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Generic Wrestling Jump

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Feb 17th, 2015
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  1. Generic Wrestling Jump - v. 0.4
  3. Wrestler
  4. 1 Make This Look Good – Tights and sequins? Awesome. Giant boots and a g-string? Boss. Shoulder pads and face paint? Badass. No matter what you’re wearing, you make it look good. Not just good, but that special combination of imposing and awesome that people crave in their heroes.
  6. 2 Taunt – Maybe it’s a catch phrase, maybe it’s a look or a gesture, but whatever it is it pisses people off. A lot. Enough that you can with near certainty entice them to attacking you on the spot. Enemies you taunt will fight recklessly, with less skill than they normally do for the duration of the encounter.
  8. 4 Face Heel Turn – Every story has archetypes: heroes and villains. In the eyes of the crowd you fill one of those roles to a T. But you can decide to change. Once a year you can make a conscious decision to change your archetype, hero to villain or the reverse, and people will believe that you’ve redeemed yourself or fallen. They’ll still remember what you used to be, but they’ll treat you as befits your new role.
  10. 6 Hogans Ear – When you’re down, when you’re tired and bleeding and defeat is imminent there’s still hope: the fans. If you’re in a conflict and you’ve exhausted your energy or are wounded to the point where you cannot continue, you can gesture to any onlookers and ask for their support. The more downtrodden you are and the more epic the conflict, the more likely they are to cheer. The more applause and cheering you receive the more you heal. A large enough crowd could completely restore your health and provide you a temporary boost to your abilities.
  12. Manager
  13. 1 Talent Scout – You’ve got an eye for talent. You can scan a crowd and assess who is dangerous and who isn’t, and who has the latent ability to become dangerous, with time and training, and who will never have what it takes.
  15. 2 Stable master – Anyone in your employ is more competent due to your supervision and management. If you are directly supervising those in your employ that increase in competence is more pronounced.
  17. 4 Open Belt – You have the ability to call into question the legitimacy of any title, rank, position, or accolade. This rumor will only spread by your action, and even if a crowd or group views a title as illegitimate they won’t act against the title holder but you can erode support with ease. With time and effort you may be able to force the title holder to actively defend his position.
  19. 6 Instigator – The world is a powder keg, and you’ve got a match. A word here, a rumor there, a deliberately planted insinuation and you can start a conflict between two or more otherwise non-hostile parties. The best part? No one involved in the conflict will trace the fighting back to you.
  21. Announcer
  22. 1 Big voice – Everyone in 1sq km can hear you.
  24. 2 Always neutral – Anyone who attacks you is viewed as out of line, people more inclined to defend you.
  26. 4 Ready to rumble! – With a few choice words you can summon a crowd to witness a spectacle.
  28. 6 Narration – If you narrate an event in real time, you can influence how people view it. You decide who is the underdog, the hero, the villain.
  30. Drop In (Lucha!)
  31. 1 Secret Identity – What it says.
  33. 2 Gas – Perpetual motion, don’t run out of endurance so long as you’re moving.
  35. 4 Mysterious – people don’t know what to make of you.
  37. 6 High Flying Hero – no falling damage, gravity is your bitch.
  39. Everyone
  40. 1 Fighting style
  42. 1 Improvised Weaponry – chairs, turnbuckles, tables, etc.
  44. 2 Beefy – increased strength, the stronk aesthetics of your choice
  46. 3 Melee Damage Mitigation – melee attacks look like they’re doing more damage than they are, and you take less damage from melee attacks overall
  48. Item
  49. 50 Dosh
  50. 50 Outfit
  51. 1
  52. 1
  53. 2
  54. 2
  55. 3 Belt – recognized as a champion
  56. 3 Iconic item – Mask, sunglasses, sacred urn, snake, etc.
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