MagiReco Another Story 5.3

Jan 21st, 2018
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  1. Unease and Curiosity
  3. A5.3.1
  4. [Madoka and Homura are in a restaurant]
  5. Homura: (Working with Iroha-san and the others, we figured out the mystery of the Radio Girl.)
  6. (The Radio Girl was a girl named Futaba Sana.)
  7. (She was imprisoned by the *rumor* named Ai.)
  8. "Kaname-san, if Tomoe-san was investigating this rumor..."
  9. Madoka: "Yeah, Mami-san might have gone as well."
  10. "To 'The Very End of Solitude'..."
  11. Homura: "I wonder if she was unable to return..."
  12. [gray screen]
  13. Homura: *If Tomoe-san was there... then we must also go to the very end of solitude!*
  14. [now they're at the base of the radio tower]
  15. Felicia: "We've learned this much, so if we're gonna go we'd better hurry!"
  16. Iroha: "Yes, of course."
  17. "Madoka-chan and Homura-chan, are you okay with this?"
  18. Madoka: "Yes, Mami-san might be in there."
  19. "Also, we have to save Sana-chan."
  20. "Homura-chan, alright?"
  21. Homura: "Yes, I'll go too. I feel the same way as Kaname-san."
  22. [gray screen]
  23. Homura: *Yes, we feel the same way. I also want to save Tomoe-san.*
  24. *Tomoe-san, kind and strong, always saving us.*
  25. *This time, it's our turn to save Tomoe-san!*
  26. [background changes to inside the virtual world]
  27. Homura: *And then, we finally learned the truth about Futaba Sana's solitude...*
  28. [Sana appears, but partially transparent]
  29. Sana: "You know, in exchange for becoming a magical girl, I wished to disappear."
  30. "In a world with no place for me, I didn't want anyone to find me."
  31. [fade to gray]
  32. Homura: *Ah, the same. She is the same as me.*
  33. *Suffering all alone in a world where we don't belong.*
  34. *This magical girl named Sana is exactly like how I used to be...*
  35. *However, the only difference was...*
  36. [flashback to Mitakihara Middle School]
  37. Madoka: "I'm Kaname Madoka. You can just call me Madoka."
  38. Homura: "Uh, I..."
  39. Madoka: "It's fine, really."
  40. "Would you mind it if I called you Homura-chan?"
  41. Homura: *I... met Kaname-san.*
  42. [back to the top of the tower]
  43. Yachiyo: "Now that you're standing here, are you getting cold feet?"
  44. Iroha: "This will take some courage..."
  45. "But... I'm prepared."
  46. "Madoka-chan and Homura-chan, are you alright?"
  47. Homura: "I'm a little... scared..."
  48. "Just like when fighting witches in Mitakihara, my feet are frozen with fear..."
  49. Madoka: "That's right. Are you okay now?"
  50. Homura: "Yeah, I'll be fine if I'm with you, Kaname-san."
  51. Madoka: "Hehe, in this city where rumors become real, there surely is a Radio World waiting for us at the bottom of our jump."
  52. "Let's believe in that."
  53. Homura: "Yeah!"
  54. [fade to gray]
  55. Homura: *Futaba-san, I understand your solitude.*
  56. *However, I have my hands full protecting Kaname-san and searching for Tomoe-san, so I might not be able to save you.*
  57. *However, if you're able to find someone you hold close to your heart...*
  58. *You might be saved by them in the same way that I was saved by Kaname-san.*
  60. A5.3.2
  61. [in the rumor]
  62. Iroha: "So this is where Ai-san is..."
  63. "Have we blended into the radio waves or something?"
  64. Madoka: "Rumors are amazing..."
  65. "Something like this can actually become real!"
  66. Homura: "Yeah, it's unbelievable..."
  67. "Have you ever experienced things like this before, Tamaki-san?"
  68. Iroha: "Yeah, but this is the most mysterious one yet..."
  69. [fade to gray]
  70. Homura: *How strange these rumors are... And they appear in Kamihama City...*
  71. *But to save magical girls...*
  72. *While fighting our enemies, we proceeded into the electronic world...*
  73. *And in doing so, met Futaba-san and Ai-san, the rumor.*
  74. [fade into the rumor world]
  75. Homura: *However, one of the Magius, Alina Gray, and some of the other Wings of Magius, spotted us.*
  76. black feather: "..."
  77. Alina: "Then everyone, why don't we tease thee people a little?"
  78. "Honestly..."
  79. "Just before, that ribbon one was such a pain to deal with..."
  80. "Alina is in a bad mood now."
  81. Madoka: "Ribbons? Was that Mami-san?"
  82. Alina: "Ah... It was something like that..."
  83. "Well, she's already become material for my artwork."
  84. Homura: "What do you mean by material...?"
  85. Madoka: "What did you do to Mami-san?"
  86. Alina: "You two... you are friends of that ribbon one?"
  87. Madoka: "Y-yes we are!"
  88. Alina: "Ah-ha, Alina is super lucky!"
  89. [some kind of doll pops out from behind Alina's shoulder]
  90. "Now I get to take out my frustration on her friends."
  91. [crazy stuff starts manifesting]
  92. Madoka: "What's... that..."
  93. Homura: "K-Kaname-san..."
  94. Alina: "Then, Let's Party♪"
  95. Homura: *Apparently what came out of her then is something called a doppel.*
  96. *She told us that it is proof that a magical girl can be saved, a new power granted to her.*
  97. [fade to gray]
  98. Homura: *However, it was the first time I saw this... It was like the form of a witch...*
  99. *And also, Alina's soul gem was pitch black...*
  100. *Even though she might become a witch at any moment, she fought without the slightest worry...*
  101. *Doppels and Magius... Are these the keys to saving magical girls?*
  102. [fade back into the rumor background]
  103. Homura: *After that, Alina took the chance to leave us behind.*
  104. *To get out together with Futaba-san, we needed to defeat Ai-san.*
  105. "..."
  106. "Futaba-san, can we hold hands?"
  107. Sana: "Ah, umm, yes!"
  108. Homura: (I guess this is all I can do...)
  109. [TIMESTOP]
  110. Sana: "Eh? Everything around stopped..."
  111. Homura: "I used my magic to stop time."
  112. "Ai-san has an opening thanks to Kaname-san and Tamaki-san's attack."
  113. "Now we can defeat her!"
  114. Sana: "But... me...?"
  115. Homura: "I think it won't work unless it's you."
  116. (This is all I am capable of...)
  117. (Futaba-san, you really resemble how I was before I met Kaname-san...)
  118. (As I am now, I don't have the strength or the time to save anyone other than Kaname-san...)
  119. (However, at least this much I can do for you.)
  120. Sana: "...yeah..."
  121. "I need to finish her!"
  122. "Me alone!"
  123. [fade to gray]
  124. Homura: *And so, Futaba-san fought and defeated Ai-san.*
  125. *Seeing Futaba-san fighting and overcoming someone so precious to her...*
  126. *She looked strong, so strong...*
  128. A5.3.3
  129. [at the helipad after exiting Ai's barrier]
  130. Homura: *After making it out of the electronic world, we fought Alina Gray once more.*
  131. *However, she managed to escape, and we still hadn't met up with Tomoe-san...*
  132. *We ended up returning to Mitakihara simply believing that she would be alright.*
  133. "Um, Tamaki-san, may I ask you a question?"
  134. Iroha: "What is it?"
  135. Homura: "Do you think that magical girls truly can be saved in Kamihama City?"
  136. [fade to gray]
  137. Homura: *If Tamaki-san was the one who Tomoe-san had said was a witch in human form...*
  138. *Then Tamaki-san should also be able to release a doppel. And a doppel...*
  139. *Is the proof of the release of a magical girl, a new power granted to her, according to Alina Gray.*
  140. *If that's the case...*
  141. *Tamaki-san should know something...*
  142. [back to the helipad]
  143. Iroha: "...Umm, I don't really know, to be honest."
  144. "I don't know what it means for them to be saved, in the first place."
  145. "I don't think that what the Wings of Magius are doing is right..."
  146. Homura: "Ah, that's right."
  147. (Yes, of course, she wouldn't know so easily...)
  148. Iroha: "Homura-chan, did something catch your attention?"
  149. Homura: "Ah, that's not it. I was just a bit curious."
  150. "..."
  151. (Huh? For that matter, why does Tamaki-san...)
  152. [flashback to Ui in the prologue]
  153. Ui: "If you want to change fate, come to Kamihama City. In this city, magical girls will be saved."
  154. [back to the helipad]
  155. Homura: (...look a bit like that little girl from back then?)
  156. Madoka: "Well then, we should go."
  157. Homura: "Yeah, that's right."
  158. "Ah, that reminds me, Kaname-san. Did you tell your family that you'd be back home late?"
  159. Madoka: "!?"
  160. "Ah, what should I do? I forgot to call home!"
  161. Homura: "Then, let's hurry and get back!"
  162. Madoka: "Y-yeah!"
  163. "See you again, Iroha-chan!"
  164. Homura: "Later, Tamaki-san."
  165. Iroha: "Yeah, see you later!"
  166. Homura: "..."
  167. (I knew it, Tamaki-san reminds me of that little girl...)
  168. (Is it my imagination? Or are they related somehow?)
  169. [on the streets, on the way home]
  170. Homura: "Hey, Kaname-san..."
  171. Madoka: "What is it, Homura-chan?"
  172. Homura: "Umm, I'm sorry about today!"
  173. Madoka: "W-Why? What's wrong?"
  174. "There's nothing you need to apologize about, Homura-chan..."
  175. Homura: "But because I came to Kamihama, you got all involved with rumors..."
  176. "We weren't able to bring back Tomoe-san either..."
  177. "Once again, I wasn't able to do anything..."
  178. Madoka: "Homura-chan, that's not true at all!"
  179. Homura: "B-but..."
  180. Madoka: "We found a clue! And we made friends in Kamihama!"
  181. Homura: "Friends...?"
  182. Madoka: "Yeah, Iroha-chan and the other friends who we fought alongside in Kamihama."
  183. "Iroha-chan will definitely help us look for Mami-san!"
  184. "I'm sure Mami-san is still alive, so let's come back to search for her."
  185. "We weren't able to bring her back this time, but there was still meaning to our coming here."
  186. "It's all thanks to you, Homura-chan!"
  187. Homura: "Kaname-san..."
  188. Madoka: "I'm always getting saved by you, Homura-chan..."
  189. "This time as well, just as usual!"
  190. Homura: "That-that's not true..."
  191. Madoka: "H-Homura-chan! The train is coming! Hurry up!"
  192. Homura: "K-Kaname-san! Wait up!"
  193. [battle]
  194. [on a street corner]
  195. Homura: *Kaname-san and I took a train back to Kamihama.*
  196. *I was lost in thought, and so before I noticed, we had arrived...*
  197. [on the sidewalk back in Mitakihara]
  198. Homura: "Huh? Somehow, my legs feel heavy..."
  199. Madoka: "Actually, I'm at my limit as well! I'm all pooped out..."
  200. Homura: "You too?"
  201. Madoka: "Yeah, I've never fought so much before..."
  202. "A rumor, a witch, other magical girls... Just one fight after another!"
  203. Homura: "Yeah... I was surprised as well."
  204. "But now that we're back in Mitakihara, it feels like everything is perfectly normal..."
  205. "It's like all those fights never even happened..."
  206. Madoka: "Yeah, it feels so relaxing right now."
  207. "My memories from just a few hours ago feel like some far-off happening..."
  208. "But that's wrong... It really happened."
  209. "Mami-san..."
  210. Homura: "Yeah... we weren't able to bring back Tomoe-san."
  211. Madoka: "But Mami-san is definitely alive."
  212. "So let's go to Kamihama again. Next time, we'll definitely bring her back..."
  213. "Yes, definitely."
  214. Homura: "..."
  215. [fade to gray]
  216. Homura: *We weren't able to save Mami-san... but it's not like we came back empty-handed.*
  217. *Kamihama City was indeed quite abnormal.*
  218. *The concentration of witches... rumors... the Wings of Magius... and then doppels...*
  219. *Until now, I have been repeating the same time over and over again, but this time I have no idea what will happen next...*
  220. *What on earth is going to happen?*
  221. *But there has to be some big secret hidden behind all of these phenomena.*
  222. *Especially that 'doppel' power... and the Wings of Magius...*
  223. [back to the street]
  224. Homura: (I can't know for certain, but if I can expose that secret...)
  225. (The fate of magical girls... Kaname-san's future...)
  226. (I might be able to change them. No, I will make them change!)
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