Discord Wars 4 Team Fortress 2 Guidelines

May 17th, 2020
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  1. ----Team Fortress 2 9v9 Highlander Discord Wars 4 General Overview----
  3. This event will be run by StingerPA. If you have any questions about the below, please ping me (StingerPA#9178) in #DW-General.
  5. 9 Players per team, 1 on each class in the game (Scout, Pyro, Soldier, Demo, Engineer, Heavy, Medic, Sniper, Spy).
  7. To determine a winner, the teams will play 3 maps as a best of 3. Teams can sub players in and out in between maps. All 3 maps will be played to determine the points for the night.
  9. Each map is worth 40 points.
  11. One map is King of the Hill (KotH). This map will be a best of 7 rounds. Capture and defend a control point until the timer runs out.
  13. The other two maps are an attack/defend (A/D) style. Each map will be a best of 3 rounds to decide it. One team attacks first, then they swap sides, and the team that defended first now gets their chance to attack. Rounds are judged by the game's built-in stopwatch mode, and whichever team succeeds in attacking faster wins.
  15. Example #1: Heroes attack first, and capture all 4 points in a time of 8:03. Villains now get their chance to attack, and they have to succeed in under 8:03. If they do, Villains win, but if they fail, Heroes win the round.
  17. Example #2: Heroes attack first, and capture 3 points, but do not capture the final point before the round timer runs out. Villains now get their chance to attack. Both teams now have 2 win conditions due to Heroes not finishing out the map:
  18. Villains #1 - If Villains capture 3 points faster, Villains win.
  19. Villains #2 - If Villains capture 3 points slower, but end up capturing the 4th point before the round timer runs out, Villains win.
  20. Heroes #1 - If Villains capture 3 points slower, and do not capture the 4th point, Heroes win.
  21. Heroes #2 - If Villains do not capture 3 capture points, Heroes win.
  23. Map 1: pl_Upward (Payload A/D)
  24. Map 2: koth_Lakeside_final (KotH)
  25. Map 3: cp_Steel (Control Points A/D)
  27. 1 round for the A/D maps should take about 20 minutes each (1.25 hours for 3 close rounds in a map), and the KotH map should take 40 minutes. If each map goes the full length, it would probably take 4 hours to play out at most given 2 balanced teams, even with some tech issues. I would generally put the event at 3-3.5 hours.
  31. ----More detailed rules----
  33. -Side Choice-
  34. To decide who decides which team will Attack (Blue) or Defend (Red) first, there will be a medic melee fight, with all other players in spectate. The winning team decides which side they will start with. After the first round, the team that attacked first in the first round will defend to start the 2nd. If a third round is needed, the team that won the medic melee fight can decide whether they attack or defend first.
  36. -Class Limits-
  37. The server config is designed to prevent multiple people being on the same class, however, it is still fairly easy for 2 people to get on the same class. Please take care to not let this happen.
  39. -Readying up-
  40. Each team will assign a captain. The captains will ready their teams up ingame, and will generally be in charge of inter-team communication.
  42. -Pausing-
  43. In the event of technical issues mid-game, Captains will be responsible for pausing the game using a console command. If a pause occurs, only the team that started the pause may unpause the game. The opposing team must confirm they are ready to resume in order to not unpause a game when the other team is not prepared.
  45. -Item Whitelist-
  46. This list is taken from UGC's Highlander ruleset. This is the leading North American competitive Highlander league 30 seasons running, so they have a well established ruleset that has worked for a while. The full list can be seen here, and banned items are listed below:
  48. Scout: Crit-a-Cola, Mad Milk
  49. Soldier: Air Strike
  50. Pyro: Scorch Shot
  51. Engineer: Short Circuit
  52. Sniper: Machina, Jarate
  53. Spy: Diamondback
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