Anon - One sweet heart

Jun 25th, 2014
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  1. >You’re Anonymous and you are feeling really happy right now
  2. >It’s Valentines Day, aka feel bitter for the whole day-day, and you found something at your door after returning home from shopping
  3. >A heart shaped box
  4. >At first when you saw it your heart skipped a beat
  5. >Could it really be?
  6. >But soon your pessimistic nature kicked in and you figured out someone just left it at the wrong house
  7. >You picked the box up and inspected it
  8. >Your eyes were wide with shock as you noticed it was in fact for you
  9. >You quickly hurried home and opened it up
  10. >It was filled with heart shaped candies and one little card
  11. >The card read “Dear Anonymous, will you be my Valentine? I’ll wait for you at the fountain near the market area at 8pm. With love, Sweetheart”
  12. >You were not sure who this Sweetheart was and neither did your friends, but feeling optimistic about all this you decided to go
  13. >It’s 5 over 8pm now as you near the fountain
  14. >There are couples everywhere, walking happily and making you feel sad and resentful
  15. >There are not many moths at the fountain
  16. >You spot one lone mare sitting at it
  17. >She’s dark in color with some red on her
  18. >The gentle evening wind blows trough her mane as she has a bittersweet look on her face
  19. >She’s gorgeous
  20. >...too gorgeous
  21. >You sigh and rest against the fountain some ways from her as she seems fixated on the ground
  22. >Judging by her expression she probably got broken up with her lover today or something
  23. >You decide to not bother her and stare at the sky
  24. >The evening clouds move along as you start to ponder what the mare could look like that left the box
  26. >Maybe she’s obese or really ugly
  27. >Or maybe it’s not a mare at all
  28. >That would be just your luck
  29. “ came...”
  30. >A soft voice breaks you out of your thoughts and you look around
  31. >There’s even fever ponies around the fountain, but the beautiful mare is now looking at you
  32. >You say nothing, fearing that you must have heard someone else and causing a misunderstanding would just embarrass you
  33. >But the mare smiles at you sweetly
  34. “You really would want to be my valentine?”
  35. >You glance behind you to make sure there’s no hunk of a stallion behind you to whom she’s talking to
  36. >You point at yourself
  37. “M-me?”
  38. >The mare tilts her head and gains that almost sad look on her face again
  39. “Or would you not want to be my valentine?”
  40. >You stare at her, unsure what to do
  41. >Is this really the mare that send you the box and invitation?
  42. >The mare sighs and gets up and you suddenly find yourself speaking up
  43. >”N-no, I would love to be your valentine!”
  44. >The mare looks surprised at your sudden outburst but then smiles happily, almost like she’s relieved
  45. “Good, I was afraid you’d refuse...”
  46. >It’s really happening, a mare, a really attractive mare, asked you to be her valentine!
  47. >”I wouldn't refuse it...”
  48. >You suddenly feel your cheeks blushing and you look away from her
  49. >And then silence falls
  50. >You gulp and gather your courage
  51. >”S-so, would you like to accompany me to the Hearts and Hooves dance?”
  52. >The mare blushes sweetly
  53. “Yes, I would love that”
  54. >And it was the best valentines day you ever had
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