If they're chasing the thief in the dark then they're not chasing the package."
  543. May 12 18:07:00 *       Lahodin seems a bit fussy on Hotehkehns suggestion "Hmm~ don't know about that. Can't say I ever had to lie my way past armed guards before."
  544. May 12 18:07:21 <Lehkurehn>     "So rooftop or walk in? Who wants what? we could even try both at the same time."
  545. May 12 18:08:46 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "Well, we wouldn't be lying so much as 'not talking'"
  546. May 12 18:11:10 <Lahodin>       "Well if I might be -completely- honest here;Not one of you have any chance of getting in there through the roof, and right now I've got a -slim- one. We'll be caught and those lovely dresses will be made a mess of again. If we sneak in I'd rather a bit more then a few shadows to make it work." She half glances at Hotehkhehn "Not to say I'm liking the alternatives much more, what's this about
  547. May 12 18:11:10 <Lahodin>       both?"
  548. May 12 18:11:58 <Lehkurehn>     we have two dresses and two people, we can do two things."
  549. May 12 18:12:42 <Lehkurehn>     "If one gets caught their attention will be diverted from the other if we attack at different angles."
  550. May 12 18:15:07 <SqueeGM>       "Well, I'd hope no one would get caught!" Valehrisis exclaims.
  551. May 12 18:15:48 <Lehkurehn>     "I hope so too but..."
  552. May 12 18:16:02 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "i would say it would better to have the two travel as a pair, if one is caught alone we would be throwing them to the wolves"
  553. May 12 18:16:49 *       Lehkurehn strokes his muzzle. "Solidarity does have its advantages too."
  554. May 12 18:20:39 *       Lahodin gives a laugh eyes on Leh "Well clearly your lovely self can just walk through the door hoping to negotiate they just hand the thing back over out of the kindness of their hearts." (and in turn be a great distraction for everyone else while they beat you up~)
  555. May 12 18:21:36 <Lehkurehn>     "I've survived worse."
  556. May 12 18:23:07 <Lehkurehn>     "We could also distract the guards"
  557. May 12 18:23:32 <Lehkurehn>     "I could do that and get Hoteh and you in."
  558. May 12 18:24:11 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn gives a nod "That works as well as any other plan we could come up with"
  559. May 12 18:24:41 <Lehkurehn>     "Let's do it then."
  560. May 12 18:27:32 *       Lahodin gives a sigh "So then. Our little plot is for Lehkurehn to be his charming self infront of the guards while Myself and Hoteh either walk through the servants entrance, or make a little hop over the roof. Kerosis acting as a lookout of sorts and keeping herself clear of this hm?"
  561. May 12 18:28:08 *       Kerosis nods.
  562. May 12 18:28:42 <Lehkurehn>     "This seems to be the plan."
  563. May 12 18:31:13 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "I'd personaly recommend the servants entrance, less chance of someon.... looking up and the whole plan being crippled"
  564. May 12 18:34:02 *       Lahodin doesn't seem -too- impressed, but tch. "Well then, I suppose you know what sizes to make those dresses for hm?" She half glances at Val before laughing at herself "Ahh~ of course there's one important matter to deal with while Val finishes that up."
  565. May 12 18:35:56 <Lehkurehn>     "And that is?"
  566. May 12 18:36:20 <SqueeGM>       Val holds one of them up and looks at Lehkurehn. "They should fit you."
  567. May 12 18:37:02 *       Lahodin gives a smile and a hand gesture "You buy me dinner~ can't be caught because of a growling stomache can I? And dont you dare tell me to just plunder something else from Val, poor girls been generious enough hm?"
  568. May 12 18:38:43 <Kerosis>       "I could honestly stand to eat myself... but I spent what money I had, and don't want to impose on anyone."
  569. May 12 18:39:13 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "I spent my money on aquiring a backpack for smuggling out the documents and some rope"
  570. May 12 18:39:42 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "You can have some of my travel rations if you'd like"
  571. May 12 18:40:56 *       Lahodin notes Hotehkhehn is broke, and thus Lehkurehn is getting the expecting looks now then <3~
  572. May 12 18:42:21 <Kerosis>       "That would be fine."
  573. May 12 18:42:55 <Lehkurehn>     how much do I have?
  574. May 12 18:43:33 <SqueeGM>       2 Asixhredn pennies and a Lefixix penny.
  575. May 12 18:44:05 <Lehkurehn>     I give her the 2 asix pennies
  576. May 12 18:45:42 *       Lahodin will be getting herself something to eat before the night is out then <3~ though preferably not a hang-out prefered by our maner dwellers. She takes the pennies with a smile "Thank you~"
  577. May 12 18:50:54 <Lehkurehn>     "So are we set? Kerosis on lookout, Hoteh and Val go in, I distract?"
  578. May 12 18:51:03 <Kerosis>       seems so
  579. May 12 18:53:25 <Lehkurehn>     (Fast forward to tonight then?)
  580. May 12 18:54:00 <SqueeGM>       (Alright.)
  581. May 12 18:54:26 <Lahodin>       (NOM NOM NOM FOOD)
  582. May 12 18:55:02 <SqueeGM>       After Lahodin has bought a nice dinner, the group waits until it gets dark out before getting dressed. Lehkurehn and Lahodin are in the clothing, yes?
  583. May 12 18:55:39 <Lahodin>       uhh I thought the plan was Hotehkhehn and Lahdoin go in the back? How is HOTEH going to go in there without being seen?
  584. May 12 18:56:12 <SqueeGM>       I don't know, you didn't specify who gets the two sets.
  585. May 12 18:57:07 <Lehkurehn>     Hoteh and Lah
  586. May 12 18:57:46 <Lahodin>       which makes one wonder how the heck Lehkurehn is going to cause a disturbance, but perhaps we should use his derpiness to our favor for once <3~
  587. May 12 18:58:24 <SqueeGM>       Oh, ok.
  588. May 12 18:58:35 <SqueeGM>       Well, they both get dressed, one after the other, in private.
  589. May 12 18:58:37 <Lahodin>       *Stertches* though admitly the big inflitration will probably take a while. You guys think it's wise to do an extra long session to pull this off? Or is this a good session ender?
  590. May 12 18:58:55 <Lahodin>       Yes in Private, Lahodin ain't no floozy ;p
  591. May 12 18:59:06 <SqueeGM>       Obviously. It's a big taboo.
  592. May 12 18:59:14 <SqueeGM>       We've got... two and a half hours.
  593. May 12 18:59:56 <Lehkurehn>     (I'm fine either way. both for playing and unioform assignment.)
  594. May 12 19:01:12 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Well we could stop here and get right into the heist itself in the next session
  595. May 12 19:01:26 <Kerosis>       (either's fine with me)
  596. May 12 19:02:01 <Lahodin>       I'm fine with skipping for now, though if you guys would like to run sometime during the week so it happens fast I'm for it. ADmitly today was -mothers day- I work at a grocery store. You can imagin what it was like.
  597. May 12 19:02:39 <Lehkurehn>     (Next time on Doggybutt Z: One of us dies.)
  598. May 12 19:03:10 <Kerosis>       (woo, low casualties!)
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