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  1. <17:00:19> "sEyEkUhDeLiK (Louis)": why'd yall move?
  2. <17:00:35> "xJudgement": Talking bout procon stuff getting people set up
  3. <17:03:33> "sEyEkUhDeLiK (Louis)": lol between you and me Devon, if I don't get a fucking CA or CL, I'mma be a tad pissed since I started the influx of people. lol
  4. <17:03:53> "sEyEkUhDeLiK (Louis)": Either way it doesn't really mean shit, it's just TS3.
  5. <17:04:09> "xJudgement": True and I mean it is up to the three execs too their looking at alot of different factors
  6. <17:04:40> "sEyEkUhDeLiK (Louis)": trance, brad and kevin should deff come ot the consense than
  7. <17:04:57> "sEyEkUhDeLiK (Louis)": I've been with these guys since May. Active.
  8. <17:05:04> "xJudgement": I realize that
  9. <17:05:51> "sEyEkUhDeLiK (Louis)": I still don't really care though either way.
  10. <17:06:14> "sEyEkUhDeLiK (Louis)": It's just ironic to see you, my boy with leadership and not I. lol
  11. <17:28:19> "xJudgement": Understandable but I mean I know Killer talked to you about certain things that needed to be changed.
  12. <17:28:35> "xJudgement": Not to mention more activity on forums, and more recruiting
  13. <17:28:51> "xJudgement": I havent seen a single recruiting post on the BL since before I started doing them
  14. <17:29:07> "xJudgement": So I mean just try to think of creative things you can do for the clan put your skills to use ya know
  15. <17:29:14> "sEyEkUhDeLiK (Louis)": Because I hand pick my people
  16. <17:29:17> "xJudgement": Anyway brb, gunna make some noodles
  17. <17:29:23> "sEyEkUhDeLiK (Louis)": I don't want just anybody
  18. <17:29:26> "xJudgement": Hand picking is nice but it definatly takes alot longer
  19. <17:29:38> "xJudgement": And taking just anybody, we have n00b status, to make sure if they work out or not
  20. <17:29:53> "xJudgement": Sometimes ya gotta work through the quantity to find the quality, cant just wait for those couple diamonds ya know
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