Server Ideas

mbl111 Dec 3rd, 2013 35 Never
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  1. Please let me know what you think of all of these plugins for the new server
  2. - Possibly modded a bit so that it dissappears after a while
  3. - Admin
  4. - A possibility... No real need that I can think of yet
  5. - Better than fast travels
  6. - Possible although could make things funny for custom recipes
  7. - Not fully sure what this does yet... but it could be cool
  8. - Global shopping system/market/donators thingo - Donators could get SpA points and spend them to buy things for example
  9. - Player based shops
  10. - Better than free LWC? Could be cool to have
  11. - For people who make towns
  12. - Would be great to walk around eating cooked dog :p
  13. - Starter kit, welcome message, rule books, pvp free for X time and such
  14. - Unlock at some mage place on the new map... You would need to travel there to start off with this plugin
  15. - Probs not a good one to use, but a cool idea all the same
  16. - Kinda like towny but without the land claiming features. Could be good to work for town things
  17. - Don't lose cash on death, earn interest, make a joint town account(maybe)... Can link in with the FirstJoinPlus plugin to auto create a players personal account on join
  18. - Perhaps this? its a cut down version of towny. Chest access to all would be turned on so that the lorelocks can work. Might mod this plugin (which has that framework in place) to work as I have previously stated with plot types and all plots open for building. Building in the wild would be allowed too, villages are just to protect from players out side of the village. Perhaps some way to link it in with rpg-guild mechanics
  19. - For special uses like we saw on Hypixel
  20. - Make them custom
  21. - Always good to have, keep the economy at a standard
  22. - For fun, Config option to disable block damage
  23. - For fun
  24. - Custom adventures and quests
  25. - Donator only? or for everyone for fun
  26. - Make things a little more interesting
  27. - Adds new item enchants and features
  28. - Linked in with the command features of Bossshop to allow buying of diablodrop items
  31. Fishing - plugin by me which adds fish weights and breeds to the standard 'raw fish' caught. These get carried over when cooked. (Mainly for fun)
  33. All these along with MCMMO, Commandbook, possibly craftbook. worldedit and world guard, helds ban system, diablo drops
  34. dynmap (maybe), perms, chat ranks, My home, PTweaks, SpAEconomy, SpAMobBounty, TeleportSigns (cross server TP), World border, Prism,
  35. Better Enderchest,
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