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  1. REM get.bat
  2. REM Gets all files from the toSend directory of the given username to the outputDir directory.
  3. REM
  4. REM Description:
  5. REM             This script has to be used with the pscp.exe of the putty suite.
  6. REM             You can find putty here:
  7. REM    
  8. REM Version:    1.0
  9. REM Author:     Dieter Castel
  10. REM License:    Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
  11. REM                             See: for more info.
  13. REM Variables
  14. REM     Changes where the files will be coppied to.
  15. set outputDir=.\recieved
  16. REM             Changes where the file will be copied from. Mind the wildcard to get all files.
  17. set remoteDir=/toSend/*
  19. @echo off
  20. REM Asks for your user name.
  21. set /p user="Enter your ssh user name:"
  22. echo "Retrieving all files in /home/student/%user%/toSend"
  23. REM Uses putty copy
  24. REM     -v for verbose messaging
  25. REM -r to copy all directories recursivly
  26. REM -2 force to use ssh2
  27. REM -scp use the scp protocol
  28. REM -unsafe allow serverside wildcards
  29. pscp -v -r -2 -scp -unsafe %outputDir%
  30. REM Pause to show what happend.
  31. pause
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