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Sweetie Belle fic WIP

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Jun 13th, 2019
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  1. PROMPT:
  2. >"HI Nonny! I have a message for you from Rarity!"
  3. >Pinkie sticks out her chest, puts on a spiteful face and adopts a familiar yet certainly made-up accent
  4. >"I've had it up to here with Sweetie Belle spending her evenings at the arcade, playing... "video games". When I said she needed a male role model, well, Anon isn't what I had in mind. He's so carefree. And lazy. And boyish, and reckless. Not to mention he thinks he's SO good with kids. I can make Sweetie laugh."
  5. >Pinkie crosses her arms and huffs
  6. >"I could make her laugh until she cried. I'm just busy. There's no time in my schedule for telling childish jokes to my sister."
  7. >She huffs even louder
  8. >"And what is WITH his hair? Frankly, it's embarrassing. Spending time with someone of his... standards... is undoubtedly bad for Sweetie."
  9. >...
  10. >"Anyway, he's waiting to pick her up at her piano lessons. Be a dear and relay this to him?"
  11. >Pinkie spins around and walks five feet before tensing up
  12. >"Oh, but take out all those mean things I said. We wouldn't want to hurt his feelings."
  13. >Pinkie nods her head and beams in satisfaction with her accurate retelling
  14. >Then her eyes bulge
  17. >As Pinkie performed her incredulous and funny display I kept a straight face although the urge to burst out laughing like a filled balloon was hard to fend off
  18. >She must have gone through this song and dance six or so times now by my count but after the third time it becomes more about gossip than actual instruction
  19. "Listen go tell Rarity I know she doesn't approve of me but let her know I'm still the only babysitter that charges for that little."
  20. "Stingy ponies" I muttered afterward pausing and looking at the pink mare again "Don't tell her I said that"
  21. >"Okee dokee!" Pinkie bubbled and bounded off towards the boutique in her normal Pinkie Pie fashion
  22. >As the door closed Sweetie Belle came up to you with a curious look
  23. >"Who was that?"
  24. "Oh just Pinkie Pie"
  25. >"You know she comes over a lot and" The filly gasps loudly "Anon do you have a crush on Pinkie Pie" she teases
  26. Your eyes roll at the accusation but a small smile finds its way upon your face
  27. "No Sweetie Belle, she just likes to say hi"
  28. >"Then why does she say hi several times a day?"
  29. "Oh you know, it's just Pinkie." I squatted to match her height the best I could "C'mon wanna do some coloring?"
  30. >Besides going to the arcade Sweetie Belle always loved coloring although her amalgamations of color weren't the most sightly
  31. >"Did you bring the coloring book?" She asked with excited eyes
  32. "Yep" I said and pulled out a small pink tinted coloring book I had bought from a comic book shop back on earth
  33. >In the book is full of pictures of the Crusaders doing various activities, Sweetie loved it and Rarity hated it
  34. >I guided her to a couch with a coffee table she was able to color on and set down the book and an assortment of colored pencils
  35. >Her little white horn burst to life with it's green aura and quickly turned to an uncolored page featuring the Crusaders on stage performing
  36. >"Anon you're the best babysitter EVER"
  37. "Eh I try"
  38. >She continued coloring the pages in her own sparratic but strangely rhythmic motions. She really wasn't like the other fillies in Ponyville
  39. >No Sweetie Belle had a special brand of adorable not many could pull off, only unique to her
  40. "How has school been?"
  41. >"It's been great! We're learning about bugs. I think they're icky but Miss Cheerlie says we need bugs. How can anypony like bugs?"
  42. "Yeah bugs are gross. Except the space bugs, they're fun."
  43. >One of my favorite things was to make up things and tell them like they're true. This particular fib was one of my ongoing ones about space lore. I originally modeled it after Starcraft and the Alien movies.
  44. >"Space bugs!?" she perks up with big emerald eyes with their normal spark of joy
  45. "You don't know about the space bugs?"
  46. >"No, tell me about them. Please please pleaaase?" she pleaded with me. She always pleaded when she wanted to know more about things. Especially my stories
  47. "The spacebugs are evil things that try and ki-" I cleared my voice, perhaps she was too young to learn about death "Try and beat the humans in a game of paintball. They can fly and shoot laser beams"
  48. >"REALLY!?" she exclaimed with even wider eyes
  49. "Yeah! When you hit one they explode in a green cloud and uhh- respawn at their mothership"
  50. >"I had no idea bugs could be so cool! Do they really have a spaceship! Can I see it?"
  51. "Yes they really do but I can't show you it. They're really far away and you can't see them"
  52. >"Rats" she pouted and crossed her pillow white arms and balancing surprisingly well in her sitting position. She's obviously crossed done this before
  53. >"Anon can you draw me one of those bugs to color?"
  54. "Uhh sure. I'll get you some by Monday."
  55. >"Monday!? That's like forever!" she complained
  56. "It's only four days, you'll survive. Besides you still have a lot of your book left" I pointed to the book she was still coloring although the dark lines have been ignored and her pencils laid dormant on the paper
  57. >"Anon can we play swords? I think I'm done coloring"
  58. >Swords was an interesting game also one of her favorites. Rarity hated Swords because she thought it was too "Boyish"
  59. >As the name implies swords is pretty simple. We sword fight with these plastic light sabers.
  60. >How I got these you asked? Well it started when I told Sweetie Belle about Star Wars and she thought the light sabers were really cool and wanted to fight with them. So; naturally we went to Twilight. I gave her a description and she summoned two of them
  61. >Anyways I fished the swords out a blueish bag I brought from home. I keep all my babysitting stuff in there
  62. >As I did that the filly's face lit up and took the green saber from my hands with her magic
  63. >She liked the green one because her magic color is green. Naturally I took the red one as she wanted a "bad guy" to fight
  64. "Sweetie Belle! My arch nemesis. Prepare to fight me!" I said in a lowered voice.
  65. >Sweetie giggled at me "You evil man! I will defeat you!" she cried
  66. >She started to swing her sword fast and violently at me with a large smile upon her small white face
  67. >She wasn't the best swordsman so it was pretty easy to block. Blocking is really all I did when we fought since if I attacked it wouldn't really be fair.
  68. >The crack of plastic on plastic rang out through my rather small house
  69. >With each thrust she let out a determined cry which I always found funny
  70. >Sabers clashed for about a minute before I could tell she was tired; and I let her hit me
  71. "Aaaauuurrgggh you got me!"
  72. >"I have won this battle!" she yelled as she pressed the sword to my chest
  73. "You were a good opponent Master Sweetie Belle."
  74. >"Haha! You were not a challenge for me!" she jeered. After her jest I made a rather odd noise and lolled my tongue out while turning my head to the left
  75. "Alright Sweetie Belle that's enough" I said and got up from my position on the ground
  76. >"What are we gonna do now?"
  77. "I have a new game but we need more people. How about you go run along and get your friends"
  78. >She had a confused look at first but then turned into a pearly white smile at the realization her friends would get to meet me
  79. "Oh and Sweetie Belle. I'll be gone for a bit so play a game or two with them!" I called after her. She gave a muffled "Ok" as she was dashing through the square
  80. >Now it was time for my errand. One I wouldn't enjoy making. For my game I had to pay a visit to Sweetie Belle's older sister; Rarity. Rarity hated me, said I was too boyish and teaching Sweetie Belle bad manners.
  81. >That was probably true but she was having fun, and I enjoyed seeing her smile.
  82. >I headed out the door into the bright and colorful town of Ponyville
  83. >There never seemed to be a dull moment in this land of multicolored ponies
  84. >The entire place bounded with color and an indescribable zest of life.
  85. >Even Rarity's boutique kept the wonderful aura everywhere else had
  86. >With each of my steps upon the soft green grass my stomach churned and twisted with anxiety
  87. >Normally I never had a problem with talking to others but Rarity was special. I don't exactly know why but I always felt sick around her.
  88. >Taking a deep breath I opened the purple door and was greeted with the abundance of pink within
  89. "Rarity!" I called
  90. >I heard the soft and ladylike steps above and soon was greeted with the white mare standing atop the stairs with a polite but fake smile.
  91. >"Oh hello. How may I help you today?"
  92. "I uhh need some fabric"
  93. >"Have you decided to take up sewing?"
  94. "Heh not exactly. I'm uhh doing a game with Sweetie Belle and her friends"
  95. >"Ah of course. What colors would you like?"
  96. "I'll need some black, red, blue, and a light purple I think"
  97. >"What are you planning to do with these?" she asked as she sifted through the fabrics in store
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