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Wei 'The Man' Xiang

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Jan 23rd, 2020
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  1. Name: Wei Xiang
  3. Alias: 'The Man'
  5. Age: Around 2,600 Years Old, though appears to be at a prime age.
  7. Gender: Female
  9. Race: Human (Chinese to be exact)
  11. Appearance: Wei looks nothing like a woman, which is why her gender has been assumed to be Male for as long as she has lived by everyone except for a small handful of people who know her true identity. She has limbs that are built like a pro athlete, flat breasts that are instead overwhelmed by muscled pectorals, and a lower body/waist that is well toned but still very masculine looking. Wei wears black robes that one would expect to see on a martial artist, held together by a general run-of-the-mill rope with the sleeves seemingly ripped or cut off, showing off Wei's muscular arms. As far as footwear, Wei doesn't wear any, and almost always wears a panda pelt headdress over a greek-style full helmet.
  13. Personality: Wei is an extremely short-tempered and prideful person, and is on a personal mission driven by a violent and unhealthy obsession to prove themselves to be the best fighter on the planet. This mission? Find the strongest being on the planet and conquer it. Wei is very animated, aggressive, and overall unpredictable, but not extremely so. She is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it.
  15. Family/Friends: Wei has several clan members, but has no living relatives.
  17. Occupation: Traveling Fighter
  19. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  21. Paraphernalia: Wei uses a large serrated-sword and sharp-edged heater shield, both of which would be assumed to be two-handed weapons. However, the sword serves as a key to a mechanism inside the shield that, when the two are combined, turns the weapon into a colossal-sized battleax.
  23. Powers/Abilities: Wei has colossal level strength, once winning an arm-wrestling match with Hercules himself, and has speed matching an Olympic sprinter with the stamina of a world-class marathon runner. This is the result of having her Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine, Integumentary, Immune, Muscular, Nervous, Renal, Reproductive, Respiratory, and Skeletal systems strengthened tenfold. This has also brought other effects such as increased healing factors, skin with the durability of Kevlar and bones the strength of titanium, immunity to weaker and moderate toxins and illnesses, inhuman reaction time, as well as other various effects. Wei also can tap into her inner self and use what her clan calls 'Predatorial Instincts', which doubles her powers.
  25. Power Type: Superhuman
  27. Weaknesses: Wei is already over-aggressive and reckless with her combat style, and using predatorial instincts will only make this much worse. If she is not calmed down or controlled by an outside source, brain will always defeat her brawn. Though higher levels of intelligence require this weakness to be exposed, even higher tier levels of human-level intelligence will prove enough.
  29. Biography: Wei was born in the era of the warring kingdom in China, and was orphaned not too long after birth due to a violent militia attempting a coup. Instead, Wei was raised by a group of Panda Bears, who were lead by a bear-god named 'Ursa', who taught her various martial arts. This peaceful lifestyle lasted for several years, until one day their way of life was threatened when a battle between two kingdoms brought havoc to their territory and destroyed most of their resources. In response, Wei joined the Jin dynasty's ranks (under the guise of being a male of course) to help secure a single, unified China in order to restore peace to the lands. After her attempts, Ursa declared Wei the 'enforcer' of the 'Order of the Ursine' (Name of the clan that raised Wei), granting eternal life to their new guardian. However, Ursa would only be sparking the flame that is the prideful, reckless, egotistical, and battle-craving persona that is 'The Man' Wei Xiang
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