Splatoon OC Questions & Location Summaries

Feb 25th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Splatoon OC Questions
  2. Do they like battling?
  3. - Any good at it?
  4. - High ranking?
  5. - Just plays casual games?
  7. Favoutite weapon?
  8. - Weapon type influence playstyle.
  9. Don't forget to try out the weapon in game. The way you play with it can inform how your OC will think.
  11. What's their favourite game mode?
  13. What's their opinion on fashion?
  14. - Is it a tool for battle?
  15. - Do they coordinate to look the freshest?
  16. - Couldn't care less?
  17. - Hyper optimize for pures?
  19. Music tastes?
  20. - What's their favourite artist?
  21. - Or at least the genre/style of music they like?
  23. If they aren't in a battle, what do they do in the city?
  24. - Where would you find them if you had to guess?
  26. How do you expect people to interact with them?
  27. - This is character playability 101!
  28. If they can't be expected to be approachable, how do you plan to RP with them?
  29. This isn't to say you can't have a shy OC, but an OC that runs from every interaction just won't do.
  30. - What can gain and keep their attention for at least a scene?
  32. Do they participate in Splatfests?
  33. - What's their favourite part?
  34. - The battles?
  35. - The music?
  36. - The art made by people?
  37. - Hanging with friends?
  38. - Just there to farm chunks and snails?
  40. How your OC deal with failure?
  41. - Do they become insecure?
  42. - Shrug it off and move on?
  43. - Double down on the thing they failed on until they succeed?
  45. Area Summaries:
  46. The Reef:
  47. One of THE places for the freshest cephlopods. While it's not the busiest of places, it still draws a crowd in the afternoon, when most stores open. One of the many places a fashion forward OC will hang out at.
  48. Musselforge Fitness:
  49. A massive sports club often filled with sporty cephlopods when it isn't being used for Turf Wars. Between the extensive climbing wall, and the sports equipment around, it's great for exercising when the weather is poor. Some just join to be able to show off their fancy gym membership though.
  50. Starfish Mainstage:
  51. If your OC can be found here, they probably are either a huge music fan, or a big enough star to make it to the public stage. Either or, cephlopods found here are probably music nuts. Otherwise you can check out the beach near the stage.
  52. Inkblot Academy:
  53. This large art college has many prestigious graduates, from artists to clothing designers. Chances are, if your OC is here, they probably study in an artistic field. It's a private college though, so they probably come from money, got a scholarship, or work part-time.
  54. Sturgon Shipyard:
  55. While this isn't a usual place for cephlopods to hang out at, if your OC works here, they can probably expect having to load and unload the massive Tankers that stop here. The cargo is usually eggs from Grizzco. Sometimes the workers go on strike because the equipment is old and breaks down often.
  56. Humpback Pump Track:
  57. If your OC hangs out here, they almost certainly own a bike. They might frequently ride around on the track, or perhaps staff one of the specialty bike shops that are in the area. The big question you gotta answer though is do you bike clockwise or counterclockwise around the track? It's a big deal, honest!
  58. Manta Maria:
  59. This retired sailboat makes for a popular tourist attraction. On board, you can see other commercial and patrol boats in the distance, with the occasionally scientific boat. OCs interested in this area most likely take a passing interest in boating or ship watching. Some of them just recreate movie scenes on boats though.
  60. Snapper Canal:
  61. When not in use for Turf Wars, Snapper Canal is a canvas for graffiti, and a home to cephlopods who want to make their mark on the world, or at least this part. Music and Film producers often record shots here, because of the living background generated by the layers of graffiti. An OC found here is probably adding their own mark on the world, or trying to catch a peak of a famous star being recorded.
  62. MakoMart:
  63. This massive store is a one-stop shop now that it branched out into selling stuff used in Turf Wars. While just about any OC will probably come here at some point or another, chances are if they spend a lot of time here, they're employed by MakoMart. Hope they deal with cranky customers well. :(
  64. Shellendorf Institute:
  65. A big place for history buffs, both those interested in human history and cephlopod history due to the large fossil collection it has in its permanent exhibits. Ranging from maritime fossils to old electronics from the Human age to one of the few full body human skeletons, this museum is a fantastic place to see these relics up close and personal.
  66. Blackbelly Skatepark:
  67. This public skate park has no fee to use, so cephlopods with an interest in doing tricks on boards, blades, and scooters. Chances are your OC falls into at least one of those as a hobby, though they don't have to be great at it. In general, the park ends up as a fun hangout spot.
  68. Kelp Dome:
  69. A high-tech semi-enclosed greenhouse that grows many fruits and vegetables, like Squidymelons, Squid-fin Lemons and Squid Leg Grapes. Chances are an OC that can be found here is interested either in the technology involved or are a gardening buff.
  70. Moray Towers:
  71. These highrise parking garages are a challenge that cephlopods love to tackle, as they hold unoffical Turf Wars despite bylaws saying they can't. This has led to fewer cars parking here over time. Any OCs here who've come to battle probably don't hold much regard to authority. Otherwise, it's a great place to fly a kite, due to the strong winds.
  72. Camp Triggerfish:
  73. This lush campsite by the lakeside, and only a half hour ride by train. It's a common place for families to visit on weekends, and it's possible to rent out barbecue equipment to use while you're there. OCs that frequent here are either brought here by friends or family members, or perhaps have an interest in nature, the outdoors, or hiking. Maybe even bird-watching or fishing.
  74. Port Mackerel:
  75. Though this port is mostly a hodge podge of various shipping containers being loaded and unloaded, cephlopods still drop by in the area. Rumor has it that it's a popular secret dating spot. Other than that, cephlopods tend to tag shipping containers when they get unloaded. Others might check the manifest for crates to see if any hot new items might come into stock soon.
  76. Arowana Mall:
  77. This long outdoor mall is another hot spot of trendy cephlopods. Between stores selling the latest released tracks, clothes, and merchandise, it's the perfect place for an OC to pick up something new for their collection.
  78. Goby Arena:
  79. This large basketball arena when not in use for offical basketball games or Turf Wars, is home to pickup games on the courts. Ankle-breakers into a lay up! If your OC can be found here, they might be following their favourite team in person, or are practicing their moves on the court.
  80. Pirana Pit:
  81. This massive open air quarry often hires part-time workers, and you can hear the machinery crunching gravel. It's a great place to make some extra coin, but there's a bit of an age requirement, since you do need to be able to operate the equipment.
  82. Wahoo World:
  83. This boardwalk Amusment park boasts a large amount of rides. OCs here are probably big fans of these rides, and almost certainly have the stomach for it.
  84. Ancho-V Games:
  85. Probably doesn't open to the public. Develops games, so OCs with a programming, or game design interest would potentially be hired by it. OCs who play video games will certainly hold an interest to its press releases.
  86. Skipper Pavilion:
  87. This traditional location brings the vibes of the countryside to the city. It's a place of relaxation (greatly helped by the spa on site), with it's fair share of folklore and traditions it brought with it.
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