DCFTEF - Corporal Punishment (Luna)

Dec 5th, 2013
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  1. >It's a normal day at Canterlot High.
  2. >Going to class, chilling in between periods.
  3. >Girls all be wearing super-short skirts.
  4. >But Principal Celestia's voice comes over the PA system.
  5. "All students will now report to the auditorium for a school assembly."
  6. >Yes!
  7. >No math class today.
  8. >Miss Cheerilee sighs and closes her lesson plan.
  9. "Alright students, you heard the Principal. Everyone to the auditorium in an orderly fashion."
  11. >There's a lot of chaos & fooling around.
  12. >Talking, rubber bands being shot at people.
  13. >Until Principal Celestia takes the stage.
  14. >The students sit down quietly.
  15. >Principal Celestia is very nice 90% of the time.
  16. >Until you make her angry.
  17. >Then it's death.
  19. >She has two cops with her.
  20. "Students, may I have your attention."
  21. >It's not a question, it's a command.
  22. "I regret to inform you that our janitor, Mr. Scruffy, found a half-burnt marijuana cigarette in the parking lot today."
  23. >The crowd snickers.
  24. "I assure you this is not funny. Canterlot High has a zero tolerance policy for drugs. The guilty party will be caught & punished...severely."
  25. >Well, you've got nothing to worry about.
  26. >You didn't bring any weed to school.
  27. "Officer Ramathorne from the Canterlot Police Dept has come with a team and a search dog. They will inspect all the lockers in the school."
  28. >Oh shit...
  29. "All students will remain in the auditorium and watch a movie during the search. Vice Principal Luna & I will escort the two search teams."
  30. >Now you have something to worry about.
  32. >You don't have any marijuana in your locker.
  33. >But you do have some very questionable drawings.
  34. >Some really sick shit you drew in your sketchbook.
  35. >Shit involving some of the staff here at school.
  36. >And you left your sketchbook open, right on the shelf of your locker.
  37. >Anyone who opens that locker is gonna see it.
  38. >Principal Celestia or Vice Principal Luna is gonna see it.
  39. >And you drew some really twisted shit involving both of them.
  40. >You are dead meat.
  42. >The movie begins; it's 'To Kill a Mockingbird' with Gregory Peck.
  43. >You'll probably have to write an essay about it.
  44. >But you're not worried about that now.
  45. >You've gotta get rid of those drawings.
  47. >You approach the teacher supervising the auditorium.
  48. "Mr. Anon, return to your seat."
  49. >You use the oldest trick in the book.
  50. "Ms. Harshwhinny, I need to use the bathroom."
  51. >She groans.
  52. "Fine, but don't interfere with the police doing their work."
  53. >Success!
  54. >You sneak around the halls, watching for the police search teams.
  55. >Luckily the area near your locker is clear.
  56. >You dash for it...dial the combination as quick as possible.
  57. >There's your sketchbook, right on top.
  58. >Anyone who looked inside would have seen a drawing of Vice Principal Luna.
  59. >With a huge futa cock.
  60. >With her sister's severed head stuck on the end of that cock.
  61. >On the next page is lunch lady, Granny Smith.
  62. >Pushing hot dogs out of her old wrinkly pussy.
  63. >Squeezing mustard onto them from her old wrinkly tits.
  64. >You get the idea.
  65. >There's 18 pages of sick shit like that...much of it worse.
  66. >Gotta get rid of these.
  68. >Oh shit, you can hear the cops coming.
  69. >You rip the offending pages out.
  70. >Slam your locker shut.
  71. >You can hear them getting closer.
  72. >Desperate, you cram the drawings into the vents of another locker.
  73. >Yeah, it's a rotten thing to do to somebody else.
  74. >But you panicked, you didn't know what else to do.
  76. >Principal Luna & the cops catch you in the hall.
  77. "What are you doing out of the auditorium, Mr. Anon?"
  78. >You fall back on the old trustworthy answer.
  79. "I had to use the bathroom, ma'am."
  80. >She doesn't buy it.
  81. "Anon, the boys' bathroom is that way."
  82. >Ehhh...
  83. "I got lost."
  85. >The cop isn't buying it either.
  86. "Son, did you visit your locker?"
  87. "Did you remove anything from your locker?"
  88. >He means marijuana, but you can't tell him the truth.
  89. "No, sir. I haven't been to my locker."
  90. >He suspects you.
  91. "So if I open your locker this dig won't sniff anything that shouldn't be there?"
  92. "And if he sniffs you, you won't have anything in your pockets."
  93. >He means weed. You're safe.
  94. "Yes sir."
  95. >He has the dog sniff you over. You're clean.
  96. >He lets you go.
  97. "Return to the auditorium, Mr. Anon."
  99. >You hurry back to the auditorium, heart pounding 200 beats a minute.
  100. >But you're safe. Nobody can connect you with those drawings.
  101. >Hopefully that's an empty locker you crammed them inside.
  102. >There's a lot of those.
  103. >You twist uncomfortably in the seat.
  104. >Damn...should have taken a piss while you were out.
  106. >Two hours later the cops leave.
  107. >They didn't find shit.
  108. >Whoever had the weed was smart enough not to keep it in their locker.
  109. >Things return to normal.
  111. >You're in Social Studies class now.
  112. >The teacher's phone rings.
  113. "Mrs. Inkwell's class...yes, she's here. I'll send her right now."
  114. >She hangs up.
  115. "Fluttershy, please report to Principal Celestia's office."
  116. >The shy yellow girl freezes in terror.
  117. "WHAT!? But I haven't done anything!"
  118. >Maybe the cops did find something. Did she have the marijuana?
  119. >It's always the ones you least suspect.
  120. "Just go see the Principal, Fluttershy, I'm sure it's nothing."
  122. >The lesson continues for another half hour.
  123. >It is interrupted again by the ring of the phone.
  124. "Mrs. Inkwell's class...yes, he's here too. Do you want me to send my whole class to you?"
  125. >After some more words she hangs up.
  126. "Mr. Anon, would you now please go see Principal Celestia."
  127. >Aww crap...what now?
  128. >All the other students look at you weirdly as you exit.
  130. >When you arrive you are sent straight in.
  131. >Fluttershy is there, looking terrified.
  132. >And...oh shit...say it ain't so...
  133. >All your sick drawings are laid out on Principal Celestia's desk.
  134. >You're dead meat.
  135. "Mr. Anon, these works of art were found in Miss Fluttershy's locker. Yet she claims they are not hers."
  136. >Fluttershy shakes her head to re-affirm she has nothing to do with them.
  137. "My sister tells me you were in the hall, near your locker during the assembly. Is there anything you would like to tell me?"
  138. >You stay completely silent.
  139. "Mr. Anon, may I see your sketchbook please?"
  140. >You have it in your bag now. With shaky hands you retrieve it.
  141. >You hand it over.
  142. >Nothing to worry about, right? You took out all the dirty stuff.
  143. >But it's not more drawings she's looking for.
  145. >Principal Celestia compares the edges of the offensive drawings to the missing pages of your sketch book.
  146. >The rips are a perfect match. Busted.
  147. >You are doomed.
  148. >But before she deals with you she turns to Fluttershy.
  149. "You are excused, Fluttershy. I am very sorry you had to be questioned in this sordid matter and exposed to this dreadful material. I'm writing you a note excusing you from your next class. Why don't you go to the library and try to calm down?"
  150. >Her hands trembling, Flutters accepts the note.
  151. "Thank you ma'am."
  152. >She is gone like a scared rabbit.
  153. >You think you hear Principal Celestia mutter "That girl is too high strung..."
  155. >But now her attention turns to you.
  156. >And you REALLY have something to worry about.
  157. "Mr. Anon, let us for a moment ignore the vile & offensive nature of your art, and instead consider what you've been up to today...
  158. "You defied my orders and left the auditorium during the search,
  159. "You entered your locker and interfered with the contents,
  160. "When questioned you lied to the Vice Principal and the police officer,
  161. "and worst, you hit your disgusting drawings in the locker of a fellow student."
  162. >She slaps her palm on the table, her first show of anger.
  163. "Do you have any idea how much trouble Miss Fluttershy could have gotten into for YOUR actions?"
  164. >You do feel terrible about that part.
  165. >Fluttershy is the sweetest creature on the face of the Earth.
  166. >You had no idea that was her locker.
  167. "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to frame her."
  168. >Principal Celestia is not satisfied by your answer.
  169. "Would it have been any better if it was another student?"
  170. >No, you suppose not.
  171. "You wait here."
  173. >The next hour is the most humiliating of your life.
  174. >The school psychologist comes in and questions you.
  175. "Has anyone abused you? Has an adult touched you inappropriately?"
  176. >The Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Discord arrives to speak with you.
  177. >Both he & Principal Celestia chew you out.
  178. >Vice Principal Luna arrives to question you about everything.
  179. >And finally the 4 of them kick you out of the office to discuss your fate.
  180. >Vice Principal Luna escorts you out.
  181. "Go to your next class, Anon. We need time to talk about this."
  182. >She says the next bit quietly;
  183. "After the final bell you will report to my office to be disciplined. I feel you have the right to know we will contact your parents or legal guardians, and expulsion from Canterlot High is going to be discussed.
  184. The very best you can hope for is corporal punishment, Anon."
  185. >You actually thank her for telling you what you're facing.
  186. >You feel like Vice Principal Luna is on your side.
  188. >Of course you can't concentrate for the rest of the day.
  189. >You wonder if this is your last day at Canterlot High.
  190. >You hope not, you like this school.
  191. >What will your single-mom say? She's gonna KILL you.
  192. >How bad is it gonna be?
  193. >Vice Principal Luna said the absolute best you could hope for is a paddling in Principal Celestia's office.
  194. >You've never gotten a beating's got you worried.
  196. >The last bell rings.
  197. >Friday, every student is happy the weekend is here.
  198. >But that last bell is like a funeral bell to you.
  199. >There's no delaying it. You go to the Vice Princpal's office as you were told.
  201. >Pinkie Pie stops you in the hall.
  202. "Oh my gosh, Anon, I heard something awful! Is it true? Are you going to Principal Celestia's office to get your rear-end paddled?"
  203. >She hugs you.
  204. "Maybe worse, Pinkie."
  205. >That puzzles the pink girl.
  206. "What's worse than a paddling? I got one was AWFUL!"
  207. >Thanks for making me feel better, Pinkie.
  208. >Fluttershy is there too.
  209. "I hope it isn't too bad for you, Anon."
  210. >That breaks your heart.
  211. >You almost framed her for something she didn't do.
  212. >Sure it was an accident, but does that make it any better?
  213. >And Fluttershy is still worried about you.
  214. "Thanks" is all you can say.
  215. "I gotta get going."
  216. >You feel awful that both she & Pinkie were featured in your sick drawings.
  217. >You are glomped by Pinkie again before you go.
  219. >Vice Principal Luna is waiting by her office door.
  220. "Go inside" she orders, but says nothing else.
  221. >You obey.
  222. >She closes the door, leaving a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the outside.
  223. >She takes an unusual amount of time locking it.
  224. "Anon, get your nose in that corner."
  225. >You comply immediately.
  226. >It's freshly painted and still smells of government issued interior latex.
  227. >Words can not even express how nervous you are.
  229. >Vice Principal Luna begins;
  230. "Mr. Anon, Canterlot High is a prestigious school. We are rated one of the best public schools in the country. Rated higher than many private schools. We consider our honor code one of the main reasons for our consistently high achievements.
  231. Today, when your lies nearly doomed another student you violated that honor code.
  232. "For that reason Principal Celestia and Superintendent Discord both voted that you should be expelled."
  233. >Well that's it.
  234. >Worst case scenario.
  235. "The vote needs to be unanimous, Mr. Anon."
  236. >Wait...what did she say?
  237. "I voted that you be allowed to stay, and in doing so I accepted responsibility for administering your punishment."
  238. >It's a huge relief that you're not kicked out.
  239. >But now you've got other worries.
  240. "I will be blunt with you, Anon; you are going to receive a thrashing. It would be misleading to call it a spanking because that fails to convey the severity of what you are about to suffer.
  241. "This goes beyond the mandate of the school, but I have discussed the situation & my intent with your mother and she approves. As such I am acting In loco parentis and this is entirely legal."
  242. >You are grateful to her for letting you stay.
  243. >But this punishment fills you with new dread.
  245. >She continues;
  246. "Know that there is nothing you can do, nothing you can say, no deal you can make to avoid this now. The room is locked with my personal code, you can not escape. Before you leave this room you will receive the worst beating ever administered in the history of this school."
  247. >She puts her hand on your shoulder.
  248. >Vice Principal Luna isn't as tall as her sister, but she still stands taller than you.
  249. "Before I continue, do you acknowledge this? Am I going to have any problems with you?"
  250. >Dry mouthed, you promise to co-operate with the punishment.
  251. >It still terrifies you.
  252. >The worst beating ever? In the history of the school? Really?
  253. "Y-yes, ma'am. I won't try to escape or talk you out of it, I swear."
  255. >Satisfied that you understand, Vice Principal Luna continues;
  256. "As I debated with my sister & the Superintendent on your behalf I impressed upon them one thing; it is our job to educate children...not give up on them when their behavior shocks us. That is what I intend to do. You are a child who has made grievous mistakes and I intend to impose very painful consequences on those actions."
  257. >Having her call you a 'child' just makes you want to crawl up and die.
  258. >But you are in no position to dispute it.
  259. "First; the drawings that started this whole embarrassing situation are vile, misogynistic, sadistic and disrespectful to not only the staff but your fellow students. If that was the only thing at issue you would still be in a great deal of trouble for bringing them onto school property."
  261. "Second; when the officer questioned you in the hallway you blatantly lied to him. That is a crime called obstruction of justice. If you did it in court it would be perjury. Both can land you in jail. As it was the drawings are not in themselves illegal so the police allowed the matter to fall to the school's jurisdiction."
  263. "Worst of all was your attempt to hide your guilt by implicating another student. I understand that you did not target Miss Fluttershy is perhaps the main thing that tipped my vote in your favor. But please think of how awful this could have been if we did not investigate the truth, and Fluttershy had been punished for your offense. That poor girl has it hard enough in this school.
  264. "I am particularly disappointed that you did not step forward and confess the moment you knew she'd been accused. You waited until your guilt was undeniable to accept responsibility."
  265. >Yeah, you're kinda ashamed of that too.
  266. >You are glad you're in the corner, where she can't see the tear roll down your cheek.
  267. "Well," she concludes, "I suppose that's what we're here to address, aren't we?"
  269. >You sense from the tone of her voice that it's time.
  270. >Your mouth is dry, your legs are shaking.
  271. >She promised you the worst thrashing anyone at this school has ever suffered.
  272. >Despite your guilty feelings you'd do anything to avoid it.
  274. >Vice Principal Luna takes you out of the corner and leads you to her couch.
  275. >She sits down in front of you.
  276. "Is there anything else you would like to say on your behalf, before we begin?"
  277. >There isn't much to say.
  278. "Only that I'm extremely sorry...I wish none of it had ever happened."
  279. >She seems to accept that.
  281. >Vice Principal Luna is taller than you, so in her seated position your waist is at her eye level.
  282. "Hands behind you, Anon."
  283. >She unbuckles your belt.
  284. >She unbuttons your pants.
  285. >She unzips your fly.
  286. >And in one tug she pulls your jeans down to your ankles.
  287. >You gulp and shut your eyes as your tighty-whitey's follow them down.
  288. >She promised you the worst thrashing had to expect it would be on the bare-ass.
  289. >Vice Principal Luna is cold & professional.
  290. >She does not even acknowledge your penis and testicles hanging inches from her face.
  291. >Maybe hanging is the wrong word.
  292. >Terror has shrunk your pickle to the size of a gherkin, and your nuts have tucked up close where it feels safe.
  293. >Your humiliation can not get any worse.
  295. >Spoke too soon;
  296. "Across my knee" she orders.
  297. >Vice Principal Luna is not even going to allow you the dignity of getting into position yourself.
  298. >She's going to take you over her knee like a naughty child.
  299. >Which is exactly what you are.
  300. >She forces you down, bent over her left leg.
  301. >The right leg goes over yours, pinning them down.
  302. >Your chest is on her couch.
  303. >In this position you get a close-up look at the instrument of your doom.
  304. >It's a black leather strap.
  305. >But not a flimsy thing like a belt.
  306. >It's a half inch thick, 3 inches wide and 16 inches long.
  307. >Holes drilled thru to cut wind resistance.
  308. >More like a leather paddle.
  310. >You pity anyone who's ever felt that thing's sting.
  311. >Then you realize, in a few seconds that's going to be you.
  312. >Even in this position, with your bare ass in the air and your penis rubbing against her scratchy polyester slacks it's hard to accept that this is all real.
  313. >Vice Principal Luna gives you a shake to ensure you're locked in position.
  314. >She's stronger than you expected.
  316. >Finally, she picks up the strap.
  317. >It flexes very little under gravity.
  318. "Anon, please understand that I do not enjoy this. You are going to wish me dead very soon...and when that time comes we will not even be halfway done."
  319. >The thought of that much agony has you scared shitless.
  320. >Your nerve breaks.
  321. "Vice Principal, please! Please don't do this, I don't want..."
  323. >You are silenced by the first lash across your bare ass.
  324. >But you're not silent for long.
  325. >You scream as if someone had laid a hot fire-brand on your ass.
  326. >Every muscle in your body thrashes to escape, but she's got you held down.
  327. >All you can do is twist and howl in pain.
  328. >And that was only the first one.
  330. >Luna does not make you wait for the rest.
  331. >She starts off hard & fast, intent on turning your butt red.
  332. >There isn't enough time for the pain of one lash to fade before the next arrives.
  333. >The fire just builds.
  334. >Every time she hits you it's more pain than you ever thought you could endure.
  335. >This has to be the limit...any more and you'll die.
  336. >But in seconds that strap crashes into your ass again, and what you felt just a few moments ago is a happy memory you'd pay anything to go back to.
  338. >There is no going back.
  339. >Vice Principal Luna does not slow down or soften her blows.
  340. >She concentrates on the most painful spot; right at the crease where your legs meet your buttocks.
  341. >You are beyond counting how many you've had already.
  342. >Hands claw desperately at the couch cushions but you can not pull yourself forward to escape the blows.
  343. >There is no mercy...not even a pause between lashes.
  345. >Already your throat is dry & hoarse from screaming.
  346. >But you hardly notice that.
  347. >All that exists is the unimaginable and unstoppable pain on your ass.
  348. >Vice Principal Luna promised you the worst thrashing ever, and you're getting it.
  349. >It's beyond anything you imagined as you waited in that corner.
  350. >Agony...screaming, relentless agony.
  352. >A few lashes fall upon the back of your thighs.
  353. >Relief for your rump, but you scream anew as the strap bites into fresh skin.
  354. >The break is short, Luna returns to beating your ass and it's worse than ever.
  355. >The pain seems to travel through your body, bouncing around like an echo.
  356. >You swear you can feel it in your fingertips and the end of your nose.
  358. >Kicking your legs provides no relief, Luna has you pinned down tight.
  359. >You fight her, but she's too strong.
  360. >She keeps heaping on terrible pain, showing no pity for your cries.
  361. >You hate her. You hate her with every fiber of your being.
  362. >If she wasn't so strong you'd kill her to escape this torment.
  363. >And at that moment you remember what she said;
  364. "You are going to wish me dead...
  365. "...and when that time comes we will not even be halfway done."
  367. >That horrible revelation breaks you.
  368. >All your strength to fight departs.
  369. >Your legs & arms go limp.
  370. >Defiant screams turn to mournful bawling.
  371. >You are powerless. If Luna wishes to whip you for the next seven hours you are helpless to stop her.
  372. >And you deserve it.
  373. >That does not mean you accept it.
  374. >Every fiber of your being cries out for it to end...PLEASE end soon!
  375. >Your back muscles ache from tightening every time a painful lash strikes.
  376. >You cough as tears & snot block your airway.
  377. >Your head is pounding.
  378. >Yet you lie limp across Vice Principal's lap.
  379. >Accepting your terrible punishment like a helpless welp.
  380. >Babbling out unintelligible nonsense in a desperate plea for mercy.
  381. >Knowing mercy will not come until Luna decides to give it.
  383. >You have no idea how much time has passed.
  384. >Even if you could see a clock understanding it is beyond your capacity right now.
  385. >Shapes are blurry through your flood of tears.
  386. >100% of your mind is focused on the agonizing pain that only continues to build.
  387. >It genuinely feels like your ass is on fire.
  389. >And suddenly she's pulling you to your feet.
  390. >It takes a moment for you to realize you're not being spanked anymore.
  391. >All those thoughts of killing Vice Principal Luna are gone.
  392. >You want to fall at her feet and thank her for the mercy she's shown.
  393. >But she does not let you.
  394. "Come on, get up! You're not done yet."
  395. >What?
  396. >Crushing depression takes you. How can there be more? You can't take any more.
  398. >Jeans & underwear still tangled around your ankles, she ushers you across the room.
  399. >Straight to her desk.
  400. "Bend over it...NOW!"
  401. >You don't want to, but you are helpless to fight it.
  402. >A few gentle shoves get you in position.
  403. "No moooore...n-no more, please!" you cry like a baby.
  404. >Without a word Vice Principal Luna removes a rattan cane from her cabinet.
  406. "There's 18 pages of drawings here, Anon.
  407. "18 filthy, offensive pages. And now you're going to pay for them."
  408. >You can't take anymore, you just can't.
  409. >You try to cover your ass with your hands.
  410. >It's hot to the touch, the flesh spongey & bruised.
  411. >You sob and beg her not to do it.
  412. >Instead you get a threat.
  413. "Anon, you swore that you would accept this punishment. I decide how long it lasts and I decide when it is over!"
  414. "Uncover your rear-end immediately or I will drag you back to that couch and start again from the beginning!"
  415. >You just can't endure that.
  416. >Slowly, timidly, you obey, pulling back your hands.
  417. >She grunts an acknowledgment.
  418. "That was a little slow. You will get extra at the end for that stunt."
  419. >All you can do is whimper and wait for the pain to begin again.
  421. >She takes her time.
  422. >Checking her aim.
  423. >The takes a few practice swings in the open air.
  424. >The sound of it wooshing through the air is terrifying.
  425. >Then it comes wooshing straight toward your ass.
  427. >You shriek at its bite.
  428. >The pain is no less terrible...but different from the strap.
  429. >It's a sharp feel that stings but adds to more heat.
  430. "That's one" Luna mutters.
  431. >She picks up one of your pages and drops it into her shredder.
  432. >You can hear it's grinding whirr even over your own whimpering sobs.
  433. >She makes you wait, trembling with your ass in the air, waiting for the next awful sting.
  434. >Only when shredder has consumed your crime does she deliver the next lash.
  435. "Two."
  437. >And so it goes.
  438. >The cane delivers another painful stripe across your backside.
  439. >Then you wait, trembling in fear as the shredder runs.
  440. >Knowing when it stops you get another dose of agony.
  441. >At least now you know when it's going to end.
  442. >But the number 18 is so far away.
  444. >After an eternity of stress, fear & pain Principal Luna drops your last page into her shredder.
  445. >You pant...coughing & choking on your sobs.
  446. >At least it's over. All over.
  447. "Now, about that little stunt, covering your bottom so I could not punish you."
  448. >Oh more, please.
  449. >You just whimper and shake all over.
  450. >Your ass feels so must be bleeding by now.
  452. >Vice Principal Luna puts her hand on your back and delivers her grand finale.
  453. >Ten more strokes of the cane, delivered fast with no wait in-between.
  454. >It's the worst pain of the entire horrible punishment.
  455. >You body spasms like it's having a seizure.
  456. >But it's over quickly.
  458. >Vice Principal Luna helps you stand up straight.
  459. >You need her help to even do that much.
  460. >Your legs are too shaky to stand on.
  461. >Of course your buttocks feel like they've been beaten to bloody pulp.
  462. >You just slump into her, wobbly on your feet.
  463. >To your surprise she puts her arms around you.
  464. >That's's really over this time.
  466. >For a long time she lets you stand like that, recovering in her embrace.
  467. >It doesn't matter that your pants are still around your ankles.
  468. >Your dick is rubbing up against her slacks.
  470. >When you're finally able to stand on your own Luna lets you lay face down on her couch.
  471. >She calls the school nurse, who had been made aware of what was going on and had the right supplies ready.
  472. >Nurse Redheart sits alongside the couch to check you.
  473. >You even turn around to look at the damage yourself.
  474. >Hmm...not as bad as it felt.
  475. >No skin broken. Just really red with purple welts where the cane stung you.
  476. "You'll be sore for a a few days" Nurse Redheart says "but there's no serious injury."
  477. >Wow...that's embarrassing, considering how much screaming you did.
  479. >School is long over, the buses long gone.
  480. >So your Mom comes to pick you up.
  481. >She has a long, private talk with Vice Principal Luna.
  482. >By this time your pants are back up but she makes you pull them down again to show her.
  483. >Totally humiliating, but you don't dare object.
  484. >Mom makes you apologize to Vice Principal Luna.
  485. >You do...and you thank her too.
  486. >It's because of her you weren't expelled.
  488. >Sitting down in Mom's car is fresh agony.
  489. >She chews you out something fierce.
  490. >But to your surprise she doesn't ground you for very long.
  491. >Figures you've suffered enough.
  493. >For the next few months you are required to visit the school psychologist every week.
  494. >To talk about the drawings & sexual perversion.
  495. >He kept photocopies of them all.
  496. >They seem really embarrassing now.
  498. >You show your gratitude to Vice Principal Luna often.
  499. >Even after you graduate you write letters to her, keep in touch.
  501. >Last there's Fluttershy.
  502. >You feel you owe her something as an apology.
  503. >She gets you to volunteer at the animal shelter.
  504. >After work you invite her out to have ice cream.
  505. >She's happy to accept.
  506. "There's one more thing you could do for me, Anon, if you really want."
  507. >Anything.
  508. "Draw me please? For real this time."
  510. THE END
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