Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 36: Northern Blues (Part 19)

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  1. [2013-05-15 13:23:32] <Kkat> 3The pony considers further before shouting back, "Just go away!  Leave us alone!"
  2. [2013-05-15 13:23:40] <Kkat> 3Bookwright bites back an angry response and yields the floor to CopyCat.
  3. [2013-05-15 13:23:48] <Kkat> 3Kid looks at Copycat with a rather curious, if not somewhat cautious look. "Us?" She mumbled.
  4. [2013-05-15 13:23:56] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart frowns and furrows her brow. "Tell Us, why do you attack the Zebras!? Why do you attack those who come to this place? We have been twice assaulted by your kind without provocation! And now We find you trying to attack the surviving Zebras! What reason is there for this?"
  5. [2013-05-15 13:24:03] <Kkat> 3CopyCat answers, "That's no way to treat your guests. You led my friends to a closed door, which is practically rolling out red carpet as far as they concerned. Be good hosts and let us in without anymore of this silliness and we will play our part and be gracious guests in return. A gracious guest would /not/ harm her host, of course."
  6. [2013-05-15 13:24:11] <Kkat> 3The pony answers, "You're not guests.  This is our place!  You don't belong here!"
  7. [2013-05-15 13:24:22] <Kkat> 3CopyCat has an idea as their "host's" mind flickers between interests faster than thought. "Noble_Heart, do you have any more of that special Sparkle Cola? This pony might be a collector of sorts."
  8. [2013-05-15 13:24:31] <Kkat> 3Kid rolls her eyes. "Who is this plural he's talkin' about?"
  9. [2013-05-15 13:24:37] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart frowns. Digging into her bag she pulled a bottle of Sparkle~Cola Rainbow Crash. "We have one remaining. Though We wished to save it for a special occasion. We suppose that We can give it up..."
  10. [2013-05-15 13:24:44] <Kkat> 3Bookwright has an idea. Quietly, he mutters in CopyCat's ear, "Offer the Crystal Heart!"
  11. [2013-05-15 13:24:49] <Kkat> 3CopyCat tries another tactic. "What if we gave you a gift? We happen to have a very rare bottle of Sparkle~Cola Rainbow Crash that would be a lovely addition to your collection. If you let us in and do not try to hurt us, of course."
  12. [2013-05-15 13:24:57] <Kkat> 3Another pause.  Then, "Okay... heh heh... come on in."
  13. [2013-05-15 13:25:09] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart frowns, casting her shield again. "We recommend remaining behind Us... The things living within may still be hostile and dangerous." She moved to try and open the door again...
  14. [2013-05-15 13:25:18] <Kkat> 3Kid immediately got all kinds of suspicious. "... Got it." Staying in the back, for once, seemed like a good idea.
  15. [2013-05-15 13:25:28] <Kkat> 3CopyCat sighs and casts a spell. "He's got some plan or other. Be careful. We're going to have to do this by force afterall. Sorry everypony."
  16. [2013-05-15 13:25:54] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Thirty-Six: Northern Blues (Part Nineteen)
  17. [2013-05-15 13:26:00] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  18. [2013-05-15 13:28:06] * Get_Lost decides to wait for the others to scout the place safety
  19. [2013-05-15 13:32:57] * Noble_Heart stands ready to the door, her horn glowing bright as she shifted it in an effort to push the door open, shield already encasing her anew.
  20. [2013-05-15 13:33:01] * CopyCat also casts a spell on Noble_Heart. Just in case. "Please be careful. I'm sure he has a scheme of some kind."
  21. [2013-05-15 13:36:46] <Kkat> 3Everypony can hear a metallic >>clunk<< from just inside the door.
  22. [2013-05-15 13:44:05] * Bookwright gathers his wits and attempts to perceive everything.
  23. [2013-05-15 13:46:08] * Kid feels the old twitchy tic go in the back of her neck. She was ready to shuffle that new shotgun around and onto it's precarious perch atop her forelegs. "It's open. Ya'll open it."
  24. [2013-05-15 13:46:59] * Noble_Heart nods her head, using her magic to push the door open and step through ahead of her companions.
  25. [2013-05-15 13:48:23] * Mitzi feels like she missed out on her one true purpose
  26. [2013-05-15 13:53:00] <Kkat> 3The cellar beyond is mostly shadows, cast by the colored light of the neon Sparkle~Cola sign on the back wall and the almost-matching Sparkle~Cola lamp... both of which are inside a caged area best described as a trash-filled "stallion cave" once dedicated to a serious Sparkle~Cola obsession.
  27. [2013-05-15 13:54:30] * Get_Lost recovers her pickaxe and puts it away
  28. [2013-05-15 13:55:28] * Bookwright perceives that the pony here likes Sparkle~Cola! YEAH!
  29. [2013-05-15 13:56:26] * Noble_Heart floats the bottle of Sparkle~Cola Rainbow Crash infront of her almost like a shield. "We have brought the bottle. And Our friends. Will you answer Our questions?"
  30. [2013-05-15 13:56:40] <Kkat> 3The room smells strange and foul -- rotting little mixed with something much less pleasant.  The forward half of the room is piled with metal animal crates emblazoned with the SOLARIS logo.  On one wall hangs a barely-illuminated poster heralding "Manti-Puppies".  A cartoonish picture shows a stylized foal hugging an ultra-cute miniture manticore.
  31. [2013-05-15 13:57:38] * CopyCat tries to sound friendly. "Don't be shy. Come out and say hello."
  32. [2013-05-15 13:58:34] * Mitzi thinks the baby Manticores are cute
  33. [2013-05-15 13:59:00] <Kkat> 3"Need a household guardian, but don't trust those creepy Robronco robots?  Get yourself a SOLARIS Manti-Puppy!  (patent pending)  Defends your home against intruders and zebras!  Great with kids!   Order now, and your Manti-Puppy comes with two free doses of anti-venom!"
  34. [2013-05-15 14:00:00] * Get_Lost takesa look at the mini pet invented by some of her ancestors and smiles "hey i can see how those guys made the money, after all..." stops for a moment, then frowns "ah... let me guess, they didn't neutralize the poison stinger before selling them to ponies..."
  35. [2013-05-15 14:00:31] <Kkat> 3And, in small letters, "Manti-Puppy may not resemble above cartoon.  Owners of Manti-Puppy relieve Solaris of all responsibility for care of, or injuries related to, Manti-Puppy."
  36. [2013-05-15 14:01:44] <Kkat> 3The chittering things moving about in the foreground do not resemble miniture manticores.  Rather, they look much more like foal-sized, winged scorpions.
  37. [2013-05-15 14:01:50] * Mitzi shrugs, having never had to worry about poison due to a combination of tainted genetics and all around buffness
  38. [2013-05-15 14:01:52] * Kid has three thoughts when the door finally opened. The first was that she all of a sudden wonders why the hell the term "stallion cave" is a thing. Ponies never dwelled in caves, and they're a right unpleasant place to be with all the moisture, smell, and darkness everywhere. Maybe that's the point. Her second thought was to take note of those mini-manticores and, with dread, notes she's...
  39. [2013-05-15 14:01:54] * Kid ...probably going to meet a few of them. Hell, they might not even be manticores. They might be puppies mixed with mantis things or something. She read about them in a book, they're right scary when they want to be. The last thought was that although this was definitely a trap now, the only way forward was... Well, forward.
  40. [2013-05-15 14:04:34] * Get_Lost frowns looking at the manti-puppies "well, for sure they can scare a burglar away easily"
  41. [2013-05-15 14:05:10] * Noble_Heart looks down at the scorpion-bat-things. "We do not think their plans succeeded very well." looking back towards the cage and around for any sign of the crystal pony.
  42. [2013-05-15 14:07:30] * Kid makes sure her shotgun's loaded for the second time in the last five minutes. "H-hey. Hey. Come out, we're here t' talk. Nothin' else."
  43. [2013-05-15 14:09:03] <Kkat> 3The "manti-puppies" rush the strangers, immediately hostile.
  44. [2013-05-15 14:09:54] * Mitzi growls at the scorpion things, "Heel!"
  45. [2013-05-15 14:11:24] * Kid steps forward and fluffs up the fur behind her neck. This, apparently, was a sign of caution, to not come closer. She had an understanding with critters. You don't fuck with me, I won't fuck with you.
  46. [2013-05-15 14:11:31] <Kkat> 3The Heartless hiding behind the couch stares, jaw dropping, as the lethal "pets' stop, obeying Mitzi.
  47. [2013-05-15 14:11:55] * Mitzi gestures with a paw, "Sit."
  48. [2013-05-15 14:12:40] * Kid glares at the Heartless. "So! We're gon' have ourselves a nice conversation, y' hear? Or this is gon' get uglier /real/ quick."
  49. [2013-05-15 14:12:48] <Kkat> 3The bat-scorpian creatures crouch, which is as close as they can come to sitting.
  50. [2013-05-15 14:13:04] * Get_Lost "wow, they are so adorable when they behave!"
  51. [2013-05-15 14:13:37] * Noble_Heart frowns, looking down at the bat-scorpion-things. "Thank you, Mitzi. We would hate to have to waste more lives today."
  52. [2013-05-15 14:13:38] * Mitzi nods, "Gud manti-tings."
  53. [2013-05-15 14:13:52] * Bookwright "That is pretty adorable. For horrible abominations of nature."
  54. [2013-05-15 14:15:27] * Get_Lost "i sort of like them..."
  55. [2013-05-15 14:15:30] * CopyCat smiles at the deadly critters, Mitzi, Kid, and the surprised heartless. "Isn't it good that we're all friends here. Friends are nice."
  56. [2013-05-15 14:20:24] * Mitzi isn't sure what to think of these creatures. She was never really too big on bugs. At least these things were smart enough to listen to her though, unlike that spider.
  57. [2013-05-15 14:20:44] * Kid smiles anxiously. "Yeah. We're all friends. Right mister crystal pony? Friends. Just a friendly pack of friends that don't have to resort to pulling out a simply staggerin' amount o' violence out of their saddlebags. Friends."
  58. [2013-05-15 14:20:52] <Kkat> 3The Heartless growls and stomps in frustration as one of his deadly guard animals rubs up against Mitzi.
  59. [2013-05-15 14:21:16] <Kkat> 3With a deflated sigh, he turns.  "All right.  What do you want.  And I'll take that cola."
  60. [2013-05-15 14:21:22] * Bookwright "That's positively cute, in some kind of horrifying and twisted fashion."
  61. [2013-05-15 14:22:45] * Noble_Heart smiles, concentrating briefly as the cola vanishes from inside her shield, reappearing before the heartless. "Naturally. We would never reneg on a deal. Now, We wish to know. Why do you attack the Zebras?"
  62. [2013-05-15 14:23:43] * Get_Lost gets closer to one of the critters and tries petting it
  63. [2013-05-15 14:23:55] * Mitzi smiles and pets the guard animal. If it snuggled, it was good enough for her.
  64. [2013-05-15 14:24:08] * Kid clops her hooves together. "Right!" She said in somewhat of a falsely enthusiastic tone. "Ah think th' best question t' ask is 'what th' hell went down here.' Bit too broad though, so, well. Let's start with that, with a side order of 'we're from outta town', 'what the hell went down between the Doc and Professor?' and 'how do we get out of this trap'?"
  65. [2013-05-15 14:24:20] * Get_Lost better if it is the same one mitzi is petting, just to be safe
  66. [2013-05-15 14:25:55] * CopyCat smiles sweetly. "Do be honest. We can tell if you're lying."
  67. [2013-05-15 14:26:49] <Kkat> 3The Heartless stares.  "Why not?"
  68. [2013-05-15 14:27:51] <Kkat> 3The Heartless lists, "They're zebras.  They're after our food.  It's fun."  He adds, "What's the point in having explosives if you don't set someone on fire with 'em?"
  69. [2013-05-15 14:29:58] * Get_Lost frowns "ah... aren't ponies meant to be nice?"
  70. [2013-05-15 14:30:26] * Get_Lost "maybe nopony told you, but the war ended..."
  71. [2013-05-15 14:30:50] * Kid blinks and lets a tense moment escape. "How very raider. Next questions?"
  72. [2013-05-15 14:32:37] * Noble_Heart snorts and frowns. "Why are you here? We have seen the throngs around the crystal palace. Yet some are not there."
  73. [2013-05-15 14:32:54] * CopyCat nods. He was certainly being honest. "When we talked through the door you mentioned 'us'. Did you mean your delightful chitinous companions there?"
  74. [2013-05-15 14:39:47] <Kkat> 3The Heartless nods.  "Yeah.  What of it?"  Then mutters, "Lotta good they did.  See if I feed 'em this week."
  75. [2013-05-15 14:40:27] * Bookwright "How old are you?"
  76. [2013-05-15 14:41:04] <Kkat> 3"How the hell should I know?  What difference does it make?"
  77. [2013-05-15 14:41:23] * Kid blinks. "You ever remember seeing Princess Cadence?"
  78. [2013-05-15 14:41:27] * Mitzi frowns, "Yu shud treat yur pets better. Dey gud companions. Eef yu not gunna feed dem, Uh'll take dem off yur hooves."
  79. [2013-05-15 14:42:23] * Noble_Heart contemplates quietly as she stands there, frowning a little. "We are trying to fix what has gone wrong here. You and yours will be affected by this. And so We seek to understand what it might do to you."
  80. [2013-05-15 14:46:28] * CopyCat turns to Bookwright with a silly idea. "Oh! Maybe he's like one of those trees. If we cut him in half we could count the rings."
  81. [2013-05-15 14:47:10] * Bookwright "I'm pretty sure not even ghouls like our friend here work like that."
  82. [2013-05-15 14:47:18] <Kkat> 3The Heartless stares from one pony to the other.  His eyes settle on Mitzi.  He seems about to argue, but shrinks back from the hellhound's imposing form.  "Knock yourself out."
  83. [2013-05-15 14:47:31] * Kid sighs. "Easy, Copycat. What's yer name? What th' heck are y'."
  84. [2013-05-15 14:47:46] * Shatara slips outside, staying close enough to hear if anything goes wrong.
  85. [2013-05-15 14:48:08] <Kkat> 3The Heartless laughs nervously at CopyCat's suggestion.
  86. [2013-05-15 14:51:37] * Kid frowns. "Mitzi, I don't think ya'll c'n feed all of 'em. Too pricy t', and we're gon' be goin' a long ways from their homes."
  87. [2013-05-15 14:52:25] * Mitzi pouts a bit
  88. [2013-05-15 14:52:34] * Mitzi tries the puppy faceo n Kid
  89. [2013-05-15 14:53:09] * CopyCat joins in with the Heartless' laugh but stops abruptly. "You were asked a question. Have you ever seen Princess Cadence?"
  90. [2013-05-15 14:54:37] <Kkat> 3The Heartless pauses.  "The pink bitch?  Yeah.  What of it?"
  91. [2013-05-15 14:56:09] * Kid puts her hooves on her point of hips. "Really? Yer gonna- Mitzi, I jus' about /invented/ th' puppy dog eyes, ya'll ain't gon' pull that on me!" She stopped when the Heartless started answering her question. "So, yer at least over 200 years old. Congrats."
  92. [2013-05-15 14:57:20] * Bookwright starts crooning off key, "Happy birthday tooo yooooo, happy birthday tooooo yooooo..."
  93. [2013-05-15 14:59:01] * Noble_Heart frowns and contemplates that. "You say the zebras are trying to steal your food? What have they taken?"
  94. [2013-05-15 14:59:04] * Mitzi crosses her arms and grumbles. She was the dog, how did Kid get credit for inventing puppy eyes?
  95. [2013-05-15 15:00:55] <Kkat> 3"Anything not nailed down."
  96. [2013-05-15 15:02:45] * Bookwright "What do you remember from before the war?"
  97. [2013-05-15 15:03:35] <Kkat> 3The Heartless stomps, looking annoyed.  "What the hell?  What is it with all the questions?"
  98. [2013-05-15 15:04:34] * Bookwright "You might not have noticed, but we're not from around here. We seek to retrieve the Crystal Heart and restore it to its rightful place."
  99. [2013-05-15 15:04:59] * Bookwright "We're asking questions because we genuinely want to make things better, and we can't do anything if we don't know what needs doing."
  100. [2013-05-15 15:05:19] * CopyCat smiles, the corners of her mouth tilting into an oddly cruel expression. "Keep answering and you might get to live.  Now, we saw others like you around the palace. Why aren't you with them?"
  101. [2013-05-15 15:05:20] * Noble_Heart frowns and looks down at the Heartless. "You are one who was alive when this city was not destroyed. Who was here when Cadence and Professor Paladin had their falling out. What you and others like you know could mean the salvation of this city, or at least the cessation of those rediculous broadcasts."
  102. [2013-05-15 15:09:07] * CopyCat chuckles. "Being 'nice' to this one won't work. Actually, we might save a lot of time by simply dragging what we need from his mind."
  103. [2013-05-15 15:09:16] * Kid gives Mitzi a unspoken "Oh, you!", and then turns to CopyCat, one ear flat and the other perked up. Damn. She can get right creepy when she wants to be.
  104. [2013-05-15 15:10:39] <Kkat> 3The Heartless pauses.  Then laughs.  "The Crystal Heart?  That rock?  I think Professor Yells-At-the-Sky has it.  Go bother him."
  105. [2013-05-15 15:12:44] * Bookwright "Do you seriously want to keep living like this? In a squalid hole? I know you remember what it was like before the war. Don't you want that back? Isn't that better than this?"
  106. [2013-05-15 15:13:17] <Kkat> 3"In case you ain't noticed, look outside.  Shit is broken.
  107. [2013-05-15 15:13:25] <Kkat> 3"It is what it is."
  108. [2013-05-15 15:13:31] * Noble_Heart frowns. "We plan to." She looks to CopyCat, then back to the Heartless. Stepping forward and spreading her wings. "It is a simple enough prospect. We intend to get the heart back. We wish to see the zebras live, as they do not seem to have done anything to deserve being slain, save have the misfortune to be born of what they were."
  109. [2013-05-15 15:19:11] * CopyCat gets another idea. Where were these coming from? "Yes shit is broken... Oh! we should break his legs. We don't need those."
  110. [2013-05-15 15:19:55] * Kid smirks. Okay, at least he's a realist. "Any clue how t' get close enough t' go see Sir Shouts-a-Lot?" She jumps at CopyCat. "What the hell's gone int' you, CopyCat?"
  111. [2013-05-15 15:22:21] * Bookwright is a little taken aback. "Yes... you aren't usually this vicious. Are you alright?"
  112. [2013-05-15 15:25:34] * CopyCat turns to Kid, a slightly deranged look in her eye. "What? We want him to stop attacking the zebras, right? And we want him to answer our questions. We could kill two birds with one stone."
  113. [2013-05-15 15:26:04] * Shatara pokes his beak back down, blinking at the increasingly-deranged sounding CopyCat.
  114. [2013-05-15 15:26:38] <Kkat> 3The Heartless answers CopyCat's earlier question.  "The factory's crowded.  I don't like crowds."
  115. [2013-05-15 15:27:43] * Kid blinks. "Factory? The Crystal-ly Castle's a /factory/?"
  116. [2013-05-15 15:28:34] <Kkat> 3The Heartless looks at Kid derisively.  Then looks slightly confused.  "Oh, you meant *those* ponies.  No.  We're not with them.  We got better."
  117. [2013-05-15 15:30:00] * Bookwright asks slowly, "What do you mean by "we got better", precisely?"
  118. [2013-05-15 15:30:12] * Noble_Heart frowns. "We understand." She looks back towards Kid. "Neigh. He means the Solaris Factory. You recall, We spotted the lights from above. And the Zebras indicated that the heartless came from there."
  119. [2013-05-15 15:30:37] * Kid instinctively puts her hoof on the stock of her shotgun, although she's more worried about Copycat going nuts than him. Don't go chupacabra on me, Copycat. I forgot if I put in buckshot or beanbag slugs in this thing. "Hmm. What 'd ya'll mean, y' got 'better'?"
  120. [2013-05-15 15:31:31] <Kkat> 3"Got better.  Woke up.  Stopped being Statues of Loving Kindness or whatever."
  121. [2013-05-15 15:32:24] * Noble_Heart frowns. "And so instead you chose to kill, maim and burn?" She sighed, then turned to CopyCat. "Sister, would you like to take a moment to go outside? The presence of this one may be affecting you with your abilities."
  122. [2013-05-15 15:32:39] * Bookwright "How do you reconcile the memories of your former life with what you do now?"
  123. [2013-05-15 15:34:46] <Kkat> 3The Heartless stares at Bookwright for a moment.  "I don't.  Past is past.  Best forget about it."
  124. [2013-05-15 15:35:48] * Kid feels a twinge of horror go through her. Statues of Loving Kindness. That... Sounds a lot like something Doctor Amore would say. Is that what they were supposed to be? The thought happened upon her that maybe something drained them of all their love and... Maybe these are just the husks of what's left. "... Ya'll've been drained, haven't you?"
  125. [2013-05-15 15:37:57] * CopyCat tilts her head at Noble_Heart. "I'd /like/ to blow something up. If I leave I'll miss out on all the fun!"
  126. [2013-05-15 15:38:05] * Bookwright "What is a 'Statue of Loving Kindness', precisely?"
  127. [2013-05-15 15:42:12] * Kid wheels around and looks at CopyCat. Kid's currently being hit with a brainstorm, and as such, the thought occurred that shoving a tele-empath in the same room as something with no love left in him is a bad idea. So, on that thought, she acted. "CopyCat? Either shut this stallion off on your little mental radar, or get out."
  128. [2013-05-15 15:43:08] <Kkat> 3The Heartless scoffs.  "You know.  Standing around frozen, holding onto all those warm fuzzies and waiting for her bitchiness to use the Heart and cast her spell."  He pauses, staring at the lot of you.  "Well, maybe *you* don't know."
  129. [2013-05-15 15:44:38] * Kid whips back to the Heartless. "What's the spell even supposed t' do?"
  130. [2013-05-15 15:46:12] * Bookwright nods, "As a matter of fact, we don't. Which is why we're asking /you/."
  131. [2013-05-15 15:46:38] * CopyCat bristles. "You too Kid? Fine. You ponies are boring anyway." With a huff she turns to leave and heads back outside, brushing past Shatara.
  132. [2013-05-15 15:46:45] <Kkat> 3The Heartless shrugs.  "Can't remember.  Don't care."
  133. [2013-05-15 15:48:00] * Bookwright "Can't remember huh? I can help with that."
  134. [2013-05-15 15:50:27] <Kkat> 3A flash of fear crosses the Heartless' face
  135. [2013-05-15 15:51:24] * Kid looks horrified. "You don't even remember why she was going to use you like a fuckin' battery and held you in place fer' years t' do it?" This struck a primal chord in her heart. The kind that she couldn't just ignore. "That's wrong! That's pre-day wrong! That is fucked up beyond all reason wrong!"
  136. [2013-05-15 15:51:32] * Bookwright laughs, "Aw, don't be like that. I would much prefer to have a willing participant. Who knows? Maybe I can help you remember who you were."
  137. [2013-05-15 15:52:34] * Bookwright "It won't hurt, you can trust me on that. You like morphine? I can even give you a jolt of a spell that feels just like that."
  138. [2013-05-15 15:54:25] <Kkat> 3The pony flinches.  "Look... nice chat.  Now it's over.  Go."
  139. [2013-05-15 15:55:21] * Bookwright smiles and smarms, "Aw, and the conversation was just getting interesting!"
  140. [2013-05-15 15:55:48] * Noble_Heart frowns, looking to Bookwright. "We do not believe he -wants- to remember who he was. It may be easier for him that way." She sighs, then looks back towards Kid again. "We suspect that it is the spell which has always been cast. Some form of spell to spread love and happiness across Equestria. The basis for the megaspells. And what made the ponies here crystalline."
  141. [2013-05-15 15:58:42] * Kid snarls at Noble. "Then th' spell that's always been cast is wrong! If it does this t' folks, if it means that shit like this can happen against folks' will, then it's wrong! That's a sort a' slavery, Noble!"
  142. [2013-05-15 15:59:23] * CopyCat gently steams as she paces back and forth in the street outside, her face set in an angry frown.
  143. [2013-05-15 16:02:06] * Bookwright "We can debate whether it's wrong or right later Kid, all I need to see that it need to start happening again is our poor friend here... Actually, we never got your name. Mine's Bookwright. What's yours?"
  144. [2013-05-15 16:04:54] <Kkat> 3The Heartless pauses.  "Call me Boomer.  Everyone else does."
  145. [2013-05-15 16:06:17] * Bookwright "Actually, I was asking about your real name, but I suppose 'Boomer' will do for the time being."
  146. [2013-05-15 16:15:05] * Bookwright "Earlier when I mentioned that I could help you remember, you looked frightened for a moment. Why?"
  147. [2013-05-15 16:15:41] <Kkat> 3The Heartless stomps again.  "Look, I don't want to remember.  Nobody does!  Just leave me alone!"
  148. [2013-05-15 16:15:49] * Bookwright "Why?"
  149. [2013-05-15 16:17:27] * Noble_Heart pokes Kid with a forehoof. "The spell has NOT been cast. Not in many, MANY years. That is why they are in this state now." She frowns. "At least We believe so."
  150. [2013-05-15 16:18:44] * Kid frowns back. "I don't think that's it. I think that they were all put in that state by, like, a pre-spell, and nopony got them all out of it."
  151. [2013-05-15 16:19:01] * Bookwright pushes, "Why don't you want to remember? Who's this 'nobody' that doesn't want to remember? Why? What's so hard, so painful about this memory?"
  152. [2013-05-15 16:21:09] * Kkat 3Heartless grows increasingly aggitated.  "Get out!  Get out NOW!"
  153. [2013-05-15 16:24:19] * Kid is conflicted. On the one hoof, she's pretty sure that this pony's more victim than villain. and wants to help him without hurting him any further. On the other, he bombs zebras and doesn't feel any sort of remorse for it. She freezes up in indecision.
  154. [2013-05-15 16:26:37] * Bookwright "You attacked zebras just because you could. You hurt people, just because you can. You invited us into your home and then you sic'd your pets on us! At any of those points, we could have just shot you and been done with it but we haven't. You can answer our questions."
  155. [2013-05-15 16:28:18] * Bookwright snarles, "Tell us. Tell us why it hurts."
  156. [2013-05-15 16:28:37] * Noble_Heart frowns, looking down at the crystal pony, then towards Bookwright. "No. It is not right. If he does not wish to remember then it is not Our business to force it upon him." She turns and huffs briefly.
  157. [2013-05-15 16:28:43] <Bookwright> snarls*
  158. [2013-05-15 16:30:04] * CopyCat 's angry stomping gets a little softer with every step, until she suddenly freezes in place and bites her lip. She sinks down to the ground and glances at the open tunnel guiltily through her long green mane.
  159. [2013-05-15 16:35:41] * Shatara steps up beside CopyCat, and blinks inquisitively at her.
  160. [2013-05-15 16:36:58] * Kid gnashes her teeth, stepping back into a corner when the argument got started. They're both right. But which one's more right? She didn't know. But all that time, on the subject at hand, she could only think about her dad and mom.
  161. [2013-05-15 16:37:14] * CopyCat mumbles. "I'm sorry."
  162. [2013-05-15 16:38:25] * Kid lets loose the roar of a shotgun towards Boomer. In her mind, it seemed to echo off of the false horizon.
  163. [2013-05-15 16:39:20] <Kkat> 3The Heartless snarls back, then turns towards the Sparkle~Cola ridge, pulling it open.   "Get out, or I swear to Solaris that I'll take you all with me!"  Inside the fridge are bottles of Sparkle~Cola Rad that he has done... something... to.
  164. [2013-05-15 16:47:16] <Kkat> 3Kid fires multiple bean-bag rounds at the Heartless.  One round catches in the mesh of the fence, the others sailing through the holes to strike Boomer in the back, sending the stallion crashing into the Sparkle~Cola fridge, knocking over bottles noisily, and slumping to the floor, unconscious.
  165. [2013-05-15 16:49:21] * Shatara reaches a wing out to brush against the apologetic CopyCat's shoulder, jumping and squawking at the sudden gunfire, dasing back down, pistol in claw.
  166. [2013-05-15 16:54:05] * CopyCat swallows her words and stares at the doorway as Shatara dashes off. "Oh no. No no no."
  167. [2013-05-15 16:57:02] <Kkat> 3One of the homemade grenades that tumbled from the fridge rolls across the floor towards Kid, stopping as it hits the fence...
  168. [2013-05-15 16:57:03] <Kkat> 3...
  169. [2013-05-15 16:57:05] <Kkat> 3...
  170. [2013-05-15 16:57:47] <Kkat> 3...and doesn't go off.  One of the wires having come loose as it rolled.
  171. [2013-05-15 16:59:23] * Kid is currently hyperventilating, eyes wild and in a panicked state. Not knowing what would've happened regardless, she just sort of wobbles there for a moment. The only thing that popped up in her mind was an idle realization that she did load beanbags.
  172. [2013-05-15 16:59:24] * Bookwright wipes his brow. "Okay, plan 'teleport-the-fuck-outta-here' can be safely shelved for another time."
  173. [2013-05-15 17:01:09] * Shatara rounds the corner and sweeps the room. He relaxes a bit as he sees no immediate threat, but something makes the feathers on the back of his neck tingle. Slowly, his eyes follow Kid's stare, freezing as he sees what was probably some kind of improvised explosive rocking ominously beside the fence.
  174. [2013-05-15 17:01:54] * Noble_Heart spends a brief moment in shock at Kid's sudden violence against the heartless. She looks towards the unconscious Heartless and the now-disarmed bomb with a frown. "We have pushed too hard." She turns and slinks from the room, like an injured dog.
  175. [2013-05-15 17:02:04] * Bookwright "Kid, would you please tie up poor Boomer here so he doesn't try to blow us up again when he comes to? There must be a sleeping area somewhere around here... We can set him up on that."
  176. [2013-05-15 17:04:22] * Bookwright "Um, does anypony here know how to handle explosives? I want to at least put these bombs back in a safe place for the time being."
  177. [2013-05-15 17:05:29] * Kid backs up to a side of the room and runs her hooves over her face. Oh, shit. What did you just do? Do you know what you just about did? You almost killed him and every other pony here! She didn't respond for a while, and when she did respond, it was a non-committal "Sure".
  178. [2013-05-15 17:06:45] * Bookwright "Kid. It's alright. If worst came to worst Noble Heart and I could have teleported all of us out of here at a moment's notice. You did the right thing."
  179. [2013-05-15 17:07:48] <Kkat> 3The caged area is locked.  (Easy lock: LP 25 required, +20 bonus on the roll.)
  180. [2013-05-15 17:12:01] * Kid sighed hard, then sniffles. Yeah. You did the right thing. You did the right thing. You may have done the right thing. She stayed silent, head slunk low as she proceeded to hogtie the crystal pony, looking him over for... Well, cracks, she guessed.
  181. [2013-05-15 17:13:52] * Bookwright "Lessee, where did I put my... ah. There's my bobby pins."
  182. [2013-05-15 17:14:18] * Bookwright snaps a bobbypin. "Oops."
  183. [2013-05-15 17:14:21] * Bookwright tries again.
  184. [2013-05-15 17:15:17] <Kkat> 3The lock on the cage door clicks open, allowing the ponies access to the "stallion cave" and all it refuse.
  185. [2013-05-15 17:15:44] * Noble_Heart headed past Shatara, looking to the Griffin briefly. "We are sorry." She headed back upstairs towards CopyCat.
  186. [2013-05-15 17:16:39] * Shatara puts away his pistol, blinking in confusion at Noble_Heart as she passes.
  187. [2013-05-15 17:17:15] <Kkat> 3Within the fenced section is a small living hovel, including a workbench a couple Sparkle~Cola bar stools, a Sparkle~Cola vending machine ("It's like a buck to the face!  With radishes!"), a Sparkle~Cola fridge, some furniture that has seen better centuries, and a lot of garbage.  The bucket in the corner was apparently used as a toilet.
  188. [2013-05-15 17:17:47] * CopyCat looks up as Noble_Heart joins her outside. "I'm so sorry! He was just so angry... There was no compassion within him. No kindness..." she trails off.
  189. [2013-05-15 17:18:35] * Bookwright "Let's not loot poor Boomer's stuff, okay? We don't need it and he seems to like it, and I'm all for relieving him of his explosives before we go but /otherwise no looting./
  190. [2013-05-15 17:19:10] * Noble_Heart walks up beside CopyCat, sitting down and gently wrapping a wing around her. "We understand. We are sorry for forcing you to stay there with him for so long." she frowns and sighs.
  191. [2013-05-15 17:20:07] * Shatara decides Kid has the not-looting under control down here, turning to step outside and check on the alicorns.
  192. [2013-05-15 17:23:51] <Kkat> 3On the workbench is a schematic for crafting "Sparkle~Grenades" made (in part) from bottles of Sparkle~Cola Rad.  The fridge contains three such homemade explosives, not counting the disarmed one.  There are bottlecaps and other little treasures scattered about the cage.
  193. [2013-05-15 17:24:40] * CopyCat shakes her head but is visibly comforted by Noble. "No, it's my fault. It just happens and I don't even realise it. Sometimes I don't even remember it."
  194. [2013-05-15 17:25:49] * Noble_Heart nuzzles CopyCat's cheek. "It is alright. We do not blame you. We are sorry to put you through it all the same." She looks up as Shatara joins them. "Are things well below?"
  195. [2013-05-15 17:28:08] * Shatara scratches behind his head. "Well, not exploded...I guess..."
  196. [2013-05-15 17:28:43] * Bookwright lays down next to Boomer's slowly-breathing form and begins to meditate. He'll need to have a clear mind to do what he's going to do next. "Hey, please don't make any noise or stuff, okay? I need to meditate before I start poking around in Boomer's head."
  197. [2013-05-15 17:28:56] * Kid looks at the workbench and decides that after she was done making sure that those, what she now terrifyingly knew as Sparkle~Grenades, were out of reach of him, she'd do a tracing of the schematic. She didn't like explosives, but like her mom always said, "You can't really deal with a fear if you don't confront it."
  198. [2013-05-15 17:30:36] * CopyCat manages a smile for Shatara. "Not exploded is good."
  199. [2013-05-15 17:34:47] * Shatara nods quietly, sitting down beside the mares.
  200. [2013-05-15 17:35:09] * Bookwright breathes out. Touches his horn to Boomer's head. Gradually, the room grows a little brighter. Golden brown, like fresh bread. "And now," he breathes, "I begin."
  201. [2013-05-15 17:35:44] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
  202. [2013-05-15 17:37:01] * Bookwright mutters softly, almost imperceptibly, "Let us begin with... your name."
  203. [2013-05-15 17:37:08] * Kid frowns and gets a weird feeling. She remembers looking through a psychology pamphlet once from the followers. It said that cognitive dissonance was an off-putting feeling one gets when they hold two conflicting beliefs at the same time. She figured maybe that was what she was feeling now.
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